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The Minister’s Black Veil – Nathaniel Hawthorne

The eccentricities of individuals tend to bring out the extremes in people. This week's story brings the tale of a minister's challenges in dealing with his congregation's changing perception of him. Despite their lack of understanding, Reverend Hooper is committed to his choices regardless of the outcome. Tune in every Wednesday at 8pm central for the premier broadcast of Wednesday's Weird Stories and be sure to catch up in the archives throughout the week! Join the team of patrons who are...


Nyarlathotep – by H.P. Lovecraft

In a time of strife and contention, a figure rises up to draw the masses together. The question is, what are his intentions? This extremely short tale gives us a glimpse into the manifestation of one of Lovecraft's more notorious creations from his dream world. Tune in Wednesdays at 8pm for the radio broadcast of Wednesday's Weird Stories and catch up on tales you may have missed in the archives. Enjoying the stories? Become a patron and help spread the weirdness!


The Novel of the White Powder – Arthur Machen

It's stories like this that make me glad we have better regulations on prescription drugs. Tonight's episode is a tale of misfortune and bad chance as a weary scholar tries to revive his heath and vitality. Many of our stories have a haunting twist that is typically the fault of the protagonist. Sometimes, however, bad things happen to good people and you just have to deal with the outcomes. Catch up on the archives in between episodes and tune in to Rock'd Soul Radio every day to listen to...


In The Court Of The Dragon – Robert W. Chambers

For many, there is a feeling of peace and calm inside the walls of a church. Our protagonist was hoping for the same feeling and a brief respite after a stressful few days. What he found instead, chilled him to the core and brought him face to face with a familiar foe. Incidental background sounds provided by Rock'd Soul Radio's new CatVando foster kittens, John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Tune in to Rock'd Soul Radio every Wednesday at 8pm for a new tale on Wednesday's Weird Stories and catch...


The Music of Erich Zann by H.P. Lovecraft

Wednesday's Weird Stories returns after it's brief hiatus with one of my favorite Lovecraft tales. The Music of Erich Zann weaves a harmony of supernatural horror and mystery in true Lovecraft fashion. One of the things I really enjoy about H.P.'s short stories is that you don't really need to ever meet the "monster" to have the fear of it. Tune in this Wednesday at 8pm central to Rock'd Soul Radio for the return of your weekly source for the spooky!


Wednesday’s Weird Stories – The Invisible Girl by Mary Shelley

This week's story falls more into the weird realm for me rather than the paranormal or spooky. There are themes throughout The Invisible Girl that challenge not only the sensibilities of the day, but are still things that we consider taboo today. What do you do when love does not seem to fit into the expectations of those around you? What lengths would you go to in order to protect it? Listen in live at 8pm central every Wednesday for a new tale from the depths of gothic horror, pulp...


Wednesday’s Weird Stories – The Hanging Tree

You might want to have some tissues at hand for this week's story. Listen in as we hear the tale of a young girl's struggle through life in a world that just doesn't seem to make sense. While this tale is fiction, it is based in the unfortunate reality that today's youth face. In a unique twist that is not typically possible with our stories, The Hanging Tree will be read by the author, Beck W. If you or a loved one are contemplating suicide, please know that you are not alone and that you...


Wednesday’s Weird Stories – The Diary of a Madman

Told through the style of a journal, this tale by Guy de Maupassant is a haunting one that makes you question all those around you. We often think of criminals as easy to spot and recognize, but that is certainly not always the case. Unfortunately, there is likely a great number of criminals around you hiding in plain sight. They may even be someone you know and trust! Tune in at 8pm central every Wednesday for a weekly tale from the archives of gothic horror, pulp fiction and folk tales....


Wednesday’s Weird Stories – The Street of the Four Winds by Robert W. Chambers

There's a little less spooky going on this week, but R.W. Chambers still paints a vivid picture of the haunting nature of lost love. This tale is part of a larger collection of stories under the title of The King in Yellow and I'm sure we will be dipping back into this volume again in the near future. In the meantime, join me tomorrow night at 8pm central for an evening on The Street of the Four Winds with Wednesday's Weird Stories here on Rock'd Soul Radio.


Wednesday’s Weird Stories – The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

If you know me, you had to see this coming at some point. If the cat guy didn't do "The Black Cat", it would just seem, well, weird. This classic tale weaves the story of a man's descent into madness and murder. Not only does this story demonstrate the many roles a cat can play in our lives, it also show the importance of a cat's nine lives. Starting at 8pm central every Wednesday, you can listen to the story live right here on Rock'd Soul Radio or catch the video stream on Facebook!...


Wednesday’s Weird Stories: A Ghost Story by Samuel Clemens

Yes. THAT Samuel Clemens. You may be asking yourself, what Mark Twain was doing writing ghost stories and I asked myself that same question. This week's story was written as a satire of the popular haunted house tales that were springing up like mad around the turn of the 20th century. Throughout this tale you will hear nearly every cliche associated with spectral disturbances and Clemens takes it right to the edge of absurdity. Tune in at 8pm central for the live reading and make sure you...


Wednesday’s Weird Stories – The Empty House by Algernon Blackwood

As someone who works in the paranormal field in my spare time, this story hit a lot of really hot spots for me. Of the various haunted house tales that I have read and heard, this one really spoke to a lot of what I have seen, heard, and felt in dealing with the spirit realm. The story is chilling, to experience it first hand, would have been crazy! Blackwood is known to be the master of the English ghost story and this is a great example of that legacy.


Wednesday’s Weird Stories – Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft

I'll be dipping into the Cthulhu mythos this week as I share a tale of a stranded sailor and the terror of what he finds upon reaching land. Dagon is a fairly widely used character in the mythos, and I feel like it represents a blending point in the stories between what Lovecraft's original settlers of earth worshiped and what his early humanity developed into the Cthulhu cult and, of course, the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Tune in at 8pm central on Wednesday, Jan 31 for Dagon on Wednesday's...


Dracula’s Guest by Bram Stoker

This week's tale is a prime example of why you do not brush off the warnings of the locals and go wandering a foreign countryside on your own. The hubris of travelers can easily be their downfall as well.


The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe

Savage. That is the only word to describe the revenge plot that Montressor has for Fortunado in this classic tale from Poe. The next time somebody you have been picking on, asks you to go for a drink, you might want to think back to this story.


The Mortal Immortal by Mary Shelley

This week's tale brings a twist to the usual quest for immortality. Listen in for one of Mary Shelley's lesser known works that questions how far one would go for love and what happens when your life long wish gets fulfilled in the most unexpected way. Tune in every Wednesday night at 8pm central for Wednesday's Weird Stories on Rock'd Soul Radio!


The White Ship by H.P. Lovecraft

This is the first live reading that I have done for Wednesday's Weird Stories and I kept the intro and outro mostly intact as well to give a little history on the tale and make it more entertaining (maybe?). This is a tale of wanderlust and longing for the mysteries of the sea. It begs the question for us; what would you do if you found paradise?


Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

This has always been one of my favorite poems from Poe. In it we hear a tale of crime and guilt from the voice of the accused himself. It also shows a clear plan for how NOT to get away with murder.


The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Anderson

If you are unfamiliar with this holiday story, it is the tale of an unhappy tree who just can't seem to appreciate what it has. As a fable, it brings to light the moral of being thankful for the blessings you are given and living in the present. This is my first foray into voicing characters so I promise future dialogue will be better


The Cats of Ulthar by H.P. Lovecraft

In the town of Ulthar, it is said that no man may kill a cat. This is one of Lovecraft's shorter stories about a mythical town in the dream realm. Listen in as I share the tale of how this law came to pass.