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#23: Astral Projection — Are You a Traveler?

Astral projection – Does that term seem too far out there? Find out how this topic applies to our intuition and everyday lives. Reports of Out of Body Experiences are on the rise. What do they mean and where are they going? Astral projection is described as an out-of-body experience where the astral body is able to travel beyond the physical body. Have you wondered what part of you travels; is it the soul, your consciousness or some type of energy? Tune in and discover the fascinating...


#22: Meditation & Visualization – Can You Quiet Your Mind?

We’ve all heard that meditation is good for us. Do you know how to do it? Do you meditate regularly or is it a challenge to make time? Is it just a blissed-out state of mind – or something else? I was once asked in an interview, “What is the one tool in your development that you can’t live without?” My answer? Meditation! Find out why it’s so important and how you can blend visualization into the process to supercharge your intuition! Doyle will take your calls for free mini-readings and...


#21: Auras…Auras…Everywhere! What Does Your Energy Field Say About You?

Do you have an aura around you? What is an aura anyway? Is there a color to it and what does it all mean? The human energy field, also known as an aura, is probably the most important factor in intuitive development. Find out what it is, what information it can give you, and how you can use it to sharpen your intuition. Doyle will take your calls for free mini-readings and answer any questions. Join the Facebook group at to ask questions and...


#20: Divination & Tools of Insight with Guest Host Susan Dintino

Searching for answers using tools like Tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves, or Ouija boards is as old as time. Are the tools special or is it the user? Doyle has a very special guest on the show today, Susan Dintino, and together they will discuss using these tools and share personal experiences with them. Doyle and Susan will take calls and answer questions or provide free mini-readings for live callers. You DON’T want to miss out on this! Susan Dintino is a Hay House author,...


#19: Past Life Regression – Have You Lived Before?

Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Déjà vu is that moment when you go to a place you have never been before but it feels like you have been there. Maybe you even know the layout or the history of the place. How does that happen? Have you had a vivid dream where you experienced a different time and place? Were you there in a past life? Could it help you to know about a past life? Past life regressionist Melanie Harrell, M.A., CH, will join Doyle for a lively discussion and together they will...


#18: Coping with the Unexpected – Real Life, Real Loss

Doyle pays tribute to his good friend, Ginger McCord, Houston Astrologer and Metaphysical Pioneer. She unexpectedly passed to spirit before her scheduled appearance on his show. Join us for this raw and real topic as Doyle shares his experience with loss both as an intuitive medium and as a person. Learn about the myths of grief and all the “silly” things that people say when a loss occurs. Also find out how soon signs can appear from loved ones who have recently passed. Join the Facebook...


#17: Colors and Numbers

Does your birthdate tell a story about you? Does your life change if you change your name? Do you have a favorite number? Numerology is an ancient and respected tool. It’s also Doyle’s favorite divination/intuitive tool. Knowing your life path can give you insights into your life and the way you relate to others. Then check out the language of color and see how you can use color in an intentional way. Is there a color to your life’s purpose? Do you like to wear a special color for important...


#16: A Peak into Heaven - Common Questions about the Afterlife

Are your loved ones OK? Are they on a cloud playing a harp for eternity? Just what are they up to in Heaven? Find out more as Doyle shares his take on the most frequently asked questions of a medium. Doyle will take your calls for free mini-readings and answer any questions. Join the Facebook group at to ask questions and continue the conversation. Visit for private reading or life coaching info.


#15: Are You Hearing Things? Spirit – Telepathy – Intuition

Have you heard someone call out your name and no one was there? Maybe you’ve heard the answer to something and no one around you said it. Was it audible or inside your head? Either way you probably experienced clairaudience. Today’s show is all about ‘clear hearing’, how to recognize and whether or not you should give it credence. Doyle takes your calls for free minireadings and answer any questions. Join the Facebook group at to ask questions and...


#14: Intuitive Sight – Sensing the Past, Present and Future

Do you see things and patterns that no one else does? Then one of your strong psychic senses might be clairvoyance. We all have heard of it but what exactly is it and can anyone do it? Today, Doyle shares his knowledge and experience with you and takes your calls for free mini-readings and answer any questions. Join the Facebook group at to ask questions and continue the conversation. Visit for private reading or life...


#13: Energy and Emotions - Do You Feel Too Much?

Some people tend to confuse empathy and clairsentience. Did you know that clairsentience (clear feeling) is Doyle’s strongest psychic sense? Join him as he shares the similarities and differences between sensing what someone is feeling and taking on another person’s feelings. Learn how he uses energy and emotions in his personal and professional life and how you can too. He will also explore how psychometry fits in with clairsentience. Doyle will take your calls for free mini-readings and...


#2: Are You Intuitive?

Yes, of course you are! The real question is, how intuitive are you? In today’s show you will discover what intuition is; how it works; how you are intuitive and how to access it.


#12: Intuitive Art – It’s Time To Express Yourself!

Unleash your inner wisdom by tapping into your personal creative process. What does that mean? Doyle and his guest, Cherie Ray, discuss a deeper understanding of the principles of creativity and how it applies to your intuition and really every aspect of life; whether you have a desire to express your gifts through, creative arts, psychic skills, healing abilities, business, or innovation in any field. Of course, we take your calls for free mini-readings and answer questions. Join the...


#11: Spirit Guides – Do You Have One?

We all have people who help us in our earthly lives. It could be friends, family, co-workers, clergy, doctors, etc. What if I told you that you have helpers on the spirit side of life who are also there to assist when needed? Guess what? You do and they are your Spirit Guides. Tune in to learn what spirit guides are and how you can access them. Find out if you have more than one guide and what their purpose is in your life. Doyle will take your calls for free mini-readings and answer...


#10: Evidential Mediumship

A show all about contacting the other side and the healing benefits of mediumship! Join Doyle and his guest, internationally renowned psychic medium Jennifer Wallens, and find out what happens when 2 mediums get together to chat about mediumship experiences, development, and why this work matters in today’s world. Have questions about what happens after we die? Want to know what your loved ones are up to in Heaven? This is the show for you! Jennifer and Doyle take your calls for free...


#9: Grounding and Clearing Energy

Is something holding you back? Do you feel stuck in a rut or weighted down? It could be “stinky” energy or “stinkin’ thinkin’” that is partly to blame. We all have times when our thoughts are not always that positive and if left unattended, those thoughts can really get in the way of what we want. What if you are so intuitive that it isn’t even your thoughts or energy causing problems? Doyle and his special guest, Simon Emsley of IASO Wellness Center, discuss many ways you can cleanse,...


#8: Living an Intuitive Life! Are You Living Your Life to the Fullest?

Life is meant to be good! Sure, things don't always go our way and bad things do happen. Want to know how to use your natural intuition to help guide you through it all and enhance the quality of your life? Doyle will share his daily strategy to get through rough times and big changes. If you want to take a positive approach to daily life, this is the episode for you! And to celebrate the launch of I will give away One FREE Private Reading to a lucky caller during the...


#7: Channeling and Mediumship: Is There a Difference?

My guest today is Helen Racz and we will be discussing her work as a channel for a stream of higher consciusness known as the Emissarians. Join us to discover what channeling is and how it can be developed. Also, learn the differences between mediumship, channeling, and intuitive information. We’ll be taking your calls so have your questions ready! GUEST: Helen Racz GUEST BIO: Helen is a channel for the Emissarians, who offer wisdom and direction for us all. GUEST URL:...


#6: Sensing Energy - Can you feel it?

On this episode, we’re talking about sensing energy, healing, and psychometry. My good friend Wendy Kennedy, an exceptional empathic healer and intuitive, joins me to talk about her work with various energy modalities. To learn more about Wendy check out her website: Wendy and I take your calls for free readings and answer questions. I mention the book, The University of Spiritualism by Harry Boddington. Join the Facebook group at...


#5: Intuitive Dreaming

Your dreams are so much more than taking out the debris of the day. They can contain messages for you as well as solutions to problems. You can even set an intention to direct your dream to find a solution or help you find a deeper understanding of something. Let’s put dream-time to work, for you!