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We’ve all experienced it - you run into a friend from the past but something is different… they are changed. Maybe there is a calm where there was once a storm. Maybe there is gentleness instead of harshness. There’s a new passion, a new life. What changed? Welcome to Brought Back To Life - a podcast where we explore stories of ordinary transformation.


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We’ve all experienced it - you run into a friend from the past but something is different… they are changed. Maybe there is a calm where there was once a storm. Maybe there is gentleness instead of harshness. There’s a new passion, a new life. What changed? Welcome to Brought Back To Life - a podcast where we explore stories of ordinary transformation.




How Jesus Saved My Life With Annette Smiley

Disclaimer: This story contains sensitive content that may not be safe for young ears. Consider putting in earbuds if you have kids present. Annette experienced some heavy things early on because of some choices she made. Hear how God got a hold of her heart through the help of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. Show Notes:


Learning to Love Jesus with Mind & Heart with Tyler Clark

Pastor Tyler was living a life for Jesus, or so he thought. In his mind he was focused on Jesus and following the right path, but his heart was far from invested. When God got a hold of his life and brought him back to life he finally found true freedom. Show Notes:


Prayer Completely Changed My Life with Ryan Bunbury

Ryan has never forgotten the moment when he met Mother Theresa and she said, "My secret is simple I pray." He didn't forget it when his life changed completely and worry, fear and anxiety took root in his mind. Listen to how prayer and faith in Jesus brought him out of that and back into life. Show Notes:


From a Place of Darkness to A Life Filled With Peace with Pastor Chris Rich

The choices we make in our lives can follow us for years or a lifetime. Do you ever feel like you carry shame for a past decision that you can’t overcome? Through the cross and Jesus you can start again. Pastor Chris Rich shares his story of being brought from a place of darkness to one filled with purpose and peace. Show Notes:


From Rock Bottom to Finding Hope with Alvin Taylor

Drugs and alcohol ruled his life. Program after program left him right back where he started - at rock bottom. It wasn't until he discovered Seattle's Union Gospel Mission and the hope found in Christ that everything really changed. Show Notes:


From Despair to Freedom with Ben Fuller

There is an old saying of seeing your life flash before your eyes. That’s what happened to Ben Fuller. He saw the funeral. He saw the line out the door. He saw his mom find him with a hole in his head. He saw it all. And then the gun fell from his hands. Ben Fuller will tell you that he has lived on the dark side but being a Christian and following Christ is one of the hardest choices he’s ever made. He’ll also tell you that it is worth it. Listen to his incredible story and check out...


From Dangerous Felon to On Fire for Christ with Steven Snook

Steven Snook was a man that fell through the cracks. He needed help. His life began in violence and he later ended up in prison as a violent & dangerous felon. For many in the same circumstances that may have been the end of the story, but Steven has a testimony that includes a 100% take over by the Holy Spirit. In a moment of redemption on his knees crying out to God, his life changed forever and is now a POWERFUL example of how lives are transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. Show...


Cookies and Faith Have a Simple Recipe with Emily Hutchinson

Emily Hutchinson, a cookbook author, a TV cookie competition judge, part of the Great American Family Channel, has a mini-series on an app called the Great American Community, but more importantly she has a really incredible and powerful story. After losing her infant daughter, she and her husband fell into drinking to cope with the agony of losing a child. She shares how Psalm 121:1-2 is a daily constant in her life and always goes back to that scripture, “because no matter what, my help...


Getting Honest With Who I Was with Chris Whitman

Chris looked at himself in the mirror one day and realized that if he didn't get honest with himself about who he was and where he was going he wasn't going to make it. By the time he was 18 he had already undergone 2 open heart surgeries. He had decided to abuse drugs and alcohol to cope. When he finally accepted treatment it was the small faith of a mustard seed that brought him out of the pit to a place where everything could change. Show Notes:


From the Edge of Life and Death with Heidi Martin

We can take our lives for granted, caught up in life's daily churn, but when you have an experience like Heidi's, every breath offers a new leash on life. Her story of being brought back to life is tangible. She walked from the edge of life & death, to recovery and renewed health. She has a revitalized relationship with the Lord having experienced coming back from the edge, with new priorities, and a fresh outlook on life. Her story is miraculous, reflecting the glory and grace of our...


Success on the Outside & Emptiness on the Inside with Jesse Bradley

Jesse Bradley was a professional soccer player. He was successful and from anyone looking in they would thing he had everything together. The truth? He was empty on the inside. This is the story of the journey he took to finding God and finding what would truly fill his life. Show Notes:


The Search for Purpose & Meaning with Guerin Dayer

Throughout his life Guerin has tried to search for purpose, meaning and joy. He kept trying to fill the voice of his life with good grades, sports or dating relationships. When he finally turned to God for that purpose everything changed. Show Notes:


He Learned to Live ALL IN With Jordan St. Cyr

Christian artist, Jordan St. Cyr never felt like he had a 'come to Jesus moment" but through his life he learned that you can make the choice to live all in or only half in. A powerful transformation happens when you learn to jump fully into God's call on your life.


Brought Back to Life Season 3 Is Almost Here!

From darkness to light. From hopeless to hope filled. From empty to overflowing From dead to alive. Welcome to Brought Back to Life. Season 3 starts on November 9th. We have 8 new stories. 8 new incredible lives touched by a God of transformation. In the book of Acts (Acts 2:25-28) in the Bible, we read this from King David: ‘I see that the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me. 26 No wonder my heart is glad, and my tongue shouts his praises! My body...


She Learned She Could Trust God No Matter What She Was Going Through with Laurie Hauser-Treece

Laurie's life hasn't been easy, but through the struggled and the ruined wreckage, God has taught her some important lessons about trusting him no matter what you are going through...and she's gone through it all. Show Notes:


He Was Never Confident or Content Until He Surrendered to the Love of Christ with Gunnar Simonsen

Gunnar's name means warrior but he spent his life as a worrier. He was lost. He needed constant approval. He never felt like enough. When he found himself in the ER on a course to destruction he finally faced the truth that he was not living the life God wanted for him. His surrender changed everything. Show Notes:


He Tried to Do It All Himself Until He Found True Strength in Christ With Greg Otterholt

Greg was stared at his whole life by kids and adults because he has a hook for a hand. He learned to be determined and creative as a result. One of the first phrases that came out of his mouth was “I can do it myself.” As he went through his life his journey was discovering who really strengthens him. Show Notes:


Anxiety & Fear Crippled Her Life Until God Gave Her His Peace

Ann spent her childhood ridiculing Christians. She lived her life feeling alone, unworthy and completely unlovable. Anxiety crippled her. Her life changed when she found the way to lean into Christ for everything. Show Notes:


Shame Controlled His Life Until He Decided to Let Go With Adam Christiansen

Faith was modeled for Adam in his home, but it was never his own. He talks about living a different life during the day than he was living at night. He was exhausted trying to keep from 'being found out." Shame took control. When he decided to let go and follow Jesus his life changed course radically. Show Notes:


She Wondered if She'd Ever Be Enough Until She Found Jesus With Amanda Schneider

We are not our past and we are not what has happened to us.. After being born with pulmonic stenosis Amanda's parents weren't even sure she would survive. After being raped in high school, Amanda struggled with her worth, finding herself in a dark depression, questioning why she was even alive. Everything changed when she fell on her knees one day and cried out to God for help. Show Notes: