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Audio sermons and podcasts from Pastor Dave Marsh of Crossroads Church, located in Oakland, Maryland.

Audio sermons and podcasts from Pastor Dave Marsh of Crossroads Church, located in Oakland, Maryland.


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Audio sermons and podcasts from Pastor Dave Marsh of Crossroads Church, located in Oakland, Maryland.






No Offense, Part 3

Are you someone that has a hard time saying no? When you do say no, do you feel pressured to follow it up with a lengthy explanation of why you’re saying no? Are you someone that feels guilty when you rest? Do you often feel like your schedule manages you instead of you managing your schedule? These are indicators that you might struggle with setting boundaries. As we conclude our series today, we look into the life of Jesus and see how He dealt with offense by having good boundaries in His...


No Offense, Part 2

Every one of us will have the opportunity to be offended - that is just part of the human experience but as children of God and followers of Jesus, we can learn to respond to offense in a way that honors God. This week, we read the story of Hannah, a woman who had lots of opportunities to be offended. However, we can learn a lot from how Hannah chose to respond.


No Offense, Part 1

We seem to be living in a day when lots of people are easily offended over lots of things. This topic of offense is certainly nothing new and there are plenty of Scriptures and stories in the Bible that warn us of the dangers of being offended and how to navigate through those offenses so that they don’t dominate our lives and shipwreck our faith.


Youth Sunday

The Crossroads Students youth group leads us this Sunday! Fantastic worship, as well as sermons from Evalee Baker and Carl Zimmerman.

I Believe, Part 12

Today, we conclude our series called I Believe. We’ve been working our way through a 1700-year-old tool that the Christian Church has been using to teach the most important doctrines of our faith called the Apostles Creed. In this message conclusion, we discuss eternal hope, eternal bodies, and eternal life.

I Believe, Part 11

Our Bible text today takes us to a story of a family who has some issues involving a father and two sons... but the main character in our story is forgiveness.

I Believe, Part 10

Every Sunday all around the world, millions and millions of people gather to worship Jesus Christ. Even though we may never meet them, we have a common union with them - together we make up the family of God. In this message, Pastor Dave breaks down the collective nature of our faith.

I Believe, Part 9

No one taught more about the Holy Spirit than Jesus Christ himself. In fact, there are 3 chapters in the book of John in which Jesus taught a LOT about the Holy Spirit. Today, we look at three things: the promise of the Holy Spirit, the person of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I Believe, Part 8

Many of us see Jesus as Savior, Lord, Comforter, or Shepherd... but do you know that He is also Jesus the Judge? What does that mean? How will He Judge us? Why will He Judge? Those are just a few questions we answer as we continue our journey through the Apostle’s Creed.


A Look Back: 15 Years of Crossroads Church

On this 15th anniversary of Crossroads Church, we sit down with some of the people that helped start Crossroads and that are still with us today! Also, Pastor Dave and Patty lead some special throwback worship songs.


I Believe, Part 7

September 4, 2022


I Believe, Part 6

There is perhaps no truth more important to Christianity than this one right here: "We Believe that on the 3rd Day, Jesus Christ rose from the dead." Why is this so important?


I Believe, Part 5

Pastor Dave continues the series examining the Apostles' Creed.


I Believe, Part 4

Pastor Dave continues the series "I Believe" and in part 4, we focus on the importance of Jesus being conceived of a virgin and what that means for us.


Walking in the Blessing

Guest speaker Pastor Robert Shingleton joins us!


Dr. Dennis Swanberg | Sunday, July 24, 2022

Comedian, speaker, and author Dr. Dennis Swanberg joins us! Not only does he bring a large dose of comedy, but also a powerful message about planting shade trees that you may never sit under (and leaving a meaningful legacy in the process).


I Believe, Part 3

As we work our way through the Apostles Creed, this week we focus on line 2: “I believe in Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord." During the time that Jesus walked on this planet, people were continually asking themselves and one another… "Who is this guy? Who is Jesus?" In this message, we eavesdrop on some conversations in the Bible with world-rocking declarations.


I Believe, Part 2

As followers of Jesus Christ….We believe that God is Our Father. He’s not just the Father of Jesus, but He is Our Father. To know God Almighty as God Our Father is one of the greatest revelations any person can ever have in their lifetime. In part 2 of this series, Pastor Dave teaches how this simple truth can completely change our identity.


I Believe, Part 1

This series covers the very foundations of our faith: what we believe, why we believe it, and who we believe in.


Danger in the Default | Guest Speaker Pastor Kevin Jones

We all have default settings. We have a default perspective. Attitude. Outlook. And having a default can be a good thing... but if your default goes unchecked, it can keep you from experiencing God’s best for your life. Pastor Kevin Jones of Summit Church shares this fantastic message.