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“Let your light shine before all people.”

“Let your light shine before all people.”
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“Let your light shine before all people.”




“The Most Important Thing.”- Acts 9:32.36-43.

This weeks Message is now up! Christ is the most important thing ladies and gentleman. And he is calling us to call all people to Himself. Happy Mother’s Day! Glory to God for all mothers who channeled Christ’s importance through their love. And His grace for those who did not.


Easter week 3. On the same team: Jesus asks Annanias to baptize Paul. Acts 9:1-20

If Christ asked you to serve, would you do it? Our Lord who has Risen from the dead calls us to say yes. And that others who say yes are on the same team as we are. Have a blessed week!


Easter season week 1: “We must obey Christ rather than men.”- Acts 5:27-32.

The Easter season continues. If a dead man came back to life and said “follow me”, would you do so? Listen as we observe the disciples do precisely that, and we kick off a church series called “That I may know Him: The Church grows.”


“Easter: I have seen the King.”- John 20:1-18.

Wow!!!!! I can’t say I’ve ever preached in front of 156 people!! Glory to God for the opportunity!! Our Facebook Live was acting weird today so we couldn’t get the live feed (sorry!). We do have the audio. Our message today was simple, we have seen the King and the Tomb is empty. Is it true? Listen and find out! On a personal note, we are very proud of our baptisms and folks who remembered their baptisms. 13 in all. All officially joined the church!!!! Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed.


“All things new”: Isaiah 43:18-21

We hope you are blessed by listening and hope you have a great week!!!


“Godly motivation: The Prodigal Son returns to His Father.”- Luke 15:1-3/11-32.

What motivates you? What drives you to want to win? In the Christian life, the timeless Prodigal Son story reveals the answer followers of Christ need to answer both questions. We hope you are blessed by listening this morning! Have a great week!


”God will supply”- 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Sin is serious. Failure is not final. Christ is faithful (Galatians 2:20). We can’t avoid failure and sin, but we can’t avoid the Lord either. No matter what sin or failure happens to us, Christ’s love is still more awesome than we will ever know. He is our supply, and in the grand scheme of things, is more than enough! We hope you are blessed by listening today! Have a blessed week!


“Wounded citizens of the King.”- Philippians 3:17-4:1

Worship series notes: Damon Holley and the Carroll Springs Quartet: “Why me Lord” Robin Cranfll: “I lift you up.” We are citizens of the King (Philippians 3:20). Our citizenship isn’t valid on what we know; but like Paul is valid because of our weakness and Christ’s sufficency ( 2 Corinthians 12:8-10). Weak, wounded people is who Christ through Paul asks Philippian Christians to look for (3:17). Help us to be weak Lord, so we might be strong in you. We hope this message (and the singing!)...


“Aldersgate: Wesley receives assurance of Jesus.”- Romans 10:8-13

Like all good songs, we sometimes forget the name of the song until the chorus starts. John Wesley experiences a similar moment with Jesus in his “Aldersgate” moment. He remembered what God had always been trying to tell him. That Jesus died and rose again for Him. If Jesus is the name we have forgotten. How can we make sure we don’t forget His word? We hope this message is a blessing. Have a good week.


“Real Freedom: John Wesley’s small group questions. 2 Corinthians 3:12-4:3

iPads and no rules might sound attractive to average people. They sure did when I was a teacher! Have these two things and life was made! However, today we start a series that examines highlights in Methodist founder John Wesley’s life. Where his questions to demanding? Did they restrict freedom? In Wesley’s mind, he asked these questions for one reason: Are you really free? The Apostle Paul had an answer. Listen with us as we examine the apostle Paul’s answer in a message titled “Real...


“Do no harm: Loving your enemies ”- Luke 6:27-38.

One of the hardest things to do in Christianity is commanded by our King Jesus Christ. Loving enemies like Christ did is the goal, what are the steps (if any) to make that happen?? We hope you are blessed listening today, and hope you have a great week!


“Are you poor? Jesus gives an update.”- Luke 6:17-26.

The world has a way of telling what’s successful and what’s not. Who is rich, and who is poor. Jesus gives the world a much needed update in our text this morning. We hope you are able to listen and wish you the blessings of God today and this week! - 90’s classic Unsolved mysteries is discussed. - Text is Luke 6:17-26 - CS Lewis, John Wesley, Carolyn Moore, And Blaise Pascal quotes are used along with several scripture references.


“Change priorities: Jesus recruits disciples at the lake.”- Luke 5:1-10.

We hope today is a blessing for you. Today we look at the priorities of the disciples before and after they met Jesus. You might even hear a “The Greatest Showman” reference or two! Want to change priorities for the Lord in your own life?? Start in Luke’s Gospel as we listen to a message titled “Change priorities.”


“Repent: Love does the impossible.”- Luke 4:21-30.

Be sure and add Carroll Springs to your podcast list now on Spotify, Tunein, Alexa, and the Apple Podcast station. Search word is Carroll Springs UMC/Athens. Being letdown by the Lord, the contrast between the anger of the synagogue and Peter in Luke 5, and some Joe Nichols were talked about this morning. Remember to like and share! Have a blessed week.


“Making signs”- 1 Corinthians 12:12-31.

Charles Shultz was one of a kind. His cartoon “Charlie Brown” is loosely based on conversations and thoughts he had with people and himself about the nature of God, life, etc. More than 560 of Schulz’s nearly 17,800 Peanuts newspaper strips contain a religious, spiritual, or theological reference, but he always found his way. Though his comics seem to suggest a lot of questions about faith, he got his start in church somewhere. What happened? What can we learn from him? Can people get their...


“A new era: Jesus changes the water to wine.”- John 2:1-12.

What time are you living in? What does the end of WWII and the Gospel of John story of Jesus changing water to wine have in common? Both events triggered a new era in the lives of the people living in the time. The positive consequences of such events we are living in today. Join us as we preach a message preach a message titled “A New Era: Jesus changes water to wine” using scripture in John 2:1-12.


“You are beloved.”- Luke 3:15-17, 21-22.

Nothing was as hyped or expected as Infinity War in 2018. Months and months of build up. 10 movies or so led up to this film. People came in droves, why? 1. See if it was true to the comics 2. Marvel is the modern day Greek mythology 3. Messiah-Christ figure like comparisons, Thanos comes to destroy and restore. Thanos sits at his farm at the end of the film. Bible professors at SMU even used the film in some of their talks! What they all had in common, was they expected something. The...


“Prompted by Grace”- Matthew 2:1-12.

Self-help books are some of the top selling books in January every year. Yet the Bible reminds us that the Magi came to see Christ child not because of something they read, but what they saw (Matthew 2:2). That means God in his previenent grace allowed some pretty interesting character traits in the Magi to make the trip. What were they? Do we have access to them? Find out in our message titled “Prompted by grace.”


“Pleasing our referee.”- Colossians 3:12-17.

I love sports, mainly because it does not matter what level of play, the game is controlled by the ref. In the Christian life, Christ is our ref who Paul says should “rule in our hearts.”- Colossians 3:15. If Christ is our referee, how do we please Him? Who do we want on our team to please our eternal referee? What do we need to look for in 2019 to bring glory to Christ? Find out as we explore these questions in a message titled “Pleasing our referee” using the text in Colossians 3:12-17....


“The difference the birth of Jesus makes.”- Galatians 4:4-6

What difference does Jesus make in your life? He has made a difference in history in mighty ways, including the formation of the hymn O’ Holy Night, and has made all the difference in the world with my family. We hope in listening with us this morning He continues to make a difference with yours. Merry Christmas! And remember why it matters, as you listen to a sermon titled “The difference the birth of Jesus makes.”