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Wrong Lane

Jesus has some lanes that are going to be a little more difficult, but they are full of life. In “Wrong Lane” Pastor Jeff Werkmeister shares a few personal stories and John 4 showing us that through Christ we have the grace to handle any situation - if we choose the lane that Jesus has for us. We are the woman at the well, we have made many choices without Christ… and Jesus wants to give us Life in a new and fresh way - but its a narrow lane. “Let’s pick the narrow lane in 2019” - Pastor...


Tuned In - Part 3

A renewed mind is key to victory. Jesus did not see Zacchaeus as he currently was, Jesus saw him for who he would become. Luke 19. Join us in “Tuned In Part 3” as God transforms us into new people by changing the way we think and approach life. There are 7 ways to know if your mind has been renewed by Christ. You live in hope; the impossible seems reasonable; you live in peace and not worry; you like yourself and you are good in your weakness; you are quick to forgive; you are thankful; you...

Tuned In - Part 2

God wants to lay a foundation of Victory for us in 2019. But most of the time we out our faith in ourselves, a person, our boss - we want everything planned out for us in a way that we can see. In “Tuned In Part 2” Pastor Jeff Werkmeister shares that over time, we start to believe a lie that Jesus does not care about things in our lives. The TRUTH is that all God really wants is for us to talk to Him (prayer), and guess what - it’s totally ok to not have your life together all the time when...

Tuned In - Part 1

How can we have so much stuff and still not be “ok”? The answer to that question is - “what really satisfies our soul?” In “Tuned In” we journey through Romans with Pastor Jeff Werkmeister to remember the Good News of undeserved privilege (Rom 5). God’s heart for us is intimacy with Him… it is the only thing that will satisfy our soul.

David & Goliath

In “David & Goliath”, Pastor Jeff Werkmeister talks about the giants in our life that cause us to run and hide. Whether it be anxiety, grief, shame, health, insecurity, or money - we are often overwhelmed by the talking of the Enemy. The question is - “how long will you allow your giant to talk”. 1 Sam 17, Rom 8, and Psa 103 show us that God wants to come alive in our Faith to face the giant - we are called to win! God needs us to win - He wants us to win. Our winning over the giants will...


Faith Fights Fear

In “Faith Fights Fear”, Pastor Levi Williams shares his story from recently being stuck on a rollercoaster, and how his faith in God fights against situations at all times.


Taste and See Part 4

The Bible is a living Testimony of Who God Is and of His Goodness. The blessings and goodness that He has for us, come in seasons. From understanding and putting our Faith in Him, to receiving the basic blessings, to seeing the impossible happen, to serving others and sharing His Goodness with others… In “Taste and See Part 4” we discuss the process to seasons that God works through in our lives.

Taste and See Part 3

In 2018’s social media culture, many believe they have something to share, that they are the expert on a topic, and as a society we are the blind leading the blind. What we need is time spent in the presence of God, we need Jesus to be our refuge. In “Taste and See Part 3” we find that God wants to provide riches, and strength, and energized power - through His Spirit, if we will ask Him, and spend time with Him.

Taste and See Part 2

Experiencing God’s goodness is possible when we change our thinking - re-educating ourselves - on what the Kingdom of Jesus has for us. One of the biggest shifts that must occur in a mature believer is on the topic of Giving (money). In “Taste and See Part 2” we learn what the Word says about “Don’t eat your seed” and how God wants us to test Him.

Taste and See

The enemy cannot force us to make poor decisions and choices. But he can trick us to think inferior thoughts about what God has for us. In “Taste and See” we learn that we have a choice to agree with the inferior thinking from the enemy... or to believe the Word of God and what He has for our lives.

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