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AlwaysFragrance is a podcast that focuses on spreading the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ everywhere. Join us as we study and expound on the Bible; revealing Jesus and applying the truths therein.

AlwaysFragrance is a podcast that focuses on spreading the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ everywhere. Join us as we study and expound on the Bible; revealing Jesus and applying the truths therein.
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AlwaysFragrance is a podcast that focuses on spreading the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ everywhere. Join us as we study and expound on the Bible; revealing Jesus and applying the truths therein.






The Power of Preaching (Matthew 3:1)

The third chapter of Matthew's gospel began with "In those days...", a statement which he used to ground the historicity of the account of John the Baptist that followed. In addition, those days preceding the ministry of John the Baptist were days when the Word of God was as scarce as hen's teeth. His advent on the scene in the wilderness of Judea raised a lot of dust, not just because he was calling Jews to be baptised but also because he PREACHED that God's kingdom was around the corner....


Good Conscience and Divine Direction 2

When Apostle Paul's conscience was made good by the revelation of Jesus Christ, he continued in his good conscience by diligently acting on it because it is now schooled by the Scriptures and taught by the indwelling Spirit of Christ. Living a good conscience based on God’s standards is the best way to live as it gives the believer the fortitude to persevere in the face of slanders, delays and uncertainties.


Good Conscience and Divine Direction 1

... ' who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and between themselves, their thoughts accusing or else excusing them'... Romans 2: 15


The Good outta Nazareth (Matthew 2:19-23)

We round up our study of Matthew chapter 2 as the evangelist Matthew highlights the providence of God. The Messiah is saved from the cruel plan of Herod to kill Him and He returns to His homeland under the directive of an Angel. In the plan of God the Father, embraced by the Son, the Messiah was to be raised in the pretty despised town of Nazareth and this brought Him reproach. Hardly would anyone be intimidated to meet a Nazarene; it is more likely to think of one’s self superior to anybody...


Believer on a mission (At the graduate junction)

As believers, we have received a kingdom that cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12: 28). This is the kingdom of God, which Jesus has inaugurated. This is the ONLY ENTITY that will remain when He returns to consummate all things (Hebrews 9:28). What then should a believer live for whilst we await Jesus' return? This teaching answers this question from Acts 17:17


The Consolation (Matthew 2: 16-18)

Herod's envy brewed into an unjustifiable rage as soon as he realized that the wise men have returned to their country via an alternative route. His reaction re-enacted a bitter experience that Isreal is yet to recover from, which Jeremiah the prophet had spoken of and predicted that an overwhelming consolation would follow. The Consolation is however here, but momentarily in Egypt!


Out of Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15)

An angel appeared to Joseph again in the dream. This angel is now a frequent visitor to Joseph but this time the angel did not talk to Joseph about Mary but about the child Jesus and the evil plot against Him. Joseph task was clear and his obedience was prompt and exemplary. What did the angel tell him to do to avert the evil plan against the Holy Child Jesus? Find out in this instructive study of God's word!


Wise men worship Jesus (Matthew 2:7-12)

After a revealing study of the scripture about the birthplace of the Christ and His mission as the Shepard-king of God's people, Herod adamantly conceives an evil plan to harm God's Christ. Knowing that the birth of Christ is no ordinary occurrence but God's eternal plan did not stop Herod from fighting against it, in his fruitless bid to hold on to power. Herod tried to use the wise men in his cunningness but God in His omniscience outsmarted him, working everything according to the counsel...


Shepherd of Israel (Matthew 2:2-6)

Wise men journeyed to Jerusalem with the assumption that leaders and people of Jerusalem would be fully aware and exhilarated about the birth of their Messiah. The wise men are about to find that this wasn’t the case; the whole of Jerusalem was troubled instead. Why were they troubled and how was the Scripture able to help them in their confusion?


The House of Bread (Matthew 2:1)

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the little hometown of King David lived up to its name. Although Jesus' birth caught the attention of wise men in the east, He was born in the days of Herod. Herod was a great ruler, administrator and loyalist of the Romans but his cruelty exceeded these all. What does Jesus' birth in the days of Herod mean? Find out in this study and sequels!


Call His name Emmanuel (Matthew 1: 22-25)

Emmanuel (which means 'God with us'), one of the many titles of Jesus refers to both His deity ('God') and His identification and nearness to man ('with us'). Although this 'Emmanuel prophecy' was given by prophet Isaiah hundreds of years before Jesus was actually born, the import of this name is most truly affirmed and acknowledged to be fully made good in Him. This reveals that scriptures culminate, climax, and are ultimately fulfilled in the person, purpose and mission of our Lord Jesus...


Jesus saves from sins (Matthew 1: 19-21)

Being a just man, Joseph knew that if Mary had been unfaithful, it would be difficult to carry on with his plans of getting married to her. Yet in his make-up as a just man, he also did not want to make this an unnecessary disgrace or misery for Mary. As Joseph made the justifiable decision to privately divorce Mary, he was effectively grafted into the salvation plan!


Mary was found with Child of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 1:18)

Matthew distinctly sets forth the miraculous conception; a central doctrine of the Christian faith. However, the virgin birth was hard to believe for people in those days, even as it is also queried by some today. In this episode, discover the truth about the conception of our Lord and Saviour; Jesus!


Jesus is called Christ and you are called Christian (Mathew 1:16-17)

Jesus is the long-awaited Christ of Israel, but He won't fit into their myopic idea of a messiah because He is actually the saviour and deliverer of the whole world. To be called Christ is to be appointed and anointed, and to be called Christain is to share the same anointing and appointment!


Jesus is not ashamed to call you brethren (Matthew 1:2-15)

No one really enjoys reading the long genealogies in the Bible; the 'begatitudes' are hardly spellbinding! However, the genealogy in Matthew Chapter one is quite different for a few reasons. One of which is that it contains the unusual presence of women (and not just women but unlikely women). Women were hardly included in eastern genealogies, and then Matthew didn't mention one but four unlikely ones- Tamar (a prostitute), Rahab (a non-Jewish prostitute), Ruth (a non-Jewish widow) and...


Jesus The Christ; The Son of David, The Son of Abraham (Matthew 1:1)

The Gospel of Matthew may not have been the first of the four gospel accounts to be written, it sure has a befitting place as the first book of the New Testament portion of the Holy Bible. Matthew begins the New Testament portion of the Holy Bible with his own account of the birth, ministry, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, claiming He is the Christ! He then writes twenty-eight chapters proving his claim from the shreds of evidence that abound in historicity and prophecies.


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AlwaysFragrance is a podcast that focuses on spreading the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ everywhere. Join us as we study and expound on the Bible; revealing Jesus and applying the truths therein.