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1 Peter 3:15 and then David and Bathsheba

Since I had travel problems yesterday I decided to sneak one more program in before I -Lord willing- fly out this afternoon. Talked a little about the textual variant at 1 Peter 3-15 and then moved on to the controversy that has arisen regarding the assertion that one must see David as a -rapist- regarding Bathsheba -2 Samuel 11-12, Psalm 51-.


Report on Salt Lake Missions Trip & Debates, Then the Heresy of "Black Forgiveness"

Reported on the past week up in Salt Lake City, the witnessing at the Conference, and the two debates and one dialogue as well. Lots of background information and side stories- Then at the end I looked at the result of the -hug heard round the world- in Dallas and the entire mantra of -black forgiveness,- looking at James Cone's horrific words that seem to be part and parcel of the -woke church,- --blacks must treasure their hostility, bringing it fully into consciousness as an irreducible...


The "And" Movement, Abortion, and Social Justice, then Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro,

Two part program, basically, with the first including the complete airing of a new video promoting the -- Movement- regarding abortion and social justice. Important issues raised and concerns expressed. Then we listened to some comments from William Lane Craig on the subject of apologetics, evangelism, and how we determine -success- in apologetics.


1 John 5:7, the Comma Johanneum, Examined

This is a 90 minute examination of the background, history, and data regarding the famed -Comma Johanneum,- 1 John 5-7 in the King James Version of the Bible. In the last half hour we play portions of a video from Pastor Taylor DeSoto seeking to present a positive case for the inclusion of the text and respond.


The New Religion of Climate Worship is the Culture of Death, Response to the Textual

In light of all of the hoopla about kids marching around wishing the planet would freeze up, we talked a bit about how this new religion is just a manifestation of the Culture of Death. Then I dove deep into a response to Chris Thomas on Luke 23-34 and then transitioned into a response to Taylor DeSoto and his blog article setting up one of the most flammable straw men we have seen in quite some time. 90 minutes-


Pulpit & Pen, Sam Shamoun, TR Onlyism, Oh My!

Pull the pin, toss the grenade, here we go- I can't even write out the weird confluence of issues and topics that somehow led to connections between P-P, Sam Shamoun, and TR Onlyism today-but we dove into it- 90 minutes worth with a lot of discussion of a wide variety of issues.


Woke History and Critical Theory, David Allen and Romans 8, TR Only Mythology

Did a jumbo -90 minute- edition today starting off with the culture-destroying impact of critical theory and cultural Marxism. Then we moved on to an article by David Allen responding to those pushing back on his comments about the atonement and especially Romans 8-31-34. We finished up looking at some portions of Taylor DeSoto's article asserting that unless you hold to TR Onlyism you cannot have a meaningful doctrine of preservation.


A First Century Witness to Justification By Faith Followed by Open Phones

Spent time at the start of the program looking at the witness of Clement's epistle to the Corinthians from the first century to the doctrine of sola fide, and then took phone calls on a number of different topics including the gifts in 1 Corinthians.


Offering Incense to Caesar: Are You Ready?

Covered a bunch of topics today on the program-a few announcements about the upcoming debates in Salt Lake City and in Australia started us off. Then we looked at some comments from Bassam Zawadi regarding the view of some Christian apologists of the Bible and the resurrection. Also looked through Romans 8-31-34 in response to Dr. David Allen's assertion that there are no texts in Scripture that connect atonement and election. But most of my time was focused upon the controversy that came up...


Open Phones with Pastors James and Jeff

Did an hour and 15 minutes of phone calls -but, that was only 4 calls-- with my fellow pastor Jeff Durbin. Some good topics of conversation to be had, hope you find it encouraging- Thanks to Jeff for coming in-


A Ton of Important Stuff But Too Long for a Title!

Started off noting that the entire social justice issue has been declared to be a non-issue today---so thankful we will never have to talk about it again- Then we looked at a little Kyle James Howard -that always gets you smiling-, and then moved on to more important things. Responded to Bassam Zawadi on a post he wrote about Christian history, and then played a clip from my debate in South Africa with Yusuf Ismail. Finally I went through 15 objections a convert from Mormonism to Judaism...


JD Greear, Homosexuality, Michael Licona, Certainty and Assurance

Started off looking at JD Greear's blog article, which reflected pretty much what he had said in a sermon back during the winter, regarding homosexuality. Then looked at a tweet from Jonathan Merritt, replied to by Brian Zahnd, on the accusation of -idolatry of the family.- Then we moved on to play a portion of a video from Mike Licona wherein he spoke of being -80- sure Christianity is true,- and discussed not only the issues of certainty and assurance, but more importantly epistemology and...


Debate Reports from South Africa: Graeme Codrington, Ayoob Karim, Yusuf Ismail

Spent 75 minutes going over the trip to South Africa and the debates we did, with special emphasis upon an article Graeme Codrington wrote in response to our debate on the marriage issue in Johannesburg. Showed pictures, told the story of my -chance- -hahaha- encounter with one of Jehovah's Witnesses in the darkness at sunrise at the end of the pier, etc. Thanks again for all who made the trip possible-


Christian, Where is Their Here?

Once again Rich Pierce sits in for James and continues with the question from the last program of -where is your here-- Colossians 3-11 is the baseline text as Rich examines the kinds of -novel- and -interesting- thoughts that many so called conservative evangelicals seem to be so fascinated with. Then he turns to how Critical Theory and Intersectionality are already deeply rooted in respected institutions and churches all around us.----During the program Rich refers to the following...


Christian, Where is Your Here?

Rich Pierce sits in on the Dividing Line for James today and considers the teaching of Colossians 3-11 in light of the recent influx of Critical Theory and Intersectionality in the christian church.--Can CT-I be a valid analytical tool for christian faith and practice or is it diametrically opposed to the direct teaching that we find in Colossians 3- Rich unpacks the text to show how the christian is to view these things.


Marty Sampson's Instagram Article, Faithfulness, and then 30 Minutes of Open Phones

Apostasy isn't a fun topic, but a necessary one, so we talked about Marty Sampson's leaving the faith, walked through his Instagram post, talked about Paul's experience with Demas, etc. for about an hour. Then we opened the phones for 30 minutes with calls on lots of topics including Roman Catholicism.


Joshua Harris' Rainbow Adventure, Religious Freedom, Critical Theory, and the Founder

Spent some time looking at Joshua Harris' swing into the LGBTQ world, then looked at issues of religious freedom, critical theory, and that whole area of rapid development. Then I got into the Founders Trailer for -By What Standard,- developments since the program from Colorado, my complete face-plant error in not knowing any of the relevant background -or players-, what I've learned since then, etc. I spent a lot of time calling for us all to act in grace toward fellow believers, to pray...


Apostasy: a New Testament Consideration

Took the hour to look at the subject of false faith, apostasy, etc., today on the program in light of the Joshua Harris situation. Not a pleasant topic, but one found right in the fabric of Scripture, and hence one that must be understood


An In-Depth Look at Ephesians 1

Spent the hour looking closely at the background and meaning of Ephesians 1-3-11 in light of objections to Reformed theology. Sometimes, you just want to let Scripture be Scripture. Enjoy-


"By What Standard" Trailer, the 11th Commandment, and the CT Outrage Machine

Weighed in today on the controversy that managed to explode without my participation whatsoever on Tuesday related to the By What Standard trailer from Founders Ministries. Addressed the trailer, the topics, the 11th commandment, and the critical theory movement that has made such massive inroads into the thinking not only of our society but the church as well.