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NEW EPISODE! CEC, the women's ministry podcast new episode entitled "You" Pleasing People Trouble and Pain. We are going to talk in this first part in regards to being a people pleaser. The problems and pains. Discovery in understanding who "You" are. Do you know who you are? With the increase of suicide, depression and people dying through bullies and those controlling your destiny were not given authority by Abba. Know your value and the value of your oil. Let's discuss this. WANT TO...


CEC The Visit - Part 2

Chayah Eishet Chayil 2nd Annual Summer Scripture Study Session Session One Part 2 - The Visit WE are continuing on this journey of these two women. We are in the final closure of the journey in which Maryam's Tefillah Song is released. What is the recollection and prophetic timelessness between these two women and the fruit of their wombs. Learn about Maryam Tefillah and the adoration she spoke of Yahuah. Why is this so important for us to recollect. Are you Ready? Let's...


CEC-The Visit Episode 1

These two women are indeed relatives, and both have received the grace of Yahuah. Many of us visits sisters, friends and cousins when we hear the news that they are expecting. Their womb was opened and now there is a child to come forth. So what is so exceptional or different in regards to this news that was heard? What is the prophetic timelessness between these two women and the fruit of their wombs. Let me take you on a journey as we look the journey of Maryam. WANT TO KNOW MORE? WAYS...


Influential Woman - Yocheved-Jochebed

Chayah Eishet Chayil presents FALL Scripture Study "Influential Women of The Torah" - This presentation is about Jochebed/Yoheved. According to the Torah, Jochebed (/ˈjɒkɪbɛd/; Hebrew: יוֹכֶבֶד‎ / יוֹכָבֶד‎, Modern Yoḫéved / Yoḫáved Tiberian Yôḵéḇeḏ / Yôḵāḇeḏ ; "Yahweh is glory") was a daughter of Levi and mother of Aaron, Miriam and Moses. She was the wife of Amram, as well as his aunt. A man went from the house of Levi and he took a daughter of Levi. 2 The woman conceived and gave birth...


FALL Scripture Study - Influential Women of The Torah-Maryam

Chayah Eishet Chayil FALL Scripture Study Influential Women of The Torah Episode 1 - Maryam This is the first episode of the FALL Scripture Study for the women's ministry of Chayah Eishet Chayil of Chayah Ministries Global. The series is entitled "Influential Women of the Torah" starting off with Maryam aka Mary who is blessed amongst all women and the mother of Eashoa our kinsman redeemer. Join me as we discuss a woman who was given a Word and replied His Will be done. What did you...


Women of Faith

CHAYAH EISHET CHAYIL SUMMER SCRIPTURE SESSION SESSION 4 WOMEN OF FAITH SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: NUMBERS 27.1-11 Zelophehad's daughters petitioned Moses, Eleazar the priest, the chieftains, and the whole assembly, at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting for their right to inherit his property rights in the Land of Israel. Zelophehad's daughters noted that their father Zelophehad had not taken part in Korah's rebellion, but only died in his own sin. Zelophehad's daughters argued that were they...


The Perfume Bottle

Chayah Eishet Chayil Summer Scripture Study Session The Perfume Bottle I found something interesting and want to share with you. I saw a perfume bottle that was entitled “Our version of ‘perfume brand’” I thought it interesting, as after they put the original perfume brand on the market, are you still getting the original or have they substituted it with a ‘replique / version’ of their original? Is it the original or has it been modified? WANT TO KNOW MORE? Join me as we find out...


CEC Summer Session Two ZIPPORAH

CEC SUMMER SCRIPTURE SESSION SESSION TWO: ZIPPORAH, DEFENSIVE LINE-THE LINE OF DEFENSE Sharing a situation with Zipporah who is the wife of Moshe{Moses] and how she had to be on the defensive line for her husband. We will look at how many of us have to be on the defensive line for your husbands, children, etc. Join me in this episode of Summer Session Two: Zipporah, defensive line. WANT TO KNOW MORE? WAYS TO LISTEN: CEC Podcast Site: chayaheishetchayil's podcast or...


CEC Butterflies in the Garden Session One

BUTTERFLIES IN THE GARDEN... When we look at a butterfly we often admire and say how beautiful they are. Yet, there is much more to them than looks. They have a purpose and an assignment that is divinely placed in them. Join me as I discuss the Butterflies in the Garden…where we look at: These are just a few things that will be discussed in this episode. We as woman have unique traits and similarities to this living flower. Join me as we find out how all of this connects us with as being...


CEC Women of Worth Purpose Praise Worship -Session One

Women of Worth, Purpose, Praise and Worship Session One I Need to Know Who I Am Before Others Know Who I Am or Proclaim to Know Who I Am. Understand the description of a virtuous woman as in Scripture Proverbs 31. Understand my worth, value. Virtuous Woman is a woman of might, power and capacity. The description of a good 'house-mother' attests the honorable position of Israelite women. That is you and me. Women are not seen as persons, they're regarded as products. Why is this? What...


Women of Worth, Purpose, Praise & Worship Series

WOMEN OF WORTH, PRAISE, PURPOSE, PRAISE & WORSHIP Women of Worth, Purpose, Praise & Worship Series This is a new series for the Women’s Ministry of Chayah Ministries Global. I was asked to speak at a Bible Study for Family United International Ministries. This is the prelude for the series and yet, you will be able to glean from this field and place much in your baskets. For we are Women of Worth, Purpose, Praise & Worship.


The Value of Your Oil Part 4 - Dead Flies

The Value of Your Oil Part 4 - Dead Flies HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE HAD YOUR OIL SPOILED BY DEAD FLIES? HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN CARELESS WITH WHICH ADONAI HAS ENTRUSTED TO YOU? NOW YOU SPIRITUALLY STINK? A little foolishness is able to destroy wisdom in your life. A LITTLE COMPROMISE WITH A FLY [SIN] IS ENOUGH TO CORRUPT THE WALK YOU HAVE WITH Adonai and rob you of abundant life. Are there dead flies in your oil? Has demonic spirits worked their way through the weaknesses of flesh and...


The Value of Your Oil - BONUS EPISODE

The Value of Your Oil as this is BONUS episode of the series. Our guest speaker is Apostle Dr. Heloise Sulyans-Gibson, Chaplain, D.D. Her title for this broadcast episode is: "Stop Wasting Your Oil. Wisdom is Life!" Bring your baskets to glean from this field. Indeed the harvest is plentiful. My prayer is that you shall be able to glean from this field today and that your baskets are bountiful Chayah Eishet Chayil. This is the women's ministry podcast of Chayah Ministries Global. Eishet...


The Value of Your Oil Series

The Value of Your Oil as this is Part 3 of the series. In this episode consists the "The Processing of Your Oil." Understanding the process of beating, expression; the olive tree and the black & green olive. The process of expression of the firstfruits/the oil. More importantly, the connection between you and the olive tree. Why the press? Why the necessity of the purity of the oil. My prayer is that you shall be able to glean from this field today and that your baskets are bountiful...


The Value of Your Oil Part 7

The Value of Your Oil: Guest Speaker Apostle Laquetta Holyfield Glaze We will be continuing the discussion on the Value of a Woman's Oil. I am honored to have a guest speaker this evening, Apostle Laquetta Holyfield Glaze We were connected via her sister who was our previous guest speaker: Prophet Tonya Nooks. I hope you are excited to glean from this field the message that is coming forth. Her message is entitled: "I will not leave you powerless." Get comfy, make sure you have...


The Value of Your Oil Part 5

The Value of Your Oil: Guest Speaker Prophet Tonya Nooks We will be continuing the discussion on the Value of a Woman's Oil. I am honored to have a guest speaker this evening, Prophet Tonya Nooks. We were connected via Yehweh as I seen a post from her. It was on time for this series and I invited her to bring what she has felt from Yehweh's heart concerning His daughters, especially women in ministerial leadership. I will be bringing the messages for: Part 3, * Processing of...


The Value of Your Oil Part 2

This is a 7 Part Series of The Value of Your Oil. Tonight's episode: The Anointment Oil (Hebrew: שמן המשחה shemen ha-mishchah, "oil of anointing") (sheh'-men) formed an integral part of the ordination of the priesthood and the High Priest as well as in the consecration of the articles of the Tabernacle (Exodus 30:26) and subsequent temples in Jerusalem. The primary purpose of anointing with the holy anointing oil was to cause the anointed persons or objects to become qodesh, or "most holy"...


The Value of Your Oil

We will be discussing on the Value of a Woman's Oil. Why it is important for you to know it's value and more importantly to know your own value. Understand that there is a correct time to distribute/disperse your oil. Understand whom to distribute/disperse your oil on. Make sure to have your oil vessels ready to be filled and enter in. I look forward to sharing... /SJEB


Chayah Eishet Chayil - Introductory

As I was ready to introduce this podcast there were several situations that occurred that made me more aware of being a Eishet Chayil especially now as I am becoming an elder of the family as a whole. The entire family. This is a pre-launch episode to share of what to expect from this podcast. My prayer that you shall be able to glean from this as this is a partial testimony of my life also. Shulem...Sheliyahh Janet E Brown