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These podcasts are from livestreams that I broadcast about topics of discussion in the "We Talk Truth" group. For more information see or search for the group on Facebook.

These podcasts are from livestreams that I broadcast about topics of discussion in the "We Talk Truth" group. For more information see or search for the group on Facebook.
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These podcasts are from livestreams that I broadcast about topics of discussion in the "We Talk Truth" group. For more information see or search for the group on Facebook.






Cogitations e94: about some specifics on MDR

Marriage, divorce, and remarriage (MDR) is an emotionally charged doctrine. Sometimes we have to take a stand against people teaching error. In this episode I talk about some error being taught and we look at what Jesus said. Listen all the way to the end when I speak very briefly about Romans 7:1-3. If you like what we do and want to help,


Cogitations e93: about Jesus

Inspired by a listener comment, in this episode we discuss Jesus. Do you want to know more about Jesus? This episode is not nearly sufficient. Read and read the gospel accounts in the New Testament. This episode of Cogitations is just some of my musings. I hope you are edified.


Cogitations e92: about a dangerous trend

Based on a couple of articles I have read recently, this podcast is on how one views the authority o the Bible. Do you think the Bible allows everything it doesn't expressly forbid? This dangerous way of thinking is showing up more and more in sound congregations and then causing them to be unsound.


Cogitations e91: about being slow to speak

In today's fast paced world of instant gratification it seems that impulsivity is rewarded.This is not how God would have us to be. We are to be swift to hear and slow to speak. This episode of Cogitations considers this issue.


Cogitations e 90: about grace, grief, and getting over it

This episode was kind of different. It was just me...cogitating on some things. Hopefully you will be blessed. Thanks.


Cogitations e89: about commonly used Bible passages

Have you ever heard someone say, I don't like to use that passage to teach that because folk use it all the time?" Why would frequency of use dictate whether or not we use a passage? Is the Word of God limited in power so we can only use certain passages a finite number of times? Hopefully you will enjoy this episode of Cogitations. Let me know what you think.


Cogitations e88: about shooting our wounded

There seems to be an epidemic of vitriol and adversarial interactions between folk who should be brethren. The remedy for this is empathy. This is taught in Scripture. Sometimes when one is fallen instead of taking the time to restore we simply destroy. We shoot our wounded. take a listen to this episode of Cogitations and see if you feel the same way. Also, if you like what we do and want to help out consider becoming a patron


Cogitations e87: about gossip

Today's episode is from a question from a listener. When does something become gossip? In light of that we take a look at gossip as a whole. We also look at the damage it can do and why it is such an egregious sin.


Cogitations e86: about disfellowshipping

Disfellowshipping is not church discipline nor is the principle scriptural. What is scriptural? Does the Bible tell us what church discipline is and looks like? Do we have a scriptural term that adequately conveys what happens in church discipline? These questions are answered in this extra episode of Cogitations.


Cogitations e85: about imputed righteousness

Yesterday I made a mistake in my podcast. Today we are talking about imputed righteousness because of my mistake. What is imputed righteousness? Are Christians today imputed righteousness? Take a listen and let me know what you think.


Cogitations e84: about the Pharisees

In this episode I talk a little about the Pharisees. Namely, about their legalism or self-righteousness. Were they actually legalist? They were certainly self-righteous as Paul, the apostle, said. Hopefully you will enjoy this episode. Also, I make a mistake in this episode. Normally I leave the mistakes in there but this time was different. I actually just get something wrong. It happens, I am human and not inspired. Anyway, I hope you will forgive the janky edit and correction. Tomorrow's...


Cogitations e83: about an acceptable margin of error

Many times Christians think about sin with the idea of an acceptable margin of error. How does God think about sin? Do you think He allows for an acceptable margin of error? Take a listen to this episode of Cogitations and let me know what you think.


Cogitations e82: about online evangelism

This episode's topic is because of a conversation I had with a dear friend. He is wanting to do more online. I would encourage everyone to do more for Jesus in any way they can. It just so happens that online is the easiest way to reach masses of people. Take a listen to this episode and let me know what you think.


Cogitations e81: about etiquette in communication

Folks, I communicate with allot of different people from allot of different walks of life VERY often. Almost so much as to use the qualifier, "all the time." I have noticed several constants about communication over the years, especially in online communication through social media. Take a listen to this episode of Cogitations about some ideas and observations about etiquette in communication and let me know what you think.


Cogitations e80: about God and miracles

This is the second part of the episode from the other day. The questions on the table is, does God do miracles today. Many think that those who teach that He does not put Him in a box. In this episode we show this to be opposite and that those who teach that God performs miracles are actually the ones putting Him in a box and limiting His magnificent power.


Cogitations e79: about water baptism

I know...I have done this episode before. Well, it needs to be done again. We need to revisit certain topics from time to time. This was a listener request. There is so much confusion out there about water baptism and what it does and why. Take a listen to this episode of Cogitation the set me know what you think. My position is that water baptism is necessary for salvation and one who is not properly baptized according to the guidelines set forth in Scripture will not spend eternity in...


Cogitations e78: about modern day miracles

The legitimacy of modern miracles seems always to be a topic of discussion when people gather who believe in God. In this episode of Cogitations we look at what the Bible says. The Bible has much to say on the issue.


Cogitations e77: about some nuts and bolts of personal evangelism

This episode is an answer to a listener question. How do we start a conversation with a complete stranger about Jesus? Well, we don't. I know that sounds weird or counterintuitive, however, the idea is we make strangers into acquaintances, then we build from there. If you have been struggling with personal evangelism hopefully this episode of Cogitations will help you out.


Cogitations e76: about withdrawal of fellowship

This episode is in answer to a question posed in the We Talk Truth group. It was intended to focus on withdrawal of fellowship of the guilty party in a divorce situation or from a couple who were in an adulterous relationship but ended up being a podcast about church discipline in general. All the principles can be applied to anyone in sin who is trying to set themselves forth in the community as in a right relationship with God through Jesus.


Cogitations e75: about making no provision for the lust of the flesh

We have been talking about lust and sin. In this episode we look at the idea of how our minds work with our actions to produce sin. We are to conform to the Word of God not to the world. Paul said to make no provision for the lust of the flesh. Listen to this epidote of Cogitations to hear some practical suggestions on this subject.