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Jake Anderson living the Dream and Following your heart

A fourth generation fisherman, Jake Anderson has always lived close to the sea. Born in Forks, Washington, he grew up in the fishing town of Anacortes, Washington, surrounded by generations of fishermen. Raised in this rich environment, Jake took to the sea at an early age with his uncle Brian Mavar. At 17 he was fishing salmon off Bristol Bay in Alaska, at 20 he was on a trawler processor and at 25 he began pot fishing. Just one year later, he became a greenhorn on the F/V Northwestern...


Are You A LEAN'er or A DO'er? 0521/18

Are You A LEAN'er Or A DO'er? When you are coming up on the hardest times... do you lean into faith or do you DO? Today Cameron and Lucia will be discussing the ever-elusive topic of faith... where does it come from... where does it start and where does it stop and what do we do when we need it the most?


Being In The "In Between" 05/02/18

BEING IN THE "IN BETWEEN": To Freak Out Or Not To Freak Out.. THAT Is The Question! Okay… we’ve all been there. Waiting for the call… email… letter in the mail. Waiting for the next move in our business… in our relationships… babies being born… you name it… we’ve all been in the “in between”. It can be one of the most uncomfortable places to reside. So what do we do so we don’t completely FREAK OUT? Join Cameron and Lucia as they discuss this topic... and of course, have a good laugh in...


Mayson Taylor-Co Founder of DailyOm

MADISYN TAYLOR is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the popular inspirational website and daily newsletter, DailyOM and is responsible for all of its content. A recognized leader in self-help and new thought spirituality, Taylor has more than 20 years of experience in personal development and alternative healing methodologies. She has contributed to national publications and is a popular guest on many radio shows. Hay House published her international bestselling books, DailyOM:...



When The "Facts" Are Always Changing, What Do You Believe? With science ever evolving and research being swayed by either their own personal bias or by their financiers... WHAT CAN YOU BELIEVE?? Tune in for fun and laughter while with dissect this baffling world of can and cannots!


Don't Ask Don't Tell - The Death of Unspoken Wishes

Dreams, Wishes.. Prayers... where do the go if you can't tell anyone when you make them? This Monday Cameron and Lucia will talk about the chains of keeping your wish a "secret"... What wish do you want to come true? Come and voice it and see if there is anyone who can help you MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


Struggling to Find The Reset Button 5/11/15

We have to do it with our phones... clocks... computers... and sometimes with our lives. So why is it so hard to UNPLUG for a moment and just give "it" a reset?Sometimes we need to unplug, but we may fear what


Psychic Addiction... When 1 Reading Isn't Enough

It's MONDAY!! And time for another date with Cameron and Lucia! THIS TIME... CAMERON IS DOING READINGS!!! So you can CALL IN and ask Cam any question you have burning on your heart... or brain. We will also be talking about something that most Psychic's won't address... and that is "Psychic Addiction". What is it and why we do it and is it really helping anyone? We'll be covering: Psychic hopping… cross-referencing or neediness? Obsess Much?? Is your situation THAT perplexing or are you...


Stuff We Love 4/18/16

Today's Topic: STUFF WE LOVE What brings you joy? What brings you happiness? What we think and how we feel are the only factors that determine the warm fuzzies we get when we're engaged with the STUFF WE LOVE. Today, Cameron and Lucia will discuss the "STUFF" they love and talk about the trigger points on why the feelings of amore take over!


Self Care - an Awkward Necessity

This is a shout out to all you care givers, nurtures and cheerleaders. Those of you who are the motivators and driving force behind every man, woman and child to help them succeed and move with passion an power in life... those of you who encourage others to strike forward with courage and self love... those of you who encourge others to love and nurture themselves through adversity. ------ BUT WHAT ABOUT **YOU**?? It's an awkward uphill climb for many of us in service to support and...


Do You Need A Kick In The Pants? 3/14/16

Do You Need A Kick In The Pants? PROCESS OR PROCRASTINATION... both can be lethal to your progress. Inaction is one of the most devastating things to your personal growth and it can be wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket called "Meant to Be"... when it's just simply not necessarily true. What are we telling ourselves to keep us from our purpose? Tune in with Cameron and Lucia and you're guaranteed to start your week off with laughter... even when life seems serious, Cam & Lucia have a way...


Spiritual Midwifery - Said What?

Join Cameron and Lucia on Begin Again to discuss a rarely talked about spiritual practice that is right in the heart of beginning again called Spiritual Midwifery!!!


Who's Got the FUNK? Get Up Off of that FUNK!!

In this show Cameron and Lucia will be talking about was to get out of that FUNK and have some fun... so if the topic is FUN than this already mischievous duo is going to have a blast!!! Join in and have a good belly laugh... Cameron will be doing readings AND helping you release patterns to GET OUT OF YOUR FUNK!


Interview with Debra Moffitt

​Debra Moffitt is an author who leads workshops on writing, creativity, and spirituality, in the United States and worldwide. She is a faculty member of the Sophia Institute and the Esalen Institute, and her writings have appeared in publications around the world. She is the author of the award-winning book, Awake in the World, Garden of Bliss, and Riviera Stories. Her blogs appear on and Mallika Chopra's​. Debra worked in international business until she felt...



Because it's too damn expensive to get the quality you're looking for!!! Sometimes the price is TOO high and it means letting go of friends, family, jobs, a community. But if it means them or your own self-worth... choose YOU! Cameron and Lucia will discuss the journey to self-worth and share some tips on how to cultivate the self-value you desire.


How to Deal with Negative a and or Difficult people 5/4/15

Everyone has negative or difficult people in their the question we hear most often is how we deal with situations like this ..People around you are negative or difficult.yet we do not want to brush them out of our lives. Perhaps its a relative or a good friend that you are not ready to let go of. We are going discuss this on todayss show and offer a few ways to help deal with negativity and or difficult people.


"When Did I sign up for a "Life Audit"? 4/6/15

You Don't Owe Any Explanations to Anyone


Learn Something New 3/23/15

Today Cameron & Lucia will recap their fun over the weekend and the NW Women's Show and share some new things they've discovered AND the VALUE of trying something NEW!


My Voices Told Me To Do WHAT? 3/9/15

My Voices Told Me To Do WHAT? Today Cameron and Lucia will be talking about those little voices in your head that tell you to do things... things you never thought you'd ever do! And they will talk about why you go ahead and DO IT!!!


What and where is the Matrix with Dr.Richard Bartlet and Meliisa Joy

Are you in The Matrix:? No Not that Matrix What kind of matrix are we speaking about .. the blue pill ? the red pill.. maybe its not that matrix at all. Can we reset and redo ? Can we tap into it and pull what information we want or need to heal our life .OR does our life even need healing.. Find out what we are talking about on this show.