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Deep Roots Episode 6: Benjamin Lay

In this episodes, Mark tells the story of Benjamin Lay. Benjamin was a radical Quaker, abolitionist, and performance artist who drew ire from the Quaker elite in Pennsylvania for his fierce activism. He was also known as a man of fierce integrity. At just over 4 foot tall, he lived in a cave, grew his[...]


Deep Roots Episode 5: The Beguines

This episode remembers the beguines–a medieval lay women’s movement that that stressed imitation of Christ’s life through simplicity, care of the poor and sick, and religious devotion. By being a movement of women apart from men, they challenged the established order. Many of their leading figures were accused of heresy, and scores were murdered during[...]


Deep Roots Episode 4: Ernesto Cardenal, Revolutionary Priest

In this episode, we examine Ernesto Cardenal. Cardenal is a liberation theologian who refuses to be contained by a lectern. A priest who refused to be restrained by the pulpit. He is a poet that refuses to let words be his only medium. For him, revolution isn’t a metaphor, it is a painful act that brought[...]


Deep Roots Episode 3: Simone Weil, Red Virgin

In this episode we remember Simone Weil. She was a philosopher, mystic, political theorist, and revolutionary. She wasn’t well known in her lifetime and is scarcely known today. Her life was short—she died at the age of 34 from tuberculosis, which was brought on by weakness from severe fasting. Most of her writings were published[...]


Deep Roots Episode 2: Bayard Rustin, Forgotten Prophet

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day in the United States. It is not only a day where we honor the man, but also the movement of which he was a part. King has become such a dominant symbol of the Civil Rights Movements that we forget other important figures in the movement. Today we[...]


Deep Roots Episode 1: At Play with the Holy Fools

Within Christianity there is a strange subset of the prophet called the “Holy Fool.” Holy Fools defy social convention in both word and action–sometimes in bizarre ways–out of their religious devotion. One such fool is the 13th century Italian, Brother Juniper, listen in for his absurd and provocative tale. Written and produced by Mark Van[...]