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Novena prayers, Soulful Saturday, Chlorella, Yoga Nidra, Callers

Jeanne discusses her Novena prayer series, Mary Undoer of Knots. The 9 day prayer series Download your guide - Don't miss Soulful Saturday! Vegan food, chocolate elixirs, gong bath, meditations. Lana LaChance will lead a Yoga Nidra session. Jeanne and Lana discuss the importance of the different natural modalities. Book club, yes Jeanne is leading one. Listen for the details. Callers! Shonda, CT, daughter moving, very worried;...


Mother Mary, Love Everywhere!, Novena, Callers!, Book Club

Jeanne has an amazing show for you. First, an offer for 1st time callers and it runs through November, Julie is our first winner. Jeanne does a card reading from the Mother Mary deck - Our Lady of Creative Thinking - you will love it. Novena - series of prayers - Jeanne explains how she is going to guide us through prayers and our awareness as it is needed to release the painful energy within us. Special call from Celeste Amann,, search "Love....everywhere." on Facebook....


Candida, Abundance, Goddess Youniversity, Workshops, Events, Call-New Mom

Jeanne throws down so much content tonight it will take you by storm! First, find out how to get access to the Transcending Fear video/workshop. Jeanne explains why abundance can elude us and her beauty school drop out story! Jeanne poses to you thought provoking journal prompts. Find out how to get the link for the workshop. You will get a tiny glimpse into the amazing content at Goddess Youniversity. Events! Jeanne gives some details of upcoming events so get November 10th on your...


Dr. Diane Hayden, Natural Nutmeg, Guardian Angels, Metal Toxicity, Bentonite Clay

Jeanne has a great show for you. First, a most incredible guest, Dr. Diane Hayden. Diane is owner/publisher of Natural Nutmeg (Connecticut) and Elm (Maine). The magazines are a resource for health and environmentally conscious readers who desire a holistic, natural lifestyle and the advertisers who want to reach them. Jeanne discusses her journey to creating these successful magazines. She can be found at and say hi via email at Have you wondered...


Ascended Masters, Live Audience Readings, Connected and Singing Bowl Meditation

Jeanne has a special show for you tonight. Jeanne's Inspirit Healing Studio hosted the show with over 40 people attending LIVE broadcast. The show literally had the triple play - live in studio, live on KBJB and live on Facebook! Everyone was treated to readings in the crowd, a singing bowl meditation and a connected meditation with everyone in the room touching all the way around the room. Very Powerful! Have the tissues ready as you listen to the readings. Jeanne has emotional connections...


Archangels, Callers Suffering with Grief, Hay Fever, Yoga Nidra Meditation

Jeanne's topics tonight - archangels, helping people get through their challenges and an amazing yoga-nidra meditation. Who are you talking to? Are you throwing it out to the universe or are you talking to God? Jeanne tells you what works! Jeanne explains how each archangel - Michael, Gabriel, Rafael and Uriel - can be called upon to help in the time of need. Callers dominate the show with a variety of issues and Jeanne brings through beautiful messages. Callers - Kathy and Tracy from NY,...


Intuition and Alignment, Sound Healing - singing bowl, Sage, Callers!

Jeanne's message tonight is about intuition and knowing when to trust it. Being in your alignment will help you sort out the messages. Jeanne also explains the benefits of sound healing. You will melt to the sound of the rose quartz singing bowl. Find out how to get your free workbook! It is not too late to participate this Saturday at the Women's Center of Greater Danbury 8th Annual Safe Walk - get more info at Callers - Mary, FL, had a family member pass and is looking for...


Feeling Overwhelmed Jeanne Explains, Oracle Cards, Moringa, Callers!

Jeanne starts right off with the crazy energy everyone has been feeling. What is happening? Do you have a deck of Oracle cards? Want some? Jeanne explains how to use this amazing tool to help with your journey. Join Jeanne in a meditation session to help shed the problems, all the things not serving you. Callers - Judy, CT, wants to know if her mother is trying to tell her something, Jeanne says yes!; KJ's friend Jenny asked for a message from her husband Tim and it was all about the...


Dragonfly, Alan Jackson, Callers! Crystals, Chakras, Essential Oils, Teas

Jeanne is rested from vacation so you can expect a great show! A card reading for the Angels Don't Lie Facebook group, hint - dragonfly. The Angels Don't Lie group is growing and the support for each other is amazing! Jeanne reads Alan Jackson's Where Were You? as a remembrance for 9/11. Tissue alert! Jeanne continues with divination tools - crystals, chakras, essential oils, teas. Jeanne tells of an amazing healing this week. Another live Angels Don't Lie event at Inspirit Healing Studio...


Special Vacation Episode - Divination Tools, Empathy, Why Suicide?

Jeanne invites Lana LaChance to the show to discuss divination tools, connection to self, traits concerning suicide. Jeanne explains more about empaths and empathy - feeling another person's energy as your own. Jeanne has found people with suicidal tendencies have a common trait of being an empath. They lose connection to self which can lead to self mutilation like cutting and depression. Jeanne and Lana review use crystals and clearing of chakras to help with connection to self. Breathing...


Universal Truth, Cure-All, Pity Party?, Action Item for you!, Emotional Calls

Jeanne brings it tonight with great readings for our callers in need and a pep talk about the cure-all, loving yourself. The universal truth - we all want to be loved. How are you treating yourself? How are you talking about yourself? Are ready for a pity party? What?!? Are you playing it small? Jeanne has an action item for you, a must listen! Callers! Melissa, IN, feeling defeated, lost her job; Cassandra, CA, feeling alone, looking to connect with her aunt; Vanessa, IN, baby due...


Grief - Departed have a message, So Many Callers! Allergy Relief

Jeanne is jazzed up for a great show. The topic tonight - What the departed want you to know! Jeanne reveals what she has learned over and over in readings. Grief is a journey and tonight's show, Jeanne's videos and her free guide will help you. It is a must listen! Callers! Very special callers tonight! Patti, CT, looking for her father who she hasn't seen since she was two; Suzanne, CT, wants to connect to her close friend, Doug; K'Rina, CT, called to talk about meeting Jeanne and her...


Story of Triumph over Grief, Live Audience Readings

Jeanne has a special show for you tonight. The show is broadcasting live from Inspirit Healing Studio. Jeanne invites special guests Luanne and Cooper Awlasewicz to talk about their journey through grief after losing Joey, son and brother, in an accident. Find out how they wrote a book, built a trail and started a motorcycle ride. Callers! Not tonight, Jeanne does readings with our live audience. Are they ready? Wellness tip-crystals-Jeanne gives info about healing...


Callers! Here is a great compilation of past calls. Enjoy!

Jeanne had to take a break tonight and tend to the angels. Please enjoy this compilation of calls. Goddess Youniversity membership link: Do you have Jeanne's book and companion journal? Click here to invest in You and go straight to Amazon. ( Events-So many! check out; Connecting to Spirit Retreat...


Lissencephaly and Braedyn, Callers, Holistic Nutritionist, Be an Observer

Jeanne has a very special guest tonight! Katie is the mother of baby Braedyn. Braedyn was born with a rare brain disorder called Lissencephaly. Since Jeanne has been doing healing work with the family, Braedyn's diagnosis has changed! We’ll be talking about how Jesus guided the healing, what the Angels revealed and how a miracle happened after his last MRI scan. An emotional show beyond words. Sheryl, Katie's mother, calls to give an amazing testimony about what Jeanne is doing and the...


Aftermath from Suicide, Callers - Expecting Mother, Grief, Holy Spirit, Movement

Jeanne covers the aftermath of a suicide. She talks about how we can reach to those grieving from the loss. Never underestimate the power of prayer. The green challenge is over but Jeanne has a new one for you. The full moon happens this week. Energy is all around and can get you down. A lunar eclipse with a blood moon will occur. Jeanne wraps up the evening by explaining her connection to the Holy Spirit. Callers! Lea, MA, looking for messages, expecting mother due Friday! Karen, NY,...


Feminine Energy Rising, Far Infrared Therapy, Callers! Adrenal Fatigue

Jeanne's back from vacation full of energy!! Topic tonight - feminine energy rising - so many women and people coming forward to be heard and stand up for themselves. It pours out in our callers tonight too! Jeanne's hot tip - Healthy, Wealthy and Wise - principle #9 from her book The Goddess You. Serving your body, removing possessions not serving you, listening to your intuition and MORE! Callers! Cassandra, CA, a young, sensitive soul has an emotional call with Jeanne but she is...


REPLAY - Six Callers! Prayers and Tissues Needed! Jeanne has a Gut Health Rant!

REPLAY - Ding Ding! Round 2 of callers!! Jeanne talks with six callers and tackles gut problems. Thank you to our brave callers who open to Jeanne and allow us to send our love and prayers their way. Jeanne gives information about gut health and touches on problems caused by not taking care of your stomach. Issues like diverticulitis, leaking gut and perforated bowels can creep into your life if you don't take care of your digestive track. Wellness tip is a must listen! Callers - Get your...


Jesus Comes Forward, Green Challenge, Sun Butter, Callers!

Jeanne has a great show tonight. She has Norma in the studio to talk about her reading. Jeanne has Jesus come forward to tell her about Norma's tumor and what needed to done to get rid of it. This is a must listen! The story is amazing! Sun butter? Jeanne talks about the sun butter. Who knew? Callers! Maryann, CT, calls to ask why she has been smelling cigarette smoke; Jenn, CT, visits the Wisdom House. Wellness tip-Green Challenge-Jeanne will be guiding us on a 21 day Going Green...


So Many Callers! Guided Meditation, Autoimmune - Celiac, Epstein–Barr, Lymes

Jeanne starts the show with a great guided meditation. Find a quiet place, relax and breathe! The calls flooded in tonight. Messages needed to be heard and a great wellness tip. Callers!!! June, CT, had a rough day yesterday, Jeanne explains the energy from the Mars Retrograde combined with a upcoming full moon; Vera, NY, things feel unsettled since her father's passing. Needs to take time for herself, resolve some past abuse, her father comes through with advice; Denise, CT, feeling a...