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World Wide, Empaths, Lana LaChance, Relaxation Endorphins, Hypnobirthing

Jeanne starts off with a shout out to the countries listening to Angels Don't Lie - 40 in the last 3 months! Jeanne then dives into empaths experiencing real physical feelings they get from other's energies. Find out how rose quartz can help. Lana LaChance, licensed professional counselor, intuitive energy healer and soul supporter calls to talk with Jeanne about her upcoming classes at Inspirit Healing Studio. Lana recently appeared on CT Style. Jeanne discusses her philosophy of mothering...


Wisdom House, Morning Routine, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Really?

Jeanne has a great show for you! First - a great conversation with the wonderful staff at the Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT. Sister Jo-Ann,, and Deborah Kelly,, give insight to the wonderful happenings at the Wisdom House. A visit must be on your bucket list! Morning routine, do you have one? Jeanne explains the benefits and what you can do to start yours. Are you ready for the Morning Challenge? In the Angels Don't Lie Facebook group, list your top...


Conscious Living Quiz, Empath Video, Collagen

Jeanne is on a roll tonight (gluten free)! What a show! She discusses conscious living, how will you answer her questions? Four questions tonight to analyze your conscious living. You must see Jeanne's empath videos - Jeanne answers questions from the Angels Don't Lie Facebook page - to speak to our Angels and the loved ones passed before us, do we speak softly or they hear our thoughts? And more! Callers-Joanna, CT, calls to tell...


Full Moon, Empath Test, Goddess Youniversity, Self Love, Callers!

Jeanne is a little wild tonight because of the full moon! She talks about how to recognize your energy and prepare yourself. Head on over to Goddess Youniversity take the Empath test. Jeanne has so many workshops coming up! See below and for more information go to Tonight was about self love and it resonates through out all of the conversations tonight. Callers-Adrian, CA, lost her mom about 10 years ago. Things going on in her life and would like to connect...


Burdensome Energy, Serving Yourself, Callers!, Hypnosis, Collagen

Jeanne returns after a week off due to terrible storms ripping through Connecticut and eastern New York last week. Prayers out to Kim to help her with the loss of her son. Theme tonight - Energy - burdensome energy. Jeanne explains how you pick up energy from others and leave behind energy as a burden for others. It comes through with our callers tonight. Callers-Elise, PA, podcast listener!, called to thank Jeanne for the lessons shared with her show. Jeanne feels fast moving and...


YOU work, Start your plan, Callers! Mindfulness - learn the steps

Jeanne has a awesome free offer for you tonight . Free Goddess Card Reading! Jeanne is broadcasting from Florida as she recharges her batteries after some busy weeks. Tonight is all about the YOU work! Things don't start without doing the work. Something missing? Move into your alignment, Jeanne lays out your plan. Steps to get you moving on YOUR path. Have you heard Jeanne's empath jokes? Don't miss it! Callers-K'Rina, CT, Jeanne felt her anxiety all day, listen...


Intuition, Super Powers, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sterling Silver, Challenge

Jeanne has an awesome free offer for you tonight Jeanne has a great show - intuition and your super powers. She talks about how to be you, how to follow your intuition (this is how God talks to us) and use your super powers. Jeanne explains the 99% Production Rule. We can all learn from the rule. Jeanne explains how we can open our Solar Plexus chakra and get our real truth, follow our intuition. Jeanne has a guest, Lindsay, in the...


Two minute Therapy, Getting over the past, Callers! Allergies, Cacao Balls

Jeanne's two minute therapy - Stop it! FYI she stole it! :) Tonight's shows centers on getting over the past and moving away from feelings and relationships no longer serving you. Jeanne talks about moving through the grief. We get a great call from Pat Zachman of the Greater Danbury Women's Center - Jeanne and Pat have an amazing conversation about empowering yourself. Pat discusses the surge in women seeking help due to the news and old feelings coming back. They talk about...


Intuition, Love Spark, Free Ignite Session!, Carmell Clark, Holy Basil, Jeff Foxworthy?

Jeanne is a live wire tonight with KJ in the studio and has a high energy show for you. Tonight Jeanne talks about intuition. Is white noise blocking your success? She talks about how we get stuck in the low energy (evil) and how to move the high energy (live - evil spelled backwards!). You do not want to miss her three Love Spark tips to ignite your intuition. BIG NEWS - Jeanne is offering a FREE 15 minute Ignite Transformation Session. Jeanne gives the details on how to take advantage of...


Teen Suicide, Purpose, Foster Parenting, Dragon Fruit Tea Recipe

Jeanne's theme tonight - Teen Suicide and Purpose. Jeanne invites her friend, Denise Cox, into the studio to discuss her amazing purpose in her philanthropy. Denise talks about her purpose and what drives her. Visit her website at Teen Suicide is one of main causes and talks about how it needs awareness. See more information at Jeanne talks about the threads from computers, people and tv connecting to people and call to them. Suicide can be one of these...


Living the Life of Our Dreams, Feeling Valuable, Great Callers and Stories!

Living the life of our dreams, Jeanne's theme tonight. She shares some insight into her life and she got to this point. It is a great story about growth and her journey. She interesting readings to share. The angels will guide her to the most needy person in a group reading. Jeanne was drawn to a woman so listen to find out what happened! She also talks about a reading at Inspirit Healing Studio recently about letting go and how the angel turned to her! What?!?! Must listen! Jeanne tells...


High Energy with 8 Callers! Tissues! Lessons! Salt Scrub Recipe

WOW! Callers! Callers! Callers! Jeanne could feel the energy tonight and Spirit said "Listen to the people!". 8 Callers tonight! The members of the Angels Don't Lie Facebook group also got a treat again with a Live session (TIPS - to hear all audio, you must listen on or the KBJB app; calling in? then turn down Facebook Live to stop feedback). Not a member? Send a request today! Jeanne also had a conversation with Heather; friend, assistant at Inspirit, empath and more!...


7 Callers! Facebook Live, Grief and Healing, Glutathione,

Grief was a major topic tonight but first a special treat tonight! Jeanne and KJ do a simultaneous Facebook Live session during the radio show! It may start to be a permanent thing but your must be a member of the Angels Don't Lie private Facebook group. You still need to tune in KBJB Radio to get all the audio including the callers. Jeanne starts out with a response to a question "Do we dishonor God with our actions involving Jeanne's connection to Spirit and other spirituality methods?"....


Callers!! Relationships, Moods, Unicorn Pie, Menopause, Magnesium (You need it!)

Great night of callers, high energy and just a great time. Jeanne sets the theme - bad moods and broken relationships. Angels Don't Lie! Jeanne tells us a personal story of losing a close friend. We had four great calls tonight. Jeanne tells us about guidance and standing in your own truth from a position of love. She explains how choices made of your own accord are better for you. Goddess Youniversity update - daily card readings - not a member? Whaaaat?? Are you seeing numbers? Jeanne...


Six Callers! Prayers and Tissues Needed! Jeanne has a Gut Health Rant!

Ding Ding! Round 2 of callers!! Jeanne talks with six callers and tackles gut problems. Thank you to our brave callers who open to Jeanne and allow us to send our love and prayers their way. Jeanne gives information about gut health and touches on problems caused by not taking care of your stomach. Issues like diverticulitis, leaking gut and perforated bowels can creep into your life if you don't take care of your digestive track. Wellness tip is a must listen! Callers - Get your...


So Many Callers! Anxiety, Be Safe, Grieving, Career, Mom knows best? Golden Berries

Tonight is all about callers! Jeanne starts the show and the callers stacked up immediately! So many prayers are needed for these brave people calling in to hear from the angels and their loved ones. Jeanne, as always, was up to the task and gave much needed loving guidance. Jeanne also had some time to chat with John Bordeau from The Owl Wine Bar. Jeanne and John have an event planned at Hunt Hill Farms in New Milford CT. Spirits with Spirits is Thursday February 22nd. Tickets still...


Debilitating Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Callers, Matcha Tea

Jeanne starts the show talking about debilitating anxiety and a group reading from Saturday. No sooner did she start talking about it the calls started coming in and the first about that very thing. Tonight was one for the callers to get help with some healing and connection to spirit. Send out prayers for our brave callers tonight! Melissa from Indianapolis, called to talk about her severe depression. She is an empath and Jeanne can feel it causing her issues. Melissa feels...


Special Guest Richard Portelance, Chakras, Entrepreneurship, Garam Masala

Jeanne invites her brother, Richard Portelance, into the studio. The conversations cover chakras, spirituality, entrepreneurship, success, failure and much more. Jeanne and Rich discuss succeeding in your passion, taking time for yourself and holding on to your spiritual connection. You can find more info about Rich's businesses at and Wellness tip - Garam Masala - is a blend of ground spices used extensively in Indian cuisine. There is...


Seasonal Depression, Elderberry, Avatar Form, Callers Need Prayers

Doldrums? Seasonal depression? Jeanne has the answers to get you back on track. One of callers tonight is in a tough place. Jeanne shares her 3 step approach to meet the feelings head on and just let it go (Goddess You - Principle 6). "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world~Lucille Ball". Affirmations! What are you waiting for? Jeanne tells us why we need to do this! Prayers out for Braedyn - a little...


Tissue Alert, emotional Calls! Guardian Angel Mediation, Do Nothing?

Jeanne starts us out with a great prayer for those hurting and the chaos around us! Jeanne takes us through a guided mediation to reach out to our guardian angel. It is a moving experience you don't want to miss. She walks step by step to help open up and communicate with spirit. Watch out for Schemgo! Listen why! So much emotion with the Callers tonight! Tissue Alert! Patricia called because she lost her brother two weeks ago and feels she has unanswered questions. Cassandra called...