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This program showcases people who have stepped up and aligned with their Life Purposes and are making beautiful changes to our world and future. Ready to be inspired?

This program showcases people who have stepped up and aligned with their Life Purposes and are making beautiful changes to our world and future. Ready to be inspired?
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This program showcases people who have stepped up and aligned with their Life Purposes and are making beautiful changes to our world and future. Ready to be inspired?




Ep 9 - An Environmental Organization that's Changing Our Future Outcome - The Conscious Planet Network

I’m talking with an organization that is helping with reducing our community’s dependence on fossil fuels and INCREASING LOCAL RESILIENCE TO THE EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE! This environmental organization is also making it really easy for PEOPLE TO LAUNCH THEIR PROJECTS. They’ve helped to establish the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Car Stops, Eco Home Tours, solar panels on the high school’s roof, Rainbow Road Pool Allotment Garden on Salt Spring island and so much more… This...


Ep 8 - Pursuing Dreams while Juggling a Busy Lifestyle - Conscious Planet Network

Aly Coy is a do-it-yourself entrepreneur and author who is LIVING HER DREAMS TO THE MAX. In this episode we’ll be talking about *HOW TO JUGGLE A BUSY LIFE and prioritize things that are important *How writing a book helped Aly process a BIG RELATIONSHIP ISSUE she was facing and what her fans had to say about it *The dream of writing in a cabin in the woods & advise for taking steps towards OFF-THE-GRID LIVING. I'll also be opening with why it's important that we AWAKEN OUR INNER GENIUS to...


Ep 7 - The Tiny House on Wheels Revolution - Conscious Planet Network

Colin Crystal is a Tiny House builder who is passionate about helping people realize their Tiny Home DREAMS. In this episode we cover *How tiny homes can solve HOUSING CRISIS ISSUES *How Tiny Homes help people feel MORE CONNECTED TO NATURE & COMMUNITY *How Tiny Homes CONTRIBUTE TO A HAPPIER FUTURE for people who live in spaces they love


Ep 6 - A Clean and Healthy 5G Network Alternative - Conscious Planet Network

I’m interviewing Dr. Timothy Schoechle, a GLOBAL EXPERT ON WIRED FIBER NETWORKS about the potential for a safe and protected internet and a clean energy future. We’re talking about: * BETTER OPTIONS THAN A WIRELESS 5G NETWORK * How we can take our energy systems OUT FROM THE CORPORATIONS HANDS * How to rescue our environment and protect our physical well being FROM THE BAD SCIENCE OF 5G WIFI


Ep 5 - Circumstances that can Block Our Intuition - Conscious Planet Network

This episode is to help you reconnect with your intuition when the “S” hit's the fan. I'll be sharing about: * Situations that can throw your ability to access your intuition off * A simple way to reconnect to your higher guidance during challenging times * How to use high vibrational energy points in the earth to boost your intuition abilities: A story of a powerful vortex experience Gaianna had in Sedona


Ep 4 - Personal Transformations from Writing a Book - Conscious Planet Network

Here I interview Ahava Shira, Poet and Author. We explore #How writing a memoir BRINGS TRANSFORMATION to one's personal journey #When immersed in creative projects how it's important to TAKE FEAR OUT OF THE DRIVERS SEAT #How to look after our emotional selves AS WE'RE WITNESSING ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS on the planet.


Ep 3 - Connecting with Our Planet through Body Awareness - Conscious Planet Network

Meet wild man, Reed Richard, Poet, Author, a Conductor of Orchestra-Farms. In this show Reed *Talks about how to CONNECT WITH THE EARTH from our experience of body awareness *Re-frames A BIG ISSUE we’re facing globally and what our planet’s actually trying to tell us *Talks about how BECOMING AWARE OF NATURE SPIRITS all around us can benefit our quality of living! xoxo Gaianna Sophia


Ep 2 - Loving Our Planet back to Wellness - Conscious Planet Network

This interview is with Kim Tebbutt, indi-author/publisher, Waterblesser. In this show we’ll explore: * Why we’re RECEIVING DRIPS OF INFORMATION rather than a downpour of what needs to be healed on the planet *How Kim originally connected with her guides * How to love ourselves and our planet BACK TO WELLNESS *Kim also guides us with how to BLESS OUR OWN BODY’s water. xoxo Gaianna!


Ep 1 - Answering the Door when Opportunity Knocks - Conscious Planet Network

Wow! I just won a Radio Show spot, something I've wanted for a long time but JUST MANIFESTED this past week! In this show we cover: * How valuable it is to question what we REALLY WANT in life * When opportunity knocks but SELF-DOUBT tries to shut it down * A STRATEGY for getting past this unconscious saboteur * How to identify WHEN WE'RE NOT LIVING our destiny xoxo Gaianna!