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The Power to Become ArmyCast Live is a Christian based podcast brought in place to equip, edify and help the youth in their walk in Christ. Our Aim is to engage, interact with and build the young people in their walk of faith.

The Power to Become ArmyCast Live is a Christian based podcast brought in place to equip, edify and help the youth in their walk in Christ. Our Aim is to engage, interact with and build the young people in their walk of faith.
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The Power to Become ArmyCast Live is a Christian based podcast brought in place to equip, edify and help the youth in their walk in Christ. Our Aim is to engage, interact with and build the young people in their walk of faith.






Personality Blending

One of the most significant lessons we learn through social interactions is that no two human beings are the same -not even twins. We have individuals who are always loud and cheery, others who are so full of charisma you can't help but be left in awe, and there are even those of us who thrive on drawing as little attention to themselves as possible. Our personalities are the essence of our being. They are our private little treasures, which when not delicately handled end up bringing us...



Is he the one? Does she fit the mold of perfection that will please everyone around me? How will I know when it's time to head to the next level? What if I'm making a mistake? Is this what God wants for me? We never seem to have enough answers to these questions, no matter how many times we ask or whom we ask. When it comes to matters to do with our hearts, the need to be as careful and as smart as possible has never been direr. Guard your heart for from it... Every kind of healthy and...


Unshakable Faith



Reckless Love of God

Let's take a little mind trip and imagine our mind as a 1MB (Megabyte) memory card and God's is 1TB (Terabyte). Obviously, there's no way our little mind, so to say, would comprehend everything going on in God's mind. The same way we struggle to understand how big His love is for us. Even while we were still sinners, He sent His son to die on the cross for us. You and I have been set free from sin and bondage because of the sacrificial love of God over 2,000 years ago. His death and...


It's Okay not to be Okay

Closing your eyes so that you cannot see the darkness does not mean that it will no longer be there when you open them. We may try to hide from our pain and hurt, ignore it even, but like an untreated wound, it will fester and rot from the inside. And as it spreads to the healthy parts, we wait for numbness, but instead, all we get is a piece of ourselves that we will have to amputate forever because we weren’t brave enough to let someone else help us tend to it. Do not be deceived,...


There is Hope

Cold, dark, void, restless and alone. Often, this is the state hopelessness drives us into. It consumes us like a malicious cancer clinging to every cell in our body, eating us from the inside out and killing our spirit. Proverbs 18:14 The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit? It is very easy to just give in and be carried away by the big black tide, because it's easier to let go than it is to fight because we are too weak. But just because we...


Keep Hope alive

We live in a fast-paced world, where it seems as everyone has done, is doing, or will do something great and important with their lives or for society in general. Standards have been set for every single thing, ranging from how to dress, how to live and as absurd as it may sound, how to feel. 'You snooze, you lose,' is the norm, which means that the moment you take a little break, you're already so behind in the game, there is little if any ways to catch up. The simplest option is to give...


Freedom From Fear



Identity in Christ

The power of identity in our lives is that it gives us a sense of purpose and accomplishment. If you identify as a doctor, you know very clearly that your mission in life is to help the sick get better. If you identify as a police officer, yours is to serve and protect the citizens of the nation you serve. However, the world we live in is so demanding that sometimes, we seem to miss the mark. You're not good enough. Or worse you can't ever seem to do anything right. Just like that we...



I overheard two children having an interesting conversation the other day. One of them asked the other, "Are you a girl or a boy?" Interestingly, they were both girls and I wouldn't understand why she asked such a question. Unfortunately, the other child started a different topic altogether before responding to this and although I did not get the chance to hear what her response was, this got me thinking. This is just another version of the question, "Who are you?" Anyone can answer this...


Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Part 3

Matthew 6:21 Once we put our confidence in material things and earthly riches we ate bound to get disappointed at some point. Especially when we lose these riches or lack what we expect to have. God works very differently from us and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Unfortunately, the mentality that earthly riches are life's fulfillment is our damnation. This is the main cause of depression among us, when we lack what we have been made to believe we should have. We put so much pressure...


Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Part 2

Stained, broken and probably irredeemable The pain, unforgettable Her eyes speak millions, Her words she can't get out She looks frail, like death itself She tries to stand She falls right back to the floor That is quite familiar now, So she kneels instead Despite the ache Then chants something It's an old song, One of hope... Silence Followed by wails She can't even utter a prayer, Too broken She just sits and pours out her heart Hoping the tears will drain the pain And...


Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Most times the battles we go through inside don't have to reflect on the outside. We go on with our daily lives and probably don't even realize it. Each day seems longer than the last, each night lonelier and we dread going to school, work or even church. Different people have given it different labels but I choose to be brief; depression. We can't really avoid talking about it so I believe it's about time. With the numerous pressures from life, it is less surprising to have someone in your...


Restoring the Heart of a Worshiper

We all have a void inside of us that we are always trying to fill with the things of this world. Be it money, or love or religion. However, we cannot fill a God sized void with the things that He himself created. It is why we are never satisfied. Our satisfaction in life is tied to our satisfaction in Him. David understood this and was even acknowledged as a man after God’s own heart. When we talk about the true heart of a worshiper, the best demonstration in the Bible wold have to be...


The Heart of Worship

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4.24. We have been led to believe that worship is the genre of gospel that is slow and sets a certain kind of mood for prayer. However, it goes beyond music, it is a lifestyle. It is about relationship and intimacy. It is a heart to heart dialogue that requires a loss of self in adoration of another. This means that the level of intimacy required calls for an in depth understanding of who it is we are...


Intimacy in Worship

Whatever we celebrate we elevate, whatever we elevate we worship and whatever we worship we serve. What do you think worship is? Is it the slow songs we sing in church? Is it lifting our hands? I am just as curious, so why don't we learn together? Worship calls for submission and surrender; bowing to God means we give Him dominion over our lives. Submission to God is allowing Him to rule over every aspect of our lives; withholding nothing. Most of us are not able to understand how our...


Purity as a product of Grace

The interesting thing about Christianity is that nothing is about us; we do everything to glorify God and everything comes from Him in His on measure. Purity as well is all about the grace of God. Evidently, if it was about us, so far we have terribly failed at achieving it. Instead, and this is good news, we have the grace of God that teaches us to say no to ungodliness. It has been availed to all of us. More often than not, we condemn ourselves of past sins and mistakes. We remind...


Overcoming the Spirit of Guilt

A continuation of Christ in you the hope of glory Unless you're perfect, which you're not, then you have struggled with guilt at some point in life. You might even be in this situation as you read this and if that's the case, you are in the right place! Walk with me as we learn how to overcome this little giant that steals our joy. Guilt comes as a result of sin committed or responsibilities ignored; disobedience to God. It is however not from God and is obviously not among the fruits of...


Christ in You the Hope of Glory

Take a minute and think of the power you have inside you; having accepted Christ gives you the hope for the glory to come. The anointed one lives in you and this should give you joy and great hope for the future. This is our identity, it is no longer us who live but Christ who lives in us. We have this voice that makes us aware of who we are and what is expected of us. Glory is poisonous to man but food for God. "For as the Father has life in Himself, so He has granted the Son to have...



I imagine I'm not the only one who has ever had a wrong thought Cross their mind. It was probably in a flush of a second or it might have taken longer; you might have act e on it even. It's just as human to do so; we are sinful by nature. Purity is the absence of these thoughts and deeds. It is the absence of blemish. It is not as unachievable as it might seem, especially when we have the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Surrendering our lives to Jesus qualifies purity as part of our...