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A fun podcast to encourage and equip the everyday Christian to a practical walk with Jesus. Through interviews (and other means) we will draw out the story of faith that inspires the listener to steps of faith of their own.

A fun podcast to encourage and equip the everyday Christian to a practical walk with Jesus. Through interviews (and other means) we will draw out the story of faith that inspires the listener to steps of faith of their own.
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A fun podcast to encourage and equip the everyday Christian to a practical walk with Jesus. Through interviews (and other means) we will draw out the story of faith that inspires the listener to steps of faith of their own.




Episode 27 How a 6 minute habit can change eternity

Do you feel like you are too small, too hurting, too whatever to make a difference? What if something that you could do in 6 minutes would make a difference throughout eternity? In this episode Kevin Senapatiratne shows you how. Show notes at:


Ep 26 Kim Walker-Smith -How to let God into your pain

After a traumatic childhood Kim Walker Smith found healing in the love of Jesus. In this episode we talk about her great new book called Brave Surrender and how you can find your own healing as you trust God. Show notes can be found at:


Ep 25 Rebecca Shirey- A 5 year wild adventure of faith

Rebecca Shirey is a speaker and writer who loves to address life’s challenges with biblical truth and clarity. Her messages has taken her all over the world. In this conversation we talk about how God led her and her husband to move from place to place trusting God over a 5 year period. She shows how each of us can walk into a new place of trust. Show notes are available at:


Episode 24 Todd Marshall -Learning that worship is life

My guest today is Todd Marshall. After 30 years in pastoral ministry God led Todd to start the ministry called Worship is Life. He also has a book by the same name. He speaks around the country (and you will hear around the world) on the fact that Worship is more than the few songs that we sing on a Sunday morning. He is also the Worship Arts Director for the Minnesota District of the Assemblies of God. Show notes at:


Ep 23 Erin Weidemann-5 time cancer survivor and living with an eternal perspective

5 time cancer survivor Erin is the Founder and CEO of Bible Belles and award-winning author of The Adventures of Rooney Cruz series. She is a nationally recognized speaker, and is a part of the Speakers Bureau for World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization. In this episode we have a very wide ranging conversation from learning to change your perspective about the small things in life to her love of hot sandwiches. But at the core of our conversation is how a heart of radical...


Ep 22 Susie Larson-Your Powerful Prayers

Susie is the radio host of Middays with Susie Larson on Faith Radio. She is the author of 15 books and also speaks around the country. In this episode we talk about her book Your Powerful Prayers. Show notes available at:


Ep 21 Scott Hagan-How to have the people we need through life

My guest today is President Scott Hagan of North Central University in Minneapolis MN. He is the author of 6 books and before becoming president of North Central planted and pastored multiple churches. We talk about navigating transition and the important relationships we need in life no matter the season. Great advice on how to build the life and relationships that matter most. Show notes available at:


EP 20 Alicia Britt Chole- The Sacred Slow

My guest today is Dr Alicia Britt Chole. Dr Alicia is a speaker, leadership mentor, and award-winning writer. Alicia has authored eight books including Anonymous: Jesus’ Hidden Years and Yours, 40 Days of Decrease: and we talk about her book The Sacred Slow: A Holy Departure from Fast Faith. Show notes available at


Ep 19 Peter Fischer-Finding Jesus in silence and retreat

Pastor Peter Fischer has been leading silent retreats for pastors for 28 years. We talk about the power of silence and getting away with God. This can help a busy business person or a stay at home mom. We find God in the stillness and in giving Him time. I think this conversation will be challenging for you to come to a rich new experience with God. Show notes at


EP 18- Tim Sanders How to work with others to accomplish good

We have been talking about going on an adventure with Jesus. As part of that process is working with other people. Learning to collaborate with others can make the difference between success and failure of your mission. As John Maxwell says, "One is too small a number to achieve greatness." He also says, “Teamwork makes the dreamwork.” My guest today is going to help you work with other whether you are working with a big company or at home with your kids. Tim Sanders is the executive...


Episode 17 How to start a new adventure with God

Want to start something new with God? Want to go to the next level? Where should you even begin? Join us for this experimental episode to learn two steps you can take today to launch that adventure you were born for! Show notes at:


Episode 16-Dave Butts-Chairman National Prayer Committee

My guest today is Dave Butts -President of Harvest Prayer Ministries. Along with leading this ministry for the past 25 years he is also Chairman of America's National Prayer Committee of which I am a member. Harvest Prayer Ministries helps churches and individuals in their prayer life. Dave is the author of multiple books including The Devil Goes To Church and Pray Like The King. Show notes at


Episode 15-Ron Ruch-The making of a master disciple-maker

One of the last things that Jesus said was go and make disciples. Does that seem like it is for someone else or just beyond your skill set? In this episode we have a little fun. My guest is Ron Ruch. Ron is pastor of discipleship at Emmanuel Christian Center in Minnesota. He has been involved in disciple making for decades. Including hearing his story we dive into the practical aspects where any follower of Jesus can make disciples. Show site-


Episode 14 Mark Renfroe-How to deal with hardship in your life

Mark has been a missionary, an organizational leader, and thought leader in the Middle East and Africa for the past 25 years. He loves the church in all shapes and sizes, and he longs to see Jesus glorified among every people group. He is married to Amy and has four great adult kids.” Along with hearing his story of ending up serving Jesus overseas for over 25 year he perspective on how to stay soft to Jesus in the tough seasons of life. Show notes at


Episode 13 Chris Maxwell-How to hang on to God when you feel underwater

Do you feel like the challenges of life are going to drag you underwater? Or are you helping someone in your life who is? Then this episode is for you. Chris Maxwell was serving the Lord as a pastor when a health issue changed the direction of his life. Now the author of 9 books his practical advice can help you during the challenges that you might be facing today. for show notes


Episode 12- Sam Farina-Having your best year ever

Want to have the year that God wants you to have? Live the purpose that He has for your life? This episode will give you the steps toward that direction. Jam packed with practical actions it can launch you on a journey. My guest is Sam Farina. Sam has been speaking around the world for decades. He has now turned his attention to helping people with coaching. He has a doctorate of ministry with an emphasis in coaching. Lost of resources mentioned-Show notes at


Episode 11 Ron Henderson-The Fitness King-Faith and Fitness

Ron Henderson has been a personal trainer for over 30 years. Now in his 60s he is still in great health. He is also someone who loves Jesus. He is the author of the book Faith and Fitness. In this episode we dive into making the changes you need in your life to experience all that God has for you. Show notes available at


Episode 10 Mark Forrester-How to use Social Media for God Masterclass

My guest is Mark Forrester. Mark Forrester is the senior director of Public Relations and Communications for the General Council of the Assemblies of God. He is also the chairman of the Assemblies of God National Prayer Committee (which I am a member). He is a graduate of Lee University and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He is general editor of Trending Up: Social Media Strategies for Today's Church. Mark and I do a deep dive on how to use your social media for good. Also we...


Episode 9 Mark Alan Schoolmeesters- Bringing creativity to your life

Mark Alan Schoolmeesters is lead worship pastor at Emmanuel Christ Center and leads Emmanuel Live. He has co-written songs with Chris Tomlin, Jesus Culture, Kim Walker Smith and Brandon Heath to name a few. We talk about creativity and how you can grow in creativity to help in your everyday life. This is both by yourself and when working as a group even if just working with your spouse. Learn more about Christ Connection and...


Episode 8 Podcast Update

This week, after publishing the first 7 episodes, I wanted to jump on and give some insight on where I am in the journey. Couple lessons that I am learning. I also give a sneak peak of what is around the corner. Learn more about us at