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Uplifting and supportive insights around manifesting, soul healing, chakras, spirituality, the awakening process, crystals, personal growth and development, mental health, growing your intuition, and real-life experiences.


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Uplifting and supportive insights around manifesting, soul healing, chakras, spirituality, the awakening process, crystals, personal growth and development, mental health, growing your intuition, and real-life experiences.




Episode 126: Soul Chats with Allison Dellatore on Animal Communication and Witch Wound

In this Soul Chats interview on Awakening with Amy Robeson: Allison Dellatore, an expert in animal communication and intuitive healing, shares her lifelong ability to connect with animals through psychic means. She discusses how animals teach us valuable lessons in love, boundaries, and balance, and explains how they can inspire compassion in humans. Allison emphasizes the importance of understanding animals' perspectives and addresses the healing of the witch's wound.


Episode 125: 3 Channeled Messages for Self-empowerment and Working with Divine Guidance

3 channeled messages for self-empowerment and working with divine from the Guardians of the Akashic Records. The divine guidance in these channeled messages will assist you on your spiritual path of awakening.


Episode 124: Unlock Prosperity: Abundance Healing Secrets for Fulfillment

The number one question asked in the Akashic Records is: What is my life purpose? During this free Akashic Record group reading, we explored the many different life purposes we have in our lifetime, starting a spiritual healing business and we did a FREE Abundance Healing.


Episode 123: Embracing Emotional Wellness: Why Your Feelings Matter

It takes a lot trust and courage to communicate our feelings and process painful emotions, even in a safe and healthy way. Our feelings matter. The more emotional stagnation we release, the more space we hold for healing and evolving to create the reality of our desires and dreams.


Episode 122: Embracing Your Unique Spiritual Path: Following Your Own Energy Without Comparison

It’s so important for us to embrace our own unique spiritual path, without comparing our spiritual journey to others. Our spiritual path grows and evolves with each inspired action, consistent spiritual practices, nurturing creativity, and various relationship roles in our lives. Embrace and follow the divine energy to open new possibilities, experiences, and insights along our spiritual journey.


Episode 121: How to Hear God's Voice

It’s important to listen to your God's voice and take inspired action toward your desires. Discover 3 simple ways to overcome the fear that makes you feel stuck. Following the energy of the Divine by saying yes to your God's voice creates shortcuts in manifesting your desires, ultimately inspiring a positive impact in your life and in the world.


Episode 120: How to nourish your soul

Discover 14 powerful ways to nourish your soul and elevate your frequency. Experience profound growth, create your desired reality, and evolve into your best self. Start your journey of self-discovery now.


Episode 119: Trusting Your Spiritual Intuition

It’s so important to trust the journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution. Embracing trust is crucial for cultivating self-awareness and acting upon intuition and divine direction. Trusting oneself entails making difficult choices, navigating emotions, and avoiding self-doubt. Remember to reframe your thoughts and practice forgiveness to break free from the cycle of questioning and distress. Explore the importance of trusting the process of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Learn how trusting oneself leads to self-awareness, intuitive decision-making, and freedom from self-doubt. Reframe thoughts and practice forgiveness to break free from distressing loops.


Episode 118: Understanding the Lions Gate Portal: Gateway to Spiritual Awakening

The Lions gate Portal happens between July 26th and August 12th every year. This portal alignment creates a powerful opportunity to set intentions and manifest desires, but you must be clear and believe in your affirmations and intentions. The Lions gate Portal also raises consciousness, bringing in new ideas and inspirations. Additionally, the number eight holds significance during this time, representing infinity, forgiveness, and new beginnings.


Episode 117: Soul Chats with Stephanie Mason

In this Soul Chats interview with Steph Mason, we delve into the world of candle magic. Steph creates unique candles infused with herbs, crystals, flowers, and essential oils, tailored to each individual's human design soul blueprint. Through rituals and the candle's movements, blockages and areas of lack are revealed, providing self-reflection and guidance. We also discuss the power of candles in working with the subconscious mind, releasing blocks, and exploring spiritual modalities like Reiki, Akashic records, and human design.


Episode 116: Preparing for the Lions Gate Portal - A Journey to Release Fears and Embrace Courage

In this podcast episode, I discuss the upcoming Lionsgate portal and its significance. I guide you through a journey to release fears and invoke courage with the help of a lion spirit guide. This episode encourages self-reflection, journaling, and taking the necessary steps to manifest desires and create positive changes in life.


Episode 115: Taking A Quantum Leap for Attracting Abundance In Your Life

Let's delve into the concept of abundance and how to cultivate it in our daily lives. I discuss the idea of attracting abundance, creating abundance, and generating abundance. I share four practical ways to attract more abundance into our lives, emphasizing the interconnectedness of abundance, love, and gratitude, and how they can raise our frequency and support our creativity. Life has its challenges, but nonetheless, I encourage you to find abundance amidst the chaos by shifting your perspective and mindset from lack to abundance.


Episode 114: How to Heal Your Inner Child: A Path to Self-Love and Wholeness

Explore the significance of healing the inner child and its impact on our present reality. By nurturing our inner child through writing letters and practicing mirror work, we can transform past wounds into a more authentic and fulfilling life experience.


Episode 113: The Power of Compassion - Choosing Empathy Over Reactivity

We must choose compassion and empathy in our reactions to situations. By taking a deep breath, evaluating situations, and considering past experiences, we can cultivate a more peaceful reality. I encourage you to practice compassion throughout the day, which is vital in our spiritual evolution and awakening.


Episode 112: Living A Spiritual Life

Living a spiritual life involves cultivating a deeper relationship with one's spiritual path and practices. By following the energy of our heart and spiritual intuition, we can attract positive experiences and become more aware of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


Episode 111: Manifesting Your Desires - The Power of the Law of Attraction

Knowing what you want makes it easier to manifest your desires through the law of attraction. Speaking out loud what you want, taking action, and visualizing your success will assist you in manifesting your desires into your life.


Episode 110: Insights from Akashic Record Group Readings

Listen to a free Akashic record group reading that covers various topics, including career change, relocation, & building a healing business. The Akashic Records provide unique insight & guidance into life's challenges, offering a new perspective on personal & professional growth. Learn how the Akashic Records can help you achieve your goals & make a positive impact on the world.


Episode 109: Soul Chats with Morgan Rockwell

Morgan Rockwell, an Akashic Records Practitioner, discusses soulmates and the importance of openness. She uses the Akashic Records to mend hearts and release societal love norms and helps clients connect with ancestors to evolve their ability to love. Healing past wounds, finding internal love, and childhood wounds' impact on relationships are discussed, emphasizing honesty and choosing a different path. Morgan Rockwell shares her experience of acceptance and surrender after a relationship breakup in a foreign country with 2 children. The interview offers valuable insights into conscious relationships and love.


Episode 108: How to Cope with Stress to Prevent Numbing Out

Coping with stress can cause numbing out behaviors that can affect our physical and mental health. To cope with stress, it is necessary to avoid destructive behaviors, such as drugs or alcohol, and instead use free coping mechanisms, such as deep breathing, grounding, and movement. It is crucial to be honest when numbing out and choose healthy, mindful behaviors to cope with stress.


Episode 107: Embrace Gratitude to Calm Your Mind and Heart - The Power of Gratitude

The power of gratitude shifts negativity. You can change your life by practicing it consistently, even for small things, by embodying the feeling of gratitude rather than making a list of what you are grateful for. The consistent practice of embodying gratitude helps navigate life’s challenges with grace and positivity.