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Receive a shot of motivation, or inspiration from these 15 to 30 minutes devotionals

Receive a shot of motivation, or inspiration from these 15 to 30 minutes devotionals
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Receive a shot of motivation, or inspiration from these 15 to 30 minutes devotionals






Do Not Overlook God

To many time we will focus and fall in love with the people that God uses to help change our lives. For many of us this will be our favorite pastor or preacher. If our favorite preacher is not preaching then we are not listening. All too often we will fall more in love with the messenger than with the person who sent the message. It is easy to say do not overlook God but it is hard to do.


Know That God Is Good

I was blessed to work with this single mother who trusts God in such a way that the Gospel of Jesus Christ manifests itself in her life. Even though trials and tribulation rise up against her. Her faith hold firm. She knows that God has been good to her and she holds on to that and even more blessings come her way. Hold on to your faith because you know that you know God is good!


The Power Of The Gospel

I have seen what the power of the Gospel can do! I have seen it take two homeless families from the streets to homes. I have seen the power of the Gospel restore dreams. I have seen the power of the Gospel restore hope! I have seen the power of the Gospel restored lives!


We Are Back

For the past 6 weeks, we were silent the reason for this was because we unexpectedly started to work on an old program. This program was called "The Restoration Project" in this program we successfully help 2 homeless families move from the streets to being able to live in the homes of their own.


Hope Opens Doors

Hope is a gift that can only be given by our actions! We cannot talk about, hope and think everything is going to be okay. We cannot just show up in church and hear a word and doing nothing and think everything is going to be okay. Hope Requires action this is why Paul wrote that we should not be weary in doing good. Today's Word is also a testimony of we Rising Hope Ministries have been doing for the last 2 weeks. We have actively been restoring families. We only have 2 because we are...


Does Your Vision Give You Direction

This is interesting to ponder, as you think on this question keep in mind the old saying that states "there is more than one way to skin a cat" Just because there are multiple ways to get a job done does not mean that they are all correct. God knows that best way and He is willing to guide you and advise you on that way.


There Are Lessons In Our Trial And Tribulations

This life is hard, and there are so many things that we want out of this life. Even though we are willing to put the work in t get what we want out of this life, we sometimes forget the trials and tribulations are moments design to prepare us for the thing we want out of life.


Can You See Your Victory

One of the biggest benefits to have a godly vision is that you can see your victory in the midst of your trials and tribulations. Things can look so bad and so rough it does not look like you will make it through. You can believe in the circumstance that you find yourself in now of you can believe and have in in the Word of God that was spoken over you. Faith in God will allow you to see victory in the midst of your defeat!


How Do You See Yourself?

How you see yourself will determine if you are going to be successful or not. I am not talking about worldly success. I am not talking about awards given by our political leaders, or by celebrities or by local community organizations. Do not get me wrong it is nice to be recognized for the work we do. However, we can have all the awards in the world and not make it into Heaven. If you see yourself through the mirror of worldly success then you are cutting yourself short. You do not have to...


DO Not Give Up Hope Is Not Dead

On this day the body of our Savior is in a sealed tomb. The religious leaders place guards to make sure no one can come to steal the body. In our life today, we may be dealing with some bad situations. Like been fired from our job, the doctor giving us some bad news, our spouse walking out, thing looks really bad and it feels as if there is no end. Yet, early Sunday Morning the tomb of emptied! Jesus live! Hope is not dead and you will overcome any situation that you are facing. Know and...


Two Were Crucified With Him Which One Are You

This is one of the hard truths of the Bible. We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We all will stand before God's judgment chair. Yes, even the ones who never stood before an earthly judge. Yes, even those who never even wore handcuff must stand before the throne of judgment. There were two that were crucified with Christ, one that mocks Him and one that saw Him for who He was and made His confession before Him. One condemned to a life of eternity in torment while the other...


God Can And Will Use You

The trials and the tribulations that we go through have a purpose, they strengthen us, they prepare us for a future that we are not are of yet. The trial and the tribulations of our life are also tools for God to bring others closer to Him! You are not alone in your past mistakes and missteps you are not alone in your past regrets and in your guilt, however, because of what God has done in your life your testimony can help others realize what God can do in their lives as well.


Redemption Is Upto You

Do you believe that God would deny any person who came before Him earnestly sorry for their sin? If you said no, I agree with you. However, this means that the person would have to bare all before God their guilt, their shame, and their regrets. This is where we would stumble, we want to just say sorry and keep it moving, or we want to play the blame game to justify our guilt. God will not change and redemption is His to give this means that we have to make the choice to surrender to Him to...


Hail To The Conquering King

During Christmas, we celebrate the coming of the King (Jesus Christ). This week we transition to celebrate the conquering King! For Christ conquered the power of death so that we might have everlasting life with Him. For Christ conquered the power of sin freeing us from it deadly debt. For Christ conquered this world so that we may have victory in its many trails and tribulations! Hail to the conquering King!


Vision Impacts Your Quality Of Life

This is Palm Sunday, this is the day that the King if kings rode into the city of Jerusalem. He did ride in on a steed or a stallion, He did not come with a marching army. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey! with 12 disciples that no one knew. There was fanfare because of half the city rejoice on the entering King while the other half wonder what was going on. The way we see the event happen around us will affect the quality of life that we live.


Vision Is A Key Ingredient To Success

We all have goals that we want to achieve, we all have dreams that we strive to accomplish. Without a vision, those goals and dreams are hard to obtain. Vision is the guidance and direction on how to achieve our dreams and how to accomplish our goals. This Vision needs to come from God to make sure that our success in complete. God's vision for our life is much bigger and brighter than we can have for ourselves. God's vision requires our commitment to Him, it requires our faith in Him, it...


There Are Weeds In Your Garden

We have come to know weeds as these awful ugly plants that will ruin the look of our lawn. Weeds are also known to be counterproductive in a garden that is producing food. Weeds in the physical world are easy to spot and easy to deal with. However, weeds in the spiritual world are not so easy to spot and are way more difficult to deal with. Weeds in the spiritual have one job and one job alone, to keep you from reaching your full potential in the Kingdom of God. Spiritual weeds come in all...


Your Faith Is Not A Noun It Is A Verb

When asked about our faith most of us will respond with our denomination whether it is Baptist or Methodist it is how we choose to identify ourselves. Some of us will just simply say that we are Christian and leave it at that. However, your faith is more than just the doctrine that you choose to follow, it should be how others see God in you. You might be the only chance that someone will have to interact with God. When your faith is transformed from a noun to a verb, the questions people...


You Are More Valuable Than You Think

Most of us do not have self-esteem issues, we are pretty confident in who are. In reality, how God sees us is way more valuable than how we see ourselves! We are holding back and many of us are not operating at our full potential. We might be holding back because of fear, fear of failing, or even worse fear of succeeding whatever the case may be we are nowhere near where God wants us to be.


Give All Control To God

It is hard to give control to God that we have not seen. We will profess our trust in Him, we will profess our faith in Him, yet and still when things start to get real we fight to keep control and insist that we do not need anyone help. There are diseases out there that will not only steal our control it will steal our independence as well, there are addictions out there that will allow us to pretend that we are in control but we are not really in control. There are manmade situations that...