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Nurturing yourself, Cancer explained, England calling? Yes! Callers!

Jeanne dusts off the microphones and does an old fashioned call in show! The theme for tonight's show - nurturing yourself - was weaved between callers. We heard from Chris, Diane, Kathy, K'Rina and Tina (all the way from England at 1AM!). Jeanne has great messages for all and everyone can learn lessons. Please send prayers to Teena who is fighting cancer. She needs the power of our prayers. Do you have Jeanne's...


Challenges - Got Some?, Quieting the Mind; Exercise for Yourself

Jeanne's message tonight is challenges. Her recent challenge of moving out of her studio reinforces everyone goes through challenges. Tonight's show gives you information and a great exercise to move through challenges, living your truth and not playing the victim. Jeanne has time in the show to connect listeners to loved ones. Do you have Jeanne's book and companion...


She's Got The Answers You are Looking For

Tonight Jeanne is sharing how connecting with your soul truths will can be done. During the broadcast Jeanne guides you with some journal prompts and her healing singing bowl to help you through this heart opening process. Do you have Jeanne's book and companion journal? ( Listen to Jeanne explain what the 12 principles will do for you.


Relationships, Self Respect, Letting Go, Card Readings

Jeanne talks about relationships. Is your relationship feeling out of control, toxic? Jeanne walks through steps the angels have shown her to help yourself and your relationship. Self respect, letting go, intimacy are just a couple of key points Jeanne shares during the show. Find more at her blog. Do you have Jeanne's book and companion...


Spiritual Living

In this weeks episode Jeanne shares tips for living a more spiritual life, offers her Facebook audience Angel card readings and shares a great conversation with her special guest Lana LaChance. Jeanne invites you to attend a complimentary informational SHINE session on June 1st. Sign up or find out more here. If you have little ones around you may want to listen with headphones, Jeanne drops a couple of adult words during the...


How You Can Connect With Spirit Today

Jeanne shares how you don’t have to be a medium to connect with Spirit. You are an intuitive being, we are all born with this gift! In this episode Jeanne explains the steps you can take right now to connect with your loved ones in Heaven and the Divine realm. With a guided meditation that provides you with an incredible opportunity to visit Heaven! Do you have Jeanne's book and companion...


Self Sabotage, Grief from the Loss of a Child, Audience Readings

Jeanne hosts her last live show at Inspirit Healing Studio. Jeanne talks about self sabotage and does reading with the audience. Tissue Alert! The pain from the loss of a child is so great it is devastating to a parent. Listen as Jeanne shares comforting messages from these souls that have crossed over. Please enjoy the other readings of the night as Jeanne moves around the room sharing the messages and love. Do you...


Guided Connection to Spirit, God Based versus Earth Bound Energy

Jeanne has an impromptu Facebook Live session. Jeanne talks about her connection, healing work, Reiki and power of prayer. Do you want to connect to Spirit? Participate as Jeanne walks Justin through a guided connection to communicate with a loved one who has crossed over. How strong is your connection to God? Increasing the strength of your connection helps you get to your best and highest self. #GodConnection Do you...


Sexual Harrasment, Overcoming Fear, #METOO,

Jeanne has a #metoo experience to share with you. As a woman it can rob your power and scare you to your core when experiencing sexual harassment. Sadly it happens all to often and we are left questioning ourselves, trying to reason what happened and moving positively forward in our lives. Please say a prayer for all women to overcome or even better for this type of behavior to end once and for all. Do you have...


Respect Your Superpowers - Intuition, Love Yourself, Free Meditation

Jeanne has questions for you "What are your Superpowers? Do you respect yourself? Follow your intuition? Love yourself?". Jeanne explains how we gradually lose our power from birth and what to do to get it back! Go to Jeanne's blog page to read more about your Superpower! Go to Jeanne's blog to read more, get your guided meditation and 5 steps to reclaim your intuition! Do you have Jeanne's book and companion...


Death Doesn't End Love, Grief, Isolation, Anxiety, Eating Leftovers

Jeanne offers some insight to what we call death. The grief or isolation felt when our loved ones pass from the physical world can leave us with pain from loss. Jeanne explains the thin veil between our world and the spirit world. Living in the present or eating leftovers? Jeanne explains. Jeanne shares a readings from client's experiences with losing loved ones. Find more on Jeanne's blog. Do you have Jeanne's book...


Live Audience Event at Inspirit Healing Studio - Grief, Love, Pain

Jeanne holds an Angels Don't Lie live event at Inspirit Healing Studio. The six people who attended received a reading and great messages shared with a live Facebook event. Tissue alert and be prepared for some emotional responses. Do you have Jeanne's book and companion journal? Click here to invest in You and go straight to Amazon. ( Listen to Jeanne explain what the 12...


You Are Extraordinary! Crossroads, Change, Love

Jeanne has a message "You Are Extraordinary!" Jeanne talks about being at a crossroads and change. Change is difficult, sometimes it can be scary. Listen as Jeanne explains how to lean on love to get through change to be the extraordinary you. Read the entire blog here - Do you have Jeanne's book and companion journal? Click here to invest in You and go straight to...


Feelings and Emotions, So Many Callers!

**Important Message** Angels Don't Lie Facebook Live will only be available out of the private group Facebook group. Please send Jeanne an email to join the group. Jeanne has a great message about emotions and feelings. Prayers to our callers - Cassandra, Nicole, Barbara, Hillary, Lisa, Katharine, Michelle and Simone from Ireland. Angels and loved ones provide guidance through Jeanne's power of connection to Spirit. Do you have Jeanne's book and...


Apology, Blocked, Trauma, Sell It All, Weight of the World, Live from Inspirit

Jeanne comes to you live from Inspirit Healing Studio. The messages from Spirit always fill a void for the entire group. Jeanne talks with Gail, Arlene, Allison, Samantha, Barbara and more, plus a Q&A session at the end. Find out about the new SHINE event. Do you have Jeanne's book and companion journal? Click here to invest in You and go...


Clean it up, Alkaline Diet, Celery Juice, Acai Berry, Universal Truths

Jeanne has some sass for you tonight. Topics include Alkaline diet - celery juice, lemon, cayenne; Acai berry; Universal truths; church. Callers have messages for everyone. Thanks to Kathy, Debra, Noel and Gene for calling tonight! Prayers for all! Do you have Jeanne's book and companion journal? Click here to invest in You and go straight to...


Divination Tools and Free Guide, Callers - Can you say Ireland? Surprise!

Jeanne has a great show for you! Divination tools is the topic tonight. Jeanne talks about angel cards and does a couple card readings with a sassy one thrown in! Anger and grief are strong tonight with callers experiencing loss and asking for connection to loved ones. A surprise - international caller - IRELAND. Yes! We connected with Simone from Ireland! Listen to find out how! Special FREE Divination tool...


Grief, Thin Veil Between Us and our Departed Loved Ones, Callers!

Jeanne is back in Connecticut! The messages tonight reinforces how our departed loved ones are always with us. Jeanne helps callers with grief from losing people close to them. Thanks to Heather, Peggy, Bette, Merriann and Miss Beth for calling and sharing with everyone. Please offer up your prayers to help heal the broken hearts and to help feel the love being sent to them. Do you have Jeanne's book and companion...


Angel Shoes, Eleven Callers - so many messages, Purple Scarf

Jeanne goes live again from Florida! Thank you so much to our callers - Sue, Lisa, Peggy, Patti, Caroline, Shelley, Lori, Suzanne, Megan, Candice, and Anna! Our callers can use your prayers, it takes strength to call the show. When she is not talking to callers, Jeanne interacts with the Facebook viewers and shares insight her connections during the week. Do you have Jeanne's book and companion journal? Click...


Facebook Live - Callers, Live Interaction, Goddess Youniversity

Jeanne's Facebook Live sessions are the rage! Callers fill the show and Jeanne is up to the challenge! Please send your prayers as the callers look to Jeanne to connect to loved one who have crossed over. When she is not talking to callers, Jeanne interacts with the Facebook viewers and shares insight her connections during the week. Do you have Jeanne's book and companion journal? Click here to invest in You and...