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This is a fairly unique podcast that features a daily devotional on the Bible. Each day features helpful insights into a specific passage, but it is a literal welk-through entire books of the Bible and presented in short, easy to understand episodes. We are currently on episode 420.

This is a fairly unique podcast that features a daily devotional on the Bible. Each day features helpful insights into a specific passage, but it is a literal welk-through entire books of the Bible and presented in short, easy to understand episodes. We are currently on episode 420.
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This is a fairly unique podcast that features a daily devotional on the Bible. Each day features helpful insights into a specific passage, but it is a literal welk-through entire books of the Bible and presented in short, easy to understand episodes. We are currently on episode 420.






Ep 673 – 2 Samuel 21:1-14

What happens when the people of God fail to seek the will of God? Nothing good. And that conclusion is fully supported in 2 Samuel 21:1-14, where we have the story of a severe famine in the land of Israel. This devastating natural disaster had been going on for three full years and, eventually, David decided to seek God in order to determine whether it was a form of divine punishment. And David would discover that the famine was directly tied to a sin Saul had committed years earlier. He had...


Ep 672 – 2 Samuel 20:14-26

You can surround yourself with successful people who appear to have their act together. But success is not a sign of wisdom. And we can see the truth of that statement in 2 Samuel 20:14-26, as we are introduced to a simple, yet wise woman. This unnamed individual will play a significant role in protecting the lives of the innocent and keeping powerful men from doing the ungodly and unthinkable. Joab was in the process of besieging a city in Israel where Sheba, the leader of yet another coup...


Ep 671 – 2 Samuel 20:1-13

Technically, David has his kingdom back. His rebellious son, Absalom, had been defeated in battle and executed by Joab, David’s military commander. But things were far from stable in Israel. The ten northern tribes were upset over what they believed was a case of favoritism on David’s part. He had chosen his own tribe of Judah to escort him back into the capital. And the other tribes felt slighted. So, they were ripe for yet another uprising led by someone the Scriptures call a “worthless...


Ep 670 – 2 Samuel 19:31-43

What happens when you leave God out? Nothing good. That was a painful lesson David was going to continue to learn as he desperately tried to unify his fractured kingdom and restore the peoples’ trust in him. But in 2 Samuel 19:31-43, we’re going to see that David had a hard time getting out of his own way. In fact, he was his own worst enemy. His tendency to leave God out of his decision-making was leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. David was faced with all kinds of problems. He had...


Ep 669 – 2 Samuel 19:24-30

David may have been a man after God’s own heart, but he had his own fair share of short-comings and human weaknesses. He didn’t always make the wisest decisions. And he seemed to struggle with having discernment. He could be easily swayed and manipulated. He was influenced far too easily by the opinions of others or situational circumstances. And in 2 Samuel 19:24-30, as David continues to reunify his divided kingdom, he is faced with a dilemma. He must make a determination between...


Ep 668 – 2 Samuel 19:11-23

Absalom was dead and David had finally decided to bring his prolonged state of mourning to an end. But David still faced a divided kingdom and had his work cut out for him as he tried to win back the trust of his own people. Absalom had done some serious damage to David’s reputation. He was seen as weak and incapable of meting out justice when needed. And as David faced the gargantuan task of winning back the trust of his people, he began to do what was expedient. Rather than seek the will...


Ep 667 – 2 Samuel 19:1-10

We’ve already seen how, at times, David could struggle with inaction. The only thing he seemed to do on a consistent basis, was nothing at all. And in 2 Samuel 19:1-10, David is shown in a state of unconsolable grief, unable to get over the loss of his rebellious son. But David’s mourning was having a negative influence on the kingdom. The people, who were ready to celebrate David’s victory over his enemy, found themselves down in the dumps because their king was disconsolate and depressed....


Ep 666 – 2 Samuel 18:19-33

David had lost his kingdom to his own son. And he had been forced to vacate Jerusalem, depending on a handful of spies to give him updates on conditions in the capital. When the armies of David eventually did battle with those of Absalom, David left word that his son was to be spared. But Joab, David’s military commander, ignored David’s orders and executed Absalom himself. The coup came to an abrupt end, and David was restored to his throne as the king of Israel. When the good news had...


Ep 665 – 2 Samuel 18:1-18

Absalom had stolen the kingdom from his father and deemed himself king. But God had anointed David as the true king of Israel. Now, the conflict was going to come to a final and costly conclusion. Only one man would be standing when the battle was over. And, it doesn’t take a better man to guess that David would be the one sitting on the throne when the day was done. But, as we’ll see in 2 Samuel 18:1-18, his return to the throne would not be without cost. His son would die, along with...


Ep 664 – 2 Samuel 17:15-29

The hand of God. It’s impossible to see. Or is it? In 2 Samuel 17:15-29, we are given a wonderful lesson on the ever-present reality of God’s hand in the lives of men. He is always there, whether we can see Him or not. He is always at work, whether we realize it or not. And David was about to experience, yet again, the sovereign will of God, orchestrating events in such a way, that His power could be sensed even though His presence remained unseen. Sometimes, the best way to recognize the...


Ep 663 – 2 Samuel 17:1-14

David was on the outside looking in. He had lost his kingdom to his own son. And now, he was living in self-imposed exile, watching and waiting to see what God was going to do about it all. He was unaware of just exactly what God had planned. But he was trying to trust God in spite of it all. These were dark days for the former king. The great warrior-king of Israel had lost his kingdom without a fight. Not a single battle had been fought. David had simply walked out and allowed his son,...


Ep 662 – 2 Samuel 16:1-14

David was on the way out. Literally and figuratively. He was being forced to flee Jerusalem because of the coup his own son had staged. But he was also on the way out as the king of Israel. The days of his reign had come to an abrupt and ignominious end. As he made his way out of the city, he was barefoot and in mourning. Gone were the trappings of his kingship. Now, he was just another citizen, submitting himself to the usurper to his throne, his own son, Absalom. In 2 Samuel 16:1-14, David...


Ep 661 – 2 Samuel 15:13-37

Things were about to take a turn for the worse in David’s life. His son, Absalom had turned the people against him, and was poised to stage a coup that would wrest the kingdom from his hands. But rather than fight and bring civil war to the kingdom, David chose to vacate Jerusalem and allow his son to ascend to the throne. Second Samuel 15:13-37 reveals David’s somewhat depressing departure from the city, barefoot and with his head covered in mourning. He is having to walk away from his own...


Ep 660 – 2 Samuel 15:7-12

Absalom was a man on a mission. He was ambitious and he had well-crafted plans in place that would ensure that his ambitions were fully realized. He had seen a flaw in his father’s reign as king and he was more than ready and fully willing to exploit it – all for his own personal benefit. Absalom, unlike his father David, was not a man after God’s own heart. His heart beat fast for one thing only: Himself. He was selfish and self-centered. Everything he did was aimed at elevating himself and...


Ep 659 – 2 Samuel 15:1-6

The prodigal son had returned. But David, unwilling to punish Absalom for his murder of Amnon, had unknowingly created a monster. This son of his was going to wreak havoc on David’s kingdom by undermining his reputation among the people. In 2 Samuel 15:1-6, we begin to see some of the ramifications of David’s decision to leave his guilty son unpunished. His reticence to mete out justice was going to have serious repercussions. And David’s weaknesses as a leader were going to be exploited by...


Ep 658 – 2 Samuel 14:25-33

David’s son, Absalom, while guilty of murder, had been welcomed back in Jerusalem, but not with open arms. David had refused to meet with his long-exiled son and relegated him to a form of house arrest. Two years would pass with David doing what he normally did in situations like this: nothing. And his son would grow in his resentment toward him. In 2 Samuel 14:25-33, we’re going to see this less-than-ideal situation grow increasingly toxic, as David continues his pattern of inaction and...


Ep 657 – 2 Samuel 14:18-24

Ignoring our sin is a constant temptation for the child of God. Sometimes, we think that if we just keep it out of sight and out of mind, it will go away. Once we’ve committed the sin, we are tempted to simply move past it and get on with our lives. And we hope that God will do the same. But in the life of David, we have a perfect example of sin’s insidious impact on our lives. It never goes away, no matter how much we try to ignore it. And in 2 Samuel 14:18-24, David will continue to avoid...


Ep 656 – 2 Samuel 14:1-17

Minimizing our sins is almost a national pastime. We love to figure out ways to play up our strengths and ignore our moral and spiritual failings. We can even find ourselves overlooking the sins in the lives of others. Most likely, because we would prefer that we would extend us the same courtesy. But God cannot and will not overlook sin in the lives of His people. And that was going to be another painful lesson learned by King David. In 2 Samuel 14:1-17, David is going to allow himself to...


Ep 655 – 2 Samuel 13:34-39

There’s something in all of us that makes us want to get away with anything we do that might be deemed unacceptable or inappropriate. Not getting caught is a powerful temptation. And escaping punishment for any wrong we commit is even more alluring. It seems to be wired into our DNA as human beings. And it’s all because of the sin nature we inherited from Adam. In 2 Samuel 13:34-39, we have the continuing story of Absalom, the son of David who murdered his half-brother, Amnon, for raping...


Ep 654 – 2 Samuel 13:20-33

Committing sin comes naturally to all of us, because we have sin natures. But, the sad reality is that we also seem to be more than willing to tolerate sin, in our lives and in the lives of others. That’s exactly what we see in 2 Samuel 13:20-33. David, the king of Israel and the man after God’s own heart, had committed his own fair share of sins. And when sin started showing its ugly face within his own home, he showed a natural tendency to ignore it, rather than deal with it. This drama,...