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Please let me know if you need a different size banner image as I have a variety of sizes to choose from depending on what the banner size is. Also, unsure if the website address ought be my website or the podcast platform site, which is

Please let me know if you need a different size banner image as I have a variety of sizes to choose from depending on what the banner size is. Also, unsure if the website address ought be my website or the podcast platform site, which is
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Please let me know if you need a different size banner image as I have a variety of sizes to choose from depending on what the banner size is. Also, unsure if the website address ought be my website or the podcast platform site, which is






Ep. 081: On Authenticity in Relationships with Arielle Brown

Wow, wow, wow. Another favorite conversation! This one is SO. GOOD. Arielle Brown and I explore what it means to be authentic and show up in the truth of who we are in relationships, why we often don't do this, the challenges we face as we begin to do so, and so much more on sexuality, intimacy, and love. Arielle Brown is an intimacy coach, writer, and facilitator with a focus on embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. She works with individuals and couples to connect...


Ep. 080: On the Twin Flame Journey of Self-Discovery with Piper Willoughby

Join me and the mystical Piper Willoughby in this inspiring episode where we explore: Piper Willoughby is an ordinary human whose journey of self-discovery has led her through a great transformation, allowing her to connect with the very essence of who she is, and letting her light shine brightly in the universe. As an intensely private person, she has adopted a pen name for her recent book Musings on Weirdness in Love and Meditation: A Divine Love Journey, which lends her an elemental...


Ep. 079: On Finding Your Better Way with Karen Pery

I had the sincere privilege of sitting down with recently published author Karen Pery to talk about what it looks like to listen to and trust our inner voice and find our better way. Not only is Karen an extremely talented writer, she is chock-full of wisdom and insight. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her over the past many months as we brought her book into the world. Take a few moments today and tune in for some inspiration on what it can look like to love the sound of your...


Ep. 078: On What We Truly Want with Brendan Uhl

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and enjoy this fabulously entertaining and insightful episode with me and my friend Brendan Uhl. We explore everything from knowing what we truly want to whether or not it's okay to want it in the first place. By far, the most fun and unlike any other episode I've done to date. We enjoyed ourselves so much, we decided to start our own podcast! (Stay tuned for more ...) Once you've had a listen and are inspired to reach out, you can connect with Brendan...


Ep. 077: On Detaching From Drama with Cathy Anello

In this episode, I sit down with Cathy Anello to chat about the all-pervasive topic of drama (and how to no longer be ruled by it). Cathy resides in Mendocino County, California and is a Certified Angel Card Intuitive Healer and author of her most recent book, Six Months to Live: Making Each Day Matter. Faced with inevitable job loss four years ago in “Corporate America,” Cathy shed all of the normal conditioned ways of living and began trusting her inner guidance to lead her to the joy and...


Ep. 076: On Loving Ourselves Unconditionally

Join me for a bonus episode! Bonus because I felt inspired to record this solo episode even though it isn't part of my current "schedule." It's been awhile since I recorded a solo show and what a joy it was. In this episode, I share with you some learnings I received today around self-love, shame, who we truly are, not clinging, resistance to loving ourselves, and so much more.


Ep. 075: On Taking Responsibility with Jalen Gildersleeve

Join me and the inspiring Jalen Gildersleeve of Mindhak as we discuss the importance of taking responsibility for our lives, how the world is a better place than most people think, how perception is key, the phenomena of flow, and so much more! Jalen is the Founder and CEO Of MindHak, an AI based application that teaches people emotional intelligence, self-compassion and emotional resilience. Having been born in Flint, Michigan, Jalen grew up surrounded by the belief that struggle, drugs...


Ep. 074: On Doing Your Imperfect Best with Jason Freeman

Join me and Jason Freeman as we explore what it means to do your imperfect best and shine your light, instead of live in fear of it. Jason is one of the most inspirational people I have yet had the pleasure of speaking with on my show. You won't want to miss this one! Once you've had a listen, find Jason online at and be sure to grab a copy of his book, Awkwardly Awesome: Embracing My Imperfect Best. If you love this show and find yourself being inspired, you can...


Ep. 073: On Unleashing the Power of the Heart with Cheryl Piper

Join me for another inspirational episode with Cheryl Piper on unleashing the power of the heart. Together, we explore the importance of forgiveness, how it looks to live with a heart wide open, and a little bit of neuroscience and creating our future from a place of love, joy, and courage. Connect with and learn more about Cheryl and all she has to offer the world on her website: And, if you enjoy this show and feel inspired after listening, become a patron and a part...


Ep. 072: On Sharing Your Story with an Open Heart with Jonathan Masiulionis

What a tremendously inspiration-filled episode with Jonathan Masiulionis from Empowered Publicity! Join us as we explore what it means to share our story, our purpose, our music that lives within us and to be of service in the world from an open heart—and what can keep us from that. As Wayne Dyer said, "Don't die with your music still in you." Connect with Jonathan and learn more about how he is of service in the world and helps others share their stories from an open heart at...


Ep. 071: On What It Means to Create with Elizabeth Gudrais

Join me and Elizabeth Gudrais for another inspiring episode where we explore just what it means to create and be a creator. There are many gems of wisdom in this one—from trusting ourselves to finding our own voice to what keeps us from creating that which we desire to create to so much more!! Once you've listened in, you can find out more about or get in touch with Elizabeth here:


Ep. 070: On Why You're Here with Jaclyn Wallach

People want to know why they’re here. As Jaclyn Wallach and I explore in this episode, by looking to our lineage, we are able to see ourselves as part of the tapestry of the world and feel a sense of connectedness, and recognize the importance of the stories we come from, so we can evolve forward and uncover cycles and patterns and fears that have been going on for generations. You can learn more about Jaclyn and her work at and be sure to join the challenge...


Ep. 069: On the Importance of Presence with Sally Saint

Many of us are familiar with presence and still might experience some resistance to it. Or perhaps we are curious how to receive even more from the gift of presence, especially when it comes to having more time and energy. Join me and Sally Saint as we explore this topic along with how parenting (a child or our inner child) can serve as such a beautiful gift and opportunity. You can connect with Sally or learn more at


Ep. 068: On the Freedom of Nurturing Your Soul with Alena Chapman

Join me and the amazing Alena Chapman for this inspiring conversation on the freedom we experience as we nurture our souls. Alena Chapman is not just a Coach, nor just a thought leader. She is a soul nurturer whose company “Chapman Life Institute” works with clients to identify what they really want to achieve in life. Alena is a TWO Time International Bestseller (with her most recent book being “The Prison Effect”), she has more than 30 years of deep study with Bob Proctor and Dr. Wayne...


Ep. 067: On Letting L.O.V.E. Lead with Korrine Holt

Join me and Korrine Holt for this inspiring conversation about letting L.O.V.E. lead (and a whole new way of understanding what love means using Korrine's acronym). Spiritual Teacher, Korrine Holt, helps people merge with their Soul and live as conscious, empowered creators. Her irrepressible devotion to exploring the deepest Truth of being human took her on a diverse and arduous journey of 30+ years that, when lovingly integrated, led to the body-mind’s surrender and return to Pure...


Ep. 066: On Self-Love & Forgiveness with Jeanette Carleson

Join me and Jeanette Carleson for another inspiring episode all about self-love, forgiveness, and where we often compromise ourselves. You will fall in love with Jeanette's beautiful energy, I just know it! Jeanette believes we are all co-creators of our reality. The main shifting point for us is to stop looking outside of ourselves and start going within. Jeanette is a Transformational Master NLP Coach since 2009, working with "good girls to liberated women" on self-love and...


Ep. 065: On Happiness with Susie Verde

Join me and the vivacious Susie Verde for another inspiring episode where we talk about happiness—what it is, what it isn't, and where to find it. Susie is the founder of The Joy of Being Network, a community of creative spiritual individuals committed to the growth of consciousness and to live a life of meaning and fulfillment. She is a communicator, an inspirational speaker, a teacher, and a workshop facilitator. Susie is also a Certified Life Coach (CPC), a Certified Positive Psychology...


Ep. 064: On Spirit, Love & Miracles with Kristian Strang

OMJOGs!! Is this an inspiring episode or what?! Join me and the incredible Kristian Strang as we embark on a Spirit-led conversation about spirit, love, and miracles. This chat brought chills and tears multiple times over! Heather Kristian Strang is an author, Love Activist, spiritual guide & matchmaker, mystic, and Barefoot Doctor. Her books include Live Like You’re On Vacation: An Oracle From The JOGs, Ecstatic Union with The Divine, A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living, The...


Ep. 063: On Commitment & Desire

In today's episode, I return with some insights and inspiration on what it means to be committed, what keeps us from expressing and realizing our desires, and a huge leap I took this year. Tune in and be inspired! And be sure to check out my book and support a great organization (I AM THAT GIRL) when you buy a copy before March 3!


Ep. 062: On Connecting Through Stories with Jillian Gunlicks

Join me for this inspiring episode with Jillian Gunlicks, portrait artist and live wedding painter whose passion is to find the joy and magic in life. She is so fortunate to be able to do that through her work as an artist, through being a mom, through the relationships she has, and through the adventures of life. In this episode, we explore the importance of embracing and then sharing our pain with others. Our stories serve as inspiration and the basis for connecting with others. Tune in...