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A salty podcast about witchcraft starring your hosts S. Rune Emerson and Felix Warren. Tune in twice a month for commentary and humor on topics from witchcraft and the occult. Stick around for the session in the end where we answer your questions with an on-air divination and cartomancy demonstration.

A salty podcast about witchcraft starring your hosts S. Rune Emerson and Felix Warren. Tune in twice a month for commentary and humor on topics from witchcraft and the occult. Stick around for the session in the end where we answer your questions with an on-air divination and cartomancy demonstration.
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A salty podcast about witchcraft starring your hosts S. Rune Emerson and Felix Warren. Tune in twice a month for commentary and humor on topics from witchcraft and the occult. Stick around for the session in the end where we answer your questions with an on-air divination and cartomancy demonstration.




Circle of Salt 21: Altar Ego

In this episode, learn how to work with altars for different situations and in different situations. Altars versus shrines, outdoor altars, and why sometimes you'll need to use something else in a ritual besides those damn tealights. If you listen closely, you'll learn one of Felix and Rune's least favorite woo words.


Circle of Salt 20: MagiTech Support

How do technology and magic mix for you? In this episode's dish, we and a special guest discuss technological life in Second Life, and how to make it awesome and magical instead of a garbage fire. For the discourse, we open up that discussion to real life and all the technology in it that we could be doing magic with. The divine segment's questions are all answered with digital decks this episode, because we were hooked on a feeling. Big thanks to Mysterious Shadow for their help editing the...


Circle of Salt 19: I Don't Wanna Be Hell's Favorite Anymore...

In this episode we tackle the subject rocking every angle of the news cycle: evil. Seven deadly sins? We've got those. Apiece. We have extras in case anyone needs trades. That's our salt, and then our discourse is the subject of evil itself: what is it, what does it mean for each of us, and in between evil and good, where is there room for normal?


Circle of Salt 18: Saltwarts Acceptance Letter

Yer a wizard, Harry. And ya know what that means? It means yer a NEWBIE. Here's how to survive that. In this episode: how to ask questions. How not to ask questions??? How to seek out knowledge from others in the community while staying sane and not accidentally tramping all over people's toes in the process, thereby avoiding social catastrophe. And how to assemble a magic system from a deck of tarot cards! Hint: there's a book on that.


Circle of Salt 17: Schmeteronormativity

This near-unpronounceable episode title is brought to you by Rune's dish of salt on heteronormativity in Beltane and getting inclusivity right in pagan holidays instead of horribly wrong. The discourse talks about different ways to adapt the wheel of the year for a personal practice that doesn't fit into all of society's gender, sexuality, or seasonal assumptions. Or: build your own gay Beltane, with blackjack and hookers!


Circle of Salt 16: The Title Is a Secret

The description... is not a secret! The legendary "lost" secret episode is here at last! Recorded in November 2017 before we had awesome theme music, this podcast is all about the magic behind something even more important than gossip.


Circle of Salt 15: Woo Revue! Sigil Witchcraft

In this episode we dish some salt on how we grade Woo Revues before moving on to the main event: our first review of something we were SENT! We are very excited about being sent things! So let us tell you all about Sigil Witchcraft by Laura Tempest Zakroff, and afterwards, we'll have divination for dessert! Check for updates to our schedule made post-recording.


Circle of Salt 14: The Power of Peppermint Compels You!

Yule be glad you listened to this holiday episode of Circle of Salt! We kick it off with a dish of salt about how tired we are of the War on Christmas. Rune shares how to participate in a spell to spread holiday cheer. Then we discuss what we each do for the winter holiday season and how we invent or carry on traditions based on our magical practices and our past experiences. We wrap up with a few presents for listeners: divination-based gifts to help make your season better. Happy holidays!


Circle of Salt 13: The Poisoncage Path

We have an axe to grind about overpricing and artificial scarcity in the occult book and tarot deck fields. We'll discuss the issue from the sides of both consumer and creator and admit just how much we're willing to pay for fancy books. We also just really like the Poisoncage Tarot by Rann, and we're going to tell you how awesome it is and about the new edition of it that's come out recently! (You can check out Rann's upcoming rune deck art and much more at ! )


Circle of Salt 12: Occult Community for Curmudgeons & Introverts

Occult communities can be a hotbed for drama, scandal, and extreme awkwardness. They can also be sources for knowledge, companionship, and growth! Rune and Felix share their occult community war stories and offer some tips and cautions for occultists seeking community both online and locally.


Circle of Salt 11: Shake Your Tabooties

This episode is all about the intersection of witchcraft and taboos. What is a taboo? Why would a witch worry about taboos at all? Is every single Ouija board really a portal? Why do normal people make such a big deal out of necromancy? Find these answers and more in Circle of Salt's legendary "lost episode!" (Publishing was delayed by a couple of weeks due to technical errors.)


Circle of Salt 10: Skeletons Pop Out

It's the holiday episode! In this show, Rune and Felix wax pumpkin spice poetic about why Halloween is awesome, for witches especially, in an attempt to rekindle the Halloween Spirit. Advice is given for solitaries who want a deeper, structured practice free from the horrors of social interaction.


Circle of Salt 09: Introducing Two Salty Witches

We've decided to release an introduction episode where you can get to know us. To maximize confusion and reduce clarity, we waited to do so until nine episodes into the show. The divination segment includes advice on starting spirit work with confidence.


Circle of Salt 08: Roommates and Other Infestations

How do you deal with roommates when you practice magic? What are good ways to ward your space when cohabiting, and what are some really bad ones? Do you want to hear us dish salt about crappy roommates we've had? This episode is a double-dish, half dwelling-based protection tips and half advice on living with others (or banishing them into another plane of existence).


Circle of Salt 07: We're Not Saying It's Aliens...

Witch poet T. A. Noonan joins us on the podcast this episode to dish salt on celebrities being public about their witchcraft and that whole mainstream "witch fad." The main discourse is on how each of us approach working with Greco-Roman entities in a non-reconstructionist manner, how we developed those practices, and the complexities of working with anything traditional when you're a witch.


Circle of Salt 06: Edumagication

This episode focuses on teaching magic. The intro segment focuses on how to ask the best questions of resource blogs and teachers and how to actually Google on magic and spirits. The main discourse is Rune and Felix's advice for teachers and those who aspire to teach: what to expect, how to have the best experience teaching, and how to give your students the best learning experience. There are also tips on how to evaluate prospective teachers.


Circle of Salt 05: Getting Inspired for Geekomancy

Wrapping up our geekomancy podcast trilogy, this episode focuses on how pop culture can teach your magical or spiritual practice to you. It starts with a dash of salt on what items we wish witchy and geeky shops would or could carry and ends with reflections on how long geekomancy has been part of our magical practices.


Circle of Salt 04: Witchstuck

Joining us on our second geekomancy podcast is guest Jasmine White ( ) as we all discuss questing for power via Homestuck-based pop culture magic. Learn how a webcomic can teach you about your personal magical paradigm and unlock your occult potential. The dish of salt is on the pratfalls of fandom tarot projects.


Circle of Salt 03: We're All Nerds. Shut Up Sheldon.

Our first Geekomancy/Pop Culture Magic podcast kicks off with salt on magical practitioners who have pop culture inspired practices but look down on geekomancy. From there we discuss how you can start doing geekomancy and how to make it part of your magical practice. We wrap it up with over 30 minutes of divination for listeners. Show notes are at since we made a lot of references in this episode.


Circle of Salt 02: Tarot Deck Sins and Hell's Memes

In this episode Rune dishes salt about the sins of the tarot publishing industry's printing processes. This segues into a review of the Silhouettes Tarot and discussion of rare decks and the tribulations of indie deck publishing. The episode wraps up with the most important question: are there memes in Hell?