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Thai and South East Asian Occult and Buddhist documentary Media Channel and publications. www.buddhamagic.tv

Thai and South East Asian Occult and Buddhist documentary Media Channel and publications. www.buddhamagic.tv
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Thai and South East Asian Occult and Buddhist documentary Media Channel and publications. www.buddhamagic.tv




Legend of Luang Por Pina's Lucky Star Amulet

A short preliminary Biography of the Trajectory of Thai Buddhist Master of Historical Legend; Luang Por Pina, followed by an Extensive Synopsis of the Meanings and Symbolism within his Famous and Unusual 5, and 8 Pointed Pentagram 'Daw Aathan Hnun Duang' Lucky Star Amulets.


A Ramakien Tale Part 7.1 (Prelude)

A Ramakien Tale Prelude to Episode 7 - Lord Latsatian & the Yaksa Rulers of Langka. This is a Prelude to the Seventh Episode of the Thai Ramakien Tale. Preamble and Essential Knowledge is Imparted, for a deepened understanding of the story, as it progresses.


Kata for Sak Yant - Gao Yord

Main Kata Incantation and additional traditional Heart mantra used for both Sak Yant Gao Yord, as well as all Cockerel Yantra, and Amulets. Uses the Dtamra of Luang Por Phern of Wat Bang Pra Temple.


A Ramakien Tale Pt 6 (Parts 1 and 2) - Nontuk Yaksa gets a Diamond Finger (Conclusion)

Recompiled complete version of the originally 2 part story of Nontuk Yaksa. This is the complete story of Nontuk, And how he obtained his magical diamond finger, with which he persecuted all of the Devas in heaven A Ramakien Tale - episode six! The hairless Nontuk Yaksa Gets a Diamond Finger bestowed as a Blessing from Pra Isworn (Shiva), for Faithfully Washing the feet of the Devas on their way up Mount Grailas, and for his Loyalty in never complaining about the head patting and jeers he...


A Ramakien Tale Episode 5 - Triburam Yaksa

Triburam Yaksa, the ruler of Solasa City, builds a fire to perform Poojah to Pra Isworn (Lord Shiva). The Poojah is to attract the attention of the God Shiva, in order tyo Beseech the Blessing of Invincibility, and that Even Pra Narai cold not ever kill him - this was a secret plan, in order to secretly defeat Pra Narai Vishnu Avatar, whom he both feared and hated. Pra Isworn bestows the blessing with the command that Triburam must promise to not abuse the power. Triburam breaks his promise,...


A Ramakien Tale Episode 4 - Lord Anomatan's Birth

A Ramakien Tale Episode 4 - The Birth Of Lord Anomatan. Lord Vishnu Pra Narai conjures a lotus with child out of his navel. In the original Vedic mythology, the being who is manifested upon the Lotus which emerges from Vishnu's navel, is not Anomatan, rather, Brahma himself. This is one of the many differences which are to be found in Thailand's version of Valmiki's Ramayana epic myth, and this, is part of what makes Thailand's version of the story much more than just a version, rather a...


Ramakien Tales Episode 2 - Hirantayaks attacks the Earth

A Ramakien Tale - The second part of introductory talks which will lead up to the retelling of the Thai Ramayana (Ramakien) epic myth. This episode breaks away from the academic prelude which will deal with the family trees of the three main kinds of sentient beings found within the tale of the Ramakien, in order to lighten things up and gives a little bit off the events which lead up to the story by retelling the story of Hirantayaks. Hirantayaks was a giant Asura Deva (Yaksa) monster, who...


Incantation for Grinding Muan Sarn Sacred Powders

Kata for Grinding up broken (or unbroken) amulets and images into Sacred Powders; For contemplative destruction of broken amulets, or even whole unbroken sacred amulets (as used as a method of non clinging, and contemplation of transience in the Mahayana Sand Mandala painting creation, and subsequent destruction). To empower with mind rapture and cosmic insight during the grinding of sacred powders using a pestle and mortar, it is useful to use the following kata Rupang suunyang...


Invocation for the Khmer Pra Ngang Deity

Invocational heart Mantra Tutorial for the Calliing and Reanimation and subsequent empowerment of the Khmer Pra Ngang Deity.


A load of Meaningless Senseless Pondering

Pondering is Paranoid thought. Pondering is Unsurety. Pondering is investigative and is not knowing. Knowing is spontaneous and without words or premeditated analysis. This tour claims to be ordered meaningless and useless ponderings, and is in fact with the claims to be. However meaningless and useless they are, are use and meaning can still be found in them for that can be utilised to create something else which is meaningful and useful. Listen to the talk and you may grasp the...


12 Sense Bases and their inner & outer objects

This pod cast talks somewhat about the 12 sense bases, and their inner, and outer objects. However, the talk, also Delves into a multitude of other related topics all which are assistive in deepening one's understanding of contemplative introspection in Thai Buddhist Vipassana,and subsequently, the path, to enlightenment. The Talk is a long meander which drifts from the topic of the sense bases, to investigate and proliferate upon related issues and influential factors in the Human...


Sacred Herbs in Thai Buddha Magic

Episode three of Ajarn Spencer Littlewood's self made documentation of the cultivation of the first few Sacred Herbs and other plants, which will be installed in the living Museum of sacred and magical herbs, flowers, and other types of plants. Thiis short videocast shows 'Paya Wan Chang Pasom Khloeng' in Male and Female forms, which is only one of the various successfully cultivated herbs, with the lucky event of one of these rare sacred root-bulb based plants rendering flowers. A lucky...


A Ramakien Tale Episode 2 - first list of the main protagonists, split into two factions.

This Second introductory pod cast before we begin to tell the tale of the Thai Ramakien, denotes the first list of some the main protagonists, split into two factions. These two factions are the two different sides to war against each other, which is the issue that is used to maintain the continuance of the story throughout the whole epic myth. The reason they were against each other, is because one of the sides, namely, the Yaksa (ยักษ์), who serve, under the command of the Demon giant...


Incantation to Invoke 4 Elements used for Takrut Maha Ud

Incantation for all kinds of Amulets which are scrolls inside of bullets or, takrut kong grapan/klaew klaad. This particular Amulet is for protection and invincibility. this is a re-upload of the previous podcasts and a remake with that enchanting. It has a better sound quality and was made to give to the people who I give these particular amulet to which incantation is used for. The Amulet has never been up for sale, but has been made often, and distributed. It continues to be...


Invoking the 4 Elements in Khom Sanskrit

A short pronunciation and chanting tutorial, on how the invocation, and the reanimation, of the four elements, being turned within each other, and contained within each other, is performed as an incantation in Thai Buddhist sorcery. Please excuse the wind in the background ,which disturbed the microphone a little bit, but we decided to publish this pod cast despite its lower sound quality, feel that this is an essential incantation for those who are active practitioners of Buddha Magic.


The Palad Khik Amulet

The Palad Khik - Shiva Lingam derived animist occult charm. A synopsis of the meaning and uses of this amulet, and how to pray to Palad Khik amulets. This particular talk goes into more depth than we have ever delved into, or ever found about Thai Pal;ad Khik, be that in print,or on the Internet. The Palad Khik has a very elusive history and is difficult to trace is true origins and how it developed all of its many different forms, which are expressed in the different carvings and...


The future of cloud services and applied future uses

A little look into the future of cloud services, such as dropbox and mega, and how we will apply them for our own uses in the future. We will look at it evolution, and how this will condition the way these services present themselves in the future, as our mobile devices develop more and more functions. and the PC and the mobile device are closing ever more in on each other. Four example, right now, it is not possible for an iOS device to AirDrop wirelessly a file directly to a MacBook or an...


Episode 1 introduction to the Thai Ramakien

An introduction to Thailand's adaptation of Valmiki's classic epic tale, the Ramayana. This series of podcasts, will tell the full story of the Thai Ramakien, as it has never been told before, and will be looked at in multiple ways, and from multiple angles, including the cultural, literary and anthropological way. Comparisons will be raised, and examined, to investigate the differences, between The hermit sage Valmiki's original classic of Vedic times, and the Thai Buddhist adaptation