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by design episode #83: Playroom Project

Hey there all! Today we are FINALLY sharing the playroom project we designed for beautiful friends of ours awhile back. They recently expanded their family, and we were able to sneak into their playroom and jazz it up as a surprise before their homecoming. This was a darling little project with lots of fun details and diys (on the fly as usual). Be sure to scroll thru and check out all the before and after photos, and links to some of the items we used in the project. And head over to our...


by design episode #82: DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture

In this episode Dannette shares a DIY she just finished using pallets to make outdoor an outdoor sofa and chair. Be sure to check out the By Design Pinterest Board for links to some sweet outdoor projects! OUTDOOR PALLET DIY: Here are a few finished images. The pallets haven’t been painted yet (will soon be dark gray) and we’re still waiting for the back cushions to arrive. STEP 1: COLLECT PALLETS STEP 2: POWERWASH THE PALLETS. You have no idea where they’ve been, so hose them down! FYI,...


by design episode #81: Memphis Trip & Intentional Parenting

In this episode Lyn shares about her family trip to Memphis to see the Civil Rights Museum. We talk about being intentional as parents and putting the time into some of the things that could help build character. We also chat cell phones, boundaries, and finding ways to actually challenge our kids, not pacify them. Thanks so much for listening! xo, Lyn & Dannette ••• LINKS & THINGS Memphis Links: The Gospel Coalition MLK50 Conference Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Books to Read: Raising...


by design episode #80: the still life – the beauty of God in Spring

Today we’re chatting about spring, the beauty of the still life and the masterpiece of God hidden within the growing things that surround us. We talk about the process of renewal and how nature mimics life and the redemptive plan of God. Dannette also wrote a little this, check out her post on The Still Life. This is a fun little episode and we cover lots of ground in this one. We hope you enjoy it! Leave us a comment and let us know where you see God in nature!!! xo, Lyn & Dannette •••...


by design episode #79: Pursuit Event with LINA ABUJAMRA

Episode #79 is going to be a fast favorite because we have Lina Abujamra with us again! She recently spoke at one of the Pursuit Event’s that our own Lyn Felsman hosts, and we were sure to hit the record button knowing Lina would BRING IT as only she can. Lina shares a beautiful message of God’s relentless pursuit of us from Genesis 3. It’s packed full of so much truth and spunk, we know you’ll come away inspired. Be sure to listen and share with your people! It’s THAT good 😉 xo, Lyn &...


by design episode #78: Meghan Meredith | HomeBodySoul

This week we chat with Meghan Meredith, founder of HomeBodySoul, a lifestyle wellness brand for women. Meghan uses her expertise as a Certified Health/Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer to educate and inspire women how to best steward their homes, bodies, and souls. She is passionate about helping women love their home and find ways to effectively use it for the glory of God. Be sure to follow Meghan over at HomeBodySoul and check out the Fitness Planner she’s created Whole Body Fitness:...


by design episode #77: King Saul – His Humility or His Pride // 1 Samuel 9

Hey friends! We’re back this week with episode #77 and continuing our conversation about King Saul. We talk through 1 Samuel 9, the context of the story, and discuss beginnings and heart of King Saul, weighing in on his humility and pride. We talk about how sometimes we end up like Saul, seeing more of ourselves in our circumstances than we do the God who is at work in them. To read more on King Saul from Dannette’s perspective, head over to...


by design episode #76: Courage Over Comfort // 1 Samuel 3

Today we’re continuing our series on the book of 1 Samuel. We get into the story of Eli and the mistake he made by not dealing with the disobedience of his sons. We chat about shining the light in the darkness, the struggle to stand for what it is right, and how we sometimes choose the easy, comfortable way instead of choosing to stand for truth. We also talk about the busyness of life and how important it is to find God in the every day race. This is a great one friends. We hope it...


by design episode #75: Seeing Souls & Shiplap Wall DIY

In this episode we talk about what WE SEE when we look at others and what GOD SEES. We talk a little bit about the superficial stuff, some of our insecurities, and how we sometimes make decisions about who we want to know and be friends with based on how the package looks, not the contents. We simplify things and try to get to the heart of the matter. We talk about being image bearers, coveting, and talk a little bit about King Saul in 1 Samuel. We also talk about the exhausting,...


by design episode #74: Coffee Filter Wreath DIY

Today we share a wreath diy because Spring is almost here! Dannette shows us how to make a tissue wreath using coffee filters, and she also shares a little bit about what she’s been learning about the Lord’s Supper as she re-reads Tim Keller’s book “The King’s Cross”. Thanks so much for listening! xo, Lyn & Dannette ••• LINKS & THINGS {by design} pinterest board: Pre-order Everybody Always Bob Goff’s new book!!! Cat Herding commercial The King’s...


by design episode #73: india

This week we get to hear all about Dannette’s recent mission trip to India. We talk about the stretch it was to say yes to India, the beauty of the people, and how it’s changed her life forever. Dannette will also be writing about her trip over on her blog, so be sure to check there for a more in depth look at the trip. LINKS & THINGS {by design} pinterest board: Dannette’s blog with all the pictures from India The photo Dannette mentioned from her...


by design episode #72: Viv Mabuni | Warrior in Pink

We’ve been waiting for this episode friends — today we chat with the lovely Vivian Mabuni! She shares a bit of her cancer journey with us and we get to hear how God used that painful season to kindle the writer within. We chat about raising kids, the writing process, and giggle a bit our short-comings. We also chat about Viv’s first book “Warrior In Pink: A Story of Cancer, Community and the God Who Comforts”. Viv paints a beautiful picture of how God redeems the hard parts of our stories...


by design episode #71: Living Water | the woman at the well

On this episode Dannette shares a word from the story of the woman at the well in John 4. We talk about God’s pursuing love, the beauty of community and inviting others to the well with us, and all sorts of amazing-ness relating to LIVING WATER. xo, Lyn & Dannette LINKS & THINGS {by design} pinterest board: { you can listen here or thru the player below ↓↓↓ } New episodes every Tuesday! All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE and automatically get new...


by design episode #70: sometimes we just need to duck and cover

We’re back! We took a short and much needed break over the holidays to regroup and are excited to be back in front of microphones again. Today we talk about our unplanned hiatus and share an encouraging word for those who feel like they are in the desert places of life. The moral of this story is that we all have those seasons where we need to take cover and duck and hide a bit. The truth is that we can’t be on the mountaintops all the time; at some point we need to retreat and allow...


by design episode #69 : Sharing our Faith

Today we share a little of what we’ve been learning as our life group works their way thru Matt Chandler’s study on the book of Philippians. We discuss the account in Acts 16 where Paul witnessed to Lydia, the possessed girl, and the jailer and how he humbly met each person where they were as he shared his faith. We talk about how hard it can be at times to share our faith, the importance of doing in love, and how (like Jesus) we need to learn to ask the right questions. Thanks so much for...


by design episode #68: 5 million ways to use washi tape (or really like 13)

Today we chat washi tape and share all our favorite uses for this magical mini tape! We cover walls, art, keys, cords, books, doors, headboards…and a lot of other wonderful randomness. Washi tape is a great way to add some color and interest to all things bland and generic. It’s also super easy to use and the uses for it are endless. Thanks so much for listening, and be sure to check out our website for all the inspiration pics! xo, Lyn & Dannette ••• LINKS & THINGS {by design} pinterest...


by design episode #67: Holley Gerth // Fiercehearted

Today we chat with the lovely Holley Gerth about her new book “Fiercehearted”. Holley is a best selling author, speaker, life coach, counselor and she also co-founded the wonderful online community (in)courage. Whew, right? This sweet lady has leaned in and embraced her calling fully, and she shares a few of the highs and lows along the way. We chat about infertility, adoption, and what it looks like to be an introvert and an all-in encourager of women at the same time. Holley shares her...


by design episode #66: girls trips, heart checks & what it means to be IN Christ

On today’s episode we chat girls trips, heart checks, and what it means to be IN Christ. We dig in to the truth of who we are “in Christ”, how the Father sees us because of it, and ultimately how living from that truth can change not only the way we see ourselves, but also how we serve and love others. We also give you instructions involving making a list and lighting candles. So listen in, grab a pen and paper, and get those matches ready! xo, Lyn & Dannette ••• LINKS & THINGS {by design}...


by design episode #65: Encountering Jesus & Dannette's 40th Surprise Party

Today we talk about what happens when we encounter Jesus. This type of encounter is not just something that happens at the moment of salvation when the scales are removed from our eyes and we believe and turn to Christ. It’s also something for those of us who already believe and yet are still living in the broken shadowy areas in certain parts of our lives. It’s the moment when we see MORE of Him and dare to step further into the light, transforming our lives and deepening our relationship...


by design episode #64: Home Staging Tips

On today’s episode Lyn gives some tips for staging your home, and we share a few guidelines to help get you moving in the right direction. We also chat books — what we’re reading and about to pick up. And don’t forget about our up and coming Gift Giving Guide! We’re in the process of preparing for our lists now (we’re ahead of the game, obviously!), so please send us some of your favorite artisans, etsy shops, small businesses, whatever. We’d love to feature you or one of your favorites!...