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Ep 95: I’m All Alone, and So Lost Without You.

Mini AOC has left the internet due to too many death threats from the left. Trump said that the military took over the airports during the Revolutionary War Nike recalls Betsy Ross shoes because of racism. NC man sues hardee’s over a lack of hash browns. Bishop borrows helicopter to dump holy water on an entire city to remove the demons. Literal devil woman attacks family in their home. Mexican city covered in 5 feet of ice. Stranger Things 3 Quick Review. Intro Music: Title: By The Sword...


Ep 94: Hide it under a Bushel, No?

Half the internet went down this week Wallet study shows that people are actually pretty likely to return your wallet- especially if there’s money in it! Keith Getty on the ‘narcissism’ of modern Christian music and the revival he longs to see Bethel’s Amanda Lindsey Cook reveals why she went silent, what she learned during difficult season Donkey that retired after giving children rides for 20 years is stabbed in London Like with Pinterest, someone from Google has come forward to talk about...


Ep 93: Murder is the Line

Knoxville preacher who wants to kill gay folks is refused a meeting from cracker barrel DC TALK is touring Avengers: End Game is coming back to the theaters. Why? To show a deleted scene and try to beat Avatar. There’s a group petitioning Netflix to remove Good Omens The UK bans ads showing gender stereotypes. Paula White is calling out the “demonic networks” against Trump James Holzaur just gave substantial donation to honor Alex And new music!


Ep 92: A Sarcastic Line of Pentecostals

A Crane crushed a parking garage and apt building A bank robber held up a bank with avocados We talked about YouTube censorship last week- now Pinterest is blocking Christian content by not allowing it in auto search options Dodgeball is oppressive London murder is higher than NYC… not from guns – from knives Keanu Reeves won’t touch women And New music!


Ep 91: Punching Up

It’s D-Day Apple is ending iTunes Kentucky pastor tried to set up threesome with underage girls Mega Church Pastor arrested for sex trafficking crimes among other things. The police deputy that did nothing at the Marjory Stoneman school has been fired and taken into custody. YouTube is having another Apocalypse. Mike Huckabee played Korn on his show. Good Omens And New music!


Ep. 90: A Special Kind of Narcissism

Baton Rouge Priest Arrest for Embezzlement Kanye’s Worship Service Why do people keep setting themselves on fire in front of the White House? Virginia woman dies and her dog is euthanized and buried with her in accordance to her will. The Ark Museum is suing for rain damage. And New Music!


Ep 89: Movin’ On Up

The end of Game of Thrones. All in the family and the Jefferson’s Abortion Rotten Tomatoes is changing how users put their reviews up on their site. Even our city’s tree preferences support the patriarchy – and our allergies Church paying for cohabitation couples to get married. Even Charisma magazine is calling our churches for witchcraft- but not in the way we have lately. And new music this week!


Ep 88 : Rawr You Guys

My power went out an I thought the end had come Rome is opening an exorcism course. #sexstrike Bit of a funny story. Regents Park Police in the UK conducted a weapons sweep and in the meantime were given a host of weapons from some shop to keep them from getting into the wrong hands. Weapons include mostly kitchen/chef knives and what not, but among them were also a fencing rapier and a spoon. Fans have put out a petition to remake Season 8 of GoT Upcoming Movie about Tammy Fay Bakker.


Ep 87: Apparently

I watched I can only imagine. Author Speaker Rachel Evan passed away at age 37. Jesus is Trump Billboard Chicken Pox Guy


Ep 86: Spoiler Alert

National day of prayer Peter Meyhew died Confession: Reece cups The great straw debate. Turns out no one wants paper straws because the dissolve like paper Avengers: Endgame Bethelitis. Game of Thrones


Ep 85: Easter Worshipper

Ep 85 4/25 James Holzhaur is still winning at Jeopardy Sri Lanka Bombings Easter Worshippers Dem Town Halls Christian Weed at Church The Worst Easter Video Ever And new Music


Ep 84: Is it Ok to punch a Nazi?

It’s easter! The jeopardy winner is still at it. 11 days, $771,920. Another New daily record set at $131,127. And what they consider the “perfect game” Not bad for 30 mins of work. Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker trailer. Speculation? The Notre Dame caught fire and burned. The Changing Face of Christian Music “Is it ok to hit a Nazi, unprovoked?” – CBS’ show The Good Fight advocates for violence as a consequence for speech and beliefs. This highlights a disturbing trend where...


Ep 83: The Whitest Clown

Man Tries to Poach a Rhino New One Day Record on Jeopardy Suspicious blazes destroy 3 black Louisiana Churches Clowns are the new white supremacist thing. Julian is caught. I can Only Imagine the movie is on prime. And new music!


Ep. 82: Are Friends Friends Forever?

Rick Elias passed. Local Pastor Cuts. Will cut you. A small nation called Brunei has introduced stoning for gays and adulterers. Joe Biden is Kind of Creepy Planet Shakers Conspiracy Music This Week: Riley Clemmons Fighting for Me – Single [Sparrow] Amanda Lindsey Cook House On A Hill Jon Egan Unveil (Live) For All Seasons Friends – Single Branan Murphy Who Am I? Neon Feather Universe Inside Your Eyes – Single Natasha Owens Warrior [Radiate] Rapture Ruckus Method to Madness (feat. Jeremy...


Ep 81: How Can This Be?

Smollet case dropped. Muller Investigation is Done The EU wants to tax memes Music this week! Mack Brock Covered EP [Sparrow/Capitol] Jonathan CainMore Like Jesus – Single [The Fuel] Steven Curtis Chapman Deeper Roots: Where The Bluegrass Grows Luke + Anna Hellebronth Motions of Mercy [Integrity PEABOD Side Hustle – Single [Centricity] planetboom Jesus Over Everything [Venture3Media] Ian Yates Deconstruction Vol. 1 [7Core]


Ep. 80: At least its an Ethos

Weird Confession: Agenda 21 I may be a nihilist. Massive shootings at at least 2 mosques in Christchurch New Zealand A really interesting documentary about Seattle has come out. Apparently Seattle is a s&*thole country. LifeWay shuttering all of it’s stores. People are mad a Francis Chan for preaching alongside the wrong preachers. Music this week! Apollo LTD DNA – Single [Centricity] Hillsong UNITED Another in the Fire – Single [Capitol CMG] Trip Lee No Days Off – Single [Reach] David...


Ep 79: Where can I buy distressed underwear?

This week on the CVC Podcast: Trump signs some bibles Aunt Becky gets picked up by the feds And Aldi bullies your gamer child New Music this week! Meredith Andrews Faith And Wonder (Live) EP [Word Worship] Tina Boonstra Flicker – Single [7Core] Cody Carnes Heaven Fall – Single [Capitol CMG] KJ-52 Big Enough (feat. Xay Hill) – Single (independent Heath McNease Be Clean Again (independent) MDSN Hunger – Single [Integrity] Lyrical word soup like the family Guy joke generator. Cindy Morgan...


Ep 78: Holy Smoke!

This week: Bibles are saved in a church fire We test our political affiliation Michael Jackson is Me Too’s from beyond the grave All of this and Christian cruises, coming up on the CVC podcast It’s lent season Church in WV burns down but the cross and the bibles are left untouched Sympathy for the antivaxxer. So an 18 year old kid got his vaccinations after his antivax mom refused to. We took a political affiliation test. Ashley’s was 52% conservative and 48%libertarian A dude survives...


Ep 77: Where the show is made up and the facts don’t matter

Methodists votes to ban LGBTQ clergy and marriages Incredibly disturbing videos on YouTube Kids cause parents to be concerned. (Videos include telling kids about suicide, how to choke, kill others, self harm, etc. some even play the sound of normal episodes while the picture shows them other images. YouTube has done nothing) Update to that: That particular video has since been taken down and YouTube’s been looking into the situation. They urge people to flag any videos that have content...


Ep 76: You Don’t Have to Listen to This

This week on CVC: Ellen Page says Hillsong is anti-gay Jussie Smollet is back in the news Southern baptist pastors are getting the catholic priests treatment Trump’s National Emergency. Building the wall. Donald Trump wants to decriminalize homosexuality in many other countries, which was announced earlier this week. I said “Wait for the articles to come out of the left decrying this in some way.” I present to you article number 1. I told all of you that this would happen when it was...