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These podcasts are from livestreams that I broadcast about topics of discussion in the "We Talk Truth" group. For more information see or search for the group on Facebook.

These podcasts are from livestreams that I broadcast about topics of discussion in the "We Talk Truth" group. For more information see or search for the group on Facebook.
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These podcasts are from livestreams that I broadcast about topics of discussion in the "We Talk Truth" group. For more information see or search for the group on Facebook.






Cogitations e108: about my absence

Thanks so much for the prayers and well wishes. They mean so much to me. This week I will be releasing content this week sporadically as I will be traveling to the Mighty Man Retreat in South Georgia. This episode is simply an update about that and a plea with a call to action. Hope you enjoy, thanks.


Cogitations e107: about mechanical instruments in praise to God

This is a very controversial topic. It does not matter on which side of the issue you find yourself you will be in league with folk who clearly have a love for God's Word and folk who just like to bicker and argue. Regardless of the issue we need to trust that everyone who discuss the Bible is doing so in order to come to a better understanding of God's Word. This podcast attempts to answer 10 commonly given objections to the doctrine that using mechanical instruments of music in worship to...


Cogitations e106: about the simplicity of the gospel

So often we want to complicate things. Usually is something is too simple we think it is too good to be true. I wonder if this is why there is so much confusion in modern christendom?


Cogitations e105: about enemies of the cross

There was an exchange between myself and someone who wanted to be a teacher. In speaking about folk who do not follow the Bible I said, they may be enemies of the cross but they are not our enemies. This is straight from Scripture. This fellow had a problem with the statement. Before it was all over he had affirmed that the church of Christ is a denomination and that the church of the first century is non existent on earth today. Listen to the podcast and let me know what you think. I...


Cogitations e104: rerun episode about the gift of the Holy Spirit

Sorry folk, local work got the best of me today and I am having to air a rerun. This episode was specifically requested and I got allot of good feedback from it. Let me know what you think. Do you shy away from discussion about the Holy Spirit? Is it just too confusing or difficult? Have you been told that the topic is too taboo or mystic to even understand? In this episode we discuss the gift of the Holy Spirit and what that means or meant to humanity in the first century. Let me know if I...


Cogitations e103: about forgiveness and the prodigal son

When we read the parable of the prodigal son we read about an illustration of how to treat someone overtaken in a fault and we read how NOT to treat them. Is there anyone overtaken in fault in your life? How are you treating them or how are they being treated? Give a listen to this episode of Cogitations and let me know what you think. If you like what we do and want to be a part of it,


Cogitations e102: about everything I do being worship

This episode is a viewer request. Does the Bible teach that everything someone does is worship? In this episode we discuss what constitutes worship and discuss the difference between service and worship. If you like what we do and want to support it,


Cogitations e101: about priorities

With all the talk about particular academic pursuits I wonder if we have skewed our priorities? What of the man who is in the world trying to be a good husband, father, employee? Is his life greatly affected by these pursuits? What if we just teach him what the grace of God that has appeared unto all men, how to live soberly, righteously, and godly? If you like what we do, you can be a part of it at


Cogitations e100: about the We Talk Truth group

In the 100th episode I sort of pay homage to the WTT group. After all, without the WTT group there would be no Cogitations podcast. The discussion is about what the WTT group was started and the good it has done and the purpose of it. Hope you enjoy.


Cogitations e99: about the safe in Christ

A question was asked the other day in the WTT group concerning folk who are mentally handicapped. How can they be saved if they can't understand the Bible? That is a very good question. Not only do we discuss this in this episode but we also get into a question from a live viewer about whether or not one who has never heard the gospel will be in heaven. If you like what we do and want to help, If you want some really good coffee,


Cogitations e98: about what must we know in order to be saved

So often do I hear lessons and see conversations online about what we must do in order to be saved that I am afraid we neglect what we must know. It may be no wonder that we are accused of teaching a works salvation. Take a listen to this episode and let me know what you think. If you like what we do and want to be part of it,


Cogitations e97: about doing it God's way

How important is it to do things God's way? To hear some, the answer is, not very. In this episode I discuss the problem of this way of thinking. Is it all that serious the we fudge a little on the details as long as we get the big picture stuff? If you like what we do and want to help,


Cogitations e96: about our reaction to questions asked

This episode touches on how to be like Jesus when we see or hear a question. Do we impugn the motives of the asker or the validity of the question itself? Take a listen to this episode and let me know what you think.


Cogitations e95: about emotionalism

I didn't know what to call this episode so I called it, about emotionalism. In this episode I cogitate about the way I see folk who claim christendom interact with one another when they disagree. Just because someone may be an enemy of the cross does not mean they are my enemy. Listen and let me know what you think. We are going to have another promotional giveaway for the podcast. It will be epic. It will be exclusively for the patrons. You can become a patron at...


Cogitations e94: about some specifics on MDR

Marriage, divorce, and remarriage (MDR) is an emotionally charged doctrine. Sometimes we have to take a stand against people teaching error. In this episode I talk about some error being taught and we look at what Jesus said. Listen all the way to the end when I speak very briefly about Romans 7:1-3. If you like what we do and want to help,


Cogitations e93: about Jesus

Inspired by a listener comment, in this episode we discuss Jesus. Do you want to know more about Jesus? This episode is not nearly sufficient. Read and read the gospel accounts in the New Testament. This episode of Cogitations is just some of my musings. I hope you are edified.


Cogitations e92: about a dangerous trend

Based on a couple of articles I have read recently, this podcast is on how one views the authority o the Bible. Do you think the Bible allows everything it doesn't expressly forbid? This dangerous way of thinking is showing up more and more in sound congregations and then causing them to be unsound.


Cogitations e91: about being slow to speak

In today's fast paced world of instant gratification it seems that impulsivity is rewarded.This is not how God would have us to be. We are to be swift to hear and slow to speak. This episode of Cogitations considers this issue.


Cogitations e 90: about grace, grief, and getting over it

This episode was kind of different. It was just me...cogitating on some things. Hopefully you will be blessed. Thanks.


Cogitations e89: about commonly used Bible passages

Have you ever heard someone say, I don't like to use that passage to teach that because folk use it all the time?" Why would frequency of use dictate whether or not we use a passage? Is the Word of God limited in power so we can only use certain passages a finite number of times? Hopefully you will enjoy this episode of Cogitations. Let me know what you think.