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Ep: 44 - Gender, Tennis & Tyranny?

Famous tennis player, Martina Navratilova, says "transgender women are cheating" when they compete in women's leagues. Martina, herself a lesbian, felt the "tyranny" from lgbtq and major heat for voicing her opinions. REFERENCES Percentage of Men and Women in Professions...


Ep: 43 Approaching Islamic Psychology - Dr. Abdallah Rothman

Dr. Abdallah joins me again to approach theory and practice of Islamic psychology. AN intro to how it works and what principles can help believers find more peace and flow through life challenges. Los Angeles Area Conference on Islamic Psychology (Feb 8-11, 2019) International Association of Islamic Psychology Support CwK Podcast


Happy New Years 2019!

*Time is something you can't get back or buy more of. *Know yourself as a creature in need and reduce your pain in life. FIRST EPISODE OF 2019! TUNE IN NOW! 99 Names Support this podcast! CwK website Work with Karim


Ep: 42 - Islamic Medicine - Hakim Archuletta

Hakim Archuletta shares his wisdom on 'Islam as a medicine'. Sidi Hakim starts by telling us about his personal and professional journey to Islam and how he became a healer and teacher of natural medicine. He shares ideas and tips to improve health and spiritual traditions and homeopathy. He has over 30 years of experience as a homeopath, educator and counselor in the U.S.A. and internationally. Work with Hakim Keep this Podcast Brewing!...


Ep: 41 - Reminder to Remember- Mohamed Serageldin

Mohamed Serageldin joins me to discuss conscious remembrance of the Divine, known in Islam as Dhikra. We learn more about his journey to Egypt and the path he took after leaving a corporate job. He shares about his work to help people learn Arabic (Arabic Square) and his company Basmala Beads that provides uniquely crafted prayer bead collections. Please support dhikra of Allah today at Kickstarter! (ends 01/03/18) Get some...


Ep: 40 - Trauma and Mindfulness - Sarwang Parikh

Sarwang Parikh joins me with some Chai to teach us more about the nature of trauma. We learn about his upbringing, Indian culture, the Vedic tradition and his therapeutic specialties. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and works with Seeds of Awareness. Sarwang incorporates mindfulness meditation in his work and provides a short exercise in the show. Sarwang's Work Support this Podcast Work...


Ep: 39 - Pornography Addiction and Recovery

In episode 39 Karim shares insights on pornography addiction in the Muslim community and the theme of intimacy and attachments disorders. What you will learn: 1) Definition of porn addicts and what they do. 2) Possible causes for porn addiction. 3) Why making Tauba (repentance) is not always enough. 4) Why intimacy and attachment disorders may be common cause. 5) Demystification of the value of pornography. Support this podcast for as little as $1/month at:


Ep 38: Muslim Rock Band - 7 Stations

Muslim musicians Muhammad and Meek join me to discuss their debut album Electric Diwan and more about their new band 7 Stations. They combine modern melodic rock with classical poetry that praises the prophet Muhammad and Allah. Get their album today! Check out 7 Stations first music video! Support his podcast for as little as $1/month at:


Ep: 37 - LGBTQ & Islam Rebooted - Dr. Shadee Elmasry

Show Description In Ep 37 Dr. Shadee expands on his responses from the article he coauthored with Dr. Johnathan A.C. Brown on LGBTQ and Islam Revisited. Later we get into topics of American Muslim social and religious priorities, parenting and the importance of knowing the Names of Allah. Dr. Shadee Elmasry is an American Muslim scholar, teacher and podcaster at Safina Society. He studied Arabic Maliki fiqh, usul, aqida and suluk. Dr. Elmasry has received a masters and PhD in religious...


Ep: 36 - LGBTQ & Islam Revisited - Dr. Jonathan A.C. Brown

Dr. Jonathan A. C. Brown is a Director of Research at Yaqeen Institute, and an Associate Professor and Chair of Islamic Civilization at Georgetown University. He is the editor in chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and the Law, and the author of several books including Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenges and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet's Legacy. We begin our conversation with Karim's Five Fun Questions and topics of Islam law. At 27min: we discuss his article LGBTQ & Islam...


Ep: 35 - Muslim Women & Feminism - Zara Faris

Zara Faris is a very empowered Muslim woman! She has debated feminism with former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, journalist Julie Bindel, academic Ziba Mir-Hosseini, and Marina Mahathir (daughter of the former Malaysian Prime Minister). She has also debated ‘This House Believes Sharia Law is fairer than English law’, with an English Law Judge and QC. Zara and her colleague won the motion on vote change. She is currently writing her first book, “Women’s Rights Without Feminism”. Zara's...


Ep: 34 - Islam, Psychology and Happiness

Karim is interviewed by the Boys in the Cave Podcast to discuss the field of psychology, Islamic approaches to the self and unpacks notions and tips regarding happiness and depression. Support this Podcast Today! Get personal support today. Support Boys in the Cave!


Ep: 33 - Muslim Podcasters - The Mad Mamluks

The Mad Mamluks team joins me for a coffee to discuss their experiences as Muslim podcasters. We go through Karim's five fun questions to get a more personal side of the MM team followed by their reflections and sharing of profound themes from their 2017 guests. Support the Mad Mamluks today! Support this Podcast Today! Get personal support today.


Ep: 32 - ADHD, Youth & Yoga - Scott Fischer

Scott Fischer joins me to discuss several topics pertaining to male youth. Scott is a licensed therapist with a background in east-west psychology and somatic psychology. He specializes in social anxiety, cannabis dependence, ADHD and mentoring youth through life transitions. Scott is also a yoga practitioner and instructor in Berkeley California. Scott's page. Support this Podcast Today! Get personal support today....


Ep: 31- P.U.B - Dr. Ahmed Serageldin

Dr. Ahmed Serageldin joins me for a special father's day show! We discuss Dr. Ahmed's paradigm of P.U.B. (Principle of Universal Balance)which reflects axioms of creation as found in the Quran. Dr. Ahmed has a PhD in theoretical physics, was a professor in different Boston universities for many years and later his career focused on R&D and systems engineering architecture and design. His latest pending patent is an alternative laser-based global positioning and navigation system. Join us for...


1 Year Anniversary!

1 Year Anniversary! Karim gives thanks and shares the top countries and cities of listeners of the show and announces what is coming up this year! Help Sponsor this Podcast Today! Need custom personal or relationship consulting? Visit


Ep: 30 - Ramadan- Self Diagnosis

Ramadan Mubarak! Karim shares reflections and insights to optimize Ramadan. He discusses the tension between spirit and body and how the ego (nafs) is a product of this duality and our choices. Support this Podcast Today!


Ep: 29 - Spiritual Quest - Dr. Abdallah Rothman

Dr. Abdallah Rothman is a Licensed Professional Counselor. His doctoral work is based on research and formulation of approaching counseling from within an Islamic paradigm that is grounded in the knowledge of the soul from the Islamic tradition. He shares how he traveled the world and sat with Gurus, Rabbi's, Monks and Rastafarians during his spiritual quest. Support this Podcast Today! Abdallah's Counseling Site International...


Ep: 28 - American Islam -Ustadh Joe Bradford

Ustadh Joe Bradford is an American scholar of Islam, instructor, and ethical investments advisor. He regularly lectures on topics such as Islamic Finance, Shariah Law, legal theory, and financial ethics. This enlightening conversation discusses several pertinent themes including: Is there such thing as a "pure Islam?" How to differentiate between cultural, political and religious truths in Muslim experience. Is there such a thing as American Islam? The importance of seeking knowledge and...


Ep: 27 - A Man Amongst Men - Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. is the son of one of the leading scholars and clinicians that formulated a therapy approach for individuals with unwanted same sex attraction and behaviors. We discuss the nature of this therapy and topics such as the difference between homosexuality and being gay, gender and sexual fluidity and how this approach has helped many clients. Furthermore we unpack some of the controversy that causes tension between science, society and political correctness. Dr. Joseph Jr...