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Mostly Dhamma talks given by Ajahns Munindo, Abhinando, Punnyo at Aruna Ratanagiri, Harnham Buddhist Monastery - a monastery of the Theravada Buddhist Forest Tradition - in Northumberland, UK.

Mostly Dhamma talks given by Ajahns Munindo, Abhinando, Punnyo at Aruna Ratanagiri, Harnham Buddhist Monastery - a monastery of the Theravada Buddhist Forest Tradition - in Northumberland, UK.
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Mostly Dhamma talks given by Ajahns Munindo, Abhinando, Punnyo at Aruna Ratanagiri, Harnham Buddhist Monastery - a monastery of the Theravada Buddhist Forest Tradition - in Northumberland, UK.




Luang Por Munindo - Silent, Selfless, Spacious

Sense of self, identity, extremism, ethnicity, nationality, class, skilful means, security, actuality, materialism, religion, church attendance, dependable, belief, repentant, scientism, questioning, Almighty, stressed, theistic, impersonal law, unshakable, dhammavicaya, 7 Factors of Awakening, techniques, tai chi, psychotherapy, silent, selfless, spacious just-knowing awareness, assumptions, chatter, numb, letting go, anatta, anicca, dukkha, enquiring into ‘who’, personality, accommodating,...


Luang Por Munindo - Extremism and Identity

Extreme left, Anti-fa, anti-vaxx, politics, flat-earth, extreme ideologies, psycho-spiritual, security, identity, actuality, technology, change, insecurity, uncertainty, waning of influence of religion, materialism, communism, scientism, God, omnipresent, omnipotent, dependable, unchanging, personality relativised, passée, abiding, self-structure, personality, self-importance, individuation, sour, sweet, views, investigation, upaya, skilful means, established order, adversarial politics,...


Luang Por Munindo - The Core Of All The Buddhas’ Teachings

Precept Ceremony, Ovada Patimokkha, refraining, preparing the ground, frame of reference, 5 precepts, IMS, integrity, skilful means, 5 spiritual faculties, a potency of goodness, faith, saddha, fragrance, wild honeysuckle, approximations, chaos, order, actuality, middle way, viriya, energy, sati, mindfulness, casual culture, samadhi, concentration, midlife crisis, pannya, wisdom, compost, conceit, purification, self, anatta, philosophy, theology, ontology, dhammavicaya, investigation,...


Luang Por Munindo - Unobstructed Blessings

Dhammapada 194, realization, wisdom, compassion, enquiry, good fortune, happiness, Mahamangala Sutta, storehouse of goodness, ariya sacca na dassanam, purity, security, liberation, obstructions, taking sides, preferences, health, education, security, employment, contentment, job security, saving the planet, Korea, 500 years, spiritual companions, 4 Noble Truths, unobstructed awareness, discontentment, Ajahn Amaro chasing his shadow, elucidation, Dhammacakka sutta, exuberance, unawakened...


Luang Por Munindo - Withdrawing From An Addiction To Distraction

Going For Refuge to the Buddha, inner training, discipline of attention, material dimension, six sense objects, security, identity, Dhammacakka Sutta, Middle Way, precepts, pressure, renunciation, affluence, suicide, meditation, culture, doubt, faith, energy, mindfulness, collectedness, discernment, indriya samvara, sense restraint, doughnuts, The Great Physician, peacefulness, an abuse of process, samadhi, nibbida.


Luang Por Munindo - Trusting and Distrusting Teachers

Dhammapada verse 76, benefits, self reliance, kalyanamitta, teachers, trustworthiness, questioning, authority, vulnerable, Ajahn Sumedho, meditation technique, scolding, agility, intuition, precepts, BBC, smell, impeccability, Gandha Kuti, Dhammapada verse 54,projecting authority, Kalama Sutta, intimidation, welfare state, theistic religion, kamma, regular repetition, protection, example, sacrifice, renunciation, safety, alcohol, development, affluence, investigation, wanting, craving,...


Luang Por Munindo - Not As It Appears

New Year's Eve, community, Dhammapada verse 258, enmity, eloquence, certainty, apparent reality, actuality, tumultuous, assumptions, Ajahn Chah, beauty, pleasure, training, cittabhavana, perception, ultimate happiness, wisdom, Dhammapada verse 290, discipline, handful of leaves, Sapiens, Prof. Harare, Artificial Intelligence, drugs, boredom, loneliness, indignation, gym, Bhikhuni Mahapajapati, biases, desire, aversion, hearing aids, Magic Eye, striving, bowl floating upstream, binary option,...


Luang Por Munindo - Learning From Everything

Reality, happiness, suffering, concepts, hopeless, harmony, benefit, concepts, mountain climbing, teachers, retreats, Bodhgaya, meeting ourselves, bhava tanha, craving, idealizing, spiritual CV, goals, imagination, spiritual faculties, mindfulness, sense restraint, wise reflection, joy, well-being, work, anatta, me and my way, religions, relativizing self, narcissist, self obsessed, 7 factors of Enlightenment, refresh, meditation retreat, questioning, dismantling self, childhood and adults,...


Luang Por Munindo - The Swamp Monster, Fear

Awakening, delusion, Santaloka, sinner, goodness, forgiveness, education system, goal orientation, achieving, reading, retreats, HERE, fear, denial, anxiety, Abhayagiri, Fearless Mountain Monastery, unawareness, monsters, desire, contemplation, samsara, feeling investigation, P.E.F.S., precepts, exercise, food, support, news, entertainment, reaffirming, shared participation, agility, intensity, complexity, emotions, endurance, BBC, NHS, Buddha’s medicine, egoic existence, apparition, death,...


Luang Por Munindo - Gratitude and Contentment

Kathina, rules, Wat Pah Pong, relaxed, strict, change, chaos, compromising integrity, well-being, lying, happiness, Luang Por Thate, disharmony, reliable metric, gratitude congruent with contentment, depths of the ocean, sugar, evolutionary biologists, sense restraint, actuality, gratitude log, RSI, tennis elbow, yoga knee, doughnuts, apparent reality, Refuge, wanting, criticizing, worldliness, despair, Middle Way.


Luang Por Munindo - The Middle Way Is Not Beige

The Middle Way Is Not Beige: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 40 mins) Nibbana, Noble silence, pressure, intensification, vector, transformation, purification of gold, sickness, old age, frustration, renunciation, Middle Way, moderation, sadness, old pain, tears, purging, riding the wave, contentment, indulging, denying, snowboarding, surfing, rage, anxiety, fear, agile, unreasonableness, unawareness, liking, disliking, modestly, boredom, loneliness, sleeplessness, self-harming, balanced...


Luang Por Munindo - The Agony of Egoity

The Agony of Egoity: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 37 mins) Nibbana, awakening, self, other, approximations, sugar molecule, right understanding, Sedaka Sutta, The Acrobat, mutual benefit, chaos, ego, self-identity, child development, Christianity, relativizing, omnipotent, God, dilution, perpetual selfies, materialists, fearlessness, kindness, awareness, security, just knowing, tranquillity, questioning, confidence.


Luang Por Munindo - Commitment, Competence, Contentment

Commitment, Competence, Contentment: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 32 mins) Affirming, hopefulness, renunciation, gratitude, hope, Dhammapada 302, affluent, anxiety, effort, mindfulness, restraint, discernment, aspiration, commitment, personality, bee sting, physical exercise, language, adhitthana, resolve, competence, excellence, relevance, tumultuous, distress, 2 types of contentment, running away, politics, environmental degradation, gratification, wisdom, change, anicca, impermanence,...


Luang Por Munindo - What Actually is Wisdom

What Actually is Wisdom: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 47 mins) Dhammapada 275, skewered, barbs, eight worldly winds, fear, approximation, application, scholars, eight fold path, stillness, tranquility, aliveness, Switzerland, Schweizerdeutsch, not-thinking, clinging, indulging, upaya, skilful means, discordant, Middle Way, six senses, consumerism, hooked, advertising, Beatles, realization.


Luang Por Munindo - What Actually Is Selfishness

What Actually Is Selfishness: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 47 mins) Listening to Dhamma talks, agreeing and disagreeing, taking sides, appreciative awareness, sensitive receptivity, shared contemplation, resolution, generosity, moral philosophy, feeling investigation, loving kindness, empathy, learning from boredom, me and my way, contentment, unshakable, Mahamangala Sutta, victims, re-traumatizing, seeing selfishness, conceit, Ajahn Thate, 8 worldly winds, griefless, dustless, security,...


Luang Por Munindo - Unobstructed Relationship With Everything

Unobstructed Relationship With Everything: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 35 mins) (Poor sound quality ). How to listen to Dhamma talks, questioning, eyes closed, 7 factors of enlightenment, Dhammavicaya, feeling investigation, dhammasakaccha, dhammasavana, training, agreeing/disagreeing, hell, heaven, Dhammacakka Sutta, Theravada, uninspected assumptions, contentment, doubt, well-being, resting, rejuvenate, damaged goods, sinner, compulsive or constructive, tweets, websites, beginning again.


Luang Por Munindo - It Is Obvious What We Need To Be Doing

It Is Obvious What We Need To Be Doing: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 35 mins) Ajahn Chah, ignorance, craving, seeing clearly, unshakable ease, compassion fatigue, caring professions, 4 Brahmaviharas, upekkha, praise, insult, excessive zeal, modesty, fitting in, loneliness, IMS, slow down, jhanas, Hollywood heroes, unfolding.


Luang Por Munindo - Coping With Compassion Fatigue

Coping With Compassion Fatigue: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 35 mins) Transformation, suffering into freedom, Dhammacakka Sutta, awakening, preparations, resources, caring professions, social media, hopefulness, Brahmaviharas, Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Upekkha, strength, being loving, conscious well-wishing, selflessness, protection, compassion, empathy, sadness, softening, joy, delight, envy, competence, equanimity, kamma, letting go, renunciation, gratification, boundaries, responsibilities,...


Luang Por Munindo - Making Wisdom the Priority

Making Wisdom the Priority: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 30 mins) The Turning of the Wheel of the Law, appearance, wisdom, happiness, beauty, ugly duckling, pancakes, butterfly, eternal hell, clinging, suffering, pain, pay attention, goodness, compassion, potential, integrity, C6,H12,O6, honey, distractions, training, 4 Noble Truths, YouTube, vitality, settling, seeing.


Luang Por Munindo - Realigning Perception With Reality

Realigning Perception With Reality: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 45 mins) Kalyanamitta, gurus, questioning, dhammavicaya, Awakening, vulnerability, cultivation, kamma, fooled, misperceptions, retraining perceptions, right amount, indignation, aversion, TED, cognitive science, death, maranasati, Dhammapada verses 11-12, eternal hell, sunburn, addiction to distraction, self-promoting, 4 Noble Truths, lying about reality, presence, desire, dissatisfaction, mindfulness, sense restraint, wise...