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140: Distraction, Defeat, Jealousy, and How to Stay in Your Lane (feat. Ryan Hall)

As talented, gifted, and enthusiastic as each and every one of you are, how many of you will be honest and admit that there are days you wake-up wishing you had what someone else has? Or…you wake-up wishing you were someone else? I know I have. Many, many times in my life, I’ve stewed in comparison and jealousy, wishing I had someone else’s talent, someone else’s favor, someone else’s last name, someone else’s income, someone else’s opportunity. And do you know what I was left with? None of...


139: Is Healing Possible Today? Why Are Only Some Healed? Plus Dealing with Disappointment (feat. Randy Clark)

On today’s show, we’re jumping into a subject that has been known to be controversial, misunderstood, and even more misapplied, and that’s the subject of healing. All of us—at one point or another—have dealt with sickness in our body. And undoubtedly, we know and love people who’ve dealt with sickness and disease in their body, whether treatable or terminal. So as disciples of Jesus, that leaves us with many questions oftentimes, questions such as: Is healing possible today or is just a...


138: Kim Walker-Smith on Escaping the Cycle of Pain and Shame through Surrender

The pain and shame of your past, left unchecked, will quickly sabotage your perspective about who you are, your inherent worth, the hope and possibility of your life’s circumstances, and your closest relationships. But the way out of the pain and shame sometimes involves a deep-dive back into it; not to revisit every moment as if for the first time, but as a means to find truth, resolution, and peace, so that you can move forward. Too often, we don’t initially recognize that the scars of our...


137: The Enneagram, Breaking Self-Destructive Patterns, and Returning to Your True Self (feat. Chris Heuertz)

The journey to become the best version of yourself is a dynamic and fluid process that requires a lot of self-awareness and self-observation, and that process can definitely be painful. But I believe the reward in doing so unlocks the unique potential for which all of us have been created. To that, one of the most powerful tools to self-observation and discovery is the Enneagram. Within the last year, we’ve talked with Ian Cron, and most recently, Sleeping at Last’s Ryan O’Neal. But today,...


136: Breaking Dysfunctional Habits, Beating Anxiety, and Why You Need to Declare War on Yourself (feat. Levi Lusko)

Time doesn’t change who you are. Time makes you more of who you are. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is an essential component of living life on purpose. We all have blind spots. Yet, making a conscious effort to see and understand them is a challenge few people embrace. Left unchecked, blind spots will sabotage your potential, especially if you are a leader, because unattended blind spots have a compounding negative effect upon the people you lead. What does this mean? At the end of...


135: An FBI Hostage Agent on How to Negotiate as if Your Life Depended on It (feat. Chris Voss)

One of the greatest relationship skills you’ll ever acquire is the ability to negotiate. But most of the tactics we’ve learned about negotiation don’t really work. Wouldn’t you agree? How did the last negotiation you were in turn-out? Even if it did work-out in your favor, the ability to accelerate in relationship communication is vital…and it could save your life. Our guest today knows negotiation on a level of intensity and pressure many of us will never have to experience. He is Chris...


134: An NBA Legend on 12 Character Qualities You Cannot Live Without (feat. Pat Williams)

Today’s conversation is about character. In 2019, looking at culture, and the chaotic way so many people interact in relationships, on the news, through social media, and in politics, I believe we’re in a society that is in a huge deficit of character. So today, we’re talking about twelve specific qualities of character that you and I should ensure that we employ every single day, especially when no one else is watching. Overlooking the Hudson River on the campus of the United States...


133: Emotional Baggage, Unmet Expectations, Untrue Perceptions, and How to Keep Showing-Up in Relationships (feat. Karen Ehman)

We’re jumping back on the relationships train today to talk all about how to keep showing-up, especially when it seems nearly impossible. I really believe that we need a supernatural measure of strength and love to weather hard times in any relationship. A lot of times, when in turmoil, it’s easy to self-protect or self-promote. I’ll put myself on blast and say that I recluse and self-protect. Enough is enough. But that doesn’t solve anything long-term. In fact, I know how frustrated you...


132: Brian Johnson on When God Became Real through Panic and Anxiety

Anxiety is no joke. Right now in America, nearly 40 million people suffer from some form of panic and anxiety. Worse, a lot of people are embarrassed to seek help and talk about the anxiety they’re experiencing, especially because of the societal stigma often attached to panic and anxiety. Maybe you know the drill: on the outside, everything looks fine. But on the inside, near-suffocating pressure and panic drills-down upon your soul. Cold beads of sweat cascade across your brow…and there’s...


131: Taking Risks in Relationships, Handling Critics, and Silencing Fear (feat. Dr. Randy Ross)

After a really rich three weeks here on the show with Dave and Ann Wilson and Dr. Les Parrott, we’re continuing our relationships series with what I believe is a playbook for developing healthy, value-adding relationships on a personal and professional level. Too many of us go through life self-protecting because of past pain and then overcompensate through self-promotion as an attempt to prove our worth. I’ve definitely been there, because rejection, hurt, and even betrayal is really...


130: Dr. Les Parrott on The Plan You Need to Improve All Your Relationships

The last two weeks here on the show with Dave and Ann Wilson have been explosive. You guys have been talking about those episodes all over the place, and for that, I’m so grateful. This week, I want to take a deeper dive into the practicality of love. What does it look like in disagreement and misunderstanding? How do we love when it seems as though everyone and everything is against us? And how do we love when we don’t feel loved ourselves? This week, our guest is no stranger to...


129: Dave & Ann Wilson on Effective Conflict, Red-Hot Romance, and Pursuit After “I Do”

Last week, authors of the best-selling book, “Vertical Marriage,” Dave and Ann Wilson joined me for part one of this two-part series all about how to build a marriage that lasts—how to build a vertical marriage. Their mission is to share a secret with people that will completely revolutionize both their personal life and their marriage. In fact, one of the takeaway statements they made last week was this: "The issue isn’t that you married the wrong person. The issue is that you’re looking in...


128: Dave & Ann Wilson on How to Build a Vertical Marriage

Many of you listening right now may be thinking, my relationship needs hope, my marriage needs hope; real, lasting hope. Well that’s what today is all about. You see, you can read every relationship book on the shelf, attend every marriage conference in the country, and even do all the right things, but you might get the wrong result and find your relationship on the brink of collapse. That was the case for our guests today. Dave and Ann Wilson are co-founders of Kensington Church, a...


127: You Create the World Around You That’s in You (feat. Cody Wilson and Dave Bauer)

A lot of people walk through life without ever turning the key on the unique purpose for which they were created. Beyond accomplishments, beyond a vocation, and even beyond this thing called a “calling," who you are at the core of your being is rooted in identity. And discovering your identity, according to today's guests, Cody Wilson and Dave Bauer, is a dynamic process that unfolds through relationship with God. These guys are no strangers to persevering through disappointment on their way...


126: Devon Still on What Happens When You Quit Before Time is Up

Today, we’re talking all about developing the grit, tenacity, and perseverance to endure trials in life when they show-up at our doorstep. And our guest today is no stranger to any of that. Devon Still is a former defensive tackle who played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, and New York Jets. As a young professional athlete, he was offered a multimillion-dollar contract to play football, what many would consider a dream. For Devon Still, life has been a journey from one scar to...


125: Jamie Winship on Your Perception of Yourself. Is it a Lie? Or is it Truth?

A decorated, retired police officer in the Metro Washington DC Area, Jamie Winship has spent over 25 years, living in the Middle East, deep in the Muslim world, where he was called upon by the U.S. State Department to subdue and pacify hostile situations and people groups—without force. In a truly covert way, Jamie and his wife Donna found themselves teaching people how to hear from God and live in his Kingdom. Today, Jamie and Donna speak around the U.S. and across the globe. Together, they...


124: Andi Andrew on How Hungry and Humble People Change the World

Andi was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, and in 2002, married her husband Paul in Sydney, Australia. In 2010, her family packed up their lives and moved to NYC to establish Liberty Church, which is now a growing church with multiple communities in the city. But it was in the last couple years, though, that challenges in her own life forced her to answer the question of whether or not she was living as a fake. The death of her mother-in-law and other hardships made her come to terms...


[ENCORE] Ken Coleman on Fighting Rejection, Limiting Beliefs, and Asking Life-Changing Questions

Here’s what’s going down on this week’s show: Ken Coleman, host of the wildly popular EntreLeadership podcast as well as the Ken Coleman Show on Sirius XM is here to talk about his book, One Question: Life-Changing Answers from Today's Leading Voices. In his career, Ken has interviewed many of the greatest influencers of our generation. We’re going to take a deep dive with him into why our ability to ask quality questions has a huge impact upon our personal and professional development....


[ENCORE] Carey Nieuwhof on 7 Things Everyone Experiences and No One Expects

No one sets out in life to end-up feeling depressed and disappointed; empty because of broken dreams. No one wants to find themselves in a place of regret and irrelevance. But it happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? It’s rarely issues of talent or ability that take down people like you and me. Often, it's the issues far beneath the surface. Just look at the news. They’re full of stories of smart, skillful people who were forced out or had to quit. Why? There are seven key challenges that...


[ENCORE] Craig Groeschel on How to Hope in the Dark

Crisis, loss, and disappointment are all things most of us will experience in life. And in the midst of personal hell, I know it’s true—because I’ve lived it—that we can barely take the next step in front of us—like paying bills on time, having normal conversations, or even remembering to eat regular meals. Beyond hopelessness is despair, and that’s an even scarier place to live. I’ve been there too. So how in the world are we even supposed to say the word “hope,” let alone cultivate it in...