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Ep 57: Let’s Roll!

EP 57 9/13 Recorded by Britton, Ashley, Nick, Joe, and Michelle. September 11th was Tuesday. Thoughts? Skillet has gear stolen Nike’s sales went up 31% after the Kaper campaign started, but will it last? Elon Musk smoke a little weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Now the Air Force is involved:...


Ep 56: Our Latest Episode Ever!

Recorded 9/6/2018 with Britton, Ashley, and Nick. Fooball season is back. Burn Stuff! Do you hate Nike now? (Kapernick/Nike debacle) “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough” in an alternate universe there’s a conservative preacher taking sermon points from that commercial instead of burning Nike gear” -A If he can come back, why not Louis? He was seen doing comedy this week in a small club. People lost their mind. Construction worker sues owner of company because the...


Ep. 55: Going to be a Floody Floody

Recorded August 30, 2018 with Britton, Ashley, and Nick. Last week we referred some people as trash. I can’t tell if I’m sorry or sorry not sorry. RIP in pepperoni John McCain People were shot and killed at a Madden 19 tournament in Florida: NASCAR driver loses sponsorship over fathers 30 year old racist remarks: Papa Johns gets “woke” to Social Justice. It should be said that I did not get this email as I haven’t been active on Papa Johns for a long time. These are screenshots from a video...


Ep 54: Mormon No More

Recorded on 8/23/2018 with Britton, Nick, and Ashley. The Mormon Church doesn’t want to be called ‘Mormon’ anymore – BuzzFeed News They’re going to go through an identity crisis stage. “The church Formally of the Latter Day Saints” and then be referenced be a cross (like Prince and his symbol) A satanic idol goes to the Arkansas Capitol building – The Washington Post Really redefines the term “Devil’s...


Ep 53: Hats Off to the Sky King

Hosted by Britton, Nick, Michelle, and Joe! “This week on the CVC Podcast: R-E-S-T I P Aretha A man goes joyriding in a plane Women are being alienated by #metoo And FREE MOM HUGS! Confession: I only know one Aretha Franklin song. Sky King Some dude stole an airplane and flew it around before crashing it. He was the only person on board. The tapes are crazy. #skyking Story: Audio from the plane (Tweet thread):...


Ep 52: Airdroppin’ into some DMs

EP 52: Recorded 8/9/2018 with Britton, Nick, and Ashley! AirDrop is the new “sup girl?” Info Wars has been removed from most media sites. Woman shoots masturbating bicyclist trying to break into her SE Houston home, police say. Two old men escape nursing home to go to the Wacken metal festival in Germany. Former Pastor Who Founded Christian Music Festival Sentenced to 18 Years in Child Sex Abuse Case Woman tries to convince cop not to arrest her bc she’s a “clean white girl” (insert valley...


Ep 51: Faking America Great Again

Recorded 8/2/2018 with Britton, Nick, Chris, Ashley, and Joe. Did you guys need your ID to buy groceries lately? Bc Trump thinks we need it. Medicaid is now being forced to cover gender dysphoria paying for sex changes. Federal judge orders Wisconsin to pay for gender reassignment surgeries – The Hill Trump Derangement Syndrome is totally real Netflix is removing the reviews function. They cite declining usage as the reason but could it possibly be more than that? Woman in Australia marries...


Ep. 50 – Good on You and I’m Sorry

Recorded 7/26 with Britton, Nick, and Ashley Welcome to Episode 50! Confession: I don’t understand the straw outrage. I don’t use straws. Because no one looks cool drinking out of a straw. And you don’t need a straw for fine whiskey. But… if you want to use one of those cool stainless steel reusable straws.. I say have at it. But don’t be a jerk about it. Some people don’t have them. Don’t be like that hipster you hated before it was cool. Are we going to war, or just expecting higher gas...


Ep 49: I’m Sorry Jesus

Recorded on July 17, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Chris, Ashley, and Joe! Treason! Or not. Prime day – Christmas in July. Preaching and teach in the context of the listener Daycare Operator Who Hung Toddler From a Noose Avoids Prison Cheviot cafe gets some heat after offering discount to churchgoing customers Katy Perry discusses being a Christian and meeting the Pope. I refuse to watch a single lipsync battle put out by police depts Spotify, why are you so trash? Music for July 13 Lauren Daigle...


Ep48 – Et Tu Papa John?

Recorded July 12, 2018. Hosted by Britton, Nick, Chris, Ashley, and Joe! Hq trivia Chris watched Hannah Gadsby. I’m interested to hear his thoughts. Ashley is allowed 2 minutes to tell us about her concert experience. Joe gets five minutes to tell us how much he hated it. Star Wars director says that there will be “consequences” to people boycotting Solo and hating on Episode 8. Paula White (Trump’s spiritual advisor) felt the need to clarify that Jesus was not an illegal immigrant when he...


Happy America Day!

I hate fireworks in the hands of rednecks. I also eating hate g greasy flood in heat Ellis Island is evacuated because of retarded protestors and one woman climbed the statue. Retractions and clarifications. Last week there was a point of confusion about ri the way the supreme court currently works....


We are not authorized to say that word.

Recorded June 29,2018 with Britton, Nick, Chris, and Ashley. Netflix’s Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Friedlane fired over racist comments (N-word) Justice Kennedy is retiring and the paranoia is amazeballs. Walgreens pharmacy debate Woman “Humiliated” After Walgreens Pharmacist Refused to Fill Her Prescription to Induce Miscarriage – POPSUGAR Vinnie Paul died:...


The Worst Border Problem Commentary Ever

Recorded June 22, 2018. Hosted by Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Joe! Supreme Court sides with privacy. Police will need a warrant to digital track your location on the phone. Chris Pratt’s award speech: Believe in God. Best sermon I’ve heard in years. The Border Problem Commentary. Especially with Melania’s jacket. “I don’t really care, do u?” #metoo star Danny Masterson on this season of The Ranch. People tweeting that they miss him on the show and that it just isn’t the same without him....


Trump’s Space Farce

Recorded June 18, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Joe, and Ashley. IHOB is for Burgers. Jokes on them I want Brinner (breakfast for dinner) Anthony Bourdain has died of suicide. What God Looks like: Apparently he looks like a guy named Todd. Suicide is up. Netflix crew members are not allowed to look at each other for longer than five seconds because of #metoo The EU is trying to legally ban memes. Trump met with Kim Jong-Un and North Korea agreed to total denuclearization and Trump said they...


This is the Bride of Christ?

Recorded June 7, 2018 Recorded by Britton, Nick, Chris, and Ashley. I have to make a retraction next week. I said they found Amelia Earhart on Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 Ep 3. It was Season 2 Ep 1. Dude from Bride flounces hard. Seriously man, you might need a weekend at Happy acres. No, an Ethiopian minister didn’t get eaten by a croc while performing baptisms…maybe. A Baptist on gay marriage. What he says next is completely shocking! Gay Cake III: the search for more cake. THIS RULING...


Rosanne Committed a Racism

Recorded on May 31, 2018 by Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Chris. Confession: I treated Memorial Day like a free day off instead of taking time to think about the patriots who died and such. I did too. Sorry to all the soldiers out there. Confession from me: I may have said something about this being the anniversary of Harambe’s death and then took the post down once I realized I didn’t say anything about Memorial Day. The search for the Malaysian flight from years ago has finally come to a...


Summa Cum Laude is Latin

Recorded May 24, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Joe! Spiritual Warfare – the Christian NES that you never knew you didn’t want. Ashley went to a Christian school graduation, and it was painful. Pledges to Christian flags and bibles, Micheal W Smith’s “Friends”, Ray Boltz’s “Thank you for giving to the Lord,” bibles given to Christian school kids with teachers signatures (I affectionately called that a yearbook bible), and having to ask...


Amy Grant Hasn’t Been the Same Since Rich Mullins Rolled that Jeep

Hosted by Nick and Britton. Recorded on May 17, 2018. Confession. I can hear Yanny and Laurel. Also I’ve been listening to country music. Hawaii is currently being consumed by lava as new fissures open up. They think the eruption is gonna be huge. Are the end times again? The move of the embassy to Jerusalem finally happened… and the riots were immense. Many injured or killed on the...


We Never Claimed to Be Politically Correct

Hosted by Britton, Nick, Ashely, and Chris is back from college! The real reason the church has a millennial void… again This guy tries preaching “do you know where you’ll spend eternity if you die tonight” at the end of the Avengers and people think he has a gun. The weirdest part is this isn’t the first time he’s done it, it’s just the first time people freaked out and called the cops...


Marvel is Post Trib

Recorded on May 3, 2018 Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley The National day of prayer You lot saw Avengers: How was it? Are we gonna spoil it? Avengers broke the opening records. The Korean war is over! Ish And just like that, the Right’s love affair with Kanye West is over: Now he’s under fire for saying slavery was a choice. For context he said that if a group are enslaved for 400 years, then they are choosing to be enslaved. His...