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Episode #32: The Power of Love with Scott Stabile

Author of Big Love, Scott Stabile, sits down with Cody and David to talk about the process of moving from tragedy to love. After experiencing his own tragedies, form losing his parents to murder, his brother to drugs, and escaping from a cult, Scott's transformation, and ability to forgive is inspiring and healing for anyone who listens to his message of LOVE. "I adore and admire everything Scott Stabile creates." Elizabeth Gilbert. Big Love, By Scott Stabile Scott's...


Episode #31: Mythologist & Author Devdutt Pattanaik

Have you ever wondered about what the conversation between Alexander The Great and a yogic master would be like? Mythologist, author, and presenter of the popular Ted Talk, Myths That Mystify, Devdutt Pattanaik is here to share that story, and his incredibly insightful version of it. Having authored 30 books and over 600 articles, Devdutt is a cross between a walking mythological encyclopedia and a modern day Joseph Campbell. Buckle up, because there is a lot of wisdom in this interview to...


Episode #30: The Science of Happiness with Author Dan Lerner

Speaker, author, and consultant, Dan Lerner, is on a quest to understand how people perform at the highest levels in any chosen field, while also cultivating a nourishing, spacious and joyful life. He teaches the largest elective class at NYU called, "The Science of Happiness." Come listen to his contagious enthusiasm for life as and wisdom on cultivating happiness in a world full of madness. Book on Amazon:...


Episode #29: Maddy Moon on Growth and Overcoming Body Image

Prolific podcaster, author, and transformational coach, Maddy Moon, joins Cody & David for a deep conversation about her own journey overcoming body image issues, social programming, and limitations to create a life full of self-love and acceptance. Eating In The Light of The Moon


Episode #28: Transformational Coaching with Nik Wood

Calling in all the way from Bali, Indonesia, Life Coach and host of the Life Athletics Podcast, Nik Wood, joins the Energy Matters crew to talk about how life can be mastered by deciding 'which game you're playing.' If you're looking for concrete steps to shift your life, don't miss this one!


Episode #27 Founder of Unplug Meditation, Suze Yalof Schwartz

Suze Yalof Schwartz sits down with Cody & David to talk about bringing meditation into the modern world with the Unplug Meditation studios and app. She shares her experience moving from being at the top of the fashion world in New York to creating modern meditation spaces in Los Angeles and beyond.


Episode #26: Mind, Meditation & Genetics with Dr. Dawson Church

Best selling author and researcher, Dr. Dawson Church, swings by the Energy Matters podcast to have a deep discussion about his work on epigenetics, meditation, and his upcoming book Mind to Matter. Dr. Church is also the founder of the National Institute of Integrative Healthcare, and editor of the Energy Psychology Journal. Links: Books: Mind to Matter Genie in Your Genes


Episode #25: Mastering Relationships with Scott Milnes

For this special Valentine's Day episode we've invited relationship coach and expert Scott Milnes to join us to talk about mastering being single, how to create and sustain a healthy relationship, and how to deal with break-up if necessary. He shares so many gems and laughs, don't miss it! Books: Boundaries by Henry Cloud & John Townsend Getting The Love You Want by Harville Hendrix


Episode #24: Michael Tamura, Spiritual Teacher & Author

Energy Matters is back for 2018 with legendary spiritual teacher, healer and author of 'You Are The Answer," Michael Tamura. In this special extended episode Michael walks us through his early childhood experiences of being intuitive and aware of energy, and into his deepest teachings about life and death (not without a few good laughs along the way of course).


Episode #23: Sarah Blondin on Self Love

Meditation teacher Sarah Blondin joins Cody & David in a conversation to deepen us into self-love, acceptance, and transformation. with an anchoring sense of calmness and authenticity, Sarah guides a powerful meditation at the end of the episode leaving us feeling how she feels. Come for the ride! Mentions:


Christopher Plowman, CEO of Insight Timer

CEO of the most used free meditation app in the world, Christopher Plowman, comes by the Energy Matters podcast to share his vision and enthusiasm for spreading meditation, and creating the first truly global meditation community.


Episode #21: Understanding Energy

In this unique episode Cody & David get together to talk about being sensitive to energy, where David's been traveling, and their upcoming Awakening to Energy Live Webinar Series.


Episode #20: Sleep & Dreams

Cody & David get together to talk about why we fall asleep during meditation, sleep routines, and astral dream travel. They discuss what it means to fall asleep consciously, explore the unconscious, and find deeper meaning in dreams...and have a few laughs in the process. (put your name on the newsletter & receive free meditations) Parsley Health Sleep Article:


Healing & Activism with Laura Hansen

Author, activist, and healer, Laura Hansen, sits down with Cody and David to talk about everything from quantum healing to consciousness shifts on the planet. With 30 years of meditation experience and a heart for conscious activism, Laura brings a unique perspective to seeing changes in the world through a spiritual lens. Alan Watts Video -...


Episode #18: Authenticity & Conscious Entrepreneurship with Maria Jose Flaque

Cody & David welcome MJ Flaque, founder of, for a deep and authentic conversation. With a following of over 600k people, MJ shares how she creates content, connects with her audience, and what it's like to be a spiritual teacher and human being at the same time. Don't miss this one!


Episode #17: Mary Maddux on Mastering Meditation

Cody and David sit down with master meditation teacher Mary Maddux as she shares her wisdom and experience as a teacher, meditator, and guide for anyone interested in beginning or deepening into a practice. Mary is the co-creator and voice of the popular Meditation Oasis podcast and smartphone apps that have reached millions of people.


Episode #16: Eating Well with Andrea Rennie

Health coach, wellness consultant, and teacher, Andrea Rennie, joins Energy Matters for a talk on how to eat healthy, and treat your body right, so you can be ready for meditation. She shares her own struggles and journey to wellness and offers some great tips on how to get there with grace.


Episode #15: Author & Teacher Nancy Mae

Author of the Energetic Fertility Method, spiritual teacher, and counselor, Nancy Mae, describes how she over came a debilitating car crash injury through alternative healing therapies, how to communicate with the spirits of future children, and her incredible journey from working in VR research at Microsoft to finding her life path as a teacher and healer. David will be on Nancy's radio show on April 19th. You can stream it from...


Episode #14: Marc Shargel on Meditation, Spirituality and Underwater Photography

Spiritual teacher and underwater photographer Marc Shargel sits down with Cody and David to share his incredible past, including studying at Stanford, working at Apple, teaching meditation, and saving the oceans. His unique life path and passion for inner and outer peace makes for some insightful conversation.


Episode #13: Energy & Relationships

Cody & David bring an arsenal of amusement as they tackle the difficult topic of intimate relationships. They discuss the difference between the masculine and feminine, healing from the past, and embracing what makes us most human, the relationship.