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Daniel McNaughton – Growing disciple making in a church (part 2) - Deep Water Podcast

In this episode, Daniel talks about some of the things he did when he planted a church that resulted in people coming to faith almost every week, and then the burden that put on him to disciple them. Out of that burden, grew a plan for helping grow disciple makers in their church. He'll also share about dealing with conflict in the discipling relationship, where to start if no one ever discipled you, and much more. Resources: Follow: Learning to Follow Jesus Spiritual Coaching Toolkit: A...


Daniel McNaughton – Learning from Jesus how to make disciples - Deep Water Podcast

Favorite quotes from the episode: "If I did this would I look like one of the disciples that followed Jesus and was willing to give their lives and reach the entire world for Christ." "Then you have Matthew, who has those parties. He invites Jesus because he knows Jesus will be great at a party with lost people." "Jesus talked less than I expected and ask more questions." Dr. Daniel McNaughton is serving as professor of practical ministries and Old Testament in Southeastern University’s...


E06-Heathen Golf Pro to Discipler of All Nations (part 2) - Deep Water Podcast

In Episode 5 we heard the story of how God took a heathen golf pro living his own life and turned him into a full time minister who was focused on taking the good news of Jesus to people who had never heard. In Episode 06 we will see his work doesn't stop with someone making a decision for Jesus. His job is to raise up people who will take on the role of discipling and pastoring their own tribes, peoples, and nations. Resources mentioned:


E05 – Heathen Golf Pro to Discipler of All Nations (part 1) - Deep Water Podcast

He was a heathen golf pro living his own life when God began his journey to faith through a pretty girl. Listen to the story of how God led and guided him through different men investing in his life until ultimately he began to disciple others. Then as he grew God expanded his call, or focused his call, to discipling all nations. As you listen, pay attention to how many people God used to influence him. Also, note how God prepared a small group (almost like a family) for he and his friends...


E04 – Finding people to disciple - Deep Water Podcast

How do you find people to disciple? Have you ever looked around and thought, "I'd like to disciple someone, but I don't know who and I don't know if they would want me to disciple them." How did Jesus find His disciples? Ok, we aren't Jesus, but what can we learn from Him and the way He found people? The answer is a lot. Tune in now.


E03 – 80% of discipleship is ______ -Dan Pearce - Deep Water Podcast

"80% of discipleship is ______. " -Dan Pearce Have you ever wondered how to get you and your church to begin making disciples better? Dan talks about some of the challenges and misconceptions about disciple making from his 30+ years of ministry. He shares his views on disciple making and some of the ways he intentionally invests in people. Learn some practical ways to start growing as a disciple maker today.


E02 – Sometimes you have to experience it - Deep Water Podcast

Have you ever tried to explain something to someone only to shake your head and say, "I guess you had to be there?" Disciple making can be like that sometimes. With all the baggage that comes with the words "discipleship" or "disciple making" often people do not really know what you are talking about. It's hard to know what it is unless you've experienced it. In this episode Dave and James look back on their experiences (good and bad, or maybe better and best) both in receiving...


E01 – Our Stories – The Deep Water Podcast

We (Dave and James) share the journey God took, or is taking us on, to understand more of what Jesus meant when He said, "make disciples of all nations." We will share ups and downs along the way. We hope that as we share our stories of how God is leading us into better disciple making it will help you in your own story of how you learned to make disciples the way Jesus did (does). Each episode will have an element of learning to be a better disciple ourselves and then learning how to make...