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Bible Stories have been God's way of inspiring faith throughout all generations. This podcast delivers the greatest stories of the Bible told with an eye toward Jesus Christ as their ultimate fulfillment.

Bible Stories have been God's way of inspiring faith throughout all generations. This podcast delivers the greatest stories of the Bible told with an eye toward Jesus Christ as their ultimate fulfillment.
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Bible Stories have been God's way of inspiring faith throughout all generations. This podcast delivers the greatest stories of the Bible told with an eye toward Jesus Christ as their ultimate fulfillment.




BSL022 Solomon

When Solomon asks God for wisdom, he couldn't have possibly imagined that he would become famous as one of the wisest men in history. He also couldn't have imagined how desperately he would need all that wisdom. Hear Solomon's story in this episode of Bible Storyline. 1 Kings 1-11; 2 Chronicles 1-9


BSL021 The Reign of David

No figure in the entire Hebrew scriptures better foreshadows the coming of Jesus, the Savior for all people. But while Jesus is perfect, David had his issues. Hear all about the kingdom of David, and listen to how David teaches us how to talk with and listen to God. 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles 11-29


BSL020 The Rise of David

For all kinds of obvious reasons, David was the wrong choice to be Israel's king. He had none of the credentials. But the main credential God was looking for was someone who cared about God's heart. That was David. Hear the story about how David went from being a Shepherd to being a King. Includes 1 Samuel chapters 8 - 31; Psalms 9, 13, 23, and 55.


BSL016 Samson

Not all Bible Stories are filled with lovely people doing pleasant things. Especially when the tribe of Dan gets involved. This episode tells the story of Samson. And though Samson is strong and smart, he's not necessarily kind to animals. You'll see... Judges 13 through 16


BSL014 Joshua

As unlikely as it was for Moses to become Israel's leader, it was equally unlikely that Joshua would replace him. And because of his trust in Yahweh, the God of Israel, Joshua would see and do amazing things. Joshua would be there for the fulfillment of one of God's greatest promises reaching all the way back to Abraham. Hear the story of Joshua.


BSL019 King Saul

The story of King Saul is not a happy story filled with wonderful people who faithfully trust in God. Instead, it is a dreadful story that you should probably avoid if you do not like terrible things. Hear the story of King Saul, told in the style of Lemony Snicket.


BSL018 Samuel the Prophet

Life started out pretty badly for young Samuel. God was asking him to do some really hard things. The story of Samuel teaches us why God asks us to do hard things. The Book of 1 Samuel


BSL017 Ruth

Ruth would become a great princess, and just like Cinderella, it would all come down to a shoe. This is the book of Ruth told in four acts.



It's tempting to look at ourselves and believe everything we see. But when Yahweh is your God, you know you've been redefined in a way that can change everything. Hear the story of Gideon, the nobody from nowhere who, because God was with him, won one of the most unlikely victories in history! Based on Judges 6, 7, and 8


BSL013 Life in the Wilderness Part 2

One thing you learn for sure as you hear the story of Isreal wandering in the desert wilderness: no matter what kind of crazy things happen in life, you can always trust God to keep his promises. This is the second part of the "Wilderness Wanderings" episode of Bible Storyline. Part one focused on God's answer to the problem of Israel's persistent sin. Part two focuses on how God delivers His people, not on account of their own righteousness but on account of his Word. Covers parts of...


BSL012 Life in the Wilderness Part 1

What does a 500-gallon tanker truck filled with Marinara sauce have to do with the desert wanderings of the 12 tribes of Israel? You'll have to listen to find out. The stories of Israel during their 40 years of desert wandering are part of the epic tales in Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers. Part 1 of 'Life in the Wilderness' highlights the God who forgives.


BSL011 Red Sea Crossing

God gives his people salvation so spectacular it would overwhelm all of their senses. It was something so beautiful that it saved them, and so improbable that they could hardly believe they were still alive to see it. It's the same way with the death and resurrection of Jesus: so beautiful because it saves us, and so improbable that we can hardly believe we are still alive to see it. Hear more in this episode of Bible Storyline. Exodus 14-16


BSL999 The Magi

Everything about Christmas is strange. A son is born to a virgin girl. That's about a strange as anything can possibly be. What begins strangely gets weirder when visitors from faraway lands appear bearing gifts reserved for gods and kings. Jesus, as it turns out, is both God and King. Matthew 2:1-12


BSL010 The Plagues in Egypt

Sometimes people want to cast judgment on God for the bad things that happen - like the plagues in Egypt. But in this episode of Bible Storyline, by taking a closer look at the epic plagues that struck Egypt 3500 years ago, we see nature unraveling for a very particular reason. God wants to save. Exodus chapters 7 - 13


BSL009 God Chooses Moses

From the courage of Jachobed who chose adoption to save her baby boy to the bizarre burning bush that wasn't burning to the common sense of Jethro who sent Moses on his way, the story of God's salvation for an entire nation of Israelites begins with incredible drama. In this episode, we especially focus on how God prepares Moses with faith because if he's going to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, he's going to need to trust in God to get it done. Exodus chapters 1 through 4.


BSL008 Israel's Familly

Hear the story of Leah, the girl nobody loved, and how God's love raised her up. Hear the story of Rachel and how the deceitfulness of everyone around her turned her into a deceiver. And hear the story of Joseph, who learned that if you give God enough time, He can turn anything into a blessing. Genesis 29 through 50


BSL007 Jacob Israel

Jacob was that kid who keeps stealing things from his big brother's bedroom when he wasn't looking. Hardly the type of person you'd expect God to care for. Or maybe he's exactly the type of person we should expect God to love and forgive. God does exactly that and more. Find out what happens when Jacob gets a new name. Genesis 25-35, 37, 42-46, and 50


BSL006 Isaac and Rebekah

You would expect Isaac to have become one of the greatest men of faith after all God had done for him and his family. But as it turns out, it would be his God-given wife Rebekah who would "save the day". Learn more about the unfolding promise of the Savior in this episode of Bible Storyline, the story of Isaac and Rebekah, another one of Gods Greatest Stories! Genesis 21 through 27


BSL005 Abraham

Abraham means, "Father of a Multitude". But how would God make a huge family for Abraham when his lovely wife Sarah couldn't have any babies? Maybe God was talking about a different kind of family. Genesis 12 through 21


BSL004 The Flood

The great flood story is a pretty harrowing reminder of the importance of trusting in God for salvation. What might surprise you, though, is the special promise God makes after the waters have subsided. Genesis 4 and 6-9