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Part 2: Practical Pornography Addiction Recovery & Parenting Advice

In part 2, David & Lynn Marie Cherry share very practical wisdom and stories of how they parent their 2 teen boys in a culture that is so sexualized. David also shares steps he's taken to safeguard his digital devices from pornography & temptation. More details of the books and resources mentioned in this episode at: http://www.engagingstory.com/pornography-addiction-recovery/


Porn, Betrayal & Freedom - David & Lynn Marie Cherry

In this episode, we feature Lynn Marie Cherry and her husband David who have written a book, “Keep Walking: 40 Days To Freedom After Betrayal.” Lynn is an author and speaker who tells her story of discovering her husband’s pornography addiction and the betrayal and rejection she walked through in her marriage until Jesus set him free. This is a great resource for women and couples who as Christians feel they are facing pornography addiction alone and have nowhere to turn. Lynn feels like the...


Brant & Carolyn Hansen

Brant Hansen is an Nationally syndicated radio personality and author. He can be heard on the WAY-FM radio network and was previously heard on Air1 Christian radio network. He's won multiple "personality of the year" awards for his work on his offbeat and quirky radio show. He also currently co-hosts a podcast with Sherri Lynn entitled, Brant and Sherri Oddcast. Brant is the author of two books, "Unoffendable" and "Blessed are the Misfits." Brant works with Cure International to advocate for...


Phil & Heather Joel - Leaving The Newsboys For Family!

In this episode, we interviewed Heather and Phil Joel, founders of deliberateKids and deliberatePeople ministries. Phil is best known as being apart of the Christian rock band, Newsboys and most recently forming the band, Zealand Worship. Phil and Heather share the importance of prayer and how focusing on reading the Bible daily increased their intimacy and walk with God, thus deepening their marriage relationship. Another aspect touched on in this episode is the importance of putting God...


Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith 🙌🏽

This is the story of how Kim Walker-Smith and her husband Skyler met, dated, got married & how they keep their marriage strong! Kim Walker-Smith has quickly become one of the strongest voices in worship music. Kim has been a part of Jesus Culture since day one and we have the joy of attending church with Kim & Skyler each week at Jesus Culture Sacramento. In this episode hear how Kim & Skyler keep their marriage connection strong in the midst of the busy life of being musicians & parents of...


Called To Love ❤️ - Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo of ONE Extraordinary Marriage Podcast

Tony & Alisa are the hosts of the #1 Marriage Podcast in iTunes! They believe that a healthy combination of sex, love, and commitment is more than the foundation of a strong marriage… it’s the glue that will keep a marriage together. In this episode we hear the story of how they met and get to hear the heart and passion Alisa has for her new book "Called To Love." You’ll learn that Jesus’ words weren’t just recorded to fill the pages in the Bible or to be a great example of how to live your...


Pure Eyes, Clean Heart - Craig & Jen Ferguson

This episode is for any couple dealing with pornography addiction. Craig and Jen Ferguson share their personal story of the shame, anger, and hopelessness associated with Craig s porn addiction. It threatened to destroy their marriage until they discovered how drawing close to Christ could lead them out of the pit of sinful habits, unhealthy responses, and personal despair toward true recovery. http://engagingstory.com/ https://www.knotproject.org/


Happy, Healthy & Whole - Dr. Phil & Kim Carson

Remember the great recession of 2008? Dr. Phil Carson and his wife Kim sure do! They lost everything but their home because of the collapse of the economy, but kept their focus on God and marriage strong through it all. This episode will give you courage, wisdom, strength and hope if you find yourself in a financial struggle today. Hear how Kim supported her husband during the darkest times of his life & how Phil kept the hope and constantly reminded himself 3 words. “I am HAPPY, I am...


Love Hope Adventure - Keelie & Austin Reason

Keelie & Austin Reason are the authors of “Sexy Truth or Dare: Bedroom Games For Couples”, a book that gives the readers sexy bedroom dares and sensual questions they can ask their partner to enhance intimacy. Their latest book is “Creative Conversation Starters For Couples” which is packed full of questions you can ask your spouse to spice up your dates. In 2014 Keelie started writing her blog at LoveHopeAdventure.com, later her husband joined her; to share marriage advice for Christian...


A Purpose Focused Marriage - Greg & Julie Gorman

In this episode learn why you want a PURPOSE focused marriage, not a PROBLEM focused marriage! You are going to love Greg and Julie Gorman! They are a fun, charismatic couple who have a passion to strengthen marriages and help couples discover purpose in their marriage. They are authors of "What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Marriage", and "Two Are Better than One", which provides couples with insights and hands-on resources to identify God’s purpose for their marriage. Greg and Julie...


Season 2: National Marriage Week - BJ & Sheila Weber

BJ and Sheila Weber are from Manhattan New York. Sheila is the Founder and Executive Director of the National Marriage Week USA campaign that runs February 7th-14th. National Marriage week goals are to elevate marriage as a national issue in the media and with policy leaders to promote the benefits of marriage. Stronger marriages bring economic stability to individuals and to the nation, and provides the best environment for thriving children. They also have created a national calendar for...


Season 2: Rachel Cruze – Love Your Life, Not Theirs

Rachel Cruze is daughter of Dave Ramsey and a Ramsey Personality who travels the country speaking at colleges, churches and conferences to educate students and young adults on the dangers of debt and how to budget their money and save for the future! She is a also a New York Times Best Selling author of, “Smart Money Smart Kids” and “Love Your Life, Not Theirs.” In this episode she shares how she and her husband Winston have navigated their courtship and marriage spending money wisely and...


Season 2: Lead Me - Matt & Sarah Hammitt

Matt and Sarah Hammitt share their love story & how Matt is living out the song "Lead Me." Matt is the former lead singer and songwriter for the band, Sanctus Real and wrote and sung the hit song, “Lead Me.” Since then he and his wife Sarah have started the "Lead Me Life Conferences", Lead Me Lifecast, a podcast that focuses on their marriage and have partnered with Family Life Ministries, Weekend to Remember Marriage Retreats. Matt and Sarah discuss their early marriage hurdles which...


Season 2: Tales of Fidelity - Benjamin & Katherine Willis Pershey, author of "Very Married: Field Notes on Love & Fidelity"

This weeks guests are Katherine Willis Pershey who is an Associate Minister of the First Congregational Church in Western Springs, Illinois and her husband Benjamin. Katherine is the author of "Very Married: Field Notes on Love & Fidelity" was published by Herald Press in September 2016. We spoke to Katherine about her book and the importance of telling tales of fidelity in marriage. Katherine speaks on her own story of being faithful in her marriage despite temptation and how important...


Season 2: No Regrets Woman, Rhonda & Steve Stoppe

Rhonda & Steve Stoppe (Stop-Eee) are our featured couple in this episode. Rhonda Stoppe is the founder of the No Regrets Woman, and has authored marriage and family books such as "If My Husband Would Change, I'd Be Happy & Other Myths Wives Believe", "I Slept With The Pastor: A 52 Week Devotional For Those Called To The Unique Ministry Of Minister To The Minister", and "Moms Raising Sons To Be Men.” Steve Stoppe is the Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church of Patterson, California....


Season 1: Love in the NFL - Craig & Rachel Terrill

This episode features Craig and Rachel Terrill who tell their story of love in the NFL. Craig Terrill played in the NFL as a defensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks from 2004-2011. Rachel Terrill dubbed as "Dr. Love" for her interest in investigating marriages of professional athletes, writes for the NFL player engagement page and serves as a family advisor for the NFL players study at Harvard University. In this episode the couple shares how they navigated their relationship through the...


Season 1: The Debt Effect on Marriage - Ruthie & Jamie Slingerland

Jamie & Ruthie share their journey to financial freedom and the steps they took to paying off $90,000 of debt in 30 months following financial guru Dave Ramsey's plan. They give guidance and real life actionable steps for married couples around communication and finances. They will help you find ways to communicate effectively when discussing matters of money in a marriage. The Slingerlands are best described as dynamite entrepreneurial thought leaders in the mastermind and life coaching...


Season 1: Identity After Infidelity - Rob & Laura from Jesus Culture Church

This episode features Rob and Laura who are on staff at Jesus Culture Sacramento church which is led by Pastor Banning Liebscher. Rob and Laura have a marriage and relationship blog that focuses on helping people discover genuine love and authentic life. Their mission is to let couples know they can have the life and marriage of their dreams. You can find them at www.trueloveandlife.com. They been married over 10 years and have strengthened their marriage by inviting community and spiritual...


Season 1: K-LOVE Scott & Missy, "I Know"

This episode features Scott and his wife Missy. Scott is the afternoon DJ at K-LOVE, a Christian radio station syndicated throughout the U.S. that offers positive and encouraging music. Scott and Missy share how Gary Chapman's "5 Love Languages" book helped strengthened their marriage as they learned to communicate through their own personal love language. Scott and Missy offer ideas for blending a family, such as being a team as parents, and setting up boundaries with family. They also...


Season 1: Dating ideas with Toby & Elle

This episode features Toby and Elle a couple that focuses on strengthening their marriage after infidelity by staying connected with creative date ideas! One way is with their monthly monthly subscription to Date Box. Date Box shows up once a month at their house in a beautifully wrapped box with surprises rolled in tissue paper waiting inside for a romantic adventure to begin, such as simulating a camp fire with s’mores in their living room at night after the kids are in bed.