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Audio sermons and podcasts from Pastor Dave Marsh of Crossroads Church, located in Oakland, Maryland.


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Audio sermons and podcasts from Pastor Dave Marsh of Crossroads Church, located in Oakland, Maryland.






Pray Like Jesus, Part 5: Unanswered Prayers

In this message, we get really honest as we talk about the pain of unanswered prayers or "prayers in process."


Pray Like Jesus, Part 4: Roadblocks in Prayer

While it’s true that God is an awesome Father who loves us very much and Jesus died to give us access to the very throne of God, it's also true that you and I can allow things in our lives that can become a roadblock in prayer - things that hinder our prayer life.


Pray Like Jesus, Part 3: God’s Word Is God’s Will

Have you ever struggled with wondering if your prayers are lining up with God's will? Like, "God, I would really love to see this happen, but... what if that's not Your will?" In this message, Pastor Dave shows us that if we want to pray the will of God, we have to learn to pray the Word of God.


I Want to Know You - Original Song

Pastor Dave shared this original song on Sunday that went perfectly with the message. We hope it blesses you.


Pray Like Jesus, Part 2: Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done

What's the difference between relational prayer and transactional prayer? "Your kingdom come, Your will be done" reminds us that God is... well, God, and when we approach Him our first priority is not to have Him do what we want Him to do - our first priority is His kingdom and His will.


Pray Like Jesus, Part 1

In the Bible, the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, but do you really need taught how to pray? Isn't prayer simple? Actually, in Luke 12, Jesus answers with some important teaching on how to pray.


Travel Light, Part 3

In Part 3 of Travel Light, Pastor Dave talks about letting go of something that we ALL have. We might not like to admit we have it - we may keep it hidden in our sock drawer, it might be tucked in the zipper pocket of your purse, ladies, or guys, you might keep it in your safe, but we all have one of these… a need for control. In this message, we learn what the Bible says about letting go of our need for control.


Travel Light, Part 2

The devil doesn't need to destroy you if he can distract you. Are you distracted during this holiday season? Does life distract you from Jesus? Pastor Brandon Hutzell shares with us practical truths to help us Travel Light.


Travel Light, Part 2

The devil doesn't need to destroy you if he can distract you. Are you distracted during this holiday season? Does life distract you from Jesus? Pastor Brandon Hutzell shares with us practical truths to help us Travel Light.


Travel Light, Part 1

We often make the Holidays more complicated than they need to be by carrying with us baggage that we just don’t need to carry. We feel weighed down by things like family relationships, financial pressures, regret, failure, bitterness, and distractions. Much of the stress we bear is because we are loaded down with things that God never asked us to carry; so this Christmas season we want to encourage our church to find the freedom that comes when we Travel Light.


No Offense, Part 3

Are you someone that has a hard time saying no? When you do say no, do you feel pressured to follow it up with a lengthy explanation of why you’re saying no? Are you someone that feels guilty when you rest? Do you often feel like your schedule manages you instead of you managing your schedule? These are indicators that you might struggle with setting boundaries. As we conclude our series today, we look into the life of Jesus and see how He dealt with offense by having good boundaries in His...


No Offense, Part 2

Every one of us will have the opportunity to be offended - that is just part of the human experience but as children of God and followers of Jesus, we can learn to respond to offense in a way that honors God. This week, we read the story of Hannah, a woman who had lots of opportunities to be offended. However, we can learn a lot from how Hannah chose to respond.


No Offense, Part 1

We seem to be living in a day when lots of people are easily offended over lots of things. This topic of offense is certainly nothing new and there are plenty of Scriptures and stories in the Bible that warn us of the dangers of being offended and how to navigate through those offenses so that they don’t dominate our lives and shipwreck our faith.


Youth Sunday

The Crossroads Students youth group leads us this Sunday! Fantastic worship, as well as sermons from Evalee Baker and Carl Zimmerman.


I Believe, Part 12

Today, we conclude our series called I Believe. We’ve been working our way through a 1700-year-old tool that the Christian Church has been using to teach the most important doctrines of our faith called the Apostles Creed. In this message conclusion, we discuss eternal hope, eternal bodies, and eternal life.


I Believe, Part 11

Our Bible text today takes us to a story of a family who has some issues involving a father and two sons... but the main character in our story is forgiveness.


I Believe, Part 10

Every Sunday all around the world, millions and millions of people gather to worship Jesus Christ. Even though we may never meet them, we have a common union with them - together we make up the family of God. In this message, Pastor Dave breaks down the collective nature of our faith.


I Believe, Part 9

No one taught more about the Holy Spirit than Jesus Christ himself. In fact, there are 3 chapters in the book of John in which Jesus taught a LOT about the Holy Spirit. Today, we look at three things: the promise of the Holy Spirit, the person of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the Holy Spirit.


I Believe, Part 8

Many of us see Jesus as Savior, Lord, Comforter, or Shepherd... but do you know that He is also Jesus the Judge? What does that mean? How will He Judge us? Why will He Judge? Those are just a few questions we answer as we continue our journey through the Apostle’s Creed.


A Look Back: 15 Years of Crossroads Church

On this 15th anniversary of Crossroads Church, we sit down with some of the people that helped start Crossroads and that are still with us today! Also, Pastor Dave and Patty lead some special throwback worship songs.