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Trump’s Space Farce

Recorded June 18, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Joe, and Ashley. IHOB is for Burgers. Jokes on them I want Brinner (breakfast for dinner) Anthony Bourdain has died of suicide. What God Looks like: Apparently he looks like a guy named Todd. Suicide is up. Netflix crew members are not allowed to look at each other for longer than five seconds because of #metoo The EU is trying to legally ban memes. Trump met with Kim Jong-Un and North Korea agreed to total denuclearization and Trump said they would...


This is the Bride of Christ?

Recorded June 7, 2018 Recorded by Britton, Nick, Chris, and Ashley. I have to make a retraction next week. I said they found Amelia Earhart on Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 Ep 3. It was Season 2 Ep 1. Dude from Bride flounces hard. Seriously man, you might need a weekend at Happy acres. No, an Ethiopian minister didn’t get eaten by a croc while performing baptisms…maybe. A Baptist on gay marriage. What he says next is completely shocking! Gay Cake III: the search for more cake. THIS RULING...


Rosanne Committed a Racism

Recorded on May 31, 2018 by Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Chris. Confession: I treated Memorial Day like a free day off instead of taking time to think about the patriots who died and such. I did too. Sorry to all the soldiers out there. Confession from me: I may have said something about this being the anniversary of Harambe’s death and then took the post down once I realized I didn’t say anything about Memorial Day. The search for the Malaysian flight from years ago has finally come to a...


Summa Cum Laude is Latin

Recorded May 24, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Joe! Spiritual Warfare – the Christian NES that you never knew you didn’t want. Ashley went to a Christian school graduation, and it was painful. Pledges to Christian flags and bibles, Micheal W Smith’s “Friends”, Ray Boltz’s “Thank you for giving to the Lord,” bibles given to Christian school kids with teachers signatures (I affectionately called that a yearbook bible), and having to ask...


Amy Grant Hasn’t Been the Same Since Rich Mullins Rolled that Jeep

Hosted by Nick and Britton. Recorded on May 17, 2018. Confession. I can hear Yanny and Laurel. Also I’ve been listening to country music. Hawaii is currently being consumed by lava as new fissures open up. They think the eruption is gonna be huge. Are the end times again? The move of the embassy to Jerusalem finally happened… and the riots were immense. Many injured or killed on the...


We Never Claimed to Be Politically Correct

Hosted by Britton, Nick, Ashely, and Chris is back from college! The real reason the church has a millennial void… again This guy tries preaching “do you know where you’ll spend eternity if you die tonight” at the end of the Avengers and people think he has a gun. The weirdest part is this isn’t the first time he’s done it, it’s just the first time people freaked out and called the cops...


Marvel is Post Trib

Recorded on May 3, 2018 Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley The National day of prayer You lot saw Avengers: How was it? Are we gonna spoil it? Avengers broke the opening records. The Korean war is over! Ish And just like that, the Right’s love affair with Kanye West is over: Now he’s under fire for saying slavery was a choice. For context he said that if a group are enslaved for 400 years, then they are choosing to be enslaved. His...


There Will Be No Hanky Nor Panky

Record April 26, 2018 Hosted By Britton, Nick, and Ashley Bill Cosby is found guilty of sexual assault from 14 years ago. David Hogg got himself a book deal about the shootings and how he organized the gun movement. California wants to secede from the Union. All they have to do is collect enough signatures and then it’ll...


I Can Be Your Boyfriend in Christ

Recorded on 4/19/2018 Ashley has a confession and it will probably bar her from out music segment forever We should probably talk about the Syria stuff. Christian metal lost a band…. Good Luck Underoath. Christian Metal lost a band, but they gained a few Beliebers in the process. Justin Bieber led a worship service at Coachella on Sunday....


Booster Seat Blues

Recorded April 12, 2018 Hosted by Britton, Nick, Ashley Biblical prophecy claims the Rapture is coming April 23, numerologist says – Fox News The Rev. Bill Hybels, 66, announced his immediate retirement at a meeting Tuesday with members of the Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington. He has said since 2012 that he planned to retire in October. Bill Hybels (Willow Creek founder) is stepping down amidst sexual misconduct allegations...


Jason Crabb is Southern Gospel’s Eddie Vedder

Britton, Nick, and Ashley record on April 5, 2008. Kids have stopped eating Tide Pods and have instead started snorting condoms. If only their parents had used them this wouldn’t be a thing. This is the woman that shot up the YouTube HQ. Some people were saying she did it because of a boyfriend, now the story is that she did it because of the demonetization and censorship...


Crushed Ribs and Leather

Recorded April 2, 2018 Hosted by Britton, Ashley, and Nick Our Notes: Easter was on April Fool’s Day and that’s way too easy of a joke to make, so I’m not going to. Screw this kid in particular. David Hogg, the kid that’s the face of anti-gun activism from Parkland is complaining that clear backpacks infringe on his Constitutional Rights. Why are we listening to kids about this stuff?


If Only T-Bone Was A Steak

Record 3/22/2018 Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley Stormy Daniels and Donald trump. Here’s the thing: I’m being told as a Christian I should be offended. And some Christians don’t care for the wrong reasons. Of course he had affairs. Do I care about his business. Not at all. WTF ZUCK? Of course are information was being used for this stuff. IDK if our names are attached to our data, if there were profiles or what. But NONE of this is a shock. Previous candidates and at least one...


Stephen Hawking Rolls on to Heaven

Ashley hates us and said we were stupid. That’s why she’s not here this week. (I believe the correct term was “dumb boys”) March Madness. Did you fill out your bracket? Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, there’s no music this week! Stephen Hawking has died: Here are his final words: Stryper has a new music...


Don’t Be Sexist On International Women’s Day

Hosted by Ashley, Britton, and Nick. Recorded on 3/8/2018 It’s woman’s day! So for the first time in CVC history, Britton does not open the show. Its a slow news week. Either that or we just stopped caring. We may have caused the destruction of Third Day Bill Graham: The prophets strike! Can Matthew 20 tell us anything about unions? Or am I just a republican instigator. This coming on the news of multiple strikes going on now. Matthew chapter 20 when Jesus tells the story of the workers in...


Welcome to the Gun Show!

Vans Warped Tour will be ending next year: Nick Defends himself from last week’s shenanigans Papa John no longer official sponsor of the NFL. Now we’re hungry for Pizza Hut. CNN publishes more fake news. This time on guns. Nick’s Notes What the heck is fully semi-automatic? Headline reads: “Trump appears to be backing away from 21 year age limit for assault weapon purchases.” Please, define...


We Just Broke the Billy Graham Rule

This week on the show, Nick has man-flu, Ashely sins and wins the lottery, we talk about the passing of Billy Graham, Benny Hinn’s career retraction, and Fergie! Also music reviews. Hosted by Britton and Ashley Recorded 2/22/2018 Nick has the man flu. Not the flu! Ashely Won Powerball Billy Graham Dead at 99 Benny Hinn was interviewed about Billy Graham, and also renounces his prosperity gospel saying he got it wrong Mother sent to jail because she had her daughter baptized. (It’s not as...


Ezekiel’s Emissions of the Spirit ( Ezekiel 23:20)

Recorded 2/14/2018 Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley. Happy Valentine’s Day! What did you all do? Do you even lent? Stryper’s releases “Take it to the Cross” #MeToo leader accused of groping. ask if is it okay to listen to Secular music? Is it dumb that we still ask this? What would Jesus sell documentary kickstarter Sexy Gymnasts Costumes? The real problem is this pastor thinks those gymnasts costumes are sexy. The Spirit of the Ox. How about the Ezekiel 23:20 Donkey...


That was the weirdest rant

Anyone watch the Super Bowl? Whatcha think of it and the half-time show? It was the lowest rated Super Bowl in the last 8 years. However, it still drew in large numbers of people because it’s the Super Bowl. NY Lawmakers want to make Tide Pods look less edible. Because people are stupid and can’t be trusted to no eat detergent. Also, try Horehound candy. FISA memo was released and hoo boy, there’s some spicy stuff in there once you know the...


Passion of the Christ 2: Even Passioner!

It is February already! Recorded 2/1/2018 Hosted By Britton, Nick, and Ashley Grammy’s happened this week. They hit a record for all time lowest viewership. 20% drop from last year. Trump’s first state of the union quickly followed by memes and pictures. While this is the norm… all of those folks who talked about disrespectful GOP are posting Trump is an idiot memes to like and share while GOP is posting toothy pictures of Nancy Pelosi and wondering why the Dems were sitting on their...