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Meg Toben of The Eco-Institute on Healing the Human-Earth Connection [episode 142]

Meg Toben is an Earth Activist Mama based in Chapel Hill, NC. She is a co-creator of The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain, a sanctuary space for nature connection, renewal, and healing the human-earth relationship. Megan has twenty years of experience as an environmental educator, and ten years as an executive director. Her love for art, ritual, Earth, and humanity inspired her to offer a nature-inspired space to all who are working to heal our world. In this episode, we dig into: How...


The Space Is The Medicine [episode 141]

Today Natalie Ross shares another message from nature, recorded in a grove of redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains, a territory originally occupied by the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band people. Natalie first takes you into the forest with her, attuning your senses to the surroundings, and then speaks a message directly from the spirit of the space. Finally, she talks about how to integrate what was shared into your own life and practices. If you enjoy this, we recommend listening to episode 136,...


Best of DFB: Mushroom Whisperer Tradd Cotter on How Partnering with Fungi Can Help Solve the World [episode 8]

In this Best of DFB we dive into the archives for an episode that holds so much wisdom on how humans can partner with fungi to transform the world for the better. Get ready to get majorly inspired! We’re talking with mushroom whisperer Tradd Cotter of Mushroom Mountain. Tradd reveals how mushrooms and fungi are seemingly miraculous powerhouses that can solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. We talk about how to understand the needs and wants of organisms that use non-verbal...


Liv Mokai & the kontomble Interview Natalie Ross on How We Are Nature [episode 140]

We flip the script in this week’s episode. Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast host, Natalie Ross, is interviewed by ritual facilitator, Liv Mokai Wheeler and the kontomble. The kontomble is a collective of powerful beings kindly referred to as “the little people.” Through Liv’s studies with Malidoma Some, she has attained the unique gift to interpret and channel their wisdom into the mortal realm. In this episode, Natalie explains how her path unfolded to live in service, devotion and connection...


Microbiologist Siv Watkins on Microbes + Animism = Microanimism [episode 139]

Siv Watkins is a Ph.D. environmental microbiologist specializing in the examination of microorganism activity. Through her studies and spiritual work, Siv has become deeply rooted in the philosophy of animism (consciously relating to microbes, plants, and non-human species). Siv offers three related services: knowing and understanding microbes a.k.a. “the smalls”, a scientific consultation on the study of the smalls, and mental health support in academia. In this episode, we talk about:...


Michelle Cassandra Johnson on Integrating Spirituality and Activism [episode 138]

Michelle Cassandra Johnson is an author, activist and intuitive healer now based out of Winston-Salem. Her work uniquely blends spirituality with social justice training as a holistic approach to collective healing. Michelle’s book, Skill in Action: Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World provides insight into the construct of white supremacy and guidance on how to dismantle it on an individual and community level. In this episode, we talk about: Making space for daily...


Jobi of Sefari on Finding Healing in the World’s Waters [episode 137]

Explorer, artist and mermaid, Jobi shares her experience in leading ocean meditations with whales and dolphins all around the world. Through her business, Sēfari, Jobi encourages self exploration through a heightened nature experience. In this episode, we talk about: Being devoted to what is calling to youHow grand nature magnetizes the heartJobi’s journey to South Africa for the first timeSēfari as self-exploration journey in conjunction with a heightened nature experienceConnecting with...


Best of DFB: Nikki Silvestri on Seeds of Connection, Integration and Discernment as Tools, and Welcoming Your Shadow Back Home [episode 102]

In this Best of DFB, we revisit Nikki Silvestri. Nikki is a new Mama and speaker with equal parts vulnerability and razor-sharp analysis. She is the Founder of Soil and Shadow and working to create system change while improving relationships between communities. In this conversation we get into: Why our good ideas don’t flourish because we don’t know how to work well together How your change-making work can reflect abundance and not scarcity How the process of shadow work makes you face...


A Spontaneous Conversation with Tree Spirits [episode 136]

In this solo episode, I (Natalie) ask questions to the trees of the Santa Cruz mountains, home to the original stewards the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band people. In our conversation, I receive messages about what freedom is and how it works in our world. This recording can be used as an example to start your own conversations with the trees, or any other spirits you wish to connect with. I’d love to hear about your personal experience with this episode or if you practice connecting with spirits...


Astrologer Aeolian Heart on Upcoming Astrological Transits, Transmuting Grief, and Spiritual Alchemy [episode 135]

Rachel of Aeolian Heart is an astrologer, psychonaut and spiritual alchemist. She offers natal chart readings, horoscopes, educational courses, and tarot readings. Rachel’s latest course, SPIRITUALIZED, is an 8-week course that guides participants through the stages of alchemical transformation. The course is particularly beneficial for people seeking help with grief or transition. In this conversation, we dive into: An invocation of Thoth as an ancient guide in magical and alchemical...


How to connect with the spirit of your business (or project/art/idea) [episode 134]

So often, even us spiritually attuned folks can forget that spirit is in EVERYTHING. If you haven't been connecting with the spirit of your business, then perhaps it's time to tune in and not only ask for direct guidance from the spirit of your business, but also find out what it is asking for from you. We are moving into a paradigm of greater connection and reciprocity. And the way into living in this new paradigm is not through the mind, but through the heart and intuition. In this...


Nadine Artemis of Living Libations on Holistic Body Care and Beauty Ritual [episode 133]

Nadine Artemis is an author and botanical maker living in Ontario, Canada. She is the founder of Living Libations and author of Renegade Beauty. As a leading entrepreneur of botanical body care, Nadine shares her journey to creating holistic beauty products and practices supported by science. She talks about so much from women’s studies to self-dentistry to being in healthy relationship with the sun. In this episode, we get dive into: How to safely enjoy botanicals as a form of self-care...


Shamanic Therapist Shonagh Home on the Nature of Fairies, Psychedelic Mushrooms and the Mysteries of the Otherworld [episode 132]

Shonagh Home is a shamanic therapist, teacher, author, and poet. She considers herself a modern-day medicine woman and a voracious student of the mystery. Through the shamanic therapy lens, Shonagh conducts 3-day retreats in her home where she nurtures her guests as they embark on their life-changing soul journey. In this week’s episode we explore: How Shonagh manifested a Farmhouse in VermontShonagh’s chapter contribution in The Psychedelic Mysteries of the FeminineHow to honor the voice...


Rashunda Tramble of Stay Woke Tarot on the False Relationship Between Productivity and Self-Worth [episode 131]

In this episode, we dive straight into conversation with Rashunda Tramble a.ka. Rash, the creator of Stay Woke Tarot. Rash is an African-American living in Zurich, Switzerland. She holds a BA in Film, an MA in Creative Media Practice, and is a member of Mensa. She has practiced Tarot for at least 20 years and has been a writer for even longer. Needless to say, Rash drops some knowledge for all of us to soak in. In this conversation, we dip into: The quiet days leading up to the Winter...


How to Navigate Paradigm Shifts in Flow with Stephanie Benedetto Padovani and Natalie Ross [episode 130]

Stephanie Benedetto Padovani is a transformational business coach who works with entrepreneurs, teachers, and experts to light the world on fire with the power of resonant business. In this conversation Stephanie and Natalie Ross, Dream Freedom Beauty producer and hostess, dive into how they're letting spirit lead the way in their businesses and lives. In this conversation, Stephanie and Natalie explore: What you can learn from brush turkeys of AustraliaTapping into your unconscious...


Pavini Moray on Sexual Liberation, Ancestral Healing and the Glitter Revolution [episode 129]

Pavini Moray is sexological bodyworker, somatic sex therapist and ancestral guide living in San Francisco, CA. Pe acts as a guide and witness for folx who embark of the journey of sexual emancipation, calling in the well and bright ancestors for grounding and support along the way. In the face of social resistance, Pavini stands as an advocate for LGBTQ liberation and of glitter that comes with it. Pavini’s podcast, Bespoken Bones goes deep into the connection of ancestors, sex, magick and...


Casey Zabala of Wanderer’s Tarot & The Modern Witches Confluence on What It Means To Be a Modern Witch & Why Good Things Come in 3’s [episode 128]

Casey Zabala is a tarot reader, artist and witch living in San Francisco, CA. She is the creatrix of Wanderer’s Tarot, a hand-drawn feminist tarot deck for modern witches. In 2018, Casey founded The Modern Witches Confluence, a gathering space for modern witches to share their wisdom and craft all while nurturing a community of support in the Bay area and beyond. In this conversation, we dive into: What it means to self-identify as a witch Learning to trust your internal voice Casey’s first...


AJA The Spirit Guide Coach on Awakening Your Connection to Your Spirit Guides [episode 127]

AJA is a spirit guide coach and medium living in Los Angeles, CA. Her work allows her to act as a bridge between spirit energy and the physical plane. Encouraged by her personal spirit guide, AJA founded Spirit House Collective, a community dedicated to spreading knowledge, love and healing while creating a safe space for individuals to explore their unique spiritual gifts. In this conversation, we dive into: How AJA woke up to the concept of spirit guides AJA’s journey to end the repression...


Liv Mokai Wheeler on trusting spirit with your life [episode 126]

Kontomble voice diviner and ritual facilitator, Liv Mokai Wheeler joins us again to share teachings, insights, and stories from her spirit-guided journey to Mongolia. We also read an excerpt from Liv’s recently published book, With the Love of the Ancients: My Spiritual Journey of Remembering, and invite the Kontomble to share some wisdom from the other worlds about the changing climate and consciousness of this planet. In this episode we get into: Abiding by the voice of the spirit,...


Biddy Tarot Founder Brigit Esselmont on Intuitive Entrepreneurship & Manifesting Your Best Life [episode 125]

Brigit Esselmont is known worldwide as a professional tarot reader, intuitive entrepreneur and founder of Biddy Tarot. You might be familiar with her work if you have ever googled any tarot card in search of context and deeper meaning. Biddy Tarot offers a comprehensive glossary of tarot resources including a brief overview of each card, spiritual entrepreneurship courses, coaching, and books to deliver tarot knowledge to the masses. Brigit’s latest book, Everyday Tarot, offers a practical...