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Michelle Johnson on Collective Grief, Merging Yoga and Social Justice, and Dismantling Racism with Breath [episode 104]

Michelle Johnson is yoga teacher, author, and social justice activist based in Portland, OR. Michelle is bringing big power and purpose to the intersection of yoga and racism. In this episode we get into: Why breathing is a life-giving, radical act Why the antidote to trama is giving yourself space to breathe Why we need […]


Toko-pa Turner on Adorning the Emptiness, Dreams as Transmissions from Nature, and Initiation into True Belonging [episode 103]

Toko-pa Turner is the author of the bestselling book “Belonging,” an international speaker, and a teacher and authority on dreams. In this episode, we dive into: Why there is always an emptiness that precedes creativity How an altar can emerge out of an empty space, by leaving an invitation for something to show up How […]


Nikki Silvestri on Seeds of Connection, Integration and Discernment as Tools, and Welcoming Your Shadow Back Home [episode 102]

Nikki Silvestri is a new Mama and speaker with equal parts vulnerability and razor-sharp analysis. She is the Founder of Soil and Shadow and working to create system change while improving relationships between communities. In this conversation we get into: Why our good ideas don’t flourish because we don’t know how to work well together […]


April 2018 Energy Report with Rebecca Conran

Get insight into this month’s flow with the April Energy Report by Rebecca Conran. LINKS: 4/16 NEW MOON TAURUS: Online Circle https://www.rebeccaconran.com/single-post/2018/01/21/215-LIVE-online-New-Moon-Circle-Aquarius-Eclipse 4/30 FULL MOON SCORPIO: Online Circle https://www.rebeccaconran.com/single-post/2018/04/02/430-LIVE-online-Full-Moon-Circle-SCORPIO BOOK A SESSION WITH REBECCA 🙂 https://www.rebeccaconran.com/book-a-session


Roxie Jane Hunt on Multifaceted Ancestry, Claiming Our Space as Self Care, and Finding Self Worth as a Mother [episode 101]

Roxie Jane Hunt is a Witch Mama, hair care specialist, and all around creatrix based in Seattle, WA. Roxie’s mission is to inspire DIY hair styling and care rituals that allow you to love your hair and experiment with your identity in fun and new ways. In this conversation, we talk about: How each child […]


Elise Entzenberger on Making Friends with Perfectionism, Tarot as a Tool for Empowerment, and Finding Healing in Reflective Spaces [episode 100]

Elise Entzenberger is a tarot reader, coach, and artist based in Austin, TX. Elise utilizes tarot as a tool for empowerment and transformation for the mystically minded. In this episode we talk about: How you can find comfort with being in unlabeled spaces How making friends with perfectionism has been transformative in business and life […]


Grandmother Kaariina on Womb Wounds, Interconnectedness, and Tracking the Mother Line [episode 99]

We are pleased to welcome back to the show elder and medicine woman, Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen. In this conversation we get into: How every wound is a womb wound Why you can’t become shameless in the bedroom without the sweat lodge and vice versa Learning to move beyond the “freeze, fight, or fly” response How […]


March 2018 Energy Report with Rebecca Conran

Get insight into this month’s flow with the March Energy Report by Rebecca Conran. Links: Learn more about Rebecca and her offerings at www.rebeccaconran.com Follow Rebecca on Instagram @RebeccaConran New Moon Circle: Spring Equinox – LIVE ONLINE https://www.rebeccaconran.com/book-a-session Connect with your spirit, guided audio class https://www.rebeccaconran.com/audio-classes-shop


Artist Petra Szilagyi on Provoking Discomfort and Healing From Addiction [episode 98]

Petra Szilagyi is a provocative visionary artist who is 7 years into the recovery from alcohol addiction. Their journey started in a traumatic childhood that left them uprooted and without any knowledge of how to truly be intimate and vulnerable with others. In this episode we talk about: Growing up in a city with no […]


REPLAY Shaman Bloom Post on How The Answers Are in the Plants, Using Essences for Transformation & More! [episode 30]

Bloom Post is a shaman with many plant allies. In this episode, we talk about shamanism as an inclusive and expansive spiritual path. Bloom shares the difference between healing and curing and whether we can have both. We dig into working with essences for doing accessible, gentle transformational work. We also talk about: Reframing a mental […]


Taking a Look at What Self-Care Really Is + How To Do a Deepest Fear Inventory with Carolyn Elliott [episode 97]

Have you listened to Natalie’s other podcast, the Self Care Club (SCC), yet? In this week’s Dream Freedom Beauty (DFB) episode, Natalie is sharing one of her favorite SCC episodes, featuring a DFB favorite guest, Carolyn Elliott (who is an upcoming special guest in the live, online gatherings for the Self Care Club membership!). In […]


February 2018 Energy Report with Rebecca Conran

Get insight into February’s flow with this month’s Energy Report by Rebecca Conran. Learn more about Rebecca and her offerings at www.rebeccaconran.com Follow Rebecca on Instagram @RebeccaConran Join the Self Healing Mentorship starting 2/4 and 2/5! https://www.rebeccaconran.com/single-post/2017/12/30/LIVE-ONLINE-SELF-HEALING-MENTORSHIP Join the Online Live Event: New Moon Solar Eclipse 2/15 https://www.rebeccaconran.com/single-post/2018/01/21/215-LIVE-online-New-Moon-Circle-Aquarius-Eclipse


Carolyn Elliott on Consciousness, Divinity, and Moving Through Fear of the Shadow [Episode 96]

This episode is not appropriate to listen to with children. We welcome back to the show Carolyn Elliott, a witch, writer, and a midwife to magic. She teaches people to step into the mystical power via shadow work through her online courses, podcast, and WITCH magazine. In this conversation we get into: What lies beyond […]


Hope Cross Dezember on Facing Your Shadow, Defining God on Your Own Terms, and Uncovering the Gifts of Living With ALS [Episode 95]

Hope Cross Dezember is an artist, wife, and devoted caregiver to her husband, Steve, while he lives with ALS. In this conversation we get into: How nothing can ever prepare you for some situations in life How you always have a choice, either to feel sorry for yourself or move on Why you need to […]


Lindsay Mack on Radical Self Care, Moving Through Panic, and Facing Your Own Morality [Episode 94]

Before listening, know that this episode dives into some topics that you may not be ready to expose your kids to. Consider yourself warned! Lindsay Mack is an intuitive tarot reader, mentor, and healer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the host of her amazing podcast, Tarot For The Wild Soul, where she shares her […]


REPLAY Witch Carolyn Elliott on Shame, the Heroine’s Story, & Why NOT To Be Careful What You Wish For [episode 54]

Carolyn Elliott is the founder of WITCH magazine, hostess of the Grit & Grace podcast, and the creator and teacher of a process for shadow integration called Existential Kink™. This episode is not appropriate for listening to with children. In our conversation we dig into: How to love the parts of you that love to be F*ed up […]


January 2018 Energy Report with Rebecca Conran

Start off the new year with insight on January’s cosmic flow in this Energy Report by Rebecca Conran. Learn more about Rebecca and her offerings at www.rebeccaconran.com Follow Rebecca on Instagram @RebeccaConran Learn more about the Self Healing Online Mentorship: https://www.rebeccaconran.com/single-post/2017/12/30/LIVE-ONLINE-SELF-HEALING-MENTORSHIP Participate in the Reiki Print Giveaway – January 16th!: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdVza6wHkts/?taken-by=rebeccaconran


REPLAY Astrologer Chani Nicholas on Lilith and How Astrology Can Be a Tool For Healing [episode 4]

In episode number four we’re talking with astrologer Chani Nicholas, who says astrology can reinforce the belief that we live in an intelligent universe that is in dialogue with us. Chani shares her views on how astrology can be a healing tool. We talk about the Lilith myth, the power of knowing where we came from, and the power of declarations to help us move […]


REPLAY Milla Prince on Ritual, Magic, Witchiness & Social Media as Medicine [episode 47]

Milla Prince (@TheWomanWhoMarriedABear) is our guest this week where we talk about the magic and medicine of the internet and social media, what it means to be a witch, and so so much more. We also talk about: Cultural differences of rituals and tradition in the USA vs Finland How indigenous cultures hide their traditions […]


REPLAY Past Life Regressionist Mira Kelley on Deep Healing Through Playing with Time and Opening to Receive [episode 68]

Mira Kelley is an attorney turned past life regressionist. She experienced her first past life regression at age 13, where she had a peak experience that changed her life. In adulthood, faced with the choice between a risky surgery or intense jaw pain for the rest of her life, she remembered her childhood experience with past […]


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