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We are Bible enthusiast wrestling with how to grow spiritually, help others grow and bring others to Christ. Through conversation we delve deep into Bible passages and try to figure out what they mean and how to best live by them. Ether produces this podcast, videos and other content through the support of our audince. We thank you for listening and would greatly appreciate your support on Patreon,


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We are Bible enthusiast wrestling with how to grow spiritually, help others grow and bring others to Christ. Through conversation we delve deep into Bible passages and try to figure out what they mean and how to best live by them. Ether produces this podcast, videos and other content through the support of our audince. We thank you for listening and would greatly appreciate your support on Patreon,






Kingdom Series Pt 3, The King of the Kingdom

Most Christians would agree that the Jesus is the king of the Kingdom of God. At the same time many do not seem to grasp the full magnitude of having a king over their lives. In this episode, through a conversation that covers the old and the new testament, we explore what it means to have a king, what type of King Jesus was and the work that he came to do.


Kingdom Series, What is the Kingdom

We are continuing our series on the Kingdom of God. In the second episode of the series we discuss what the kingdom of God is and how the definition of the Kingdom ought to shape our lives and the Church.


Kingdom Series - Introduction - Why We Misunderstand the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is one of the main narratives of the Bible; yet many Christians miss its core message and its importance. There is a range of reasons why that is so. In this episode we discuss some of them; from how we tend to read the Bible, to the church culture that we may belong to. We also discuss what is that we miss on when we do not take into account the narrative of the Kingdom. Overall, this is a great way to start off what we think is going to be an enriching series for our...


Unity Pt1

Rodrigo and co-hosts, Alberto Figueroa, Johnny Reus and Nathan Figueroa discuss the way the political and social climate is affecting the church. In an election year full of very important issues, the chuch is being devided along political and ideological lines. How can the church remain unified in a climate like this? What does it mean to be unified when taking positions on very important issues seems like the right thing to do. Is unity even possible or is just a "nice idea"? Listen in as...


How to Study the Bible - Bridging the Old and New Testaments



How to Study the Bible - What is Wisdom



God at the Center - The Book of Psalms

The book of Psalms is a compilation of poems, songs and prayers. It tends to be a book we use for inspirational quotes and poetic language but the book of Psalms is a lot more than that. It may be the perfect book to teach us how to put God at the center of everything.


The Point of Acts is the Spirit

The book of Acts is a Historical Narrative but we tend to read it as more than that. We tend to approach the book of Acts as if it were a blueprint for church. Although we can learn a lot about church from Acts, the driving force of the book and the most dynamic character in it is the Holy Spirit. Join Ryan and Rodrigo as they discuss how the point of Acts is the Spirit.


Demystifying the Prophets

We tend to approach the Prophets with some degree of mystery. This is in great part due to the fact that they tell the future and are the voice of God. Is this mystery, however, appropriate to the prophets role and message. In this podcast we try to take the mystery away from the prophets in order to help you understand them better and ultimately get to know God in a deeper way.


Not What We Are Used To

The Bible is an ancient document. As such elements of literature like the narrator is different than what we are used to. Something else that is different is how these narrators portray their characters. Understanding how they are different is an important part of reading the Bible in a deep way.


Ether Talks - Church not Church

Figuring out how to do church is hard. There are many things to take into account especially when we consider something like Sunday service. We can spend a lot of time and energy figuring out how to welcome people, what songs to sing, how to address the people who come in late. All of these things are good but is planning and structure the best way to address things like hospitality? Minister, Chris Haddock joins to talk about this and other issues that we easily label as church matters, but...


Ether Talks - Conflict in Marriage

Conflict is a given in marriage, what is not as common is coming to an actual point of forgiveness. Carma Kuhn, a certified Mental Health Counselor who specializes in marriage, joins us to talk about how to arrive at an actual place of forgiveness in marriage. Join us as Carma shares her expertise on a subject that most of us think we know but we actually don't. If you are married you'll want to listen to this one.


Biblical Genres - How To Study the Bible Series

We read books, we listen to music, we watch TV shows and movies all the while keeping into account the particular genre they belong to. Genres set our expectaions and help us understand what we are consuming. The Bible has genres as well, each with its particular features that should set expectations and help us understand what we are reading. However the majority of us are not aware of Biblical genres and therefore we end up missunderstanding or missinterpreting Scripture. Starting with...


Bible Hermeneutics - How to Study the Bible Series

The Bible, although an ancient document, is relevant to us today because it applies to our lives. How it applies to our lives is a more intriguing and complicated question. The process of answering this question is called hermeneutics which is the next topic in our How to Study the Bible series. In this episode of our podcast we took Galatians 5, exegeted and then tried to answer the question, "How does this apply to us today?" Listen as we interpret this Biblical passage and attempt to...


Ether Talks - Gospel Centered Discipleship

As Christians we can live lives that are ritualistic. We know things we have to do to be faithful, the places we need to be and the times we need to show up at. This can create a life in which we are constantly wondering, "Am I doing enough?" This is the place in which Keith Winship, minister at the Clemson Foothills Church, found himself in. A place that unintentionally led him to live a life in which he was constantly pursuing God's favor and never felt like he did enough to earn it. Over...


Ether Podcast - Ether Talks - Small Group Leadership

Travis Albritton creator of the Practical Christian Podcast and author of the book Small Group Leader Secrets, joins this Ether Talk to talk about how to best lead a small group. Whether you are a new or experienced family group leader you will want to listen to this podcast. We talk about, among other things, why do small groups; how to lead an engaging small group discussion and even how to choose and raise up leaders.


Ether Podcast - How to Study the Bible - Exegesis

Rodrigo, Rachel and Ryan each pick a passage to exegetic and then we talk about it!


Ether Podcast - Ether Talks - The Importance of Bible Study

We know we should read the Bible; but how much? How deep should we get into it? In the spectrum between casual reader to Bible scholar, where should the average christian be? How should the Bible shape our political views. Alfredo Valentin from the Big Apple Church joins this Ether Talk us to discuss these questions and much more.


Ether Podcast: Challenges of Reading Scripture

The core message and story line of the Bible are simple to understand, at the same time reading the Bible has its challenges. Especially when we take into account the range of consequences in interpreting the Bible incorrectly. In this new episode of our "How to Study the Bible" we discuss some of the challenges in interpreting Scripture, what is at stake when we misinterpret it and why we should care deeply about fully understanding the word of God.


Ether Podcast - Ether Talks - Obstacles to the Kingdom of God

Steve LaFrance, youth minister in the One Miami Church joins us to talk about obstacles to advancing the Kingdom of God. Obstacles that at times are part of our church culture or society that can get in the way of us advancing the Kingdom of God! WARNING: as part of this episode we talk politics!