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Spiritual Friendship – Pursuing Friendship Throughout Life

American society makes it very difficult to keep and maintain the sort of friendships scripture calls us to. In order to have friends until you die, we have to be realistic and understand the challenges, have a correct priority for relationships, be encouraged by God's eternal friendship with us and the eternal nature of our friendship with others, and be afraid of wandering alone in the faith.


Spiritual Friendship – Principles, Part 2

The principles of finding friends tend to be the same priorities which maintain healthy relationships. The proximity that began the friendship also maintains it through regular visits. The mutuality which began the friendship one bit at a time continues to govern the give and take of the relationship. But no principle for finding friends is as important for maintaining friendship than authenticity - the presentation of the self to one another in a partnership toward our truest selves.


Spiritual Friendship – Principles, Part 1

Friendship is deeply rooted in the foundations of our faith, in the nature of God and in the center of our spiritual pilgrimage toward him. But finding friends - in the rich biblical definition of the word - has never been more difficult. Isolation is virtually a national crisis. All our failed modern attempts at connection could use some ancient wisdom. The book of Proverbs is here to help, not just by providing the principles for finding friends - proximity, mutuality, authenticity and...


Spiritual Friendship – Foundations, Part 2

Friendship is fraught with difficulty, yet we seem tragically built for it. Even though all human relationships at some level disappoint, once we understand that they are meant to grow out of a more fundamental friendship, we are empowered to take the necessary risks. It turns out we are built for relationship because we are made in the image of a God who is Himself an eternal relationship of self-giving love - Father, Son and Spirit. And in Jesus He offers us a friendship that not only...


Spiritual Friendship – Foundations – Part 1

Friendship is modern society's forgotten art. What was once the highest possible relational achievement is now so casual as to be solidified by a few friendly clicks on a website. But Scripture agrees with all ancient wisdom in elevating friendship as not only one of our highest ideals and our biggest needs - but one of God's greatest gifts He freely offers in Christ.


Our Family History – Jacob & Rachel – Part 2

The life of faith is not a serene walk in the park. The way it looks in a real life is more like a heated battle in which the self is assaulted by grace and we limp away with our lives transformed through defeat. It's not just Jacob that wrestles with God - struggling with Him turns out to be the defining mark of God's people.


Our Family History – Jacob & Rachel – Part 1

The family business for God's people is "blessed to be a blessing." The story of Jacob and Rachel illustrates the complication of the calling, as blessing others depends on securing God's blessing for yourself in all the wounds of our upbringing. And yet the only way we will know those areas where we need his blessing to heal and change us is to reach out to bless others.


Our Family History – Isaac & Rebekah – Part 2

Most of the details about our fathers and mothers in the faith focus on Abraham and Jacob's families. Outside of Isaac's near sacrifice, this is the longest story recorded about his life - and it's mostly a repeat of Abraham's sin from chapter 20. But the reason it's here for us is to persuade us that God works His good plans of restoration through the obedience of faith, even in the face of our sin. We can have hope in those plans through the promise of His gracious presence with us - in...


Where is God in Your Moment of Total Despair?

This sermon puts Israel's moment of greatest despair in the fall of Jerusalem in 587 B.C. into the context of God's salvation history. It shows God's foreknowledge of their upcoming failure and desire to save Israel despite it, as well as give an explanation of God's response to their suffering. It calls us to respond to a faithful God in the midst of our own suffering, however great.


Prayer Service

The great patriarchs and matriarchs in our family history provide examples of what it means for broken people to respond to God. Taking our cues from Isaiah 6, we spent this morning doing what they did - listening and responding. Our series resumes after this prayer interlude where we collectively encounter the God of our fathers and mothers, attempting to practice what we preach.


Our Family History – Isaac & Rebekah

In Genesis 24 Isaac needs physical partnership to extend and fulfill the promises God made to Abraham - promises to see the world restored through his seed. Now that the promise has been fulfilled in Christ, we need partnership too, not so much in making physical descendants in marriage but in making spiritual descendants. Their story illustrates how the most important human connection we need in our relational inner circle is our relationship with the church to remind us who we are and...


Our Family History – Abraham & Sarah – Part 2

God takes Abraham on a journey from his own culturally accommodated understanding of god as the ultimate taker to the place where he can see him as the ultimate giver who can be trusted - even when our losses and what seems required of us makes very little sense.


Jesus’ Great Hope

We explore Jesus' farewell in John 17.


Our Family History – Abraham & Sarah

The life of faith, hope and love made possible by Jesus doesn't take place in a vacuum. It is lived out in the complicated mess of real life. And because that's true what we need aren't just principles and doctrines. We need examples and witnesses of real life people working it out in the mess. And that is exactly what Scripture intends to provide in the stories of our earliest forefathers in the ways of God - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph. Their stories are not heroic tales of moral or...


The Gospel Changes Everything

How the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus defeats sin, death, and evil and makes all things new, even us.



We hear from people across different gospel communities about evidences of God's grace and the work He is doing within their communities.


Resurrecting Virtue: Hope

In Romans 8:18-25 Paul gives a beautiful description of the virtue which makes followers of Jesus invincible without making them invulnerable. The hope we have in the resurrection of Jesus is the assurance that all of our suffering won't be wasted, that the creation will become a theater of love and our lives will be finally fulfilled in a way that unites our bodies, souls and all the tragic, comic and seemingly insignificant details of our personal histories into a wholeness that...


Resurrecting Virtue: Faith

Faith, as a virtue, has fallen on hard times. It is often thought of as pure naïveté, or worse a dangerous imperviousness to reason that opens oneself to perpetrating violence and bigotry. But the author of Hebrews defines faith very differently and shows why it's not only a praiseworthy virtue but a necessary foundation to perfect all the other virtues.


Resurrecting Virtue: Justice & Courage

Chapter 15 of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians is the longest sustained reflection on the resurrection in the New Testament. In it Paul gives followers of Jesus good reason to continue working out the justice of God's coming kingdom in their world with courage, despite the hindrances and setbacks which might discourage them. The promise of resurrection guarantees that our toil matters, that it will last and that it is not in vain.


Resurrecting Virtue: Temperance

A time of self reflection focused on our passions and learning to deny those passions.