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Inspire. Transform. Create




The Importance of Patience in the Game of Manifestation

This is a passage taken from my ebook, 21 Days of Inspiration: Daily Wisdom for Living an Inspired Life. You can read the passage below or listen to my podcast about my personal experience of having patience. There is a line in A Course in Miracles that says, “Infinite patience produces an immediate result.” It may seem to contradict itself at first glance, but looking at it from a spiritual perspective it makes total sense. When we become overly attached to a specific outcome we feel...


Becoming More Compassionate Towards Ourselves: Interview with Lorelie Luna

Last week on my train home there was a homeless man giving a speech. He was asking for some spare change so that he could afford a shelter for the night. He looked sad and he had been apologizing throughout the entire time, saying he was sorry that he bothered us and so on. I looked around the train, most people didn’t want to meet his eyes. I know there may be people who think this man was probably a drug addict or a “professional” beggar. But I also know there are many people who were...


Why it is ok if you don’t know what EXACTLY is your passion or purpose of life

In my late twenties, I was being told that I should focus on one particular profession or interest, as having many of them in life may sabotage my future. On one hand, I wanted to take that advice because it came from someone who is rather accomplished in her profession. But on the other hand, I felt that is NOT the answer for me and I felt there is a bigger story behind it all. But I just didn’t know how to articulate and explain all the connections between my choices and subsequent...


Why you should never give up on your dreams: Interview with Denise Jarvie

Whenever I struggle with something, I always look for real-life stories that will lift me up and inspire me to keep going when the going gets tough. One of the stories always stands out for me is J.K. Rowling before she becomes known as the author of the Harry Potter series. She was suffering from depression and poverty as a single mother. The only thing she knew is true for her is her love of writing. Hers was certainly not an overnight success story as she has been struggling for years....


How to overcome imposter syndrome with 3 simple facts

I remember when I first started out as a coach, some days I would feel so pumped and thrilled to work with my clients. But somedays I would feel doubtful and ask “Who am I to do this?” or “What if they don’t like what I have to say?”. I love it when I could see the expression of my clients' faces started to shift, or their voices lifted and I knew they were feeling inspired and confident with their next move. The strange thing is, how I felt beforehand didn’t really affect the result. Once I...


What food cravings mean emotionally? Interview with Vicki Cook

In my interview with raw food educator and personal coach Vicki Cook, we talked about what various types of food cravings may mean emotionally. We are all different and what we need physically and emotionally are different too, but there are some generalization that can apply. For instance, when we crave for chocolate, it tends to be about wanting to feel loved. Many of us find soft white bread as a source of comfort food. Personally, when I crave for crunchy things, it tends to be because I...


Gratitude is the Gateway to Joy and Success

People often ask me how did I get the idea to put my work into my book “Goddess with Many Faces”. The truth is, I didn’t. I have been researching, working and teaching about subconscious mind, archetypes, the wisdom of the goddess myths, and how to find your personal myth as a way of coaching and empowering people. It was, however, not in my conscious mind to put everything together into a book, but the universe has a plan to lead me into doing it. Back in December 2015, I went to visit the...


Starting over: How to create new beginnings – an interview with Kathy Wong

We all have to face this challenge at some point in our life, whether it is about our relationships, career or business changes, moving to another location or into a new home. I certainly had a few of these "Starting over" episodes. I moved from Hong Kong to Norway, then to London, then Adelaide, Brisbane and eventually Sydney. I have been through a few relationships and career changes, and I can confidently say that starting over can be a really exciting event but it can also be such a...


Why should you stop procrastinating and try these 3 strategies to overcome your resistance to change

Why should you stop procrastinating ? We have all experienced procrastination. We know what we need to do, and we know what is good for us, but we just don’t do it, or cannot bring ourselves to finish what we’ve started. Your scenario may be about finishing a book you have been writing or wanting to write. Or you may have been trying to set up a non-profit or business for ages. It seems to take forever to finish that website or write that newsletter- the way you like it. You may have heard...


Discovering crystals and energy healing: Interview with Shelley McConaghy

Some people need to see it before they believe it. Some people believe it and they see it. Since I was a little girl, I love to play with the energy between my hands, I didn’t know what it was about, but I just love that pausing sensation. As I came to learn about crystals and how they also contain energy, I was intrigued. Growing up in Chinese culture, the concept of “Chi”, which means energy, is something rather common and natural to us. Chi Gong is a very well known and widely practiced...


Feminine Spirit Masterclass & Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

In this masterclass, I spoke about our Feminine Spirit, how important it is to understand and balance our feminine and musculin energy within us, in fact, that is what the sacred union is really about. Also, how the role and expectations of women have been changing in the last 100 years and interestingly, how Goddess was actually the first deity to be worshipped since the beginning of mankind. I asked this question deep in our heart: "Who are we?" and "Who am I"? If you would like to get a...


Career Change: How to Find Passion and Purpose in Your Work

It is no longer a rare occurrence that most of us have more than one career change in our adult life. With the rapid changes in information technology and artificial intelligence, more and more likely we will face more opportunities and triggers that would launch us into a new career. In fact, we often hear new professions and businesses emerge in today’s world. Sometimes it may be a slight change, say from a copywriter to become a published author. Sometimes it can be a big jump, like my...


How to handle disappointments and down days

It happens to everyone. There are days we don't feel as cheerful and positive as usual. Sometimes we feel disappointed or sad because something has happened or not happened in the way we hoped for. We may have missed an opportunity or made a mistake. Someone may have hurt our feelings, or we regret certain things we did or said. No matter how successful, healthy, wealthy or having it all together you may be, there are not-so-sunny days in life. But the thing is, sometimes we don't want to...


How to become truly empowered?

In this week's podcast, you will find my personal updates (my eating adventures in China) and my interview about true empowerment with Ashlee Noonan from Perfect Potion. I am super excited and honoured to be speaking at their special event for The International Women's Day 2019. If you in the Brisbane area, come and check out the Masterclasses: Aromatherapy and Feminine Spirit on the 9th of March. I will be taking a group of woman on a mystical and archetypal journey to talk about Heroine...


How to embrace change and authentic success with Deborah Shepherd

I interviewed my dear friend and colleague, Deborah Shepherd, about her many soul adventures in life. In 2011, she left behind a big corporate career to become a purpose-driven and spiritual entrepreneur and business leader. She founded the Embrace Life Festivals and ran it across NSW Australia for about 6 years. She nurtured and mentored a community of health & wellness practitioners and created a movement called the Gratitude. She is now planning to launch Soul Advisors in Australia, a...


Women in Transition

We all go through transitions. It is inevitable and they are meant to be soul-enriching. But there are times that it doesn’t feel that way. In this blog, I offer a few suggestions to help women to navigate and go through their transitions.