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Monica chats with friends, old and new, about everything from how life shapes us to that gross things the kids did at Target yesterday. It's an hour of friends sharing, laughing, and lifting each other up.

Monica chats with friends, old and new, about everything from how life shapes us to that gross things the kids did at Target yesterday. It's an hour of friends sharing, laughing, and lifting each other up.
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Monica chats with friends, old and new, about everything from how life shapes us to that gross things the kids did at Target yesterday. It's an hour of friends sharing, laughing, and lifting each other up.




Episode 12 - Lahana Vigliano

Today’s guest is Lahana Vigliano. Lahana is a nutritionist, entrepreneur, and creator and host of the Thrival Nutrition Podcast. She shares how receiving some surprising news as a teen inspired her to go to college to pursue a childhood dream in-spite of hard circumstances. She also share how receiving some disappointing news caused her and her family to move from Florida to Austin Tx. I know you will be inspired by Lahana’s journey to pursue your dreams no matter how big and audacious they...


Episode 11 - Alexis Busetti

Today’s guest is Alexis Busetti. Alexis shares how making some unwise financial choices in college and planning for a mission trip lead her to trust God with her finances. She also shares how an email from Dave Ramsey's team and an offhanded remark to her husband pivoted her life from being a stay at home mom to becoming an entrepreneur. Her story is about faith and good stewardship. She encourages us to embrace our relationship with our finances and remember that there is not a mess that is...


Episode 10 - Blanca Jurado

On this week's episode, Blanca Jurado shares how receiving a stage 3 cancer diagnosis wrecked her world. She describes how hard the treatments were on her and her family, but also how the community around her, and even strangers, enveloped her and her boys with love. Although the year long treatment was the most emotionally, spiritually, and physically draining experience she has been through, she shares the reason she chose to pursue her dream in the midst of it. Blanca's journey is about...


Episode 9 - Raine Kramer

On today's Episode, Raine Kramer joins me to chat about a traumatic event that happened her freshman year of college. She describes the toll it took on her physche and physical wellbeing, as well as what caused her to pursue healing. Nine years later, Raine is thriving, healthier than she has ever been before and hoping that her story will empower those who have experienced trauma to seek the help they need to recover. *Content Warning: There is mention of depression, thoughts of self...


Episode 8 - Wendy J. Olson

On today's episode, Wendy J. Olson of the She's Got Gumption podcast joins me to chat about her passion for healing. Wendy has experienced various traumas throughout her life, and she shares the tools and resources she uses to find healing in mind, body, and spirit. Wendy also has a passion for raising awareness about human trafficking. In our conversation, she shares a bit about how she was introduced to the subject, and how she was able to use the tools and resources from her own trauma...


Episode 7 - Angela Cross

On today's episode Angela Cross shares how infidelity ended her marriage, and how she didn't just lose a husband, but also friendships and community at church who felt the divorce was wrong. She also shares her trials and triumphs in becoming a single mom, and rediscovering God’s faithful love. Connect with Angela on Instagram and check out her blog at Fierce and Fearless Living. Connect with Monica on Instagram, Facebook and join the Creation Refined Community. Also, go sign up for the...


Episode 6 - Krista Miller

On today's episode, Kirsta Miller is joining me to chat about how an unplanned pregnancy, with then boyfriend of just a couple of months, changed the trajectory of her life and her future marriage to the father. She also shares how receiving not one, but two, cancer diagnoses as a young mom and newlywed rocked her world and shaped her faith. Links: Monica on Instagram & Facebook Creation Refined Community Krista on Instagram Krista Miller Photography Shows mentioned in the...


Episode 5 - Lauren Barner

Lauren Barner is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Wife, and Mother to 5 kiddos. On today’s episode, we’re going to discuss how these facets of her life have shaped her, but we are also going to talk about her middle child, Caroline Joy, and how her brief life has forever changed those who knew her and others all over the world. Link: For additional information on the mission that provides water wells in Uganda click here. For additional information and community in regard to miscarriage,...


Episode 4 - Laura Hernandez

On today's episode Laura Hernandez shares about how she and her husband have added 5 children (2 biologically and 3 adopted) to their family in just 4 years. It's a story of faith, loss, and stone-cold grit. Through her journey she discovered, ways to help their large family function well, and she generously shares her knowledge with other women through her business Mama Systems. I hope you'll take a few minutes to join Laura and I for a good, old-fashioned gab. Links: Mama Systems...


Episode 3 - Caitlin Hill

Caitlin Hill is an Ultrarunner, business owner, encourager to women, mommy, wife and three-time cancer survivor. Today, she is sharing how she and her husband started family planning just weeks into their courtship, her battle with infertility, and her journey to becoming a mom. Along the way, she'll talk about her multiple cancer diagnoses and how she maintained a positive mindset through it all. Socials: Caitlin's Facebook Monica's Instagram Creation Refined Podcast on...


Episode 2 - Sarah Westerfield

On Today's episode my dear friend, Sarah Westerfield, joins me to chat about her health journey. She shares about how she was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 14, the evolution of her eating habits and how a surgical option has left her with effects she's still recovering from today. Join us as Sarah shares her heart about health, fitness, and the desire to help women love the bodies they were given. Links For more information on Breast Implant Illness: For...


Episode 1 - Monica Harris

Monica share about herself and the heart behind the podcast. You can find Monica on Instagram @creationrefined and Facebook at Creation Refined Podcast.