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683. Jeff Carreira

Jeff Carreira is a meditation teacher, mystical philosopher and author who works with a growing number of people throughout the world. As a teacher, he offers retreats and courses guiding individuals in a form of meditation he refers to as The Art of Conscious Contentment. Through this simple and effective technique, he has led thousands of people in a journey beyond the confines of fear and self-concern into the expansive liberated awareness that is our true home. As a philosopher, Jeff is interested in defining a new way of being in the world that will move us from our current paradigm of separation and isolation into an emerging paradigm of unity and wholeness. In his books and lectures, he explores revolutionary ideas in the domains of spirituality, consciousness, and human development. He creates courses and programs that encourage people to question their most foundational experience of reality until previously held assumptions fall away leaving space for a dramatically new understanding to emerge. Jeff is passionate about the potential ideas have to shape how we perceive reality and how we live together. His enthusiasm for learning is infectious, and he has taught at colleges and universities throughout the world. Jeff is the author of numerous books including: The Path of Spiritual Breakthrough: From Awakening to Cosmic Awareness American Awakening: Evolutionary Spirituality, Non-Duality, and Free Thinking in the Tradition of American Philosophy Philosophy Is Not a Luxury: Four Reasons to Start Thinking About How You Think The Soul of a New Self: Embracing the Future of Being Human Paradigm Shifting: Guiding Evolution from the Inside The Art of Conscious Contentment Website: jeffcarreira.com Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Transcript of this interview. Interview recorded May 20, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


682. Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard trained and published neuroanatomist who is now affiliated with the Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Neurology. In 1996 she experienced a severe hemorrhage in the left hemisphere of her brain causing her to lose the ability to walk, talk, read, write or recall any of her life. Her memoir, My Stroke of Insight, documenting her experience with stroke and eight-year recovery spent 63 weeks on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list. Her most recent 2021 book is WHOLE BRAIN LIVING: The Anatomy of Choice and the Four Characters That Drive Our Life. Dr. Taylor is a dynamic teacher and public speaker who loves educating all age groups, academic levels, as well as corporations about the beauty of our human brain and how we can work with ourself to live a more peaceful life. In 2008 she gave the first TED talk that ever went viral on the Internet, which now has well over 28.5 million views. Also in 2008, Dr. Taylor was chosen as one of TIME Magazine's “100 Most Influential People in the World” and was the premiere guest on Oprah Winfrey’s “Soul Series” web-cast. Website: drjilltaylor.com Dr. Taylor's "My Stroke of Insight" TED talk Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Transcript of this interview Interview recorded May 14, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


681. Cynthia Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of several books including Quantum Jumps, Reality Shifts, and High Energy Money. Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is founder of RealityShifters, first president of the International Mandela Effect Conference, managing director of Foundations of Mind, and creator and host of Living the Quantum Dream podcast. She has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, "How good can it get?" Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at: realityshifters.com. Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Transcript of this interview Interview recorded April 23, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


680. Daniel Stone on Meher Baba

Daniel Stone is a follower of Meher Baba. He came to Meher Baba in 1972 after a period of spiritual search that led him to travel overland to India in search of a master. While there he found and received an awakening with Neem Karoli Baba, who then inwardly guided him to Meher Baba, who Daniel recognized and accepted as his master. Meher Baba is widely known and regarded my many throughout the world as the Avatar of our current age, as God in human form, and as a source of spiritual guidance and awakening for all who approach him. Since becoming a follower of Baba, Daniel has been actively engaged in sharing about Baba’s teachings and life-work through talks, publications, radio programs, video programs, and music. He serves on the board of directors for the Meher Spiritual Center, the major center for Meher Baba in the West, and has consulted extensively for Baba groups around the world. Videos: Journey in Consciousness - A 7-part series that provides an overview of the teachings and life-work of Avatar Meher Baba. God in Human Form “Avatar Meher Baba: Highlights of His Life and Work” Meher Baba ~ Human Side Of God Books: God Speaks, by Meher Baba (Meher Baba’s cosmology)* Discourses, by Meher Baba (Teachings about the spiritual life)* The Silent Messenger, by Tom and Dorothy Hopkinson (an easily accessible overview of Meher Baba’s life and his teachings) The God Man: The Life, Journeys and Work of Meher Baba with an Interpretation of his Silence and Spiritual Teaching * Digital copies can be downloaded for free at https://avatarmeherbabatrust.org/online-library/ Websites: Meher Spiritual Center in S. Carolina Journey in Consciousness In his professional life, Daniel is a strategic organizational consultant, providing assistance to a wide variety of organizations including the Centers for Disease Control, the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and many others. He lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with his wife, two cats and a grand-dog. Daniel is also a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle where he co-leads a group focused on helping achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. He is also a recording musician, whose first CD of songs dedicated to Meher Baba is entitled “Decorate With Song”. Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Transcript of this interview Interview recorded April 16, 2023 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


679. Mark Gober and Doug Scott on the Spiritual Implications of UFOs

Mark Gober is the author of "An End to Upside Down Thinking" (2018), which won the IPPY award for best science book of the year. He is also the author of "An End to Upside Down Living" (2020), "An End to Upside Down Liberty" (2021), "An End to Upside Down Contact" (2022), and "An End to the Upside Down Reset" (2023); and he is the host of the podcast series "Where Is My Mind?" (2019). Additionally, he serves on the boards of Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s Institute of Noetic Sciences and the School of Wholeness and Enlightenment. Previously, Gober was a partner at Sherpa Technology Group in Silicon Valley and worked as an investment banking analyst with UBS in New York. He has been named one of IAM’s Strategy 300: The World’s Leading Intellectual Property Strategists. Gober graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, where he wrote an award-winning thesis on Daniel Kahneman’s Nobel Prize–winning “Prospect Theory” and was elected a captain of Princeton’s Division I tennis team. Previous BatGap interview with Mark Doug Scott, LCSW, works as a mental health counselor in his private practice in Dallas, Texas. After graduating from college in 1997, he served as an international volunteer for two years in Bluefields, Nicaragua. This intense experience changed his life and he returned to the US to pursue graduate studies in clinical social work and pastoral ministry at Boston College. The nexus of spirituality and psychology have always intrigued Doug since childhood and he brings this sensibility to his counseling practice. Doug grew up Catholic and was always drawn to the mystical lineage within this belief system. He had experiences with Jesus, Mary, and angels at an early age. He was also secretly attracted to all things paranormal and would spend many hours reading topics such as reincarnation, ufology, OBE’s, NDE’s, ghosts, ESP, pyramids, and other areas. One evening in 2013, he felt a presence that invited him to listen to a Buddhist chant, which came as a surprise since, at that time, he had not explored other faith systems. He was guided to listen to Om Mani Padme Hum and as the chant unfolded, Doug saw a golden dew overshadow him and activate him in a way that was new. This marked the next chapter in Doug’s life. A few months later, Doug was led to the Law of One material and immediately saw that it provided the clearest, most undistorted, exploration of the Perennial Philosophy that he’d ever come across. It also cast a wide net to include all of the paranormal things that intrigued him and made it possible for him to put all of the different threads in his life together in one seamless garment. Since 2015, Doug has written a blog (cosmicchrist.net) that explores the synthesis of the Law of One material with mystical Christianity and psychology. He sees his vocation in this lifetime as a bridge-builder between conventional concepts and cosmic metaphysics to help people who seek clarity, normalization, and validation for their own journeys. Previous BatGap interview with Doug Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Transcript of this interview Interview recorded March 26, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


678. Emelie Cajsdotter

Emelie has been working fulltime since 1995 with empathic communication with other species, non-hierarchal riding and handling of horses, alternative treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal medicine. She has published three books on these subjects. She runs a school with mainly horses and other species for empathic interbeing. This school is a farm that is a sanctuary for around 170 animals of different species - not to mention plants and surrounding nature. Books: All the King's Horses - if you wish to purchase a copy, email Emelie. Zander och Tiden (Swedish) Website: friendsofmio.com Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Transcript of this interview Interview recorded March 5, 2023 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


677. Seán ÓLaoire

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire was born in Ireland and earned a B.Sc. degree (major in Mathematics) from the National University of Ireland. Ordained a catholic priest in 1972, he spent 14 years working in Kenya. He is multi-lingual and has an M.A. and Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology; he is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice. He is co-founder and the Spiritual Director of a non-denominational community called “Companions on the Journey” based in Palo Alto. He is the author of five books and co-author of a sixth: “Ukweli ni Nini?” (What is truth?) – written and published in Swahili in 1983 “Spirits in Spacesuits - A Manual for Everyday Mystics”- published in 2003 “Souls on Safari” - published in 2006 - Translated into German in 2007 “A Sensible God” – published in 2008 “Why? What Your Life Is Telling You about Who You Are and Why You’re Here” - published in 2013 (with Matthew McKay, PhD and Ralph Metzner, PhD) - Translated into Korean in 2015 “Setting God Free: Moving Beyond the Caricature We’ve Created in Our Own Image” - published in 2021 Transcript of this interview Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Interview recorded February 25, 2023 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


676. Lissa Friedman

There have always been three deep interests that have informed my life; and those are art, spirituality, and psychotherapy which all tend to reflect each other. I have been an artist since my childhood, had spiritual experiences since I was 6, and my interest in psychology began at twelve when I started reading psychology books. There were some experiences during my childhood which indicated an opening for spiritual awareness. The first was when I was walking to school, when I was 6, and I realized that I was in this body. The second happened many times when several light beings would sit on my bed and talk to me, before I went to sleep. Their energy was very distinct. I could feel the weight of them on my bed. My spiritual journey actively began when I was 19 and began doing TM. After TM I had a few other spiritual teachers and many spiritual openings, or awakenings, throughout my life. The last most significant experience, which was several years ago, was when I was taking a walk and I heard a voice inside of me say “it’s time”. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I thought it might become clear by connecting with the group of light beings. When I did, an energy began to flow through me. I soon got another message that this was not just for me, it was to share with others. This led me to gather a few people together to meditate, and with whom to share this energy. I had no idea if anyone else would feel the flow of energy, but they did. My meetings with people have evolved into a sharing of wisdom and energy that flows from this spaciousness, which is the Boundless. The importance of this sharing is that it helps all of us shift into the consciousness of the One, or Infinite, or Boundless. This is a small step away from knowing that we are the Boundless. As we move through the world as the Boundless, there is a ripple effect. Sharing this shift in frequency facilitates, an expansion in human consciousness; where more people know that we are all One. Through an energetic transmission, people are guided to take their next step on their spiritual journey. I have been a psychotherapist for about 40 years, during this time I have been trained and/or certified in several modalities including: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy through the Michael Newton Institute, Hypnotherapy through the Ericksonian School. I am the founder of the Enneagram School of Awakening, which is accredited by The International Enneagram Association. I call what I do Transpersonal Psychotherapy because I help people work through personal limiting patterns, as well as guiding them to open to their true nature, which is beyond the personal. I have written two books Boundless - Experiential description of stepping into the boundless, and my journey to the Boundless; and From the Heart of Boundless – discussions and teachings about obstacles and issues that might get in the way of connecting to the Boundless. Websites: Boundless Art The Enneagram School Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Transcript of this interview Interview recorded February 4, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


675. John Churchill

Born in London, Dr. Churchill's interest in psycho-spiritual development, Integral theory, Contemplative studies, Western Esotericism, and Mahayana Buddhism began in his adolescence,. During this time, John received the esoteric Planetary Dharma transmissions that would in time unfold as his contribution to a planetary fourth turning teaching. Dr. Churchill spent 15 years training and teaching “Great Seal” meditation in an Indo-Tibetan Mahayana lineage under the mentorship of the late senior Western teacher, translator, respected author, and clinical psychologist Dr. Daniel P. Brown. He is also a founding member of the Integral Institute led by esteemed Transpersonal/Integral philosopher, Ken Wilber. John has received advanced training in: attachment therapy, hypnosis, positive psychology for peak performance, and the “Pointing Out” style of Mahamudra meditation. For the last 25 years, John has developed a a Fourth Turning Planetary Dharma practice which includes the somatically based contemplative practice path; Embodying the Open Ground, that integrates psychodynamic healing, adult development and meditation. John holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College, and is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Married to his partner, Nicole since 2000, they are Co-Founders of Samadhi Integral, and Co-Directors of Karuna Mandala. Book: Becoming Buddha: Buddhist Contemplative Psychology in a Western Context Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Transcript of this interview Interview recorded January 29, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


674. Debra Martin

Debra Martin is a World-Renowned Intuitive Healer and an International Research Lab Certified Medium with the Windbridge Research Center. Debra is a Spiritual Coach, Survivor of three near death experiences, cancer and an author of six books. Her most recent: "Proof of Miracles” & "Doctors, Faith & Courage”. Debra had her third near death experience on 1-21-12 where she had an out of body experience and conversation with God. From this experience her mediumship abilities heightened, and she was given the gift to heal. Debra has developed a healing technique which is not being done anywhere else in the world. In 2013, the Logos Church ordained her as a healing minister due to the healing miracles they were witnessing. She is a motivational speaker and has been on many radio networks. Website Instagram Facebook YouTube channel Army4Love Gatherings: Zoom on the 1st Tuesday of every month Free. 3:00 p.m. MST: https://goldenmiracles.com/engage/ Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Transcript of this interview Interview recorded January 8, 2022. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


673. Anthony Peake

Anthony Peake is the author of 12 books. He has lectured across the UK and Europe and has also given talks in New York and Melbourne, Australia. He has appeared on national television in Germany and France and has been interviewed on numerous BBC local radio stations and nationally on BBC Radio Five Live. Here are the themes of four of Anthony's books most relevant to what we discuss in this interview. Is There Life After Death: The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die (2006) Do you occasionally have that strange feeling known as déjà vu? Do you sometimes feel that you know what is going to happen next? Do you ever have a strong feeling that actions you are about to take are the right (or wrong) thing to do? All these perceptions may be everyday clues to your immortality. This book proposes that personal death is a scientific impossibility. Using the latest findings of neurology, quantum physics, and consciousness studies, Anthony suggests that we never die. This book will help you understand the reason for your life and how you can make it better next time. The Daemon: A Guide To Your Extraordinary Secret Self (2008) Appearing in Greek mythology, the Daemon is broadly understood as a guiding spirit which exists as one half of your split self. Anthony proposes that people consist of not one but two separate consciousnesses - everyday consciousness and that of The Daemon, a higher being that seems to possess knowledge of future events. Drawing upon phenomena such as déjà vu and near-death experiences, he explores the ways that our Daemon breaks through into our consciousness and can subconsciously impact upon our decisions. This book draws upon neurology, metaphysics and theology. It also follows the stories of famous figures, including Byron, Geothe, Jean Cocteau, and many others who have "felt a force outside themselves". The Hidden Universe: An Investigation Into Non-Human Intelligences (2019) From aliens or ghosts to the djinn, electric-voice phenomenon, and UFO abductions, this book is the most comprehensive and enlightening survey ever made of encounters with the "others" - intelligent, self-motivated beings that are clearly not human in their origins. In addition to fully detailing the history of these encounters, the book attempts a bold explanation (never before undertaken) of the true nature of these beings. The book will explore the increasingly frequent entheogen encounters facilitated by substances such as dimethyltryptamine, ayahuasca, 5-Meo-DMT, and LSD, as well as the beings encountered by individuals suffering from Alzheimer's-related Charles Bonnet Syndrome, young children's non-corporeal companions, and the seemingly independent beings met during lucid dreaming and near-death and out-of-body experiences. This model proposes that consciousness, far from being simply an accident of evolution, is the actual root source of the material universe. It suggests that at its most basic level everything that is seemingly physical is rendered into existence by consciousness. Cheating The Ferryman: The Revolutionary Science of Life After Death (2022) Is there life after death? This age-old question has plagued humankind from the moment we became self-aware, but do we now have enough evidence to answer it? This book reveals an extraordinary model of life after death—one that brings together ideas from ancient philosophy, neuroscience, quantum physics, and consciousness studies and manages to explain a number of seemingly mysterious experiences such as precognition, déjà vu, synchronicity, near-death experiences, and out-of-body experiences. It is called Cheating the Ferryman. This book is a much-awaited follow-up to Is There Life After Death, which introduced his revolutionary model. Since then, he has amassed more evidence, using new studies by world-leading researchers, theories from the likes of Stephen Hawking, Carl Jung, and Hugh Everette, together with testimonies of NDEs and precogni...


672. Rick Archer Interviewed by Angelo Dilullo

 I was interviewed by Angelo Dilullo, who has been on BatGap. Angelo's: BatGap interview YouTube Channel Points discussed: My spiritual history. The TM program The importance of integration and stabilization on the spiritual path. The value of spiritual development in unfolding our full potential. About Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) The masculine and feminine aspects of spirituality. Compassion, kindness, generosity, and such qualities as expressions of holistic spiritual development. The Association for Spiritual Integrity and the importance of ethics on the spiritual path. What is the best spiritual practice? Are there any detrimental practices? (Psychedelics? Neo-Advaita?) Harmful teachers? The qualifications for being a spiritual teacher and the importance of discerning between qualified and unqualified teachers. The importance of humility and genuineness in teachers. We all have different roles to play. Awakened people aren’t necessarily teachers and don’t necessarily use spiritual terminology. The relevance of channeling, mediumship, etc. to spirituality. Different dimensions of reality. “God” as an unbounded self-interacting ocean of consciousness. We are characters with some improvisational latitude in the Divine Play. The playwright has our best interest in mind. Staying aligned with the Divine “stream”. Trusting your instincts. Global problems are symptomatic of the quality of collective consciousness which is trending toward awakening, perhaps as a response to the dire nature of these problems. The cumulative nature of spiritual practice. Recommended books. The importance of where you put your attention. The complimentary relationship between knowledge and experience. The importance of taking the first step on the spiritual path, and one thing will lead to the next. Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Transcript of this interview Interview recorded December 20, 2022 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


671. Jude Currivan, 2nd Interview

Jude Currivan, Ph.D., is a cosmologist, futurist, planetary healer, author, member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, and previously one of the most senior business women in the UK. She has a master’s degree in physics from Oxford University specializing in quantum physics and cosmology and a doctorate in archaeology from the University of Reading researching ancient cosmologies. She has travelled extensively, worked with wisdom keepers from many traditions and is a life-long researcher into the nature of reality and consciousness. She is the author of seven books, most recently The Cosmic Hologram (2017), and The Story of Gaia: The Big Breath and the Evolutionary Journey of Our Conscious Planet (2022) and is co-founder of WholeWorld-View. Websites: wholeworld-view.org judecurrivan.com Earlier books: CosMos: A Co-creator's Guide to the Whole World The 13th Step: A Global Journey in Search of Our Cosmic Destiny The 8th Chakra: What It Is and How It Can Transform Your Life The Wave : A Life Changing Journey into the Heart and Mind of the Cosmos Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group First BatGap interview with Jude Interview recorded December 10, 2022 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


670. Robin Chaurasiya

Robin was born and raised in the US with a very religious and schizophrenic mother as well as a violent and atheist father. At 14, Robin started volunteering with various non-profits organizations and traveling the world, two lifelong passions which led her to work with dozens of NGOs and travel nearly 100 countries. After spending several years in the US Air Force, Robin was kicked out for being lesbian which led to her new life as an activist. At 24, she started Kranti, an NGO that empowers survivors of trafficking and daughters of sex workers from Mumbai's red-light areas, where she lived and worked for a decade. In 2020, Robin moved to a mud hut at 13K feet in the Himalayas without any water, electricity or toilet. For over a year, she wasn't online, didn't read any book and didn't speak with anyone. In July 2021, she started working part time from the mountains and became a certified BatGap addict. She returned to civilization in August, 2022 and will return to the mountains (temporarily) in January, 2023! Kranti: kranti-india.org Donating to Kranti: savethechild.org Tax exempt for US donors.) Milaap: Help the Survivors of Trafficking (India-based, doesn't deduct fee. Not tax exempt for US donors.) Donating to Happy Feet Home (hospice for terminally ill children) Contact Robin PDF with more info about Robin, her upcoming book, and Kranti Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Transcript of this interview Interview recorded November 20, 2022 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. Empowering girls in red-light areas for social good | Robin Chaurasiya, India | Global Teacher Prize Robin's hut at 13,000 feet in the mountains of Nepal:


669. Neil Douglas-Klotz

Neil Douglas-Klotz is an internationally known scholar in the fields connecting religious studies (comparative Semitic hermeneutics) and psychology as well as a poet and musician. He is the author of Prayers of the Cosmos, Desert Wisdom, The Hidden Gospel, and The Genesis Meditations as well as coauthor of The Tent of Abraham with Sr. Joan Chittister and Rabbi Arthur Waskow. He is the past chair of the Mysticism Group of the American Academy of Religion and is active in various international colloquia and conferences dedicated to peace and spirituality. Website: abwoon.org Amazon Author's Page, listing all of his books Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Transcript of this interview Interview recorded November 5, 2022 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


668. Anastasia Wesselink Moellering

Anastasia is a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Coach, Intuitive Life Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and a self-proclaimed recovering Zumba Instructor that has turned her lifelong pursuit of holistic wellness into a thriving holistic wellness practice, offering services online, and at her wellness studio located outside of Chicago. After dozens of profound spiritual experiences and a life-changing NDE in 2019, Anastasia holds a fundamental understanding that unconditional love is our natural state of being. With a powerful combination of consciousness, awareness, and intention, Anastasia has worked with hundreds of clients to create access to a transformational force that aids in letting go of mental, emotional, and/or physical pain, in turn creating lasting inner harmony. She is an ambassador of living a fully integrated, balanced, and intuitive life. Website: thehealingheart.com TikTok: @theheartshines YouTube Channel Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Transcript of this interview Interview recorded October 24, 2022 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


667. Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer/ Psychic Lawyer, world renowned psychic medium, Oxford educated attorney, near-death experience researcher, paranormal expert and legal analyst appears internationally on TV and radio and headlines at conferences and expos. This Psychic Explorer may be found lecturing at an Ivy League University about Quantum Physics one day, and the next off to mystical locations in remote corners of the world to explore Ancient Ruins and Supernatural Phenomena. Mark is a featured columnist for Best Holistic Life Magazine, and author of three bestselling books. His latest, The Afterlife Frequency is a riveting story driven exploration taking you around the globe, from the cosmic to the subatomic, into the human soul itself. The Afterlife Frequency has been endorsed by the world’s top Survival of Consciousness scientists and designated by PrettyProgressive.com as one of the top books about faith in God. It’s been submitted for a Pulitzer Prize. Other books: Evidence of Eternity: Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife Never Letting Go: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side Website: AfterlifeFrequency.com Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Transcript of this interview Interview recorded October 15, 2022 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


666. Ann Mathie

Ann has been practising yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years and has since completed her Masters in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation from SOAS University with ongoing Sanskrit training. Ann was inspired from an early age by her father’s anecdotal experiences with Kuṇḍalinī and his involvement in experiments with Zen priest and transpersonal scientist, Dr Motoyama. Her own experiences have pointed her towards a phenomenological investigation of the parallels between spontaneous Kuṇḍalinī awakenings and Buddhist paths to enlightenment. Her previous research focuses on the phenomenology of Buddhist and Yogic experiences through practice. Ann is currently researching spontaneous Kuṇḍalinī arousals and how these experiences map onto the path of realisation within Indian Buddhist and Yogic traditions as well as cutting-edge consciousness theory. Her mission is to gain a deeper understanding of the psychological processes that can arise from spontaneous transpersonal experiences or deep meditation practice and how we can safely support others walking this path towards greater wholeness. Website: annmathie.com Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Transcript of this interview Interview recorded October 8, 2022 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


665. Mario Beauregard

Dr. Mario Beauregard, PhD., is a neuroscientist currently affiliated with the Department of Psychology, University of Arizona. He has received a bachelor degree in psychology and a doctorate degree in neuroscience from the University of Montreal. He also underwent postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Texas Medical School (Houston) and the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI), McGill University. Dr. Beauregard is the author of more than 100 publications in neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry. He was the first neuroscientist to use functional neuroimaging to investigate the neural underpinnings of voluntary control in relation to emotion. Because of his research into the neuroscience of consciousness, he was selected (2000) by the World Media Net to be one of the “One Hundred Pioneers of the 21st Century.” In addition, his groundbreaking research on the neurobiology of spiritual experiences (including near-death experiences) has received international media coverage. In 2008, he was invited to participate in a symposium held at the United Nations. In 2013, he participated in a dialogue with the Dalai Lama in regard to the new science of mind. Dr. Beauregard has appeared over several radio programs in the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe, Asia, and Australia. His research has been featured on TV (Discovery Channel) and in many newspapers and magazines, including Nature, Science, The New Scientist, Scientific American Mind, and The Economist. He has received a number of distinctions, including the Joel F. Lubar Award (International Society for Neuronal Regulation, USA) and the Spectrum Award (The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, USA). Being also an author, Dr. Beauregard has published The Spiritual Brain (Harper Collins, 2007) and Brain Wars (Harper Collins, 2012). In these books, he demonstrates that mind and consciousness are much more than the activity of nerve cells in our brains. He also shows that spirituality is a central feature of human beings that cannot be reduced to physical processes. Beauregard actively contributes to the articulation of the new postmaterialist scientific paradigm. Co-author of the Manifesto for a Postmaterialist Science, which has been signed by several hundreds of scientists, he is also one of the founders of The Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences (AAPS). Movie: Expanding Reality Books: Expanding Reality: The Emergence of Postmaterialist Science The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the Existence of the Soul Brain Wars: The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof that Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives Expanding Science Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Transcript of this interview Interview recorded October 1, 2022 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.


664. Isira, 2nd Interview

Isira is an awakened spiritual teacher who has been initiated in advanced spiritual practices and rites across a number of traditions including Australian Aboriginal, Yogic Indian, African Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhist. When she was a young adult, Tibetan Lamas, recognized her as an important incarnation and travelled to Adelaide, Australia to bring her to the Himalayas to be ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Isira is also honored as an Australian Indigenous elder and wisdom keeper. The heart of Isira’s teaching is Holistic Awakening. While the predominant western model of awakening focuses on individual consciousness, Isira’s holistic approach has us awaken to the sacred in all of life. It is an awakening that is integrated, embodied, and grounded, rather than siloed, conceptual, and abstract. Isira believes that, even among those on a committed spiritual path, there is still a deep sense of “something missing.” The human spirit is hungering to be nurtured by the sacred. We know this because we're living in a world that is fractured and conflicted more than ever. And people are reporting a sense of fear, alienation, depression, anxiety, and chronic illness in epidemic numbers. Inspired by the wisdom of indigenous cultures, Isira teaches that we must awaken to what she calls the “Four Sacred Pillars of Life.” While one of these four pillars is the Self or Spirit, they go beyond the Self to include our interconnected relationship with three other essential dimensions of life—the second is nature or earth, the third is kinship or others, and the fourth is the cosmos or universe. While conventional thinking assumes that our spiritual connection must start with Self or Spirit, instead, Isira teaches that for awakening to be holistic, it is essential that we start with our connection to earth or nature. Through holistic awakening, we move out of the mind into a lived experience in which the sacred is restored to each moment of our day-to-day life. As we integrate our awakening, a natural byproduct is that we relate in a deeper, more meaningful way—respecting, honouring and loving all of life. Simply, we live sacredly. Books: Awakening You: Embodying Peace, Love and Freedom on Earth (enter code ISIRA010 to access eBook for no charge) Buddha on the Dance Floor Website: isira.com Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. First BatGap interview with Isira Transcript of this interview. Interview recorded September 25, 2022 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.