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27 BONUS TRACK: Behind the Scenes with Mandy Smith on Virtue, Women and the Awakenings Luncheon

Bonus Track to Episode 27 with Karen Swallow Prior. Listen to the Behind the scenes conversation with Mandy Smith about virtue, women and the women's luncheon at the Awakenings Gathering.


27 Karen Swallow Prior On Reading Well (& Why Virtue is tricky for Women)

Today on the Betwixt Podcast, Dr. Karen Swallow Prior talks about her newest book On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Literature. Her book walks readers through twelves literary works that show us how to live virtuously. "Literature is like a boxing ring of ideas where we can try out and test ideas.” - We also discuss the virtue (or vice) of angry reading, Prior's combat boots and why virtue is so tricky for women. “The latin root word for virtue is the same root word for...


26 Phileena Heuertz on Mindful Silence (Action & Contemplation P 2)

“Christian life is not a life divided between times for action and times for contemplation. No. Real social action is a way of contemplation, and real contemplation is the core of social action.” Henri Nouwen Continuing our series on Action & Contemplation, Phileena Heuertz talks about contemplation. How do contemplation and action work together? Why are practices of reflection and contemplative prayer essential to meaningful impact in the world? Phileena Heuertz spent 20 years working as an...


25 Kathy Khang: Raise Your Voice (Action & Contemplation Part 1)

Action or contemplation–which is better? This pitting of one against the other has been a long standing debate throughout history. Theologians have often used allegorical depictions of biblical women to illustrate this divide. Augustine famously used the two wives of Jacob to articulate his preference. He held up Leah as the model of the fruitful activist life. But Rachael was a model of the harder to attain contemplative life. Others set the Biblical sisters Mary against Martha: Mary, who...


24 Michael Card on Hesed: How Kindness Heals the World

People often say, God is love. But when you think of God’s love, what does that mean to you? My guest is Michael Card, author of the new book Inexpressible: Hesed and the Mystery of God’s Lovingkindness. Card calls hesed the “greatest sacramental word in the Hebrew Bible.” It’s an untranslatable word that defines an inexpressible mystery. We have no English word to adequately describes hesed, yet it’s a word that God uses to describe himself. It’s an incredibly transformational word. Mike...


23 Lianne Simon on the Challenges of Being Intersex & Christian

“Intersex is a broad label for people with differences of sex development (DSDs)—people whose bodies show physical characteristics of both male and female.” - Intersex and Faith In this latest Betwixt Podcast episode, Deb Gregory talks with Lianne Simon about her experience as a Christian intersex woman. Lianne shares her remarkable journey of faith despite experiences of abuse, shame and invisibility. Liane Simon was born with a genetic condition that caused sexual ambiguity. Because her...


22 Maundy Thursday: An Anti-Revival and Why We Need It (with Jay Greener & Tara Owens)

It’s Holy Week and we’re coming up on my favorite day in the Christian calendar: Maundy Thursday. Although it’s not a popular day for evangelical services, it’s without a doubt the most transformational space - or liminal space - that I’ve encountered in a Church service. That particular service was held at the International Anglican Church in Colorado Springs. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve attended many incredible revival services over the years, but the IAC Maundy Thursday service is kind of...


21 Bruce Herman on Ordinary Saints: The Dangerous Space Between Icon and Portrait (Part 2)

Artist Bruce Herman on Ordinary Saints: The Dangerous Space Between Icon and Portrait (The Art of Paradox Part 2) “Essentially poetry, art, music, break open the world again for us that had gotten closed by our false certainties.” In the last Betwixt Episode, Artist Bruce Herman told the story about the house-fire in which he lost 25 years of artwork. Bruce described it as a “eu-catastrophe” - the good catastrophe that brought freedom amidst great loss. In Part 2 of this robust conversation...


20 The Good Chaos: Bruce Herman on Dancing after your House Burns Down (The Art of Paradox Part 1)

A great paradox of the Christian life is to stand at the edge of loss and to somehow gain freedom. In this episode, artist Bruce Herman shares his paradoxical story of embracing freedom amidst great loss. “A bunch of people have asked me over the years, what was it like to have your house hit by three bolts of lightning, burn down and destroy 25 years of your work as an artist? That must have been devastating! My honest answer is, ‘No, it really wasn’t. It was a eucatastrophe. It’s the good...


19 Natasha Sistrunk Robinson on Truth-telling in a Divided World

In this Betwixt Podcast episode, we talk with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson about her journey to becoming a truth-teller in a divided world. The truth is, Natasha is a bridge-builder. She spans the distance between diverse communities, forging paths of deeper understanding, reconciliation and healing. “When you have influence, and all of us do, consider your space. How do you invite people into those spaces and opportunities because of the gospel?” - Natasha Sistrunk Robinson Natasha was a star...


18 Tish Harrison Warren on Miscarriage and Liturgies of Lament

In this episode,Tish Harrison Warren shares her painful story of miscarriage. Because miscarriage was a wordless experience, she recognized her need for words from her community. She grasped on to liturgies of lament, wrapping time-tested words around her grief in the presence of community. How do we pastor those who have experienced loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility or a regretted abortion? Listen as Tish casts a vision of grief care through liturgy. Tish Harrison Warren is...


17 Aaron Niequist on Practice-based Faith

Aaron Niequist helps launch Season 2 of the Betwixt Podcast! In this episode, Aaron and I share a really beautiful conversation about how practice-based faith draws us into spaces that are ripe for transformation. Aaron is a liturgist, writer, and pastor. After leading worship at two of America’s largest mega churches, Aaron began to re-imagine what a discipleship-focused, contemplative, practice-based community might look like, and so he began The Practice - an experimental gathering in the...


16 Betwixt Update, Behind the Scenes, & Prep for Season 2!

Update on the Betwixt Podcast: Listen to the behind the scenes of the Betwixt podcast and hear what's changing as we gear up for Season 2!


15 Enneagram: Suzanne Stabile & the Path Between Us (Part 2)

In part two of the Betwixt Podcast conversation with Suzanne Stabile, we continue a discussion on how the enneagram as a spiritual formation tool that can help us to shape the path between humans in relationship to one another and the path in our relationship with God. “The church is in liminal space. It is not what it used to be and it’s not what it’s going be. And very few of us have the patience to wait for the Holy Spirit to lead us and to allow it to be what it can become." Suzanne...


14 Enneagram: Suzanne Stabile & the Path Between Us (Part 1)

The enneagram is a model of nine interconnected personality types that is growing in popularity among evangelicals. Each type is represented by a number on a nine-point geometric diagram. In recent years, the enneagram has become wildly popular among leadership trainers in both business and religious circles. It’s used as a tool for strengthening interpersonal relationships and personal growth. But the enneagram stands apart from other personality typing systems because of its unique focus...


13 Sex Trafficking (Part 2) Men Who Buy Sex: John School with Chris Stollar

Confession: This episode was difficult to produce. My desire for justice far outweighs my willingness to extend compassion toward men who solicit prostitutes and contribute to the horrific world of human trafficking. Yet, Chris Stollar presents us with a compelling challenge to hold both justice and mercy in tandem in the fight against sex trafficking. “We will never end trafficking unless we reach the men who are fueling the demand in the first place.” Chris Stollar is the Demand Reduction...


12 Sex Trafficking (Part 1) Women Who Sell Sex: CATCH Court with Hannah Estabrook

How do you treat women who sell sex? Hannah Estabrook, Coordinator of CATCH Court, is convinced that kindness helps prostitutes transform their lives from ones of dependency to freedom. During the two-year probationary program, CATCH women cultivate healthy new habits within the accountability of a small Ohio court community and walk the path toward healing from sexual trauma. "This is how you do church," says one pastor who brings parishioners to CATCH Court. How we treat women who...


11 Jared Boyd: How Imaginative Prayer Helps Children Connect with God (& Parents)

Jared Boyd discovered that children's spiritual formation is rooted in the imagination. Imaginative Prayer helps children connect with God and helps parents to connect with their kids. Jared noticed that while most parents desire for their kids to learn to love God, it’s hard to have meaningful conversation with our kids about spiritual things and to facilitate real spiritual experiences. “When we lead our children through guided times of imaginative prayer, they can experience a connection...


10 Embracing Your Daughter's Killer: The Freedom of Radical Forgiveness with Joel Kime

It’s often said “forgive and forget.” But what happens when two parties, offender and offended, come together and build a relationship in a space that never forgets? In this episode of the Betwixt Podcast, Joel Kime shares his story of great tragedy and how the practice of forgiveness transformed that tragedy into something no one expected. Through building relationship in the face of adversity, two communities–Amish and English– bonded in a normally forbidden way. Together, they accepted...


09 Larycia Hawkins on Stepping Out on the Bridge of Solidarity

"What does it mean to be an embodied question mark wherever you are on your journey?" This was the question Dr. Larycia Hawkins presented to her students at Wheaton College. "Our bodies do work for us." As a professor of political science, Dr. Hawkins wanted to teach her students that it's not enough to empathize with the hurting. True solidarity requires the use of our bodies to walk with those who are suffering. "Where Jesus went, societies and politics were changed–they were at least...