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Episode 020 | 5 Email Automation Sequences Your Church Should Have Running TODAY Podcast

We have a special treat for you today! In this episode, we have our very own Church Butler Host and Hero, Kenny Jahng, as he talks about tactical and practical tips in using Email Automation Sequences for your Church! Tune in if you want to know these FIVE types of email sequences you should be running TODAY. Don’t miss out on our previous episodes! To check out the previous Lunch and Learn episodes, here are the quick links on all our platforms. iTunes/Apple Podcast, Twitter, Blog,...


Episode 019 | Nils Smith and Casey Fulgenzi | Church Communications and Marketing Conversations on Instagram Marketing

In today's episode of Lunch and Learn, Kenny sat down with Nils Smith and Casey Fulgenzi and discussed their different strategies for content marketing for churches. Kenny further mentioned an important update about Instagram that will change the way everyone will view this platform up-to-date. Discover what Nils and Casey suggested on how to go around with this Instagram change and how it can better your church's social media strategy. To check out the previous Lunch and Learn...


Episode 018 | Kalamazoo Edition| Church Communications and Marketing Conversations on Church Websites

We’re here at Kalamazoo, Michigan! Bringing you fresh insights on how to improve your church’s websites. On today’s episode, Kenny sat down with DJ Chuang, Tyler Rominger, and Vincent Roman Graham tackling one of the main issues of many churches today. What is one thing every church website should have? The answer is when you tune in to Church Butler’s Lunch and Learn, Kalamazoo Edition. WEBSITES...


Episode 017 | Nils Smith and Casey Fulgenzi | Church Communications and Marketing Conversations

Facebook has been upgrading its platform to give their users a better experience. However, as technology evolves and the demand grows, the options and possibilities are becoming endless. There are several options in maximizing your page's online presence. It could either be using groups or pages. A Facebook group or a Facebook page serves different purposes. It's leaves you to a question: What should I use? What suits my need best? Find out as you listen to today's Lunch and Learn...


Episode 016 | Kenny Jahng | Church Communications and Marketing Conversation about Repurposing your Content

Today's Lunch and Learn is a special treat for every church marketer out there! Stuck? Runnning out of ideas? It's a lot of work to produce high quality content in gaining exposure to your target audience. There are many ways to create valuable things to share with your audience but, how? Start by repurposing your content. In this podcast, Kenny talks about five simple ways to repurpose your content. Tune in now!


Episode 015 | Josh Chambers of Moon March | Church Communications and Marketing Conversation

Do you feel like you're going in circles with your church marketing tactics? Have you tried doing a lot of techniques from different marketers but it still doesn't work? If you want to find the answers for the right way to church marketing, listen to our podcast below. Check it out now! ? To check out the previous Lunch and Learn episodes, here are the quick links on all our platforms. iTunes/Apple Podcast, Twitter, Blog. CONTACT INFORMATION Twitter: @joshchambers Email:...


Episode 014 | Adam Mclaughlin of Life Church | Church Communications and Marketing Conversation About Church Volunteerism

Oftentimes, encouraging people to volunteer can be a pain in a neck. It's either, some are not motivated enough or doesn't have the same passion as you or someone quits. Regardless of the size, every church needs volunteers. It's impossible to build the Kingdom of God without their help. In this podcast, Kenny sat down with Adam Mclaughlin, one of the veterans in the industry to talk about systems and structures on how he grew his social media team from zero to 35 in a span of 6...


Episode 013 | Carl Barnhill of Twelve:Thirty Media | Church Communications and Marketing Conversation About Hashtags

Hashtags are used to connect amongst different users who uses the same tags, not just locally but worldwide. It's a great way to generate buzz on what's the latest happenings anytime, anywhere. Same thing for your church. In this podcast, Carl shares how to leverage the use of Hashtags during worship service and its impact to the congregation and your church. Examples are even given as a bonus! Where, when and how to use hashtags? Find out by checking out the episode below. To check...


Episode 011 | Jackson Garrell of For Ministry Resources | Church Communications and Marketing Conversation About Facebook Ads

Are you looking to use Facebook ads for your church but doesn’t know the do’s and don’ts? Have you thought about not being able to afford a creative team in marketing your church? On this week’s Lunch and Learn series, Kenny explores the five tactics that will help churches crush Facebook ads with Jackson Garrell of For Ministry Resources. Listen as they talk about some practical and concrete ideas that you can start for your church! To check out the previous episodes, here are some...


Episode 010 | Shawn Lovejoy of Courage to Lead | Church Communications and Marketing Conversation About Coaching Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Welcome to another session of Lunch and Learn. In this episode, Kenny interviews the founder and CEO of Courage to Lead, Shawn Lovejoy, tackling issues on coaching leaders to be the best shepherd for their God-given flocks. Tune in as Shawn and Kenny discusses how pastors and ministry leaders attain strength and courage to lead. CONTACT INFORMATION TRANSCRIPTION KENNY: Good day everybody, Kenny Jahng here for another installment here. We’ve got a special treat...


Episode 009 | Nils Smith of TV App Church | Church Communications and Marketing Conversation About Virtual Reality Church

Today’s episode is a special treat! Kenny sat down with digital innovation and all around nice guy, Nils Smith, to talk about a new shift on a the social media paradigm that’s virtually mind-blowing. This interview is packed with new and powerful insights and up-to-date news on tactics and strategies on making your church service more interesting and engaging. Ever heard of an Augmented Reality VR Church Service? Tune in to find out more about what Nils and Kenny are dreaming up these...


Church Butler Podcast | Conversation with Paul Conrad Martin | Episode 008

PAUL MARTIN IN THE HOUSE! Today, we sat down with Paul Conrad Martin of Conrad Know-How for Church Butler's Lunch and Learn series. In this episode, Paul talks about helping churches to get a know-how of the simple things that they need to do for their video marketing strategy. Plus, Paul mentions the importance of incorporating videos on your social media posts, content suggestions and a special ingredient in creating videos effectively. CONTACT INFORMATION Instagram:...


Church Butler Podcast | Conversation with Brian Beauford | Episode 007

Kenny had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Beauford of Ministry Library recently for a Church Butler Lunch & Learn. There’s always so much to learn from Brian - about leadership, efficiency and even team health. As usual, he has a lot of resources and wisdom to share. Check out the interview below! ------ CONTACT INFORMATION: Email: Facebook: Ministry Library Twitter: @ministrylibrary WEBSITES, PRODUCTS, SERVICES MENTIONED: Five Levels of...


Church Butler Podcast | Peter Gowesky of Hope City Church SRQ | Episode 006

Today, Kenny sat down with Hope City Church's Peter Gowesky, talking about how direct mail marketing still works at this day and age. Tune in to know more about how direct mail works and how it can make a difference in your church marketing strategy. CONTACT INFORMATION Email: Facebook: Peter Gowesky iTunes, Stitcher: Hope City SRQ WEBSITES, PRODUCTS, SERVICES MENTIONED Association of Related ChurchesMailworks, Indiana or Michigan HIGHLIGHTS [2:54] Direct...


Church Butler Podcast | Lauren McAllister of First Baptist Church | Episode 005

For today's Church Butler Lunch and Learn, Kenny interviewed Lauren McAllister, Social Media Manager of First Baptist Church. See how much impact Facebook Ad marketing can do for your church. ------ CONTACT INFORMATION: Twitter: @lmichellejax Blog: WEBSITES, PRODUCTS, SERVICES MENTIONED: Facebook AdsBoostPower EditorFacebook Ads Mobile App HIGHLIGHTS [3:35] I feel like the boost post is a money grab from Facebook. It’s for people that really don’t...


Church Butler Podcast | Jeanette Danson Yates | Episode 004

Today, Kenny Jahng sat down with Southside United Methodist Church's Communication Director. Learn how to better connect with your congregation using Facebook Live and more. WEBSITES, PRODUCTS, SERVICES MENTIONED Youtube LiveFacebook Live HIGHLIGHTS [2:15] We have a small group resource, developed by one of our pastors. It’s a real easy, get in get out, get in kind of thing. Kind of a spiritual life, walking through self-examination and perfect for Lent. [2:42] The pastor who...


Church Butler Podcast | DJ Chuang from Get.Bible | Episode 003

In today's Lunch and Learn series for the Church Butler podcast, we sat down with DJ Chuang of Get.Bible who is the Registry Operator of American Bible Society. In this episode, DJ talked about: In this episode, DJ mentioned: NRB conference (National Religious Broadcasters conference), the largest Christian media gatheringYouVersion- Most popular Bible app in the world with over a hundred and twenty million installs.Free.Bible- Fastest and easiest way to share the Bible...


Church Butler Podcast | Chris Abbott from Guts Church | Episode 002

In today's Lunch and Learn series for the Church Butler podcast, we sat down with Chris Abbott of Guts Church who is an expert of Facebook Ads. In the discussion, Chris talked about: Chris Abbott can be reached at or Here's a transcript of the podcast. TRANSCRIPTION Kenny: Hey, everybody. Today, we’re having a Lunch and Learn session that you will never forget. It’s going to be burned in your mind. That’s how awesome this...


Church Butler Podcast | Adam Weber from Embrace Church | Episode 001

In this episode of Lunch and Learn series for Church Butler podcast, we interviewed Adam Weber the Lead Pastor of Embrace Church. Highlights of the discussion: Contact Adam Weber on Twitter, @AdamWeber and on Instagram, @AdamAWeber. Here's a transcript of the podcast. TRANSCRIPTION KENNY: Hey, everybody. This is Kenny Jahng with another installment of our Lunch and Learn series for Church Butler. We’ve had some really good success in finding some topics that you guys have found...