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DDFLP 048: Jason Duesing On How To Have Hope In An Age Of Cynicism

We live in an age of cynicism. From social media to the news, from sarcasm to insults; we see it everywhere. So how can we have hope and even thrive in such a negative culture? In this episode, Jason Duesing shares how we can have hope and even thrive in the midst of it. Jason serves in academic leadership and as a professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, is a research fellow for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, on the board of...


DDFLP 047: Melissa Krueger on Joy, What It Is, And How To Find It

We all want joy in our lives, but if we are honest, it can be pretty hard to grasp. So what does it look like to be joyful, and how does this play out in we are experiencing difficulties and hardships in life? in this episode, Melissa answers those questions and more. Melissa is an author, speaker, editor for The Gospel Coalition, and is on staff at Uptown Church in Charlotte, NC. She lives in Charlotte with her husband, three kids, and their dog named Gus. Guest Links Melissa on...


DDFLP 046: Religion, Politics, and How Christians Can Rightly Engage Our Culture

What does it look like to lovingly engage in politics as a Christian? How can we stand up for our convictions while still loving those we disagree with? Does Christianity have anything to say about political engagement? What about particular political topics that we are passionate about? Today on the podcast, Bruce Ashford answers those questions and more. Bruce is the Provost and Professor of Theology & Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. An author of multiple books,...


DDFLP 045: John Burke on Near Death Experiences, Heaven, and What Happens When We Die

What happens when we die? We all have asked that question. Did you know that 1 in 25 people have had a near-death experience, and can we learn from them a picture of what is to come? In this episode, John Burke shares about his extensive research, interviews, and gives a Biblical perspective on how near-death experiences actually point us to the existence of heaven and hell. In one of the most fascinating interviews on the podcast, John shares stories, answers questions about how or if we...


DDFLP 044: Emerson Eggerichs on the Will of God and How to Find It

We have all wondered what God's will is, and even more specifically, how to discern his will when trying to make crucial decisions. In this episode, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs shares the four wills of God that we know to be true, and how those can help us figure out what he wants for us. Emerson is an author, speaker, and founder of Love and Respect Ministries. He is married to his wife Sarah and together they have three children. Welcome to episode 44 of the podcast. Listen and access the...


DDFLP 043: Amy Simpson on Why It's a Blessing to Be Unsatisfied And How to Find Freedom in an Imperfect World

We all know what it is like to be unsatisfied, and none of us like it. However, in this episode, Amy Simpson shares why unsatisfaction is actually a good thing, and how we can find spiritual freedom in an imperfect world. Amy is a speaker, author, and leadership coach. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband, two daughters, and their two dogs. Welcome to episode 43 of the podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for the Dylan Dodson Faith and Life Podcast on...


DDFLP 042: Chris Sonksen on Quitting Church and Being a Part of Something That Really Counts

Is it time for you to quit the church? Have you been hurt by the church, feel like it only wants your money or for you to volunteer? In this episode, Chris Sonksen talks about what it looks like to quit church, at least in the way we sometimes think of it. He shares practically what it looks like to really be the church and part of a local community. Chris is a pastor, author, coach, and speaker, and leads South Hills Church, a multi-state, multi-campus church based in southern...


DDFLP 041: Jess Fankhauser and Drew Moser on Calling, Leaning Into Life in Your 20s, and Hope for When We Think We Missed Our Chance

What can we do to set a strong foundation for our lives, particularly in our twenties? How do we find our calling, and does our vocation have to match that? And what do we do if we think we missed our opportunity to pursue our dreams? In this episode, Jess Fankhauser and Drew Moser speak to all of this and more. Drew Moser is a writer, speaker, and consultant on millennials and vocation. Drew is currently a college professor and dean at Taylor University. Jess is also an author and is the...


DDFLP 040: Brian Jennings on How To Live With Grace And Truth In Our Heavily Divided World

What do we do when we face disagreement, criticism, or views we think are wrong or even harmful? Often, we can easily flee to the safety of people who agree with us and dehumanize and attack anyone who thinks differently. But when we do that, no one wins. In this episode, Brian Jennings shows us a better way that includes both truth and love, even if it can be difficult to do. Brian is the lead minister of Highland Park Christian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He's also a husband, father,...


DDFLP 039: Rosaria Butterfield on Her Incredible Journey to Christianity and How to Practice Radically Ordinary Hospitality

What happens when a tenured university professor in women's studies and leader in the LGBT community studies the religious right and their politics against the LGBT community? Whatever comes to mind, it's probably far from what transpired in the life of Rosaria Butterfield. In this episode, Rosaria shares her incredible story of finding Jesus and how we today can practice radically ordinary hospitality in a post-Christian world. Welcome to episode 39 of the podcast. Listen and access the...


DDFLP 038: Alex Seeley on Labels People Give Us, Pursuing Your Passions, and What it Means to be Tailor Made by God

What names have you been given throughout your life? Sometimes we are labeled positively like "someone who has a lot of potential," or "strong," or "a leader." But just as often, if not more so, we hear things like "not smart enough," "lazy," or "unwanted." The reality is, the labels we are given have a powerful impact on our lives. In this episode, Alex Seeley talks about the power of labels, what it looks like to pursue our passions, and what it means to be made uniquely by God. Alex...


DDFLP 037: Eric Geiger on How To (Not) Ruin Your Life, Leadership, and What To Do After You've Blown It

No one sets out to ruin their lives, and yet we have all seen it happen. Is there anything we can do to stop it from happening to us? And what do we do when we do make mistakes? In this episode, Eric Geiger talks about what we can do to avoid ruining our lives, and how we can start over if we have. Eric serves as the Senior Vice President at LifeWay Christian Resources, leading the Resources Division. He received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary and...


DDFLP 036: Erik Raymond on Contentment and How to Trust God in a Discontented Age

All of us want to be content, but it seems that very few of us actually are. So what do we do about it? In this conversation, Erik Raymond talks about the things we do to chase contentment, how we can trust God in an age of discontentment, and what we can do to be more content. Erik is a pastor, author, husband, father of six children, and writer at The Gospel Coalition. Welcome to episode 36 of the podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for the Dylan Dodson Faith and...


DDFLP 035: Lydia Brownback on the Difficulties of Loneliness and What We Can Do About It

All of us, and increasingly more so in our day in age, have experienced loneliness. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot out there on how to deal with it. In my conversation with Lydia Brownback, Lydia shares her personal story, the different ways we experience loneliness, and what we can do about it. This conversation will leave you refreshed and encouraged with an area of life that impacts all of us. Lydia is the author of several books and speaker at women’s events internationally, is...


DDFLP 034: Daniel Ritchie on Living Without Arms, The Goodness of God, And How God Can Use Any Situation For Good

What do you do when you are born without arms and are told the majority of your life that you are a hopeless mistake? That's the incredible story of Daniel Ritchie. In this episode, Daniel shares his story, talks about the goodness of God, and shows us how God can bring good even out of the most hopeless situations. If you have ever felt inadequate for any reason, this conversation is for you. Daniel is a speaker and author, husband, and father of two. Welcome to episode 34 of the...


DDFLP 033: Michael Kelley on Having Faith Like a Child, and How Certain Patterns of Adulthood Keep Us From Jesus

What does it mean to have faith like a child? It's something Jesus talked about, and something you may hear people say from time to time. But if you're like me, you've wondered what exactly Jesus meant by that, and what it looks like for that to play out in our lives. In this episode, Michael Kelley not only talks about what it means for us to have faith like a child but also how it can practically play itself out in our lives. Michael is an author, speaker, and works at Lifeway Christian...


DDFPL 032: Kelly Flanagan on Mental Health, Faith, and How To Truly Embrace Your Life

Mental Health has become less stigmatized and more talked about in recent years, but when it comes to mental health and faith, there are still a lot of misconceptions about how the two interact with one another. In this episode, Kelly Flanagan talks about faith, mental health, and how to truly embrace yourself so you can truly embrace your life. This episode is not only practical but really encouraging as well. It's a like a much-needed counseling session for your soul. Kelly holds a...


DDFLP 031: Dave Furman on Suffering and How We Can Trust God In The Midst Of Our Trials

Where is God in suffering, and how can we walk with God in the midst of it? Pain and suffering affect all of us, and it often causes us to wonder where God is in all of it. In this episode, Dave Furman shares his story and how we can embrace God in our trials Dave is an author and the Pastor of Redeemer Church of Dubai. He lives in Dubai with his wife Gloria and their four children. His latest book is titled Kiss The Wave: Embracing God in Your Trials Welcome to Episode 31 of the...


DDFLP: 030 Brian Clarke on Living The Greater Life

Who doesn't want to live a greater life? Just the thought of that sounds intriguing, but many of us may not actually know how to get there. In fact, we may not even know what that means. In this episode, Brian Clarke talks about what it means and gives practical advice as to how we can live a greater life than we are experiencing now. Brian is a pastor, leader, author, and host of the global podcast The Greater Life. Welcome to Episode 30 of the podcast. Listen and access the show...


DDFLP 029: Matt Ham on Redefining What It Means To Live A Rich Life

What does it mean to live a rich life and how can we achieve it? Most of us know that money and success isn't everything, but what is? And even if we can articulate what it means to live a rich life, how do we actually go about doing it? On this episode of the podcast, Matt Ham shares practically what it means and how we can live a rich life. Matt is an author, speaker, and co-founder of YouPrint, a faith development organization to bridge the gap between Sundays. Welcome to Episode 29...