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This is a fairly unique podcast that features a daily devotional on the Bible. Each day features helpful insights into a specific passage, but it is a literal welk-through entire books of the Bible and presented in short, easy to understand episodes. We are currently on episode 420.

This is a fairly unique podcast that features a daily devotional on the Bible. Each day features helpful insights into a specific passage, but it is a literal welk-through entire books of the Bible and presented in short, easy to understand episodes. We are currently on episode 420.
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This is a fairly unique podcast that features a daily devotional on the Bible. Each day features helpful insights into a specific passage, but it is a literal welk-through entire books of the Bible and presented in short, easy to understand episodes. We are currently on episode 420.






Ep 857 – Isaiah 61:1-3

The Bible is a story. A single story with a clear beginning and an end to it. But in spite of the opinions of some, it is not a work of fiction. It is history. Or, as some like to say it HIS story. The story of God’s redemption and restoration of sinful mankind. And in Isaiah 61:1-3 we are given a glimpse into the future when that final chapter of the story will be written. It involves the servant of God. This individual will play a starring role in the culmination of God’s story and will...


Ep 856 – Isaiah 60:17-22

Today’s passage contains three little words that carry a punch: But the Lord… In Isaiah 60:17-22, God reveals His future plans for the people of Judah. While the near-term prognosis looked bleak, with judgment hovering over their heads, the people of Judah could rest in the promise that God had something remarkable in store for them. Their immediate prospects were less-than-ideal, but His long-term plans were better than they could have ever hoped or imagined. The future would feature a...


Ep 855 – Isaiah 60:1-16

As the book of Isaiah begins to draw to a close, the prophetic tone of the book seems to increase in intensity. While the people of Judah were facing some serious judgment from God, He was letting them know that the future was bright. In spite of their rebellion, God was going to do great things among them. As He had spoken through the prophet, Jeremiah, “I know the plans I have for you. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” From their limited...


Ep 854 – Isaiah 59:16-21

Chapter 59 of Isaiah is full of strong words of condemnation against the people of Judah and they come from the lips of Isaiah himself. Deeming himself the spokesperson for the entire nation, Isaiah confesses their corporate guilt and places all the responsibility for God’s judgment of them squarely on their own shoulders. Their predicament was of their own making. They deserved all that God was doing and He was righteous and just in all His actions. But in verses 16-21, there is an...


Ep 853 – Isaiah 59:9-15

It’s amazing how we will demand justice from God but refuse every opportunity to extend justice to those around us. We find it easy and justifiable to berate God for His lack of deliverance when we call, but when someone we know begs us for assistance, we’re quick to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. In Isaiah 59:9-15, the prophet is going to do what no one else in Judah seemed ready and willing to do: accept personal responsibility for the sad state of affairs in Judah. While Isaiah was not...


Ep 852 – Isaiah 59:1-8

Peace. We all long for it, but it seems to be increasingly more difficult to come by. We live in an age of turmoil, tension, increasing polarization, and intensifying animosity. But peace is available. The problem is, there’s only one source for peace: God. And the people of Judah had long ago forgotten that lesson. They had a long history of longing for peace, but always ended up seeking peace in all the wrong places and from the most unreliable sources. But in Isaiah 59:1-8, we see God,...


Ep 851 – Isaiah 58:1-14

Denying self is difficult, whether you’re talking about passing up your favorite dessert or refusing to satisfy an immoral urge. More often than not, we tend to give in to our inner desires, because the alternative is much harder. But God is all about self-denial and self-sacrifice. In His economy, self is not a god to be worshiped, but a false idol to be avoided at all costs. And one thing God particularly loathes is when His people give Him lip service, pretending to honor Him through acts...


Ep 870 – Sanctification – Introduction

With today’s episode, we’ll be taking a detour from our normal approach of unpacking entire books of the Bible, verse-by-verse. Instead, this will be a topical study on a singular issue that will explore various passages of Scripture from both the Old and New Testaments. The topic I have chosen to explore is sanctification. While the word may be unfamiliar to you, the topic won’t be, especially if you are a follower of Christ. All of us, regardless of whatever Christian denomination or...


Ep 869 – Isaiah 66:15-24

Mankind was made to bring glory to God. But the fall threw a wrench into that plan, placing mankind under a curse and incapable of glorifying God in any way whatsoever. So, God raised up a people, the nation of Israel, and set them apart as His own. They were to have been His royal priesthood, a holy nation who represented Him on this earth and whose lives were intended to reveal the glory of God as they lived in submission to His will and in obedience to His law. But they failed to live up...


Ep 868 – Isaiah 66:7-14

Everyone enjoys rejoicing. We like to celebrate, whether it’s someone’s birthday, a victory by our favorite team, the marriage of a friend, or the achievement of some life milestone. But the thought of rejoicing without a tangible reason to do so sounds crazy. It makes no sense. And yet, in Isaiah 66:7-14, the prophet calls on the people of Judah to rejoice – even though their present circumstances were far from rejoicing-worthy. They were facing the judgment of God in the form of the...


Ep 867 – Isaiah 66:1-6

God hates pride because pride is a form of self-glorification. It is an unhealthy and undeserved glory in one’s own worth or accomplishments. And God, as the Bible reminds us, is a jealous God who will not share His glory with anyone or anything. In Isaiah 66:1-6, we’re going to see that God will not even share His glory with the temple, which had been built by Solomon to contain His glory. The people of Judah had missed the point behind the temple and the sacrificial system and ended up...


Ep 866 – Isaiah 65:17-25

When God made the universe and all it contains, He repeatedly stated, “It is good.” At each phase of the creative process, He deemed all that He created as worthy of His seal of approval. That included the sun, moon, planets and stars, as well as all the plants and animals. And the crowning achievement of His creation was man, whom He made in His own image. All was good. All was unblemished and without any kind of flaw. Then, sin entered the scene, and everything changed. The sin of Adam and...


Ep 865 – Isaiah 65:8-16

The Old Testament talks a lot about the concept of the remnant. And we see it demonstrated time and time again in the history of the Israelites, as God sovereignly spares a small number of His chosen people in order to keep the nation alive. When they deserved to be destroyed because of their unfaithfulness and unrepentant sin, God preserved a remnant, in order that He might keep the covenant promise He had made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And in Isaiah 65:8-16, God reveals that there is...


Ep 864 – Isaiah 65:1-7

God pursues His people, but He also loves when His people pursue Him. After all He had done for the people of Judah, God every right to expect them to seek Him with all their hearts. But they had done just the opposite. Rather than seek and serve God faithfully, they had proven to be unfaithful and spiritually adulterous. And, after Isaiah pleads with God to show them mercy, God responds by declaring their guilt and labeling them as without excuse. They had been His chosen possession, but...


Ep 863 – Isaiah 64:8-12

The potter and the clay. This imagery is used throughout the Bible and is always intended to juxtapose the sovereignty of God over His creation, especially humanity. And this relationship between the potter and the clay is used repeatedly to remind the people of God that they are to live in willful submission to God. In Isaiah 64:8-12, the prophet addresses God as the divine potter and confesses that he and the rest of the people of Judah are little more than clay in the Almighty’s hands. He...


Ep 862 – Isaiah 64:1-7

Let’s face it. It’s hard to say, “I’m sorry.” And poor Isaiah has been trying to get the people of Judah to confess their sins and express their sorrow to God for 63 chapters. Now, as if in a last-ditch attempt to assuage the anger of God, Isaiah takes it upon himself to act as the corporate confessor for the nation of Judah. He stands in as their representative, presenting himself before God and begging the Almighty to accept his humble confession on behalf of his fellow citizens of Judah....


Ep 861 – Isaiah 63:7-19

Sometimes, when going through a time of difficulty, we seem to forget that God has been good to us in the past. The present pain seems to induce long-term memory loss, causing us to doubt God and His goodness. We call out, demanding that God rescue us, but we fail to remember all the times He has done so in the past. But present pain should be a good reminder of God’s past mercies. He has always been there and, if we look closely, He has always come through for us. Maybe not according to our...


Ep 860 – Isaiah 63:1-6

Christians are encouraged to long for the coming of Christ. We are to eagerly anticipate His return, first for His bride, the church, and then in His second advent, when He returns to earth as the King of kings and Lord of lords. And in Isaiah 63:1-6, Isaiah is given a glimpse of that future day, when Jesus returns in all His might and glory, bringing the final judgment against Satan, Antichrist, the false prophet and all the nations of the world that stand opposed to God. Isaiah records the...


Ep 859 – Isaiah 62:1-12

Forgotten and forsaken. That’s exactly how the people of Judah felt. While Isaiah has spent the last 61 chapters pointing out their sins and warning them about the coming judgment of God, they couldn’t help but feel like they were the ones who had been ignored. They saw themselves as the forsaken ones. It wasn’t that Isaiah had failed to expose their guilt and corporate culpability. It was that they just couldn’t bring themselves to believe that their circumstances were of their own making....


Ep 858 – Isaiah 61:4-11

As Christians, we talk a lot about the glory of God. Sometimes, I’m not even sure we quite know what we mean. We talk about giving God glory. We sing of His glory. We refer to Him as being glorious. But are we sure what we mean when we say these things? The people of Israel thought they were giving glory to God by going through the motions of keeping His law and offering the sacrifices He had prescribed. But their hearts were far from Him. They called Him glorious but didn’t treat Him as...