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Debunking Modern-Day Motherhood Myths

Host of The Mom Show on KSL Newsradio, Lindsay Aerts, explores modern-day motherhood myths; how social networking, media images, and other messages can make moms feel inadequate. She explores myths such as enjoying motherhood all the time, the myth that what you're seeing on TV and on social media is true to reality, and the myth that there's one right way to parent. She explores how these myths are widening the gap between what we think is possible in motherhood and how our lives really...


Into All the World

President Russell M. Nelson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and their wives, Wendy Watson Nelson and Patricia Holland will embark on a trip on April 10th, that will literally take them around the world. They'll travel to London, Israel, Africa, Thailand and China as part of the 13-day trip. It isn't the first time a church President has traveled like this, but it's been more than a decade. For President...


Seeking a Path to Safety

“Seeking a Path to Safety” is a conversation between KSL’s Amanda Dickson and the leading thinkers from law enforcement, mental health, government and family about how we can keep our schools safer – and not just our schools, but our churches, theaters and other public places. How do we help the young people who have grown up never knowing a time when “school shooting” was not a thing? What can we do when we know someone who seems dangerous? What part of the puzzle is arming our...


Boosting Our Boys Grades

Nationally, 61 percent of college graduates are women; in Utah, girls own an 11 percent lead in Sage testing when it comes to Language Arts. This is just a snapshot of the worldwide problem where boys are being left behind academically, while girls are flourishing. Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic talk to experts to help determine the cause of the gender grade gap and some possible solutions to that will benefit boys without negatively affecting girls.


Forgiveness and Health

The bible commands us to forgive others, and, according to some research, your health may depend on it. Doctors say letting go of grudges and bitterness can make way for happiness, health, peace, better relationships, and greater spiritual, physical and mental well-being. But not forgiving can cause anxiety, stress, and hostility. During this hour, Dr. Todd Thatcher of Valley Behavioral Health explains about how to get down to the underlying issues that may keep us from forgiving. We also...


A Crisis of Faith

Headlines and studies point to declining numbers in congregations, especially millennials, but not everyone agrees. Even if it is true, no one knows why they’re leaving. Over the last month, KSL Newsradio’s Brianna Bodily has investigated - pouring over studies, reading articles, gathering people’s personal stories and interviewing both religious leaders and experts. Click the link to join in her investigation and see if you can figure out why so many people are discarding religion in this...


Parenting in the Modern World: Suicide and parenting

The JayMac News Show's Jay McFarland talks about suicide in your children and how to handle it. Kim Myers, a suicide prevention coordinator for the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, talks about how to tell if someone close to you is experiencing suicidal thoughts and how to reach out them, especially if they're your children.


Parenting in the Modern World: It's okay to get help as parents

KSL Newsradio's JayMcFarland hosts a special hour during General Conference and talks to Kim Myers, a suicide prevention coordinator with the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, about suicide in our young people. Suicide is one of the biggest causes of death for young people in our nation. Jay also reflects on his personal experiences with suicide.


Parenting in the Modern World: The importance of having relationship with your kids

KSL Newsradio's host of The JayMac News Show, Jay McFarland, talks about parenting in today's world with massive amounts of technology, substances and more. The Program Manager for the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Susannah Burt about how to make connections with your child to prevent potential problems like substance abuse, mental health issues and more.


Parenting in the Modern World: Drug abuse, addiction and overdoses

KSL Newsradio's Jay McFarland from The JayMac News Show talks to Susannah Burt, the program manager at the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental health, about how you can deal with children who become addicted to substances. They also talk about how to prevent substance abuse in your child from the very beginning. He also spoke with Barbra Inslee Crouch, the executive director for the Utah Poison Control Center, about how drugs affect your child's bodies and brains.


Mindfulness and Growth in the Spirit

Thomas McConkie, the host of Mindfulness+ on the KSL Newsradio app and website, grew up a devout Mormon. He shares his faith journey, and how mindfulness practice informed and transformed his beliefs. He describes how a childhood illness and a blessing from his grandfather put him on the path to spiritual growth in the LDS Church, even with a period of questioning and doubt in his teens. He wanted to know why members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints could be so imperfect...


Fertility & Your Family: The Causes and Treatments of Infertility

Dr. Russell Foulk from Utah Fertility Center talks to Amanda Dickson about what causes infertility, how to keep "your plumbing" healthy, as he says. If a woman is not ovulating, and the doctor can help to get her ovulating again, that can help her get pregnant. It can be something as simple as that. He goes on to review other treatments from there. There are many reasons to have hope. This episode is part of KSL NewsRadio's "Conference Conversations" podcast. This content originally aired...


Fertility & Your Family: New Technology Is Fascinating

Dr. Russell Foulk of Utah Fertility Center discusses infertility, from simple solutions to the latest technology including egg freezing. He stresses the importance of identifying the cause(s) of infertility and shares hope that virtually all causes can be overcome. Tyler and Kalli talk about their personal experience and encourage others to seek a specialist to help them get back on their path to parenthood. This episode is part of KSL NewsRadio's "Conference Conversations" podcast. This...


Fertility & Your Family: A Young Couple's Story

Amanda Dickson sits down with a young couple to ask them their story. They are brave and generous in sharing what they experienced with infertility - what they went through and what they worried about. This episode is part of KSL NewsRadio's "Conference Conversations" podcast. This content originally aired in April 2017 as part of KSL NewsRadio's coverage of LDS General Conference.


Fertility & Your Family: 1 in 8 Will Suffer From Infertility

Amanda Dickson sits down with Dr. Russell Foulk, who is the medical director of the Utah Fertility Center, and discusses a topic which is, for some people, a topic that is hard to talk about - infertility. They talk about waiting to get pregnant, miscarriages, what the factors are - age, gender. We always talk about the woman - but fertility affects both genders. This episode is part of KSL NewsRadio's "Conference Conversations" podcast. This content originally aired in April 2017 as part...


The Bombproof Family: Sacred Skeptics

Hosts of the Sacred Skeptics podcast, Pastor Rick Henderson and Mike Bell, present a special edition of their show just for KSL Newsradio on LDS Church General Conference weekend. Their mission is to pursue truth with complete abandon, even if it proves them wrong - describing themselves as a mashup of Jon Stewart and C.S. Lewis. In this special program, Bell and Henderson hold up the lens of religion to the needs of the modern family. Can faith help Christians keep their children in the...


You Are Enough. Empowering Women of Faith with Maria Shilaos

KSL NewsRadio personality Maria Shilaos talks with experts about the struggle women face each day for perfectionism. They explore issues related to confidence building, body image and what can be done to reverse feelings of inadequacy.


A New Creation

Well-known LDS musician and heart transplant recipient Paul Cardall talks about music, faith and life with Amanda Dickson, against the backdrop of his soaring and beautiful new album, A New Creation.


Faith and the Crisis in Policing

KSL's Doug Wright speaks with the chaplains of local police agencies about the tensions between Utah neighborhoods and law enforcement, how it affects the spiritual lives of our officers, and what the community of faith can do to help.


Dave Rose: Full Court Faith

BYU head basketball coach Dave Rose sits down for a one-on-one interview with Cleon Wall to talk about his faith, his health since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009, and the business of managing young lives on and off the court.


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