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Soul Talk: Part 2 Handling Criticism/ Divine Practices

In the last episode (Part 1) we discussed how handling criticism requires handling ego. In this episode we talk about the postive practices of Handling Criticism. Listen and learn the practices of releasing ego and facing and reacting to criticism in a divine way that enhances your soul. The transcript with Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema mantra and yantra practice is Shivaratri 2011 To learn more about the class on silence meditation “Who am I” Go to: https://learn.divinelineage.org/p/who-am-i


Soul Talk: Part 1 Handling Criticism/ Deeper Issues of Ego

Any time we have to face criticism gives most of us some discomfort. Handling criticism is important for our own happiness and self-development. Our ineffective reactions to criticism are based in ego. To respond well to criticism requires releasing ego attachments. This release of ego attachments is also a primary spiritual approach to soul advancement. Listen to this part one episode to hear about the relationship of criticism to ego and soul transcendence. Also hear about two prevalent...


Soul Talk: Positive Being

Sri Kaleshwar, said: “Think positive, start the day with positive, lead the day with positive, end the day with positive, then your life will become positive. Be in the positive.” But how do we do that? Though positive thinking is a prerequisite, “Be in the positive” is a state of being. We can attain a state of consciousness, through which we experience our world. Listen in to hear, not only how to think positive, but how to live in a state of Positive Being. For more information: On...


Soul Talk: The Consciousness of Faith

It is often said, faith is the belief in things unseen. But what if we could be in a state of faith in which God is not unseen? What if we can experience a state of faith, a consciousness of faith, which brings us the evidence of God; a state of consciousness in which God is no longer just hoped for, no longer unseen, but experienced. Though we have all heard that “seeing is believing,” in the episode we explore how “believing is seeing,” and faith can be an experience of God which...


Soul Talk: The True Nature of Surrender

Surrender is one of the keys to a spiritual life. It is a key concept in many spiritual traditions. When we understand it, we realize it is a means of healing karmas, growing our souls, and growing our relationship with God and the energy of God within us. LIsten to this episode to deeply understand the nature of surrender and the steps to live it your life.


Conscious Parenting: Creating Exceptional People

A podcast for parents on the profound effects of Mantra Meditation during pregnancy, a mothers natural ability to heal her children and how to be calm in the midst of chaos. How you can use this ancient technology to support your life and your children.


Soul Talk: Soul Mates

It seems everyone is looking for soul mate. But too often what we thought was a soul mate was just a relationship of left over karmic business. Hear this different definition of a soul mate; a true soul connection. Find out how you can recognize and grow a true soul mate relationship in your life.


Soul Talk: Divine Practices of Connection in Soul Relationship

Certain divine practices can enhance the soul connection of our relationships and make them soul relationships. Hear how. For more practices not covered here on soul connection and clearing mistakes in romantic relationships see: The Holy Womb Chakra -- class online at: https://learn.divinelineage.org/p/womb-chakra-system


Soul Talk: The Heart of Soul Relationship/ Living Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the heart of a soul relationship. We must be love, love self, see love, speak love, act love and react love. When we do, our own soul grows. When we do, out soul relationships flourish. Hear how.


Soul Talk: What is the Soul?

The soul is pure light and vibration. It is the piece of God and divine mother in you. Your soul is your true self. It can be your guiding light to a life of fulfillment, happiness and grace. Learn more about the nature of the soul and where it is located. Hear how worldly vibrations impact on the soul.


Soul Talk: Releasing Every Day Negativity/ Decharge Techniques

The world is full of positive and negative. Though we try for the positive, sometimes we encounter the negative. When negativity happens to you—here are some quick and easy techniques to release that negativity and return to your divine self.


Soul Talk: Soul Healing and the Road to a Miraculous Life

Everyone wants a miracle healing. With Soul Healing (Sai Shakti Healing) that is possible. But how do we get to that miracle, and then how do we make that miracle last? How do we start to live a miraculous life? In this blog we will outline three levels of life that hold the cause of dis-ease. For full healing to occur, all these levels must be addressed with divine energy. Then for the miracle of healing to fully change our life we must reincorporate the miraculous back in to those levels...


Soul Talk: Part 2/ Healing the Shame of Mistakes

We can clear our soul energy of mistakes and the resulting shame and unworthiness of holding onto those mistakes. Along with admitting, it requires self-honesty, courage, open heartedness, and self-love. Listen to hear the practices that can help you get to that healing.


Soul Talk: Being Soul Joy

Joy is food to the soul. But how much are you experiencing joy-- real, deep heart opening joy? Find how you can touch within a deep Soul Joy and live that as your life.


Ancient Stories of the Soul: Esau and Jacob

Ancient stories from all traditions chronical the journey to the soul through the human life. In this story of Esau and Jacob we see them struggle with inner demons, loss, sibling rivalry, and greed, in a quest to empower their lives from God. What can we learn from them? Listen and find out.


Awakening in Difficult Times Part 2: Lessons from Bhagavad Gita

There are tried and true methods of attaining enlightenment and higher consciousness in difficult times. Learn from the ancient story (Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita) the perfect soul advancement practices for today. You can awaken your consciousness easier in this time of turbulence if you follow these simple steps.


Shivaratri: Night of Infinite Possibilities

From "Shivaratri: The Night of Infinite Possibilities: A Seven-Day Online Meditation Process Connecting to Shiva to Receive His Blessings on Shivaratri" meditation program. This descent of Lord Shiva’s grace will be especially powerful this Shivaratri. As the negativity of the Kali Yuga is in full force, greater is the force of consciousness descending on this planet. States of consciousness that were inaccessible and difficult to attain can now be attained easily. It is much easier to...


Create Happiness Through Inner Silence

"Today the content is how you need to utilize the vibrations to stick only on the consciousness of happiness. How to create happiness in you? And how to create success in your personal life, in your spiritual life, in your relationship life so in all corners there is no failure, just to create victory. There are millions, billions of people, souls, coming and going out. Since millions of years this creation has been created. So far in spirituality, spiritual science, many people only...


The Goddess Lessons: Saraswati’s Powers of Knowledge, Consciousness and Creation

Embodying the Sacred Feminine through Saraswati connects us to the divine knowledge and the opportunity to know our true self. It is through her that we pull to us the inner knowing of enlightenment. She is the Shakti force of the vibrations of creation.


Shirdi Sai Baba Merges with Mother Divine on Vijayadasami

Listen to Nityaananda (Clint Thompson MD) read Sri Kaleshwar's retelling of the story of Shirdi Sai Baba's mahasamadhi, from the book 'Shirdi Sai Baba: The Universal Master.' As Monika Penukonda put it in her introduction to book, "When we listen to stories of Baba’s life, we are turning towards him and he turns towards us immediately in response and we know that he is here. He has always been, but now we see more clearly how he orchestrates the dramas that fill this lifetime. We...


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