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Uncaged | Week 1 | Freedom in Faith | Jud Wilhite

Message for 10.21.18 | The cage of fear often holds you back from the freedom of faith. And the greatest antidote to fear is faith in the greatest promise of the Bible -- God himself. God is bigger than any fear you face, and He is with you. In this message, we learn how God's presence gives courage to overcome fear and move forward with faith.


The Third Option | Special Guest | Miles McPherson

Video Message for 10.14.18 | Miles McPherson, founder of The Rock Church in San Diego, speaks out about the pervasive racial divisions in today's culture and argues that we must learn to see people not by the color of their skin, but as God sees them—humans created in the image of God.


#RelationshipGoals | Week 5 | Love | Jud Wilhite

Message for 10.07.18 | Love can be an amazing feeling, but it's much more than an emotion. Love is a decision to work for another's good because God has first loved you. Join us as we take a fresh look at how love can unlock all the good you hope to do and the feelings you hope to have.


#RelationshipGoals | Week 4 | Selflessness | Jud Wilhite

Message for 09.30.18 | You have needs for things you can only get from others: intimacy, affection, companionship... and it's God's intent for others to meet those needs. But relationships break down when we bring a 'me-first' attitude to a relationship, rather than a servant's heart. Every relational breakthrough begins when two people decide to put the other's needs ahead of their own and become self-giving rather than self-serving. Goal 4 is to be a servant, even when you want to put...


#RelationshipGoals | Week 3 | Kindness | Jud Wilhite

Message for 09.23.18 | Sometimes we can be more polite to strangers than to the people we know best. We show more courtesy to people we will never see again than to those we see every day. What if you made it a goal to treat those you love most with the most kindness you can muster? It would not only change your relationships, it would change your heart. Goal 3 is to always show kindness, even when things are tense.


#RelationshipGoals | Week 2 | Faithfulness | Jud Wilhite

Message for 09.16.18 | Relationships move at the speed of trust. Trust is built up slowly over time by keeping promises large and small. It erodes as small promises are broken, and trust can be lost completely in a moment. Come learn about the simple value of faithfulness: the slow power to build the relationships you want and to rebuild the relationship you lost. Goal 2 is to practice faithfulness now, to enjoy the rewards later.


#RelationshipGoals | Week 1 | Togetherness | Jud Wilhite

Message for 09.09.18 | Every relationship has problems, but the main problem is often a lack of presence. Life places so many demands on your time and heart, it's easy to lose connection with those who are most important to you. Often, the healthiest thing you can do for those you love is not to work on your problems, but to work on your togetherness. Come be inspired to recapture the feelings you used to have, by recapturing the practices you used to do. Goal 1 is to practice...


Bucket List: (Week 4): Live Worthy

Message for 09.02.18 :: You've been called and commissioned by God. You have a purpose. In this message, we'll consider how to live a bucket list life by living worthy of our calling.


Bucket List: (Week 3): Live Awake

Message for 08.26.18 :: Being alive doesn't mean you're fully awake. In this message we'll look at how to wake up to God, live wisely, and make the most of every opportunity.


Bucket List: (Week 2): Live without Regrets

Message for 08.19.18 :: I wish I would have...could have...should have.... Everybody's got regrets, but we can learn to minimize them. In this message, we'll consider the top five regrets of the dying to help us learn some Biblical wisdom for living.


Bucket List: (Week 1): Live with Perspective

Message for 08.12.18 :: A bucket list is simply a list of things you hope to do before you kick the bucket. In this message, we'll seek a Biblical perspective on the bucket list and learn to number our days so we don't waste our days.


Roadtrip: (Week 10): The Road to Eternal Life

Message for 08.05.18 :: Sometimes we cannot see past the losses and disappointments and it feels like life is over. Following the crucifixion, two believers walked on the road to Emmaus saddened by Jesus's death. They thought life was over, but when the risen Jesus appeared and walked with them, it changed everything. Because Jesus is alive, it's never too late to come alive. The road to eternal life was paved by Jesus.


Roadtrip: (Week 9): The Road to the Good Life

Message for 07.29.18 :: A man once asked Jesus how to get the very best life possible. Jesus tells a story where one person saves another's life, despite racial hatred, simply because he was moved to compassion. The good life does not happen to us, it’s something God does through us. The road to the good life is paved with compassion.


Roadtrip: (Week 8): The Road to a Second Chance

Message for 07.22.18 :: Have you ever needed a second chance? Jesus not only taught, but showed his disciples what a second chance looks like. As we walk the road with Jesus, we get to walk the road toward a second chance.


Roadtrip: (Week 7): The Road to a Second Chance

Message for 07.15.18 :: Join special guest Carlos Whittaker as we take a look at the Bible to see how God wants to give us a second chance.


Roadtrip: (Week 6): The Road to Greatness

Message for 07.08.18 :: How do you move up in the world and increase your influence? Jesus tells his disciples that way you become the greatest is to use whatever influence you have to serve others. The road to greatness is paved with servanthood.


Roadtrip: (Week 5): The Road to Resilience

Message for 07.01.18 :: How do you master situations that seem beyond you? Most people know that Jesus walked on water, but did you know that his disciple Peter did too? And that it was during a violent storm? Peter stayed above the waves so long as he stayed focused on the One who is above all. The road to resilience is paved with faith.


Roadtrip: (Week 4): The Road to Healing

Message for 06.10.18 :: We all have flaws and behaviors we like to keep hidden. But when Jesus meets a man with a deformed hand, he tells him to do the one thing he would not, could not, do: stretch it out. As the man obeys in faith, his hand moves from hidden to healed. The road to healing is paved with revealing.


Roadtrip: (Week 3): The Road to Freedom

Message for 06.17.18 :: How do you break free from the things that are holding you back? When Jesus encounters a paralyzed man he first forgives his sins... and then restores his body. True freedom comes when you are healed from the inside out. The Road to Freedom is paved with forgiveness.


Roadtrip: (Week 2): The Road to Blessing

Message for 06.10.18 :: How do you get in God's favor and experience His blessings in your life? When Jesus met a man named Nicodemus he declared you cannot earned the blessed life, you can only humbly accept it by being born again. The road to blessing is paved with humility.