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Prayer, Even When We Lack the Faith

God wants to answer our prayers. How many times to we pray without faith? Sometimes when we pray, we pray with such strong faith and ask for God to help the faith that we lack. Other times, we pray, but deep down we "know" what we are asking for is impossible. We definitely need to be careful what we are praying for, but anything within the scope of God's will IS possible. It's not always God's will to heal, but He IS able! When He answers those "impossible" prayers, our faith is increased!...


3 Things About Prayer

Prayer is topic that get many people confused. There are instructions and examples in the Bible, and people often think that is what they need to pray. It isn't always what you pray, but how you pray. Are you praying just to pray? Pastor Jim Jenkins shows us three things that will help us in our prayer life.


God of All Comforts

The Disciples did not get what Jesus did when He fed the 5,000. It is easy to look at the surface and me amazed, but they missed the deeper meaning. Jesus then had to take the Disciples to another location to show them again. Jesus showed up during a bad storm, and showed them that He is the God of all comfort no matter what is going on. We often have the same problems today. We tend to forget that the God that had the power back in Bible times still has the same power today.


What a Friend We Have in Jesus

The Doug Benedict Family sing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" for special music Sunday morning at Calvary Bible Church.


Advocate for My Case

We all need someone to plead our case when things are not going our way. People in court need lawyers, sports teams need members to stand behind them, and people need someone to plead our case to God. Jesus is the ultimate advocate for us. He is in Heaven pleading our case to the Father. Don't go on your own merit. Ask Jesus to come into your life, and be your advocate.


Our Failures / How do we Explain People

Pastor Jim Jenkins covers 2 tops during Sunday School. Pastor talks about our failures and how people believe there are different degrees of punishment. There are only two places that we can go when we die. Heaven or Hell. There are not different degrees of punishment, but there is different degrees of reward in Heaven. Some will receive more rewards because of their witness on earth. Pastor then talks about how different people are when they get saved. How do we know if someone is actually...



Tonight in our study, we learn that Paul and Silas started 2 churches and ministered to another area (we aren't sure if a church was started or not, but people were saved). Throughout this chapter, Paul and Silas went to 3 different locations due to riots, and each time they got differing reactions. Some mocked, some believed, but they never gave up...they kept sharing the word! The group of people at Berea even searched the scriptures daily so they could know for themselves and didn't just...


In Remembrance of Me

What is it that you remember about this? There are two things that a person who is saved ought to do. 1. Be baptized. 2. The Lord's table. These things don't get us to Heaven, only salvation does. But God did command us to do these things and we should be obedient. The three things that the man in hell suffered, Jesus suffered on the cross. All because He loved us!


The Lord is at Hand

The Lord is at hand. The trumpet may sound, the Lord may come back today! It may not, but one day will be the day. We need to make sure we're saved. Paul said we will not all sleep. Not everyone is going to die. There will be a generation that will not die and will be here when the Lord comes. The Lord is at hand could mean that He is near us. He will never leave us or forsake us. He sees what we do and where we go. There is nothing that is hid from His sight. God knows. Since the Lord is at...


Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus

Abraham & Audrey Burbank sing "Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus" for special music Sunday morning at Calvary Bible Church.


After Marriage

Divorce is limited in the Bible. It is not right to divorce over the simple things: burnt steak, not liking in laws, irritants, etc. Chapter 19 was given to marriage and divorce. It is a split understanding on whether it is right for someone to remarry after a nonbeliever leaves them. If you have a mom or dad when they're older and are destitute, it is your responsibility to take care of them. If the person does not have children or family, it is the church's responsibility to take care of...


Someday We Are All Going Home

Pastor Jim Jenkins talks about how he still views where he grew up as home. Everyone has different memories of their home; some are good, some are not the greatest. We all have the opportunity to go to an eternal home. What home are you going to?


It Could Be You

As Christians today, we don't know when we are going to be used. We could be the Paul in Lydia's life...we just don't know! It's so easy to get discouraged today and ignore the spirit's prodding, but if we do, a lost soul might not get the chance to come to Christ.


What Was the Early Church Doing

We do not live day of Pentecost; we live in the day of the judges. What does this mean for today's church? Pastor Jim Jenkins compares these two time periods to the fields that Ruth was gleaning in. The early church had the full field that was un-touched. Today's church has more like to what Ruth picked through. Pastor Jim Jenkins shows us four things that the early church did better than today's church is doing. See if your church is more like the early church, or if it is more like a...


We Are Like the Disciples

People tend to refer to the disciples as something more than just a group of men. The more you study about the disciples you realize that we are just like the disciples. Pastor Jim Jenkins shows us many attributes the disciples and us both share.


Serious Prayer

Getting alone with God in our "prayer closets" and praying/wrestling with God. We should pray for those who we know, for our kids, our family members even our enemies.


Jesus is God

Many people try to say that Jesus was not actually God. They say he was a good man, a good teacher, or a good prophet. The Bible tells us differently. Jesus was tried on the grounds that He made Himself God. He said that the Father and I are one. Jesus had to be God or His death would not have saved us from our sins. Pastor Jim Jenkins shows us from the Bible why you can't deny that Jesus really is God. 100% Man, 100% God.


Seek God First

Sampson was tempted by Delilah. This is very much like satan does. Sampson took his eyes of God and let this woman lead him astray. This ended up leading him to his death. Satan tempts us and drives us to do things that we wouldn't do if our focus was on the Lord. When we put earthly things, which aren't normally bad, above God, then they become idols and become bad. You can't serve God and the devil at the same time. Each day, you need to make a choice of what you're going to serve and...


Thou Shalt be to Him Instead of God

Many religions and religious people look at or treat their preacher like he is their God. Exodus 4 does not encourage this. It shows us how a preacher is an intercessor between us and God. We need to have a personal relationship with both and have respect for both. God is the only one that deserves our fear. We all have a job to do right where we are. God will use circumstances to put us where we need to be. The pastor is here to help guide us Do you have the faith that God can use you? Or...


For the Love of Christ Constraineth us

The love of Christ is so wonderful. 2 Corinthians tells us that it constrains us. Constraining has 2 definitions. It can move us and also hold us still. Brian Beck shows us how we can know what kind of constraint that we are having. First we need to know Jesus, then we need to fear Jesus, and finally we need to trust Jesus. None of these steps are easy to follow, but this service shows us why we need to and the benefits of them.