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Anchorpoint Radio promotes Gospel awareness on 60 radio frequencies weekly across Canada as well as on satellite TV. Our mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Anchorpoint Radio promotes Gospel awareness on 60 radio frequencies weekly across Canada as well as on satellite TV. Our mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Anchorpoint Radio promotes Gospel awareness on 60 radio frequencies weekly across Canada as well as on satellite TV. Our mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.






Vanity of Vanities



A Life Worth Living

We live in the same 'present evil world' that the Apostle Paul mentioned in Galatians 1:4. It's not going to change. Men and women have chosen to use their free will for themselves, placing themselves on the throne and disregarding their Creator. And because of this, we have been going down one dead end road after another seeking for wants to give you a 'life worth living'. And all of this starts with having your sins forgiven and getting right with God. Only then will you have the correct...


New Life in Christ

For every Christian there is a story - a story of a life WITHOUT Christ - when they didn't know Him as Lord and Saviour - and a story of a life WITH Christ - that is, the present reality of having Christ in their lives as Saviour, teacher, and friend. And indeed there MUST be a before and an after - there must be a time of coming into vital contact with God through Christ - the new birth. We all need 'spiritual' life - and that is only received from God Himself. Has YOUR life been...


Ten Golden Words

One of the most familiar verses in our Bible is John 3:16 has been rightly called the 'gospel in a nutshell' because the entire gospel message can be expressed in these 25 words alone. In today’s broadcast, evangelist Marvin Derksen takes up this wonderful verse in John’s gospel and focuses specifically on what he calls “Ten Golden Words”. From these ten words, we see the heart of God expressed toward us – His love and desire for our blessing; the scope of God’s offer – to whosoever; and...


Two Men at Calvary

The pivotal point of all human history is an event that took place at a specific location here on earth - a place called Calvary. It is a place of contrasts. A place of decision. A place of destinies. This week's message will be looking at the two thieves there on either side of the Lord Jesus Christ. At first, united in their ridicule and hatred of Christ, they soon part ways. One, for the first time in his life, came to terms with his own mortality and, more importantly, his tremendous sin...


What is the Gospel?

Most tend to think of things related to God as being 'religion' and want to have nothing to do with it. We here at Anchorpoint don't want anything to do with religion either. You see, religion is just man's vain attempt to reach out to God - and is often very much mistaken about who God is and what He wants us to know about Him. The gospel is nothing like this. It is the simple plan of salvation initiated and carried out by God Himself. It is all about the Christ of Calvary. It's all about...


The Lamb of God

Early in the gospel of John, we read these wonderful words spoken by John the Baptist, "Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." It's as if God himself couldn't wait any longer to introduce to the reader His own well-beloved Son - and who He was - the lamb of God. Have you ever looked at your sins and failures and honestly acknowledged that you are a sinner needing God's forgiveness? Then, a lamb is what you need, and you would be wise to take the one that God has...


The Righteous Judge

Anyone who has ever had to stand before a judge knows how uncomfortable and even terrifying it can be. How much more should we be concerned about a heavenly judge - the one who decides our soul's ultimate destiny? Yes, this judge is Christ Himself - the very one sinned against, the very one rejected. It's a solemn thought. The fact that we are guilty as charged goes without saying - but what will the Judge do? What kind of judge is He? Well, the kind that has found a way for justice to be...


Paul's Persuasion

Anyone who reads the Bible is familiar with the Apostle Paul - the fanatical Pharisee who hunted and persecuted Christians before he came into personal contact with the Lord Jesus Christ himself. After this, Paul spent the rest of his days seeking to persuade the Jews and others to understand and believe what he had come to know about Christ and God's salvation. Have you never been persuaded of the truth of the gospel? There is no more time to delay. The Bible says that NOW is the day of...


Believing What God's Says

Some people don’t want to hear any bad news. This can have serious consequences when it comes to spiritual matters. The Israelites also did this. They actually wanted their prophets to tell them only good things - or even lies - if it made them feel more comfortable. The true gospel message doesn’t necessarily make you feel good, but it is important to face facts. Only then will you enjoy the blessings of God's good news. So, how about you? Do YOU believe what God says? Have you ever...


Science and the Gospel

Our message today looks at a few of the preponderance of scientific facts that support the worldview of design and theistic creation. Does science in any way disprove the existence of God? Absolutely not! In fact, science points the objective seeker to God, the creator of all of the marvellous world we see around us! Are you a meaningless natural accident living in a world of other meaningless natural accidents? Or are you one of God's unique creations, known and loved of God?


Come Let Us Reason Together

You know, some people have the notion that the God of the Old Testament is somehow different from the God of the New. Many characterize the Old Testament God as austere, judgmental - even severe and the God of the New Testament as loving, compassionate, and forgiving. Well, rest assured that both testaments speak of the same God - the only true and living God, the God of heaven and earth. A holy and offended God calling out to sinners to be reconciled to Him. Have YOU ever come to God - and...


Looking to Christ

Have you ever wondered deep down about your life? Why you're here? Where you're going? Have you ever wondered answers to such questions even exist? Has following a system of religious ideas and practices brought you the peace and purpose you're looking for? Well, the Bible gives the answer to our soul's longings. It's both profound and simple at the same time - "Look unto Me and be ye saved all the ends of the earth for I am God and there is none else." Yes, God is the only One who can bring...


Good News

If you're looking for good news, you've come to the right place. Just listen to what God wants YOU to know! How lost and guilty sinners can have their sins forgiven. How sad and weary souls can find rest. How confused and hurting people can come into contact to someone who REALLY cares. You'll hear the elements of the simple gospel message - God's immeasurable love for sinners like us!


A King Rejected

One of the most popular parables told by the Lord Jesus Christ is known as the 'Parable of the Talents' where a nobleman goes on a journey to a far country to receive a kingdom, leaving his servants with different amounts of money to use while he was gone. There is an interesting detail that Jesus mentioned in this story - the citizens of the country REJECTED the nobleman saying, "We will not have this man to reign over us." Why did Jesus mention this point? Well, you know, that is exactly...


Three Strong Wills

The Gospel message is quite clear on this one point - we are ALL quite responsible here and now for what we do with God's offer, and more importantly, what we do with Christ. This message focuses on the 'Three Strong Wills' in our lives - God's will, the devil's will, and our will. You can be certain that God desires your salvation and well-being, a blessing that the devil is also determined to keep from you. But you can also be sure that YOU have the deciding will in this matter - not that...


Pilate's Choice

It was to be the most defining day in Pilate's life - the day that he had to make a choice. An unusual "criminal" stood before him. A prisoner whom he declared completely innocent. But in front of an angry mob an easy verdict turned into the greatest travesty of justice ever perpetrated. What were the factors that would enter into this catastrophic choice? And how many similar choices will be made here and now in our day as individuals will hear the gospel and tragically decide to place...


A Choice to Make

We are faced with many mundane decisions on a daily basis. Most are not that important, but there is a choice that will affect us well beyond on lives here - that will affect us for eternity - the decision to make the welfare of our soul the priority. Yet, most people don't give a moment's thought to where they will be after they die. We hope that today YOU will take the time, here and now, to consider YOUR soul. What way will you follow - God's way or you own way?


Outside the Door

There are two brothers in the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. There is the disobedient and unappreciative son who prematurely takes his inheritance and leaves his father's home for a life of sin and excess in the big city. We have his father accepting him with love and forgiveness upon his return. But for his brother who considered himself okay, there was no forgiveness. No rejoicing over a sinning son that returned to his father. He remained outside the door of salvation.


Free At Last

The Bible claims that people are actually slaves - but rather to ourselves - to our own selfish desires - slaves to sin. The Bible says that this puts us into a bondage that we cannot escape through our own efforts. But there is a Saviour that God has provided. Christ came to save you from your sins and to give you freedom indeed.Have you been freed from YOUR shackles of sin? Have you ever had a time in your life when you came to Christ to be set free?