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Ep. 22 Chantal Morales McKinney

My conversation with Chantal Morales McKinney, Episcopal priest and church planter. Chantal is leading the new faith community, Christ's Beloved Community or Comunidad Amada de Cristo. You can also find the community on Facebook. You can read a Lenten reflection by Chantal here. Chantal mentiones "asset-based community development" in our conversation. To learn more about this method, I recommend Building Communities from the Inside Out by John McKnight and John Kretzman and The...


Ep. 21 Luke Edwards

Luke Edwards is the founding pastor of King Street Church in Boone, North Carolina. You can find King Street Church on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. During our conversation, Luke used the terms "When Helping Hurts" and "Toxic Charity" which are both book titles worth looking into. Luke also mentioned "organic church models." There is a book of the same name that describes these. Another model we discussed was "fresh expressions." You can visit the UK site for more information or...


Ep. 20 Jason Coker

Jason Coker is the Senior Pastor at First Christian Church of Oceanside, CA and a member of the Human Development faculty at California State University San Marcos. He's also a former church planter. Jason and I talk about his 8-week course on fundraising for church leaders and fundraising in general. Time is running out to register for his class, so sign up today! Jason contributed to the book Viral Hope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and Everything in Between). Music created...


Ep. 19 Hannah Terry

My conversation with Hannah Terry, associate pastor at Westbury United Methodist Church and executive director of FAM Houston. FAM Houston can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Theologian Elaine Heath was mentioned in our conversation. Check out Heath's books Missional. Monastic. Mainline. and The Mystic Way of Evangelism. Heath is Dean of the Divinity School and Professor of Missional and Pastoral Theology at Duke Divinity School. She is also the co-founder of the Missional...


Ep. 18 David Finnegan-Hosey

My conversation with author David Finnegan-Hosey about church planting and mental health. David's new book Christ on the Psych Ward is available everywhere. A few things mentioned in this week's episode: Emerging Worship by Dan Kimball Christ on the Psych Ward by David Finnegan-Hosey Episode 7 with Jim Henderson Blessed Are The Crazy by Sarah Griffith Lund Wild Goose Festival Mental Health First Aid Bishop Curry's royal wedding sermon My schedule at General Convention this...


Ep. 17 Kevin Makins

My conversation with Kevin Makins, a YouTuber and church planter in Hamilton, Ontario. Kevin and I have a wide ranging conversation (read long) about Hamilton, church planting, YouTube and more. A few things mentioned in this week's episode: Eucharist Church (Donate here to support their new building campaign Tim Horton's (for those Americans who don't know what that is) Kevin Makin's Holy Shift Rob Bell's Holy Shift Rob's Everything is Spiritual Rob's The God's Aren't Angry Pete...


Bonus: Talk at Discovery Retreat

This week you get another bonus episode! This is from a talk I gave at a retreat for those discerning Christian vocations. Let me know how you like these bonus episodes. Reach out and let me know. Music created by Adam Powell of Best Friends Creative. Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcasts | Anchor.fm | Android | Google Play | Breaker | iHeartRadio | Overcast | RadioPublic | Spotify | Stitcher | SoundCloud | TuneIn | YouTube | RSS Like A New Thing Facebook page. Sign up for my...


Ep. 16 Vicki Flippin

My conversation with Vicki Flippin, a United Methodist pastor and church planter. The community she's starting in New York City is called–get this, A New Thing. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. A few things mentioned in this week's episode: The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X Methodist Federation for Social Action Urban Village Church The Church of the Village A New Thing ep. 2 and ep. 6 with Dan So St. Paul & St. Andrew's Church A New Thing ep. 12 with Dr. Steven...


Bonus: Conversation with Diocese of Iowa

I'm trying an experiment this week. This is bonus episode is from a talk I gave for the Diocese of Iowa. I'd love to know if you like this or not. Reach out and let me know. A few things mentioned in this bonus episode: The Episcopal Diocese of Iowa Ep. 12 with Steven Tomlinson Surprise the World by Michael Frost A Spirituality of the Road by David Bosch The Story of Christianity vol. 1 by Justo Gonzalez Dallas Willard's The Great Omission is a great place to start with the concept...


Ep. 15 Samira Izadi Page

My conversation with the Rev. Samira Izadi Page, the founder and Executive Director of Gateway of Grace in Dallas, TX. Find out more about Gateway and how to support their work with refugees on their website and Facebook. Read an interview with Samira at Episcopal News Service. Also mentioned in this episode: The Song of Bernadette Two Priests in a Pod Music created by Adam Powell of Best Friends Creative. Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | iHeartRadio |...


Ep. 14 Mike Michie

My conversation with Mike Michie, the Officer for Church Planting Infrastructure for the Episcopal Church. Mike is on Facebook and Twitter. More on Mike's work can be found here. More on the Genesis Gathering can be found here. My interview with Katie Nakamura Rengers. Music created by Adam Powell of Best Friends Creative. Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | iHeartRadio | Spotify | Stitcher | SoundCloud | TuneIn | YouTube | RSS Sign up for my newsletter.


Ep. 13 Claudio Oliver

My conversation with Claudio Oliver, founding member of Casa da Videira in Curitiba, Brazil. You can follow him on Twitter, view his videos on The Work of the People, and please read his article, "The Unplanned Church" at Plough. Music created by Adam Powell of Best Friends Creative. Next week: the Rev. Mike Michie Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | iHeartRadio | Spotify | Stitcher | SoundCloud | TuneIn | YouTube | RSS Sign up for my newsletter.


Ep. 12 Steven Tomlinson

My conversation with Dr. Steven Tomlinson. Dr. Tomlinson has coached both tech entrepreneurs and church planters. He teaches at Acton and Seminary of the Southwest. You can follow him on Twitter. View his TEDx Talks on YouTube. Here are the books and other links mentioned during our conversation: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries Disarming Beauty by Julián Carron Dr. Tomlinson mentions the personal practice popularized by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist's Way. Jacob Breeze on...


Ep. 11 Lisa Puccio

My conversation with Lisa Puccio. Lisa is the Coordinator for Special Needs and Family Faith Formation at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Houston. As part of her role at St. Andrew's, she leads Rhythms of Grace, a service for special needs families. Music created by Adam Powell of Best Friends Creative. Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | iHeartRadio | Stitcher | SoundCloud | TuneIn | RSS


Ep. 10 Jacob Breeze

My conversation with Jacob Breeze, a United Methodist Pastor and plant of the new faith community, Holy Family here in Houston. You can follow Jacob on Twitter and Instagram. Holy Family was first mentioned in my conversation with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley in episode 5. April Stace also got a mention in our conversation. You can listen to my conversation with April in episode 8. Go check those out! Here's a list of other resources mentioned during our conversation: "Traditioned...


Ep. 9 Robby Jerger

My conversation with Robby Jerger. Robby is a hair stylist, salon manager and a missional community starter. With the support and encouragement of his church and friends, he has launched Just As I Am, a missional community for LGBTQ identifying persons in northeast Texas. Music created by Adam Powell of Best Friends Creative. Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | iHeartRadio | Stitcher | SoundCloud | TuneIn | RSS


Ep. 8 April Stace

My conversation with April Stace about the role of music and worship in new faith communities. You can find April on Twitter. April is the author of Secular Music, Sacred Space and co-editor of Crossing Boundaries, Redefining Faith. Her forthcoming book is titled, Chaplain: Lessons from the Ledge Between Life and Death. Also mentioned in this episode: The Goonies Katy Perry Led Zeppelin U2 Pachelbel's Canon Anglo-Catholicism Brian McLaren Cedar Ridge Community Church Tom Keith on...


Ep. 7 Jim Henderson

My conversation with Jim Henderson about his experience in ministry start up's and his new conference, Hack the Ministry. Jim's documentary, No Joke and tour dates can be found at NoJokeProject.com. Watch Jim's Tedx Talk on the three practices on YouTube. Jim has authored and co-authored several books including Evangelism Without Additives and Jim and Casper Go To Church (in which your's truly is mentioned). You can follow Jim on Twitter. Hack the Ministry happens on October 12 in...


Ep. 6 Dan So (part two)

The second half of my conversation with Dan So of Anchor City Church in San Diego, CA. Click here to find the first half. Here's a list of resources mentioned during our conversation: Cyclical LA Ed Stetzer, Daniel Im and NewChurches.com Planting Missional Churches by Im and Stetzer Strengthfinders APEST Dan and I wrote a series of articles on faith and punk rock during Advent called, Out of Step. You can read my previous written interview with Dan here. Music created by Adam...


Ep. 5 Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

My conversation with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley, artist in residence with Holy Family, a new church plant in Houston. Follow Lanecia on Instagram to see some of her incredible work in progress. Holy Family's grand opening is October 1. Here's a list of books, authors and links mentioned during our conversation: Lanecia features on Work of the People St. John's UMC (Yes, THAT St. John's! The one that Beyoncé recently visited) The Price of the Ticket by James Baldwin The Artisan Soul by...