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Evangelism with Johnny Hunt is a podcast by the North American Mission Board designed to equip pastors and their churches to share the hope of the gospel.

Evangelism with Johnny Hunt is a podcast by the North American Mission Board designed to equip pastors and their churches to share the hope of the gospel.
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Evangelism with Johnny Hunt is a podcast by the North American Mission Board designed to equip pastors and their churches to share the hope of the gospel.




023 Connecting Evangelism and Discipleship

Many things that happen in our churches for the cause of Christ seem to just happen. We call it inspiration, or simply the organic, unforced, sovereign work of the Holy Spirit. But when it comes to doing discipleship right, intentionality must be the rule. In this episode of the Evangelism with Johnny Hunt podcast, hosts Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell chat with guest Robby Gallaty, senior pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, about how intentionality and a strategic...


022 Engaging College Students with the Gospel

They are North America’s future leaders and influencers, and while university students come with their own challenges, influencing them means raising up the next generation of Christian leaders. But how do we reach a generation that appears to snub their nose at Christianity? Learn more about sharing the gospel and leading university students in your local church in this episode as Kevin Ezell and Johnny Hunt interview Nick Floyd, senior pastor of Cross Church, in Fayetteville,...


021 Evangelism: The Point of the Spear

The increased emphasis on evangelism may have some of us wondering where discipleship fits into the equation. Join Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they talk with Steve Gaines, lead pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church, about how “evangelism is the point of the spear of discipleship.” Gaines also discusses the motive behind our evangelism and how pastors can mobilize their people to share their faith. Mentions Bellevue Baptist ChurchFellowship of Christian AthletesJimmy ScrogginsEvangelism...


020 Why Baptism Sunday?

With Baptism Sunday just around the corner—on September 8th, 2019—you may be wondering what Baptism Sunday is and why it is necessary. Listen in as Pastor Johnny Hunt briefly explains the purpose of baptism, the benefits of Baptism Sunday and practical tips to implement it in your church. For more resources on Baptism Sunday, visit namb.net/baptism-sunday-resources/. View Transcript


019 Evangelism Training Tools: Artificial or Necessary?

Sometimes we dismiss tools that help us share the gospel because they feel less organic. In this episode, Senior Pastor of Family Church, Jimmy Scroggins, talks with hosts Kevin Ezell and Johnny Hunt about the necessity of having an evangelism training tool pastors use to help train their church in sharing the good news. Listen in as he discusses how Family Church incorporates evangelism training into their volunteer positions, making it a rhythm in their church culture. Mentions Family...


018 Burdened for the Lost, Unequipped to Share

Some are equipped to share the gospel, but they lack a burden for the lost. Others have a burden for the lost, but they feel unequipped share the gospel. Do you fall into one of these categories? On this episode, Kevin Ezell interviews Johnny Hunt as they discuss what it looks like to equip your church in evangelism. They’ll dive into evangelism training tools Pastor Johnny uses, the necessity of repetition in learning to share the gospel, common fears and how to integrate gospel...


017 Who’s Your One Tour

How can we inspire an entire nation of Southern Baptists to intentionally pray for and share the gospel with one person? Johnny Hunt answers this question with the Who’s Your One Tour—an inspiring catalytic event in a city near you! In this episode, Hunt dives deeper into the vision behind the “Who’s Your One?” Tour, the components that make it up and the goal of addressing declining baptisms in the Southern Baptist Convention and impacting more people with the good news we love. As we seek...


016 The Key to Making Your Church an Evangelistic Church

What will it take for your church to become an evangelistic church? While your members may have had trainings and seminars on evangelism, a key challenge in helping your members be more evangelistic may be mentorship. Join co-host Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they talk to Larry Wynn about the impact that mentorship, focus and intentionality has on developing evangelistic churches. Show Notes Mentions: Georgia Baptist Mission Board3 CirclesWho’s Your One?evangelism@namb.net View Transcript


015 A Passion for Evangelism is Caught, Not Taught

How does a church become passionate about evangelism? It starts with the pastor and church leadership. The passion and zeal of a pastor and leaders of a local church to share the gospel inspires members to live missionally where life exists. Join co-host Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they interview James Merritt, Senior Pastor at Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, GA, to discuss the critical role pastors play in inspiring and equipping their local church to share the gospel. Show...


014 A simple way to share the best news

Have you ever found yourself complicating a simple message? It’s easy to do this when sharing the gospel with friends and family. We often need a short, sweet and sticky way to accurately articulate the best news we’ve ever heard. Join co-host Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they interview James Merritt, Senior Pastor at Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, GA, to discuss a simple method of sharing the gospel. Mentions: Evangelism@namb.netThe Romans RoadThe Best News View Transcript


013 Leveraging Sunday morning for the gospel

Join co-hosts Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they discuss the importance of Sunday mornings. How does having a specific mindset that every Sunday morning matters help pastors frame the importance of making that time evangelistic? Hear practical tips from Johnny Hunt on how he engages in that mindset with his church, and discover ways you can make your Sunday evangelistic, too. Learn more at https://www.namb.net/evangelism/. View Transcript


012 Living out the Great Commission

Did you know only 17% of church goers have heard of the Great Commission and know what it means? Join co-hosts Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they discuss the latest Barna Research statistics and emphasize the importance of knowing and sharing the gospel. Tune in for you and your church’s next steps on defining, understanding and modeling the Great Commission. To learn more about the Great Commission, go to namb.net/evangelism. For helpful tools and resources in talking about and modeling...


011 Equipped but not burdened for the lost

Join Kevin Ezell and Johnny Hunt as they discuss the importance of bearing a burden for the lost. In this special episode, you’ll hear Johnny’s personal testimony of how God called him to ministry 42 years ago and learn practical tips on how Johnny has maintained that burden for lost people throughout his pastoral journey. You won’t want to miss this inspiring episode! Learn more at namb.net/evangelism. To learn more about personal evangelism, check out Who’s Your One. View Transcript


010 Intentionality is Key

It’s all about intentionality! Join co-hosts Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they speak with special guest Jarrett Stephens, teaching pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, about engaging communities with the gospel. You’ll hear how the team at Prestonwood leads their congregation to be intentional about living on mission in their neighborhoods and discover practical ways you can begin a natural evangelistic outreach in your community today. Need to catch up on the first few...


009 The Gospel Above All

Join co-hosts Kevin Ezell and Johnny Hunt as they discuss with sending pastor of Summit Church in North Carolina, Todd Unzicker, the strategy behind the Southern Baptist Convention’s “Gospel Above All” focus for the year 2019. What does “Gospel Above All” mean? And how can the Church practice it? Take your first step emphasizing the “Gospel Above All” at Whosyourone.com. View Transcript


008 Earning the right to be heard in your community

Join co-hosts Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell for a special episode with guest, pastor Steven Kyle of Hiland Park Baptist Church in Panama City, Fl. Hear how Pastor Kyle inspires his church to reach their community with the gospel in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Discover ways long-haul volunteering and community aid pays off and turns into evangelistic opportunities, and be inspired by Christ’s ultimate example of service and love. Take a first evangelistic step with...


Introducing: Stories of Hope Podcast

From Send Relief, Stories of Hope is a podcast about people who meet needs, build relationships and change lives. Every two weeks, you will hear a story about a believer or a church who looked honestly at the world around them, discovered a need and then couldn’t sit still until they’d done what God told them to do. Subscribe today.


007 Creating an Evangelistic Culture; It's A Moving Target

Do you believe culture is mediated through leadership over time? Join co-hosts Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell for this episode with special guest Jimmy Scroggins, pastor of Family Church, as they discuss how churches need to always aim to be more evangelistic. You’ll also hear why church leaders need to be responsible for jumpstarting their churches evangelistic movements. View Transcript


006 Who’s Your One?

Join co-hosts Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they discuss president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J.D. Greear’s 2019 evangelism initiative called “Who’s Your One?” Meant to challenge each believer to be intentional about one person this year, the “Who’s Your One?” initiative will inspire, encourage and equip you to share your faith and to boldly pray over one. Tune in to learn more about this exciting initiative and to hear your next steps! Discover and participate in “Who’s Your...


005 Evangelism Strategies Matter

What is an evangelism strategy? Join co-hosts Johnny Hunt and Kevin Ezell as they answer that question and discuss the importance of pastors having an evangelism strategy for their churches. Discover where an evangelism strategy comes into play in pastoral leadership and hear practical tips on how to get combat the challenges many pastors face when starting their strategies and begin yours, today. Discover other evangelism resources at https://www.namb.net/ View Transcript