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The Bread & Beats Mixshow is a 2-hour long podcast of continuous DJ mixes in the deep house, soulful house, nu-disco, jazzy hip hop, soul, and funk genres. We also share interviews and testimonials from the Christian perspective. This is the only podcast that provides clean music and good news at the same time.


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The Bread & Beats Mixshow is a 2-hour long podcast of continuous DJ mixes in the deep house, soulful house, nu-disco, jazzy hip hop, soul, and funk genres. We also share interviews and testimonials from the Christian perspective. This is the only podcast that provides clean music and good news at the same time.




Episode 40 - Community

“Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts. For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up.” – Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 Life is so much better when we do it with others! We need others for encouragement, help, and support in all ways: physical, emotional, and spiritual. This may be true, BUT, is it possible that Biblical fellowship gets lost, even though there is such a strong push for “community”...


Episode 39 - Serving Your Ears

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…” Too often we associate serving others simply as a “church-ministry” thing, or even a socially-good thing. However, if we find ourselves serving, or thinking of serving in these ways, what’s our motivation? Why are we doing it? What do we get out of it? Who’s telling us to do this? In this episode, we have a candid conversation about our own personal experience with serving people, from both a ministry perspective; as well...


Episode 38 - Christian Music

A new year always brings change. For us, it's BIG TIME CHANGE! We have a whole new format with a whole lot more music, and the same quality of Good News and Biblical perspective to feed your soul with encouragement. In this episode, we have a nice jazzy instrumental hip hop mix concocted by DJ Havcutz, and a French-influenced house music set by b.Side. In between, we're having an open and honest conversation about Christian music compared to secular music, and our experience with both as...


Episode 37 - A Funky Christmas Story

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given…Din Daa Daa, Doe Doe Doe! Ok, so that last part is not in the Bible. But in this last episode for the year, we had to tell our version of the Christmas Story. Get out of your house shoes, and be ready to dance, and celebrate the greatest Gift of all time – Jesus the Christ. Both James aka DJ Havcutz and Brandon aka b.Side collab on the mix for this one, featuring some Funk, Nu-disco, Breakbeat, and an ode to the Turntablists. We can pretty...


Episode 36 - When Does Life Begin?

One of the touchiest, most controversial, and emotionally-fueled issues in the U.S. right now. The 2022 election enabled American citizens to publicly declare their stance on abortion-related issues, especially in California. The chief issue though is, when does life actually begin? Though this subject is usually addressed through the lens of extreme biases, delivered with intense emotion, we’re going to try and take the bias and emotion out of the conversation, and just present the truth...


Episode 35 - How To Share Your Faith

Take your unsaved friends/family to…fill in the blank. Whatever you filled in, is typical of how the modern church equips us as believers to share our faith. But, have we seen an improvement in church growth or communities thriving in the work of the Gospel? While James aka DJ Havcutz sets the mood with a nice lounge, chill-out, hip-hop vibe, we have a conversation about if these common church practices are what the Bible says to how we actually should share our faith with those of...


Episode 34 - A Fruitful Life

When it comes to being a Christian, are we supposed to be “good people,” or are we supposed to be Godly people? What’s the difference, right? We know that the world is filled with “do’s” and “don’ts” that are supposed to define what it means to be “good.” As b.Side drops a nice mix of vibey Nu Disco sounds, the guys look to the scriptures to describe how the fruit of the Spirit differs from the traditions of “church life,” religious practices, and even the world standards.


Episode 33 - Ego Trippin’

A lot of people today emphasize that we need to love ourselves, implying that loving ourselves, will help us treat others well. Is that what the Bible teaches? The Bible actually teaches that we’re supposed to “deny ourselves.” This phrase “deny self” has become one of those Christian terms, that often times people don’t really understand what it means. While DJ Havcutz and b.Side try to translate this “Christian lingo,” and explain the Biblical perspective about modern Christian culture,...


Episode 32 - Competition

We love competition, don’t we? In our culture today, we push competition for everything, not just sports. If we fail in competition, we can learn from mistakes and grow. If we succeed in competition, we often use that success to measure our own excellence, but is any of this Biblical? Competition is such a normal way of life these days in so many ways, that it’s crazy to see how the scriptures address some of these things. Brandon aka B.side plays a French, Tech, Minimal Deep House DJ set...


Episode 31 - Social Sharing

Some Christians will tell you that social media is trash from the devil, and to stay away. Some Christians will tell you that social media is a mission’s field, filled with people that are ripe for the Gospel. Which is it? If you’ve ever wondered what role social media might play in ministry, in end times prophecy, or how you should handle it in your personal daily life, we go through the scriptures to give an honest presentation of the scriptures, to explain God’s perspective about this...


Episode 30 - Talking To Your Kids

Is it awkward talking to you kids about certain things? Do you struggle having meaningful conversations with your kids about deep and serious life issues? Are you comfortable talking to your kids about the Bible, and answering questions they might have about it? While Brandon aka b.Side provides a smooth blend of Soulful, Minimal, Deep Tech, and French House for the DJ mix in the background. We provide a pastoral perspective through the scriptures that teach us how to be the best parents we...


Episode 29 - Increasing Talent

Can you sing? Can you dance? Are you an athlete? Can you draw? Do you have savvy business sense? Do you have talent? These are some of the common things we might think of when the word “talent” is brought up. Maybe you think about other talented people. Maybe you consider your own talent or lack of. How about this thought. Is talent merely a God-given thing, or can you develop and improve talent? Brandon aka b.Side provides a smooth and soulful deep house DJ mix for the beats in the back....


Episode 28 - How Were You Shaped?

In the Netflix Original series “Squid Game,” all soldiers served particular roles to facilitate the game. There were lots of them, but each of them had a certain job to do, in order to make sure the game went smoothly. Is it possible that the LORD employs a similar principle to the function of the church? We answer a common question about spiritual gifts & the functionality of them. The scriptures detail the Do & How, & the best part is, God’s gifts don’t have anything to do with the...


Episode 27 - The Key To Being Blessed

Culturally speaking, it seems that the Biblical concept of a blessing, simply describes a situation where we get what we want. Are true blessings set aside for professional athletes, business moguls, or people who catch big breaks as influencers? Also, the blessing word gets thrown around people who are spiritual, but also those who don’t believe in God. Can you be blessed just by being spiritual? Can you be blessed as an atheist? b.Side provides a soulful house DJ mix perfect for the...


Episode 26 - Understanding Tragedy

In the last two years, we’ve all experienced a pandemic and global shut-down. We’ve seen wars erupt, where people have had to leave their homes and livelihoods, fleeing to other countries as refugees. We’ve seen more mass-shootings with people targeting children. These things, on top of increasing depression, substance abuse, unpunished crime, homelessness, and inflation. Many people are asking the question, “What in the world is going on?” Brandon and James use the scriptures to explain...


Episode 25 - Church

Do I even need to go to church? How do I find the right church for me? Too much hypocrisy in the church? The Barna Group has stats showing that people across-the-board, don’t really care about church as much these days – Christians included. Is the Pandemic of 2020 to blame? We’ll give you, not only the truth of what the Bible teaches about healthy Christian culture and community, but also provide pastor’s perspective about common attitudes concerning church attendance. For your listening...


Episode 24 - How To Know God’s Will

Lots of people say things like, “God has a reason,” or “Everything has a purpose.” Have you ever wondered what God’s reasons and purposes are, for you specifically? Even though the Bible doesn’t give us insight into EVERY detail of life, it DOES give us the basic structure we need to answer these questions more than we might think. b.Side drops some smooth French House and Deep House vibes for the beats in the back, while we discuss 3 essential verses that begin by saying, “This is the...


Episode 23 - Prophecy

Russia-Ukraine war, Inflation rate sky high, Elon Musk bought Twitter, and this all connects with Bible Prophecy. What does this all mean? When people talk about Bible prophecy, it’s important to know what’s true, and what’s fake. There are a lot of people making bold claims about the future and what the Bible says about it. On this episode, we teach you how to tell the difference between the true from the false. Also, James aka DJ Havcutz plays the background beats, featuring 90’s classics...


Episode 22 - That 3rd Day

On that third day, He rose again. This truth is the cornerstone of our faith in Christ. Listen to some Break Beats, New Jack Swing, and Glitch Hop mixed by James aka DJ Havcutz and Brandon aka b.Side as they tell the story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, in a way we’re sure, you’ve NEVER heard before!


Episode 21 - Meditation For The Mind

Many spiritual traditions include meditation as part of their teachings. While used to create a sense of peace, calm, and inner harmony for an individual, the Bible provides a focal point and practical guidance. While we listen to background beats from Von Gauss, 9 Lazy 9, and DJ Cam, we have a conversation about Biblical meditation and why it’s different from other forms of meditation that we see in other religions, and genuinely fruitful.